Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Vs Justin Bieber Poll is up on Hollywoodlife

Hollywoodlife.com recently has put up a poll for fans around the world to vote for the most wanted and favorite 'TIME' Pop Star.

Both Rain and Justin is known for their strong fan base. But guess who currently lead the polls.... it's none other than our favorite Badass... RAIN.

Okay, its either JB fan don't really care about the polls or maybe... it happens to be that JB fan is originally CLOUDS hahaha. Rain definitely rules for now.

JayParkDay come along with 'Conspiracy'

Those who have been following Jay's or known as the 'Jwalkerz' might been holding their breath now waiting for Jay's 'Take A Deeper Look' mini album which will be release on 27 April 2011. The waiting is definitely something worth waiting for... its Jay Park! hahaha

But when Jwalkerz were preparing their mind and soul well of coz some extra cash for his comeback the day that we call JayParkDay come along with 'Conspiracy'.

On 23rd April, Jay's Youtube account jayparkaom suspended.

Not just it happened right before his album release, surprisingly it happened right before his Birthday. Jay have been living his thought on his twitter account about the termination and many 'Jwalkerz' live up a comment on his twitter account well yes I'm one of them too LoL

And today 26 April 2011 another event come up to sum up the JayParkDay

after a while he updated and explain the reason why his Youtube account got terminated. Its all thanks to the person whoever he or she is... I wonder if what he/she doing is what people call an unconditional love hahaha... strong enough to make Jay loses his account.

and to close things up as always Jay end it with his witty jokes and I love it LOL

And yes some bad news which also a good news... right?

If this is some kind of conspiracy than they really make Jay busy on his JayParkDay. If this is some kind of technical problems than this is what Jay and all Jwalkerz remember... JayParkDay full with surprises and conspiracy... LOL. 

Jay Fighting!!

and here is the link for his new YT account~ Jwalkerz! what are you waiting for? click!!!

Credit Source: JAYBUMAOM

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lee Ji-ah, poses as Seo Taiji's big fan why?

According to fans Lee Ji-ah was at former husband and singer Seo Taiji's concert once and yelled "I love you".

Shocking news of the 5.5 billion won lawsuit against Seo Taiji by Lee Ji-ah is spreading. Criticism about the fact that they hid truth about their marriage for so long and that they cheated the public is also getting stronger. Even after admitting to the divorce and making a public statement, Lee Ji-ah is still a hot potato.

The recent Lee Ji-ah who claims to have exclusively filed for divorce in 2006 is quite unacceptable. In the report she spread to various media is that she spent 6 years alone in America when Seo Taiji returned to Korea in 2000 to be active in his singing career once again. This sounds like she's saying Seo Taiji neglected her for 6 years and she was filing for divorce at the end of a long wait.

After having divorced with Seo Taiji, Lee Ji-ah became famous for the lead-like role in 2007 MBC drama"The Legend". She used the name Lee Ji-ah instead of her real name Kim Ji-ah and even fooled her age. She hid her information so well that even her management didn't know this truth. She had hidden everything about herself in fear that news of the ex-wife of Seo Taiji getting out.

However, her actions from the year 2009 are unacceptable. According to her, 2009 is when the divorce was taken into effect but in March of the same year, she attended Seo Taiji's concert in Seoul. Fans who saw her then said she yelled "I love you! I love you captain" in a concert feedback.

Lee Ji-ah who kept silent at her education fraud issue just because she didn't want her information being revealed, exposing herself like that is beyond common sense. Her management then tried explaining that "She did go to his concert. After the divorce. However their relationship wasn't like it is now then so she attended the concert" but there is no persuasive power.

On the cable TV program "The Show" on November 28th of 2011, Lee Ji-ah exposed herself as if hinting to Seo Taiji fans. Fans know very well that the café which she used as the shooting location belonged to Seo Taiji Company and also revealed that the picture Seo Taiji uploaded on his official homepage in September of that year was her mascot and drew the same picture.

About this, fans say, "In 2009 she had got her divorced like she wanted to but she keeps circling around him like she still had feelings for him", "She could've have just quietly watched his concert like the others but she looks like she was crazy to let everyone know about her existence", "I don't understand if she just enjoys thrills or rioting against Seo Taiji".

She also took part in a session in 2009 as a bass with the rock band Doctor Core 911 which Seo Taiji has a deep relationship with. She released a song named 'Vampire Romance' in 2010 but the lyrics are full of meanings. The part, "The world that had you captured and fooled in an endless darkness", overlaps them as long as the truth about the two of them is out.

Lee Ji-ah filed for lawsuit on January 19th in 2011 and had two hearings in March and April through legal lawyers. For what reason did Lee Ji-ah have to break out of the shell she was so tightly hidden in, to sue her former husband and what does she want from him? The self ego that she lost while living as Seo Taiji's wife? Seo Taiji's feelings for her that are no longer there? Or 5.5 billion won worth of possessions?

