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GHS talks about her role in Boys Before Flower.

"Loving someone despite all obstacles may be one of the most difficult things in life. It may be harder than living in poverty", said Koo Hye-seon, who is playing the heroine whom two of the four protagonists are pursuing in the KBS2 hit drama "Boys over Flowers". And that is why most women viewers are jealous of her.

In an interview at a shooting site at Eulwangri Beach in Incheon on Sunday, Koo said, "I was skeptical about its success when I decided to take the role. I doubted it would appeal to Koreans because it is based on a Japanese comic book. Taking the role itself was a challenge".

Geum Jan-di, whom she plays, is an ordinary high school student who wants to be a swimmer. She happens to attend a school for rich children although her family is poor, with her parents running a small cleaners that they eventually lose to creditors. This gets her subjected to contempt and mistreatment, but she tries not to lose her dignity and faces her situation squarely.

Koo confessed that she herself couldn't understand the character completely. "There were moments that I couldn't sympathize with her. If I had been able to, I would not have had conflicts in my mind. I wondered why she tries to deal with all her difficulties alone and why she feels she has to take care of her family".

But the 25-year-old actress said that Jan-di has made her a more genuine and happier person. "By playing the role, I have become more positive. I was sorry to realize that I am losing innocence as I get older, and that made it more difficult for me to be Jan-di. So whenever I couldn't identify with her, I kind of forced myself to become more innocent".

She continued, "And I actually recalled my high school years, and realized that what I cherished most then was the people I liked. It seems I felt that if I could be with them, I could do anything".

The drama is enjoying great popularity thanks to Koo and the other stars who are giving their utmost effort despite some misfortunes they have suffered. Koo had a car accident on her way back to Seoul from a local shooting site and had to have the inside of her mouth stitched.

"I have to get a thorough examination when the shooting ends. I bumped my head hard as well, but had no time to get an examination due to the shooting schedule", she said. "The schedule is so tight that we all have trouble with our physical conditions. We are suffering lack of sleep so much that we can fall asleep at any moment. Now that all the shooting will be over in a week, we will hang in there until then".

In Incheon, she shot a scene where Jan-di, who has decided to part ways with her boyfriend Jun-pyo, played by Lee Min-ho, due to his mother's disapproval, goes on a trip with him for the last time.

"But I want it to come to a happy ending. I personally like stories with happy endings because they warm people's hearts. I hope my drama is also one of those kinds", said Koo.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alex to Shinae.

(word on pic: “now you guys have your delicious dishes to make…”)

(taken from Alex’s cyworld)

2009.03.24 03:50 AM

Title: 축하합니다 ^^

함께 걷는 다는것….

함께 나누고 함께 힘들다는것….

뭐든 나눌사람이 생겼다는것….

그사람과 함께 잠들고 함께 아침을 맞이 한다는것….


축하해~!! ^^

ps. 그나저나, 저 위로하시는분들…그러실힘있으시면 축하를 더

해주시는게 더 좋을듯.ㅎㅎ

Title: Congratulations ^^

To walk together…

To share and suffer together…

To have someone to share anything with…

To be able to fall asleep and wake up with that person…

it’s a beautiful thing…


PS: And for those who are comforting me… if you have the strength to do that,

it’d be better if you’d congratulate her. He he…

Seriously feel even sad to read this. Thanks to Jazzholic for providing the translation. It feels like he's trying to say that...

I wish that someone is me... and if only you have choose me... I'll prepared more delicious dishes for you.

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Shinae is getting married.

Actress Shin Ae, who was Alex’s other half on the hit show We Got Married in 2008, will be tying the knot for real within a few months. Her agency announced that Shin Ae is planning for a 2009 May or June wedding.

Her fiance is two years older than her (29; 27) and is currently studying abroad in Seattle. She reportedly began dating him at the beginning of this year, although their parents have been close family friends for a long time. Shin Ae strongly denied rumours that she was dating someone back in December of 2008.

It was stated that Shin Ae decided to rush wedding plans due to her father’s deterioriating health. Her father is reportedly sick and about to retire. As his only daughter, she wanted to show filial piety to her father through this upcoming marriage.

