Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Partner.

After Brilliant Inheritance... I'm addicted to this court room drama. Not just because of the cast but also the story line.. the cases, the affairs, loves, hates, family and friend... it's quite interesting. Every cases make you want it more. Every scene make you wait and wait... the love and hate it's simple but yet complicated make it even worth to watch.

Every character builds so well. I should say the Miss Korea (Lee Honey) do well bringing her character as Han Jeong-won thumbs-up for her.

The story that revolves around law firms, showing us how people on law firm thinks and act. They show us the humanity and the badness around their world. And I have to say... it make me even love it coz I used to do my practical in a firm which show the exact situation on the small firm "Lee & Kim". Instead of being stuck up they show me the warm and friendly working environment... 

If people think there is no such person as Lee Tae Joo... then they're wrong coz I've met one just like him. He walk around the office without any worries... he shows no interest on work but still he win every cases. 

So watching "The Partner" is just like bringing back all the memories I have back then.

The cast:

Kim Hyun Joo as Kang Eun Ho

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Tae Jo

Choi Chul Ho as Lee Young Woo

 Lee Ha Nui OR Honey Lee as Han Jung Won

* Will make an update later...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sophie's Revenge - 2009 Movie

Another movie that you don't wanna miss...

The MV itself make me wanna watch it... Finally  Zhang Ziyi give us her other sides ^^

Some information about the movie.

Title: Sophie's Revenge / 菲常完美 / 소피의 복수
Director & Writer: Yimeng Jin
Producer: Zhang Ziyi
Release: 12 August 2009 (China)
Language : Mandarin
Studio: CJ Entertainment
Country: China & South Korea 

Story Plot:

Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) is a talented cartoonist who seems to have it all – a successful career, great friends, and the perfect, handsome, fiance, Jeff (So Ji Sub), a surgeon who her mother adores. So when Jeff is stolen away by Anna (Fan Bing Bing), a beautiful actress, Sophie wants revenge. The first step in her plan, “Sympathy and Understanding,” fails, as does the second step, “Nostalgia.” Sophie’s friends invite her out to a party to cheer her up, but she runs into Jeff and Anna. She also runs into Gordon (Peter Ho), a photographer, who apparently has been recently dumped by Anna. She quickly elicits his help in her revenge campaign. With Gordon, Sophie continues to implement the other steps of her plan. But “Reinvention” fails. So does “Entrapment.” Gordon reluctantly agrees to help Sophie with “Arousing Jealousy,” where they both behave like lovers in front of Jeff and Anna. Finally, something in her plan begins to work: Jeff seems to be jealous. A thrilled Sophie is convinced that the next step, “Search and Rescue,” will be her final winning move. But Gordon refuses to help, and confesses that he has fallen in love with Sophie, who, sooner than expected, is confronted by a repentant Jeff who wants her back! Who should she choose for true love and happiness?

Review from Twitchfilm:

[Thanks goes to Alexander Thebez for this review.]

Yimeng Jin's SOPHIE'S REVENGE is a gleeful, well-polished Chinese rom-com with a lot of slapstick humor and snippy banter. The film follows the story of Sophie (Zhang Ziyi), a cartoonist who is trying to win back her ex-boyfriend from a famous movie star, Joanna (Bingbing Fan). Racing against time, Sophie, with the help of the handsome, mysterious Gordon (Peter Ho) employs questionable "scientific methods" to reclaim hunky Jeff (So Ji-sub).

First of all, if you are looking for a heart-wrenching, profound drama, SOPHIE'S REVENGE will definitely sink your boat. The official NYAFF 2010 website describes a little conspiracy between American movie distributors and the CIA from 20 years ago. It was decided that the only movies from China allowed in the States are the ones that depict China as a really crappy place to live. Aside from being Zhang Ziyi's debut as a producer, SOPHIE'S REVENGE is also a movie that proves that China can compete with the glitz of Hollywood.
In comparison to SAWAKO DECIDES, another chick-flick playing in the festival, SOPHIE'S sits on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Unfortunately for me, the story and character conventions in SOPHIE'S REVENGE reminds me too much of Chinese dramas at a first glance. The China that we see in SOPHIE'S REVENGE looks like something out of SEX AND THE CITY. The women are fashionable, and the men are hunky. Everyone is beautiful, and everything is glossy. The plot is also pretty predictable. Just like most Hollywood rom-coms, the film is not realistic. The majority of the characters behave like caricatures, while any trace of human sincerity (courtesy of the men in the film) is obliterated by flashy, cutesy animated sequences.

