Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jay Park turns into an idol singer in the movie “Happy Together”…official debut on the Korean screens!


Jay Park will star as an idol singer in the movie, Happy Together (produced by Daisy Entertainment).

On the 10th, a staffer affiliated with SidusHQ revealed, “Jay has been confirmed to star in Happy Together.” Happy Togetheris directed by Ra Hee-Chan, who also directed Leave When They Applaud (박수칠 때 떠나라), and produced by Daisy Entertainment.

Happy Together is a story about the growth of a 4-member idol group that opened their eyes to money and popularity at too young of an age. They face a crisis when their well-respected leader falls from the stage, and the gap is filled by a member of an indie band member from Hongdae.

Jay Park, who plays the number 2 of the group, disagrees on everything with the new member from the indie band (Ji Hyun-Woo), who thinks “idols are products,” and comes into conflict with him. But in the end, they harmonize with music as their common interest.

Kim Soo-Ro stars as the CEO of the agency that houses the idols, Park Si-Yeon as the famous producer that nurtures them. Jang Young-Nam, Go Chang-Suk, Yim Won-Hee, and others have also joined the cast.

A staffer of Happy Together said, “Jay, who finished the shooting of Hype Nation, showed his motivation through the several meetings we had. The staff visited Jay during his [Big 4] concert at Jeonju and supported him.” According to him, the shooting of Happy Together is slated to begin in late December.

(Omitted summary of Jay’s return to Korea.)

Reporter Kim Dan-Ok

* Can't wait for this! 

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