Source: SportsKhan
KDrama Queen

*After the news of Hwayobi dating with Sleepy (member of Untouchable)... now once again we've been giving another shocked news... well it's not that bad but for those who have been following Alshin couple this is a shocking news...

I guess a dream is always a dream. It will never turn out to be true unless if both have the same dream.

Feel happy for Shinae anyway... after watching her in Princess Chu Chu she is a remarkable actress and I believe whatever she choose is what she really believe in.

And for Alex... owh, feel sad for him. I just keep thinking what or how would he react with this news. There is no where he'll show us how sad he is... even if they really have no lovey dovey feelings towards each other but still I doubt that he don't feel anything at all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Choi Ji-woo Explains Dating Rumors in Japan

Actress Choi Ji-woo’s visit to Japan has drawn great attention from the media there, amid rumors that she has fallen in love. Japanese sports dailies and broadcasters on Thursday gave intensive coverage of the Korean actress--who arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Wednesday for a three-day visit until Saturday--and her relationship with actor Lee Jin-wook.

Choi was welcomed by some 150 fans waiting at the airport, despite a snowstorm, who gave her a bouquet of flowers. “I am very happy to visit Japan again. I have wanted to meet you again,” she told them. But when reporters, noticing a ring on her right hand, asked her if she plans to marry, she just smiled and hurried to leave the airport.

The actress went to Japan to promote her latest SBS drama “Celebrity Sweetheart,” which is scheduled to be aired on the satellite channel Wow Wow TV from May 1.

Attending a premiere for the TV drama at Tokyo’s Yebisu Garden Hall on Thursday afternoon, Choi was bombarded with questions about her relationship with Lee. “We have good feelings toward each other, but that is all for now,” she answered. “I can tell you one thing for sure -- that I have never yet thought about getting married.”

US Court Order Rain To Pay $8 Million

This is what we call professional. Having a problem doesn't mean you have to ignore the fan. Rain show us what he capable to do even when his life in the middle of crisis. I guess he'll be great no matter in what situation and I think he really are well prepared to face whatever he may face in the entertainment world. I'm not bias I just like him ^-^

Korean singer and actor Rain's agency said Friday it will soon decide on its response to a U.S. court ruling ordering it to pay some $8 million in compensation for canceling a concert in Honolulu in 2007.

"This is a result we would never have expected," said Jung Wook, president of JYP Entertainment. "We will decide our future course of legal action in a few days after discussing it with attorneys who are on their way back (to Seoul)."

On Thursday, a Honolulu federal jury found Rain and his agency guilty of breaching a contract with Click Entertainment Inc. to perform a concert two years ago and ordered them to pay the Hawaiian promoter punitive charges and compensation.

Rain's concert was canceled a few days before the scheduled date of June 15 in 2007 at Aloha Stadium, the first stop on his U.S. tour. The tickets were sold for maximum $300 each.

Credit : Korea Times

Police Confirm Jang Ja-yeon Left Explosive List

Mar, 20, 2009 -Police on Thursday said a document left by Jang Ja-yeon before her suicide lists the names of figures related to sexual coercion the actress appears to have suffered. "Having read part of the document Jang wrote before she died, there were names of some persons who seem to be related to sexual coercion that Jang was put under. There is a possibility that another list exists," a police spokesman said.

Police said they obtained four pages of the document from broadcaster KBS, but Jang's ex-manager Yoo Jang-ho said the document was originally seven pages long. "The names of the related people appear in sentences in the obtained document," Bundang police said.

The broadcaster said earlier the document lists the names of senior public figures whom Jang was allegedly forced to entertain by her management agency.

Police suspects a more detailed list is contained in the remaining three pages. The announcement confirms what has been the stuff of rabid rumor on the Internet.

According to the police, Jang's elder brother filed suit against three people including Yoo for defaming his late sister on Tuesday, along with four others, including the CEO of Jang's management agency, for sexual coercion.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Doremipa Solrasido

Yay... obviously I'm Jang Geun Seok fan... hehehe can't help it... once I started to watch one of his movie or drama I'll be looking for more and more. 

