All About Jay Park

There is one name that will haunt them and that will take life to erase it, and that name is "PARK JAEBUM".

I created this page for the one and only Park Jaebum. He's no longer the lead-Ja... no longer the leader and no longer 2PM Jaebum. But he will be forever Park Jaebum a person who work hard, devoted and spend his 5 years of life for JYPE and 2PM.

A person who took blames without arguing and keeps it to himself, a person who think of others more than himself, a person who bow 90 degrees to show how sorry he is. A person that everyone seems to forget that he is someone else son, someone else brother and someone else friends before it comes to 2PM. A person who will walks in this earth with the name of Park Jaebum which has been tarnished by people who he believed and wanted to believe.

I don't blame the other 6 members but I don't think I'll put my concern on them like I use too. I just think they can make things different by doing something... just like what GOD, Shinhwa and even TVXQ have done. But who am I to judge them...

2PM might move on and start from zero again but things won't be the same and they know no matter how hard they ignored this, no matter how hard they work in the future, no matter how popular they've become... there is one name that will haunt them and that will take life to erase it, and that name is "PARK JAEBUM".

Let's learn more about this Beautiful person who have been pointed by JYPE and 6 or maybe 5 members as unfitted to be 2PM leader because of his Personal Problem which is much more serious than his Myspace Message.

Below were message been written by fans, stylist and even a script writer who have a chance to meet or work with Jay and the other 2PM members. Also contains an interview which show us what kind of person Jaebum is. Click the link below to read.

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Park Jae-Beom Signs With Online Media Company DMW

Jay's Return To Korea To Be Delayed

Jay Park is Not Feeling Well

British Dancer George Sampson Asks Park Jae-Beom For Dance Battle

Park Jae-beom Delays His Return to Korea (again...)

Jay to feature in BOB's Nothing On You for Korean Duet Single.

Park Jae-beom To Arrive in Korea Tomorrow

Fans Gather at The Airport (18 June 2010)

Jay Park Arrival at Incheon Airport (18th June 2010)

Fanaccount of an Incheon Airport Worker on Jay's Arrival

Jay Meets With The Korean Press For The First Time

Jay's Fanmeet Tour In 8 Cities Confirmed

Jay Shows Off His Crazy Bboying Skills With Special Fan Service

Advertising Market Welcomes Jay, Industry Ignores Rumors & Focuses on His Star Potential

Jay Park- Count On Me ( Nothing On You)

“The killing of Park Jaebeom” by Entertainment Journalism

Jaebeom’s Solo Album: ‘Not Enough Supplies For Sales’

Park Jae-beom Dances Back Into Spotlight at "Hype Nation" Press Conference

(Photo) Hype Nation Press Conference

Jay Park Confesses, "I'm a bowling pin, I get back up when I fall"

Decision on Park Jae-beom Drama Casting Yet To Come

Fans gone wild over the release of “Bestie”… Jay feels “sorry he didn’t have enough time to practice”

Park Jaebeom, The New Representative Face of KOSAD

[INTERVIEW] Park Jae Beom

Park Jae-beom Returns To The U.S.

Interview: Hello I am Jay Park (Cine21)

Junior Magazine Interview: “Move on Jay Park”

Jay Park To Arrive in Korea Today

Jay Park, Jang Hyuk Set To Leave "Secret Garden"

Jay Park Holds First Solo Fan Meet With 6 Thousand Fans

Jay Park and Jang Hyuk For Vogue

Jay Leaves Impression On The Staff of "Allure Korea"

(INTERVIEW) Jay Park with Marie Claire

[INTERVIEW] Jay's interview for Allure

Jay Stood on One Stage Along With Far East Movement

Jay Park Show off His 'Greatest Bare Face' That Beats a Woman's

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Jay Park turns into an idol singer in the movie “Happy Together”…official debut on the Korean screens!

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Jay Park Fanpage 'UNDERGROUND' donates A Total of $100 Thousand USD

Jay Answers Fans Questions...

Jay Park posts official apology towards JYP Entertainment and 2PM

Jay And JYPE & The Union Of Korean Pop Culture And Arts Industry Work It Out

COMPLEX EXCLUSIVE: Jay Park Talks U.S. Album, Covering B.O.B, And Life After 2PM

Jay Park Reveals MV Set For His Upcoming Album… “Classy In Suits”

Jay Park Sits Poolside For Vogue Girl Korea

Jay Park Changes Title of His Main Track Again Due To BigBang… “It Might Change Again”

JAYPARKDAY Comes Along With 'Conspiracy'

"I'm a singer-song writer, not an Idol"

Jay Park Won His 1st Debut On Music Bank

Jay Park: 'It Is Too Early To Say That My Album Achieves Great Success'

INTERVIEW: Jay Park Scores Big After A 'Turbulent Couple Of Years'

Jay Park, “Plankin Like A Muh*ucka”

Jay's Recent Update

Naver Movie: On The Set Of The Movie [Mr. Idol]

Jay Park Expresses His Excitement About Joining ‘IMMORTAL SONG 2′

Jay Park Goes Blond in High Cut

Jay Park, “There Are A Lot Of Impulsive Suicides. There Is No More Affection.”

Jay Park AND KSR On The Stage Of IS2: From Enemies To Best Friends

Jay Park Gives Notice To Visit Boom: “Hyung, I Will Be There On Monday”

“IS2” Jay Park Sings “Tell Me The Truth” And Beats His Rival Hyorin

Discharge Ceremony

Jay Park Leaves ‘IS2′ – Will Leave To The US For Album Preparation

Jay Park Sings “Feel Good Day”… Kim Wan-Sun Compliments, “A Remix Beyond Imagination”

Jay park In ‘Immortal Song 2,’ Shows Explosive Confidence With ‘Look Back At Me’

Jay Park Surprisingly Changes Into An English Teacher

Jay Park Named Honorary Ambassador For Jeju Island

'Immortal Song2' Nam Jin. a Special Stage With The Idols Singer

Will Be Update regularly... Jwalkerz Fighting!!!


  1. Thank you so much for this post! Didn't even notice almost 6 hours has passed. Literally, I was reading through all your posts in between watching vids of him and wasn't mindful at the time at all.. JP deserves an all nighter! Thanks again! Will be back for more updates.. thanks!!!

  2. i always read ur posts, i read them more than i read my school books, when im down i always read it all from the start, thank u author for this wonderful page <3333

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