Source : Nate & Hancinema

* This drama getting interesting these days... every time I checked on Korean entertainment news... their life is parade almost every where... well of coz including here. Since Seo Taiji has not even once make any statement... makes me wonder what does 'The Legend' think about this. As for Lee Ji ah, I don't know if blaming her will change the fact that she was once married to Seo Taiji. (well she have weird personality if you read the above article... hmmm)

I love her acting skills can't even doubt that. I even get excited knowing she is dating Jung Woo Sung... but now... I think they really need more time. I don't think I'm ready to read another news about broken relationship or family... 

Lee Ji Ah Personal Information Hidden Well

Lee Ji-ah seems to have hidden her personal information from drama staff as well.

MBC TV "Section TV" delivered news about singer Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji-ah who are currently in the middle of a lawsuit for alimony and division of possessions.

A phone call was made with someone who uploaded writing about Seo Taiji's mother-in-law. "A singing instructor said she was Seo Taiji's mother-in-law calling him Jeong and said he was in America with her daughter".

A staff of a program Lee Ji-ah was in talked about her mysterious past, "I requested for information about her to pay her but her side never gave an answer back. Even when we needed her passport to go overseas they wouldn't give it so they paid from their own pocket".

The period of division of possession in three years and while Seo Taiji claims they were divorced in 2006, Lee Ji-ah claims it was 2009. But information showed in the recent documents that the divorce came through in 2006.


Lee Ji –ah and Seo Taiji's American divorce sentencing has been revealed.

The American sentencing of Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji was revealed on the MBC weekend News Desk on the 24th of April.

Lee Ji-ah filed for divorce at the domestic relations in Santa Monica in 2006. In the sentence she is supposed to give up financial support. Also, it states that she ends adjustment of alimony.

In the records it shows that Lee Ji-ah renamed herself from Kim Sang-eun to 'Ji-ah Lee'. The sentencing is dated to June 12th 2006 and the divorce took effect on the 9th of August.

Lee Ji-ah is currently claiming for 5 hundred million in alimony and 5 billion in possessions. Her side is claiming that the divorce took effect from 2009 and that they lived together until February of 2004.

Source : Nate 1, Nate 2 & Hancinema 1,  Hancinema 2

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seo Taiji's mother-in-law usually boasted about her son-in-law

Lee Ji-ah's mother revealed she was Seo Taijii;s past mother-in-law.

MBC TV "Section TV" on the 24th showed the doubts and questions around the two people's secret marriage, alimony and division of possessions.

As Lee Ji-ah admitted to truth of marriage with Seo Taiji, a few netizen's from the past who uploaded things on portal sites drew attention.

The TV program could get a hold of one netizen who put up some writing under the title, "There's someone called Seo Taiji's mother-in-law" around January of 2004.

He put up online then "There is someone claiming to be Seo Taiji's mother-in-law at a department store singing class" and on the phone call explained, "My mother was the singing instructor and an instructor from another class used to call Seo Taiji (Jeong Hyeon-cheol) 'Jeeong' and said a lot of good things about him. She also said he was living with her daughter in America".

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ah filed a lawsuit for alimony and division of possessions from Seo Taiji last January. The amount in total is known to be 5.5 billion won.

Having met each other in 1993 through a friend in LA, they soon developed into a relationship and got married in 1997. The reason for divorce is because of the unusual jobs they have and character differences.

Source : Nate & Hancinema

Lee Ji-ah dress, "Seo Taiji" was it a sign?

Lee Ji-ah? There is!

Singer Seo Taiji's (39 Jeong Hyeon-cheol) former wife and actress Lee Ji-ah (33 Kim Ji-ah) inscribed the letters Seo Taiji on the dress she personally made.

On the dress she wore to the end of the year MBC Awards in 2007 were the letters "Leejiatoes". It reads "Lee Jia's toes".

As the truth that they were once married came out, netizens read the lettering the other way round, which then reads "seotaijee" without the "L".

Previously some netizens even suggest that Seo Taiji might've named her stage name for her too.

Many netizens say 'seo tai ji' backwards spells 'I ji a' so he might've given her the name "Lee Ji-ah".

Her management explained that wasn't true.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji got married in America in 1997 and Lee Ji-ah filed for divorce in 2006. She then filed for alimony and division of possessions in January for the amount of 5.5 billion won.

Source : Nate. & Hancinema

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MC Mong not entirely acquitted in the public's eyes

Singer MC Mong, who was tried for military evasion, was determined to be innocent by the court. However, the public still thinks of him as guilty, and wants some kind of punishment to be meted out.

