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Interview: Hello I am Jay Park (Cine21)

SOURCE: Cine21 Magazine, No. 767 (100817-100824); TRANSLATION: Lydia@JAYPARK.NET


I thought Jay Park had changed. I got the feeling that he was all huddled up due to the fact that he was “on the news so much for this and that.” And wouldn’t he be? He almost ran away to the United States after the Myspace controvery, plus the idol group he debuted in, 2PM, expelled him permanently; he couldn’t have laughed brightly like the old times. “So many things happened in such a short time.” And this June, Jay Park returned to Korea. “I wasn’t set on being active again in Korea. The fans missed me, and I missed them as well so I just continued to upload videos of me singing and dancing on YouTube. Also, I came to Korea because I got the chance to star in a movie with my friends. I didn’t even imagine that I’d be doing an interview like this.” Jay Park did many things: he was chosen as the model of a clothes brand within two-three months, and participated in their photoshoot; he was featured in another artist’s album; he released his own singles like “Count on Me” and “Bestie”; he was appointed the ambassador of KOSAD; he even filmed for a movie. In addition, he signed with a new management company. “In some ways, I look stupid but I’m just going with the flow.”

After returning to his family in the U.S. last September, his continuous exposure to the media seemed, to be honest, quite pitiable. But to the comment of him looking “more withered and seeming to laugh less than before”, he answered “Nothing much changed.” ”It probably seems that way because I haven’t gone on many tv shows, unlike the past where I went on so many variety shows. I keep coughing but I’m in a good enough condition right now. It’s not that great but it’s not bad either.” Jay Park departed for the U.S. two days after the interview, after finishing up his part in Hype Nation 3D as well as the filming for the music video of “Demon”, off the original soundtrack of Hype Nation 3D. “I felt my energy draining quicker than before due to filming that continued through consecutive nights but I wrapped it up well.” He seemed satisfied with his first movie to a certain level. No, it seemed more like he seemed satisfied at the fact that he could finish it up without any problems. Unfortunately,Hype Nation 3D will be in theatres next summer. We have to wait one year to check out his acting skills.

The boy who still dances

Hype Nation 3D is a collaboration between Korea and the U.S. The name of character whom Jay Park took the role of: Darkness. Darkness is the leader of the Korean b-boy team, Chaos Crew, who grew up in his uncle Sammy’s (Caro Hiroyuki Tagawa) hands after losing both his parents as a child. “When I was filming, I thought I’d be in the movie for the whole two hours. But I don’t think I have that many appearences in reality. The filming lasted about 2 weeks.” Even if it wasn’t a big role, he must’ve had some concerns about choosing to be in the movie. “At first, I refused. I said I will only star in it if my crew, AOM, could be in it as well and that’s how I got the role. Plus, it was a dance movie. I thought it’d be fun to star in a dance movie while watching Step Up.”

Darkness is the antagonist of the movie. He says the character itself was hard to portray, in addition to the fact that it was an antagonist. “I thought, ‘hey I could act like this here’ but once I looked at the outcome, it wasn’t how I expected it. I also tried to think, ‘I’m a real bad guy, a mean guy and I really don’t like AOM (AOM stars as the opponent team who he has to battle against)’ but it was so hard.” But he says he’d do very well in a comedy. “I only watched sitcoms since I was young. I think I will be able to act comically really well.” Looking at his flexible body and fickle face, it seems he may be able to pull it off quite well. Jay Park would sit there with no expression on his face, then his face would light up suddenly like a baby at times; this change seemed incredible. Whenever his expression changed, he changed the mood of the place. That expression, that mask- the mask that can’t be described solely as handsome or cute- would be an asset to his acting career.
The man who gives scoops of love

Depending on the way you look at him, Jay Park looks like a self-radiating star or just a normal boy. “I still don’t think I’m a celebrity, not to mention a top star.” To him, working at a tire shop in the U.S. after quitting 2PM wasn’t strange at all. He also said, “(While in the U.S.) I thought a lot about what I was going to do now. I thought a lot about my future. But I didn’t worry much. To be honest, it wasn’t like I was going to die because I couldn’t be a singer anymore. My dream wasn’t even a singer in the first place. I just rapped and danced for fun.” He said his dream as a child was to study animals. Then his mother, who found out that he could rap and dance, suggested that he audition to be a singer. “I wanted to help my parents and friends after succeeding. I came to Korea with that in mind. Right now, my parents are proud of me and I’m happy that I can be with my friends too.”

Every time Jay Park was interviewed, he always mentioned his parents, his friends and his fans. Saying things like, he was sorry for the pain he caused his loved ones and that he will compensate for their love. “I have deep affection for people. Once I get attached to someone, it’s hard for me to let them go. That’s why if I become friendly with someone, the relationship lasts long. I don’t know why. I just want to be kind to people around me, to help them.” Jay Park is the type that is shy in front of people at first but once the barrier breaks, he gives all the love he can. Those who are used to being loved also generous in returning the love. As an artist, as an actor, he will repay the people’s love by showing many different sides of him. Without a special plan, he will just go with the flow.

Author: Lee JuHyun
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