There is a weird balance issue in the film that makes it less accessible for me. I really don't mind predictable, flashy romantic comedies as long as the characters are at least sympathetic, but this is not necessarily the case. The men in the film function as emotional anchors, and on the other hand, the women dish out all the comedy. While SOPHIE'S REVENGE comes across as a film for women, I am baffled that most of the female characters are shallow and vapid. Similarly to SEX AND THE CITY, the women in this film preach about the strength of the female sex and how the female will never be complete until they find their male counterpart. I think that is one thing about the film that turns me off the most.

Sophie's character is actually slightly disturbed. She is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, so much that she doesn't notice Gordon's obviously more sincere feelings for her. Neither Sophie nor the other women in the film, including the strongest one, Joanna, know how to define themselves as complete individuals without a certain significant other. Strangely enough, at the end of the film I feel more for (Bingbing Fan's) Joanna a heck of a lot more than I do for any of the protagonists in the film. She does not really deserve all the mischief that Sophie puts her through! Besides, Fan seems to display a wider range of emotions and a more sympathetic character arc than (Zhang Ziyi's )Sophie.

SOPHIE'S REVENGE is a sweet, overly decorated cupcake. At first glance, it looks promising and enticing. As a consumer, you will savor its sweet sugar goodness and the rush that follows it. But an hour later, you'll realize that it does not exactly provide you with any essential nutrient necessary for the growth of your soul. Then again, I don't really have much of a sweet tooth. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

DBSK Hero, Micky and Xiah’s official stand about their discord with SM

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s members Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu finally revealed their stand about their problems with SM Entertainment.

Their representative revealed through news media on 3rd August, “The 5 years period after they debuted, the 3 of them felt that their minds and their bodies are tired having to follow the tight schedule that the company put up unilaterally.”

They continued, “Kim JunSu, Kim JaeJoong and Park YooChun has been following SM’s instruments from beginning of 2004 till now, going back and forth promoting in Korea, Japan, China etc, and in a year except for 1 week they get only 3-4 hours of sleep a day to do our schedule.”

Also, “In the process the health of the 3 members are very much deteriorated, they are also suffering from mental fatigue, and as time went SM continue to established on their own decision for Dong Bang Shin Ki to advance into other countries. In the end the 3 members felt that as compared to be fulfilling their dreams to be singers, they are used more as a tool by the compared to earn profits, and they wish to use each of the members to also go into other entertainers’ activities.”

The 3 members’ representative also added, “It is a 13 years contract but in reality it is a lifetime contract. With the exclusive rights clause in the contract, the 13 years also include the time the members are serving their military service, hence it will go for more than 15 years. And now it has not even been near to 10 years since the group’s debut, hence it seems like the contract will last until the members’ retirement from the entertainment zone. The penalty for retracting the exclusive right clause is 3 times the investment cost and 2 times the lost in earnings. They also asked about the penalty of cancelling the whole contract but it will involve several hundred billions KRW of penalty, hence in reality there is no way out but to be tied down to SM because of the contract.”

Also, “The members did not receive the right treatment even from SM. Without getting any contract fees, the initial contract was that if their album sells more than 500K copies, each member will get about 10 million KRW during the next album release. If they sell less than 500K copies of album, they will get nothing.”

The 3 members had went down to Seoul Central District Court to file for a retractile of their exclusive belonging rights with SM Entertainment on 31st July, causing an outrage of speculations about the group’s disbanding and also problems between the members and SM.

Credit Sources: kbites & Daily K Pop News

* Finally someone make a move... I should say they have their right to do so.
They've spend all their years for SM and if there is nothing for them... they just should take another step... If people say they're not thankful enough... I guess that person should replace them... and let see how thankful they can be...