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Fan Account from Jay’s Neighbor

As quoted from 2pminsider.wordpress.com

I thought there was a Park Jaebum gallery, where did it go???

I’m a foreign/exchange student, I’ve been here for two years (^^)!!!! In Seattle…
Anyways, when I first came to Seattle and was settling in, there was word that a kid from Seattle was becoming an idol singer, so everyone in the neighborhood was paying attention.
Since basically everyone in the neighborhood knew each other, they knew whose son the kid was and everything.
I hadn’t been here very long, but the mom here (the homestay woman, she’s Korean-American) said that he was the son of the house behind our alleyway, and asked me what I thought of the singers from JYP in Korea, saying that he had made the JYP auditions and was going to debut, hahahaha
So I said that I didn’t like Park Jinyoung in the first place…and that the Wonder Girls were only average at singing (I’m not bashing them) kekeke
kekekeke I just told the truth, that I liked certain Wonder Girls members but that I didn’t like them because Park Jinyoung brought them up, and that I really didn’t like Park Jinyoung’s music.
Then our mom started complimenting him by saying that he was really good at dancing and was really good to his parents, but it went in one ear and out the other.
So I was like Oh Really~ then he’ll do great! And when he debuted, our neighborhood was really noisy…
Since our TV’s don’t have Korean channels, people went and watched it on the internet and everyone said at least one thing like “You raised your son well” kekeke.
kekekekeke even until then, I had no interest, and while listening to 10 out of 10 I asked myself why there was even a song like this kekeke her lips are tasty and her legs are beautiful ㅡㅡI wondered why the song was like that ^^
I heard that they were on a variety show in Korea, that their popularity was rising and that they were really popular now, but since it wasn’t like the channels came out here, I wasn’t interested and after reading articles online, I just thought to myself that they must be really popular.
During AAA, I felt like their popularity really rose, there were a lot of articles and I heard that Jaebum was so busy that he couldn’t call his mother very often kekekekeke
And since our mom has just two sons and no daughters, she thought of me as her real daughter and talked bad about the women in town and gave me advice and everything…
She talked about just about every woman in town at least once, but the one person she never talked bad about and instead said she was jealous of was Jaebum’s mom.
She said that it was because she was so kind and treated everyone around her so well that her son was that famous and had that much popularity and said that children came about from how they were raised and compared her sons to them everyday…enough that the sons were tired of it
She said Jehan was a nice boy too…they say that Jehan goes out a lot because he likes partying, but that he doesn’t do anything particularly bad ^^
Anyways, so when the controversy happened,
Everyone in the neighborhood told the family that it was no big deal, that his popularity was so great that it wouldn’t all go away in a second and comforted them
But was it 3 days? When he came back in 4 days nobody knew what to say to them so everyone stood there trying to figure out how to act.
I honestly wanted to see Park Jaebum in person at least once but he wouldn’t come out of his house for several days from what I see, since I go out a lot
But after a month, he started coming out often hahaha
And since we live in the same neighborhood, we saw each other a couple of times. In this neighborhood, people greet each other even if they’re complete strangers. Like in the morning, everyone will say “good morning” or like “hello~” or “hi~” but I couldn’t do this to Park Jaebum.
As a Korean, I felt needlessly embarrassed, I saw the myspace posts too, but seriously, here it’s like everyday language hahaha…
I say that kind of stuff all the time to the boys here, and they say it back to me…
I felt ashamed [of Korea] even though it was a place where I was born and raised
So whenever I saw Park Jaebum, I’d put my head down or look somewhere else and just pass him keke…;
But about three months ago, I bumped into someone while I was looking at the ground while walking, so I was like “aish” but it was Park Jaebum
After I looked up (I’m 155 cm…) and checked that it was Park Jaebum
I spit out “Huk” [translator's note: it's like a gasp]
And he was like “Are you okay?” so I said “Oh, yeah” and tried to go past him, but he was like “Go carefully!!”
So I was just like “oh, okay!” again and left…
And then I saw him again like 2 days later? Or maybe it was 3…
And he said “Hello” and greeted me first kekekeke
But I could feel my face getting red and I couldn’t look at him
He was so good looking, his face was really small and white…and even though he was wearing a t-shirt, you could see that his body was good…haha
So I was like “yes, hello” and went my way again…
So after that, we always greet each other when we see each other!
One day, I talked to him in English, but he responded to me in Korean kekekeke
And after that, I became a fan of Park Jaebum so I downloaded both Idol Army and Wild Bunny and became more of a fan, and then I became a 2PM fan so I supported 2PM, but after seeing the articles that came up a few days ago and listening to the audio recording of the conference, I was completely dumbstruck
Personal life????? Tell them not to kid themselves
There’s a fact that everyone in this neighborhood knows…
I’m not close with him, but I talk to him occasionally and he asked me where I lived in Korea, and when I said Busan he told me he knew Haeundae. [translator's note: basically the most famous and most visited beach in Korea, I guess you could call it Busan's pride]
Also, I think that he’s very attached to Korea
I asked him if he hated Korea but he told me that it was nothing like that, that he was proud to be a son of Korea
And since my mom [her real mother] sent me kimchi and a side dish from Korea, I put it in a small lock-and-lock container and gave it to him
Truthfully, we’re not close enough to share food with each other, but we talk occasionally and I was lonely because I didn’t have many friends here but when we met on the street, we would talk and when I went home alone at night, he was behind me so I asked where he was going and he said he was following me kekekekekekeke that he was doing it because he thought a woman walking by herself was dangerous kekekekekekeke