On April 11th, MC Mong was judged not guilty on the count of military evasion, but guilty on the count of an unlawful interference with the execution of duty. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment on a one year suspended term, together with a hundred and twenty hours of community service.

MC Mong, who was tearful on the March 28th trial when he pleaded against the two year imprisonment term that the prosecution was pushing for, showed a much calmer side on April 11th. His acquittal should have alleviated the suspicion previously cast on him.

However, for the large part, the response from the public shows that they do not trust the judgment entirely. Instead, there are a lot of people who remain unconvinced, dismissing the judgment as a stroke of good luck on MC Mong's part.

Comments by these people tend to go along the direction of "Preferential treatment for celebrities when it comes to enlistment". MC Mong's claim that his teeth have been weak since he was young have received callous indifference from the public.

In particular, the fact that MC Mong got implants a year after he was exempted from the army seems to further embroil the issue in controversy. Essentially, MC Mong wasn't able to entirely rid himself of suspicions even through the lengthy trials; in fact, the prosecution intends to appeal against the court's decision.

Ever since the investigations started, MC Mong has been going through a nightmarish six months. He has been deeply hurt after OBS broadcasting station's "News 755" first raised the issue on June 30, 2010.

As soon as he was branded as a "military service corruption suspect," the public immediately lost all confidence in MC Mong, turning their backs on him. Since then, he has pretty much been stigmatized, with members of the public clamoring for him to "just go to the army." Even though he has expressed such a wish himself, his previous exemption still stands as a result of the court's judgment.

MC Mong -- whose songs have conquered online music sites, and whose wit has distinguished him on entertainment programs -- has disappeared from the scene for six whole months. His old nicknames "Hit-maker MC Mong" and "Talented MC Mong" have vanished together with him; for now, he is only "Doubtful MC Mong."

Source: Koreaboo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MC Mong expresses his feelings through first official press conference

On April 19th, rapper MC Mong held his official press conference at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong and revealed his feelings to an audience of 200 reporters on his trials that have been taking place for the past 10 months.

His report was as follows:

“I would like to begin by apologizing to the citizens of Korea for disturbing society. All this while, I've been running according to so many schedules, and it’s true that I had fear of enlisting in the army. The enlistment of a celebrity is taken very sensitively by my agency, so I had no option but to follow their decisions.

However, I have absolutely no excuses to make in the face of the thoughtless way I handled my duty to national defense. I would like to apologize once more time.
It is not true that I brought damage to my teeth in order to earn an exemption from the military.
On the internet post that netizens discovered, I would like to say that it was just written from the viewpoint of one man out of the many that must enlist. If I had truly seek a way to earn an exemption, I would not have written it under my own ID. At the time I wrote the post, I did not think that it would bring about such big misunderstandings.
I had left my teeth in pain for so long that the pain just became a part of my life. It was hard at first because of the financial difficulties my family was going through, as well as my busy schedule, which didn't warrant any time for me to get treatment. I was also embarrassed about the fact that I was in pain.
Under the advice of my dentist, who told me that my teeth would not only give me aesthetic problems, but detrimental to my health as well, he put in nine needles while under a general anesthesia. He had told me that it wouldn't hurt if I was under general anesthesia, so after much hesitation, I agreed to the operation. However, I have not gotten not even one implant since that procedure, and am just living with needles.
Because I believe that I must do my best for the people that love me, I have been taking full participation in investigations. Unfortunately, I do feel that I am guilty against the citizens of this nation for inflicting such wounds. This is not an attempt to earn popularity or public sentiment. I merely want to be confident with myself in the face of my duties to our national defense.
In order for myself to enlist in the army, I must be judged guilty, but I cannot say I did something that I did not do. That is why, at this moment, I am unsure of what decision I need to make. I can’t do this and I can’t do that.

I’ve undergone a lot of trauma and pain through my trials, but it was an opportunity for me to grow. I will be working against my arrogance with the heart of dedication in order to fill what I lack. I would like to apologize once again for harming the hearts of our nation’s people, as well as my industry seniors and juniors.”

Source: Economic Star Daily News via Nate & Allkpop

* Feel sad about this.

Is it so hard for netizens to show some forgiveness to him?
I wonder if this is going to happen to their own family... how would they react... what will they do?
punish them? kick them out of their house? kill them?

Just because he is MC Mong... they try to kill him multiple times, just because he is MC Mong they react differently... just because he is MC Mong the public figure they point their fingers and put all the blame on him.

He is wrong but it doesn't mean he's the bad people. At least he do try to do good deeds... at least he really try hard to be good. 

Seriously... if its not because I fancy Korean culture... I don't think I can accept the way they think. But still I can't react that way coz I'm not in the position to judge... but still kind of disappointed with it.