Seriously... I really like all the actors but... I don't like the story line... I don't know what exactly the writer trying to tell... or maybe the director failed to send the message. If it was about friendship than they should stick to friendship... I just don't get it. A love triangle seems okay to me but the way the story move just doesn't make sense at all. Why make it complicated, plus what is it with amnesia things and dual personality? they should just make this into drama and drag it more if they want to make it interesting... something just not right with this movie.

it such a waist for the talented actors... they deserve more than this.

Like it or not... I'll give this movie 2 out of 5 stars.

Baby & I

Last 2 days I spend my day watching movies and realize that I've been busy all this time... Work and stress been surrounding me since early of the year and I need some positive energy to make me feel good... I need my life back!

So what did I do... I watch Baby & I... the story line is good. The main focus of this movie is not just the baby and Jang Geun Seok (well I watch this because of him)... It's show us how nowadays youngster thinks and act. They took school lightly, they spend unwisely, but the most important thing is how they react to whatever problem they face.

In this movie, Jun-su (Jang Geun Seok) is a rebellious 19 year-old. Teachers and parents having a headache because of his action. When things getting worse, his parents finally decide to 'run' from home and leave Jun-su only small amount of money. As a rebellious young men, Jun-su think it's great until Wooram a 6th month baby came into his life.

The simple story line make it easy for to you guess what gonna happened but still it's good... 1st he's the coolest guy ever, suddenly he turn out to be a dad... and then he trying to avoid the responsibility... but then he put more effort for the love one... simple but meaningful.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

'Late Actress Was Forced to Have Sex With Showbiz VIPs'

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

Police have started investigating the authenticity of a note actress Jang Ja-yeon allegedly left before committing suicide on March 8. The note said she was unable to withstand the pressure of entertaining and having sex with program directors and corporate and media executives.

The former manager of the 30-year-old actress made public her alleged handwritten letters. Jang, who recently starred in the hit drama "Boys over Flowers", was found dead in an apparent suicide at her home in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province.

According to the Bundang Police Station, Jang's letter said she was beaten, forced to serve drinks, act as an escort at golf matches and coerced into sex with several program directors, CEOs and media executives.

Police said they obtained the list of names mentioned in the document but would decide on making them public after confirming whether the document in question is "authentic".

The police searched nine places including Jang's former and current agencies and her residence and seized the document from a broadcasting station, Saturday. The document will first go through a graphology test to confirm her handwriting and then police will investigate the content.

The letter also had some 10 names of program directors and other VIPs, but the police said they must conduct further investigation to verify the credibility of the document before summoning those mentioned.

"The document had thumb prints and a social security number and seems to have been written by Jang", a police officer said.

Her family members first opposed revealing the document but changed their minds and asked for further investigation since some contents of the letter had already been disclosed.

Yoo Jang-ho, Jang's former manager and head of management agency Hoyaspotainment, were in possession of the document and first leaked it to the public. He was hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt, Friday.

However, police said they are not sure whether the document they have found is the one Yoo disclosed and presumed the possibility of the existence of more than one document. Yoo said he burnt the letter in front of Jang's family and does not have any copies of the letter.

Kim Sung-hoon, head of Jang's last agency, was quoted as claiming that the documents are fabricated, adding that Jang's former manager "fabricated" the letters out of his disgruntlement over four criminal and civil lawsuits filed against him.

Meanwhile, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) will provide standardized contract forms to entertainment agencies in the first half of the year.

"Jang's letter aroused concern toward the unfairness of entertainers' contracts once again", a FTC official said.

"We found several unfair contracts at big agencies last year, but it's almost impossible to investigate hundreds of small- and medium-sized companies".

The FTC will continuously supervise management agencies to rid them of unfair contracts in addition to the enforcement of standard contract terms.

* Still following the news of Jang Ja yeon... I guess I started to put some interest on her death. Even if the some news says that things still been investigate but still I feel like knowing more and more. 

GJP & GJD - I'm Yours

Re-upload on Dailymotion...

Both vimeo & youtube give me a lot of problem... 
I don't really enjoy Dailymotion... maybe because of the quality... but I have no other choice :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Han Chae-young Cast in 'Good Morning, President'

There is up and down in Korean entertainment industry... some has lost their love one and some gain more attention especially for the "Kkotboda Namja" cast. Lee Min Ho has gain more popularity, Kim Hyun Joong becoming everyone prince, Kim-bum melted everyone heart and so on. This time Han Chae-young also take the spot.

