Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jay Park Youtube Account

Miss Jay Park? Still wanna listen to him? you may do so... he recently post up his own video (cover) Nothing on You. It was amazing that after what have happened he finally showed up and it's like he preparing a gift for us. And this video have been doing great... it was the most view video today ^.^

The rapping part lyrics were written by Jay himself. It's mean a lot to most of his fan. check it out ^^

i get approached a lot being who i am 

and i gotta lot girls wishing i'm there man checkit/

and if i'm wrong with ya i dont wanna be right

i gotcha gigglin like everydays a comedy night
i'm a correct answer never do you wrong/
and i trust yah even though you've be gone/
but dont blame for getting little jealous/
its just hard when your talking to them fellaz/
i got that "taylor" body girl you know that i gotcha/
you can call me new moon because i orbit around ya/
your my world my everything, the only thing between our face is just that spaghetti string/
i'm faithful wont pull a kobe bryant on you/
its a jungle wont be "lion" pull a "tiger" on you
even know the exact shade of your eyes
my hearts ice your number one like yuna kim/

i used to be a boy
that had many girls
all over the world
but they got nothing on you babe
its forever just you and me
for all of eternity/
i know your stressing but i'm confessing baby your the only girl i want
you can be my bestfriend we can play x-men
you can be just i can be cyclops
cause i dont wanna end up like everyone else
hurtin all alone all by myself
this is just something that i've never felt

Below is what he wrote on his YT account 'About Me'

일단팬여려분한테너무감사하다고말하고싶습니다. 우리가족, 친구, 크루 한테너무 잘해주시고 좋은일들많이하셔서너무감사합니다. 노래랑랩하는거보고싶을까봐 만들었습니다 youtube account 를. 그리고 다같이 웃고 같이 열심히하고 화이팅합시다. 안좋은말씀들은안해도됩니다 ^ㅠ^.

Wassup everyone i'd like to thank all the fans that have been so nice to me, my family, my crew, thank you so much for all your love and support , created this youtube account so i can post up videos of just covers and whatever and you guys could watch so yeah check it out. Also i try to make every negative situation into a postive situation. saying or doing negative things arnt the right way to go in my opinion so less all just love and respect each other =) God Bless


Jay Park

2pm 욕은안했으면좋겠어요 애들착하고 좋은애들이예요 오해안하셨으면좋겠습니다. ^ ㅠ ^
( It would be nice if you didn't cuss about 2pm. They're nice and good kids. I hope you don't misunderstand them. ^ ㅠ ^)

i don't want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they're still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i'm sayin? =)

* I don't hate 2PM I just don't have appetite to support them... know what I'm sayin? ^.^

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  1. JaeBum Oppa is awesome.... I really wished that he didn't leave 2PM but he saw what was best for him and his group.. Jaebum Oppa, FIGHTING!!! WE'LL BE SUPPORTING YOU ALL THE WAY!!!