He has really good manners…at first I thought he was doing it because he liked me, but he seems to do this for everyone…
He even takes ahjummas home when they walk alone at night, he’s that kind of guy…
But if the people in the neighborhood see that I put this up, I think they’ll know that it’s me…
Anyways so I gave him the side dishes and he told me he was really thankful, and a week later when I saw him again, he told me that it was really good and that he wished he could eat it again and I told him that he should eat it when he goes to Korea again and since he said thank you I thought he was definitely going to Korea, but what’s this? kekekekekeke
Oh, and I’ll tell you about his personal life
When I see him in the neighborhood, I think he’s only going out to dance and occasionally meet some friends, and when his friends smoke in the streets, he keeps a distance…
Also whenever I see him, he’s always exercising, whenever I ask him where he’s going, he says he’s either going to work out or coming home after working out…^^*
He would always go around smiling, but when I saw him about ten days ago, his expression wasn’t very good so I asked him what was wrong.
But since he said nothing was wrong, I asked him if he was sick, but he told me he was just tired and that he was going to go home early to rest…
But then the article came up so even I was upset, while reading the things about a bad personal life, I wondered whether they really had to destroy a person like this
I believe him because I see him and hear things
But really, the fans are quite amazing as well, it’s great how they believe in Park Jaebum until the end
Even our mom said this
She told me to go on the internet and asked me how fans were reacting.
When I told her that they were still believing in Jaebum, she said “wow~ seriously, since a person is nice, they only meet nice people”…kekeke
After I listened to the recording of the conference and told the mom about it, she said that when Jaebum came back, he talked about his dongsaengs and worried about whether they would do well ㅡㅡ
I got really mad after I heard that…
I just sat and read things without putting anything up, many of the Seattle accounts were complete lies that didn’t make sense, but there were also many that were true
If you don’t want to believe this, then you don’t have to ^^
And also…
I’m putting this up because I thought people might wonder how Jaebum was doing after the conference, but I think he’s doing fine, the same way as before
He’s dancing, exercising, meeting friends, and sometimes he hangs out with the AOM members in a group kekekekeke every time he does that, Jaebum looks so happy, he’s always smiling
He greets the neighborhood people well
Also there’s a great nightlife here so at night guys and girls go have fun in pairs, but I haven’t seen Park Jaebum even once…
Honestly, I’ve only been here two years and I feel like I’ve gone at least…40 times…but I haven’t seen him even once.
I went about 10 times after Jaebum came back, but he wouldn’t come even if we were drinking and dancing, no matter how much he loves to dance
And he doesn’t seem to like girls that much…ㅠㅠ
You see immediately that he keeps his distance from girls and draws a line ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
And I wanted to get close to him…
Anyways, I’ll be going back to Korea in three months…
I think I left out a lot of things, but I’ll put them up when I remember them
Ah, something I just remembered!
About 4 months after Jaebum came back????
By then he had regained his spirits entirely and was going dancing all the time, coming out into the neighborhood a lot, and was talking to people a lot
It was about 9AM that day
I was jump roping outside trying to lose some weight
And I saw him walking, humming and swaying side to side so I was like “hey! Jay!!!” and I guess he couldn’t hear me well because he kept walking so I was like “hey!!!! Jay!!!” again and he finally looked at me and asked what I was doing there, so I told him that was exercising because I had gotten too fat and wanted to lose weight.
At that, he looked me over once and said “hum…yeah, I think you’ll have to lose some weight” and left kekekekekeke
But then he stopped, looked around, and said “if you just do it like that, you won’t lose any weight. Harder!” kekekekekekekekekekekeekeke
And Jaebum’s mom, dad, and Jehan are all doing great as usual, compared to the fuss that’s going on in Korea ^^
I hope you cheer him on a lot in Korea and don’t pay attention to whether or not something about his personal life comes up…
Everyone here can be a witness for him!!!!!!!
If you don’t want to believe me, you don’t have to haha…;
Anyways, if anyone in Seattle sees this post…hahahaha
Please just ignore this.
Post from the user who posted the above account on Telzone:
I did feel a little envy while reading [talking about the above account] ^^
But it’s the same as what my aunt says… (she lives near Jaebum…: I’m planning to go next year after saving up a bunch of money)
She doesn’t know much, but she says that he greets people well and treats ahjummas well as if they were women to him hahaha
(My aunt says that her life would be great if she just had a son like Jaebum: she says that a young kid knows how to treat women right, that she likes him keke)
She says that although he goes around with his friends in large groups, she hasn’t seen him with a girl even once, and that he goes to exercise every day
That in his family, Jaebum and his mother have an especially good image in the neighborhood
It’s true that he’s doing well, and that his family is also doing well
And that the people around them are more outraged and ask them things like “shouldn’t we do something?”
But they say that his family laughs it off, saying that he’s so strong that it’s somewhat embarrassing to worry about him too much, that they feel good because it’s over…
What an amazing family ㅠㅠ

Okay... while reading this... I can't stop thinking but think. It sounds like I'm reading a love story hahaha. Whatever, the intentions is there the real reason for her to share about this story is to let us know who is Jaebum, what kind of person and family he have and how is his condition... so just excuse about the love story I've mention. But thanks to the person who shared this with us.

Credit Source: 2pminsider.wordpress.com

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