Actress Han Chae-young, who stars in the hit KBS drama "Boys over Flowers", has been cast alongside popular actor Jang Dong-gun in the upcoming film "Good Morning, Mr. President", Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.

Han's agency BH Entertainment confirmed the actress will play the role of the outgoing president's beautiful daughter, who falls in love with Jang's character.

"Good Morning, Mr. President" will be a film about three fictional Korean presidents: an old, outgoing president who wins the lottery, a young charismatic president and Korea's first female president. Expectations are running high for the film since Jang will be portraying a youthful president patterned after U.S. President Barack Obama.

A representative for the film's production said that Han was the most suitable actress to convey the beauty, intelligence and dignity of the character.

The film is written and will be directed by Jang Jin, who also wrote "Public Enemy Returns". Filming is expected to begin next month.

Han, who is often called "Korea's Barbie Doll" because of her voluptuous figure and doll-like looks, has appeared in numerous TV dramas such as "Only You"', "Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang" and "Autumn in my Heart". She was also cast in "Soul Mates", a joint Korea-New Zealand horror film directed by Scott Reynolds.

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‘BOF’ Jang Ja Yeon Commits Suicide … Last Phonecall, “I Want To Die”

Receiving much attention for her role as part of the villainous trio in KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ actress Jang Ja Yeon stuns everyone by committing suicide in her home on the 7th.

The police revealed that “Jang Ja Yeon was discovered to have committed suicide by her sister today at 7:30PM who reported the discovery to the police,” and “Jang Ja Yeon died by hanging herself at the staircase and no suicide notes or any other effect has been found so far.”

Close friends of Jang Ja Yeon say, “Recently Jang Ja Yeon was facing contract renewal problems with her management company and deeply troubled by problems in the drama among other things,” and also, “Today at 2:30PM, there was a phone call in which she said it’s too difficult and I want to die.”

Hearing the sudden sad news of Jung Ja Yeon’s suicide, Lee Min Ho, Koo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and the rest of the cast of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ plunged into shock.

Jang Ja Yeon started out in 2006 appearing in a commercial for biscuits then she debuted with a small role in a drama and moving onto currently popular ‘Boys Over Flowers’ where she was recognized for her role as part of the villainous trio.

Source: Break News

Boys Before Flowers' Jang Ja-yeon commits suicide

It seems like korean artist tend to killed them self whenever things turn out bad or when they don't feel happy at all... well the best words is depression... I guess korean artist need to make sure they have guts and strong enough to face things... it seems like they don't prepared to received bad things which of coz no one would love that. But it hurts the most for people who rely on them put a lot of hopes on them but in the end it's something that you have to put behind and place it in a box called 'Memory'. I just hope we won't have to face another suicide. 

To Jang Ja yeon... May she R.I.P

Jang Ja-yeon (27) chalks up another number for the
increasing cases of celebrity suicides in South Korea

This is really sad news to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Boys Before Flowers actress Jang Ja-yeon (27) committed suicide yesterday. You would recognize her in the popular drama as one of the Mean Girls trio (Jin-Sun-Mi) who would tease lead character Geum Jan-di in school.

Jang Ja-yeon had hanged herself at her apartment and was found dead on the evening of 07 March. Her older sister (whom Jang lived with) found the body. Her sister explained that Jang had suffered from depression and prior to her suicide had been staying inside her room for long periods of time more frequently, signaling perhaps that she was falling into deeper depression. About 10 years ago, Jang lost both parents in a car accident when she was in high school, and has lived with her sister ever since.

What could be the cause of her death? Officials have blamed that anonymous Internet slanderers are to blame of the celebrity suicides (most notably Choi Jin-sil) that preceded hers. Could she have gotten too much hate mail to handle when she played one of the mean girls in uber popular Boys Before Flowers?

Celebrity suicides in South Korea -- we hope, is one trend that WILL STOP.

Jang Ja-yeon played “Sunny”
(one of the three Mean Girls)
in Boys Before Flowers

Credit Source: Dramabeans & K-popped