Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wonderful Life

It's been a while now...yes I'm a busy person especially now...but still I always prepare something to update here....anywhere, someone ask if I watch Wonderful Life and here is the answer of it...I know it was show in tv now but I have no time to watch it in tv and I've watch it last year... hmmm

People always says, Love knows no national boundaries or age. Love is fate. or Love has the power to overcome all difficulties. However, what is the ultimate stage of love? Marriage? This could sound ridiculously old-fashioned, especially to the younger generation. They still fall in love of course, but becoming a part of a system such as marriage can be troublesome, at best. And its responsibility is bothersome, as well. Most of all, it's unimaginable for many young people to give up their dreams for love and marriage. Put in a nice way, they are very practical, open-minded and liberal about their love life. However, they are selfish about love at the same time. They are the generation of instant gratification. They still fall in love, but they refuse to give up their free life styles. They still get married, but they don't give up their careers. Their love life is just a personal choice, and they strongly resent being judged by other people standards of right and wrong. 

However, with love comes responsibility. Loving someone is about being responsible for your own feelings and your own decisions. Loving someone is agreeing to take responsibility for yourself and the person you love. 

is the story of two young college students (played by Kim Jae-won and Eugene) who accidentally become parents because of the one-night stand they had during vacation. They then get married. These young and inexperienced parents will show you what true love really means and how they become more mature by overcoming lifes difficulties together and how they complete their love. 

The Stars:

Han Seung-Wan (Kim Jae-Won) 

He's young and immature. He's a party animal. He's a very moody person. He's a frequent patron of the dance clubs around town. He's always welcome because he knows how to have fun. His father owns a mineral water company. He's handsome and cool, so he's popular everywhere he goes. And he secretly enjoys the fact that he's popular. He believes that women can't help but loving him. He has the characteristics of Don Quixote and Peter Pan at the same time. He majors in aeronautics. After graduation, he becomes a co-pilot for Sky Castle Airlines. His first love is Chae-young. He goes to Singapore to see her, but he meets Se-jin there, instead. When he first meets Se-jin, she's heartbroken because of her previous relationship. He just wants to make her feel better. He finds her cute. It must be the moonlight, or the wine or the music. At any rate, he always does as he pleases. But he becomes a father at the age of 21! His own father gets furious and orders him to marry Se-jin. He's about to be kicked out of the family. He doesn't have any other choice. He gets married. But he didn't legalize the marriage. He lives on the money that his father sends for the baby. He dreams of getting divorced once his daughter gets old enough to go to a daycare centre. He still thinks about his first love, Chae-young. To him, meeting Se-jin was the worst thing that ever happened in his life. He would do anything it takes if only he could go back in time and fix everything. However, his daughter seems to be the cutest child in the world. He didn't even dream that he would learn love from this little girl.

Jeong Se-Jin (Eugene)

She's very unique. She's outgoing and adventurous. She's a dreamer. She's curious and stubborn. She loves traveling and reading. She sometimes sets up a tent in the room and reads a book with a flashlight. And she likes to drink coffee in her favorite camping cup. She became a catholic after reading The Keys to the Kingdom by A.J Cronin. It's not easy to imagine her as a serious catholic because of her unusual personality, but she is. She wanted to be a diplomat, but she ends up getting a job at a travel agency. She has a daughter and a husband. She unexpectedly gets pregnant while traveling as a college student. She can't give up the baby since she's a catholic. She decides to raise her baby by herself, but she gets married, thanks to her sister's plan. Her life becomes gloomy. Her married life isn't anything like she expected. It's a war. She and her husband keep fighting and ignoring each other. He even brings his girlfriend home. She doesn't have any fun in life anymore. One day, a new neighbor, Min Do-hyeon moves in. Little by little, she becomes attracted to him. But he's an old friend of her husband's. Nothing seems to go well in her life. 

Min Do-Hyeon (Lee, Ji-Hoon)

He's such a gentleman with good manners. He always seems neat and refined. He doesn't talk much. But he knows how to be terse and quick to the point. He's been successful throughout his life, but he's not interested in competing with others. He's very cynical; nothing really matters to him. He detests people who are obsessed with success and struggle to win. Nevertheless, he always wins and gets what he wants. He's the type of person that average people love to hate. He's the lovechild of the late founder of Sky Castle Airlines, Min Dae-seok. His biological mother died a long time ago. He was adapted and raised by Jang Eun-jo, the wife of Min Dae-seok. Very few people know about his family background. The relationship between Min Do-hyeon and Han Seung-wan is very unusual. While Seung-wan is very conscious about Do-hyeon and considers him a rival, Min Do-hyeon doesn't seem to care so much. Do-hyeon just enjoys Seung-wan's challenge. Seung-wan's girlfriend, Chae-young is interested in him. He's also attracted to her. But Chae-young goes back to Seung-wan all of a sudden. He feels betrayed and lost for the first time in his life. He realizes that Se-jin is heartbroken as well because of Chae-young. He develops a friendly feeling toward her. 

Lee Chae-Young (Han, Eun-Jung)

She's gorgeous, proud, sexy and arrogant. But sometimes she can be quite naive and sweet. She's very good at changing herself to fit the way she wants other people think of her. No one doubts that she comes from a decent family and has a good education. However, in reality, she knows pain and sadness in life more than anyone. Her mother was the mistress of a Japanese businessman. She's ashamed of her background and tries to escape from it. She hasn't experienced any financial difficulties until her father abandoned her mother and her. Her mother went to Japan to look for her father only to realize she'd been dumped. Her mother opens a bar in Japan and lives there. Chae-young believes that it's good for everyone. Her mother was a part of her life she wanted to hide anyway. Now, she's making up her new life story as she goes along. She thinks marrying a decent man from a good family will provide what she doesn't have and complete her life. Now, she's looking for the man who can bring her everything she dreams of. For her, finding a perfect man is like shopping. You keep looking until you find exactly what you want. She doesn't mind being a two-timer if necessary. She has Seung-wan and Do-hyeon wrapped around her little finger. She introduces herself as a daughter of a successful businesswoman in Japan.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story

My problem with this movies is... I have no interest to watch it at all. Then why did I watch it? My friend told me it was good... I guess I'm being fooled again by my friend and thanks ti her I now have something I don't really enjoyed in the list LOL. Well of coz it's not totally bad but I just don't enjoyed it... not my type of movie  I think...

 but here the review and yes not written by me ^^

A connection with other galaxies even before "Star Wars" came into being: a love story that is out of this world. Tang monk TRIPITAKA (Nicholas Tse) and his three disciples – Monkey King SUN WUKONG (Chen Bo-Lin), Pig monk ZHU WUNEG (Kenny Kwan), and Sand monk SHA WUJING (Steven Cheung) arrive triumphantly to a hero's welcome in Shache city. Little do they know that ahead of them lays Tripitaka's most arduous challenge before he achieves deification…and it is a test that he and only he alone can overcome.

During their stay in the city, the three disciples are captured by the evil Tree Spirits. Tripitaka borrows the Golden Pole and tries to find a way to save them. He meets a young lizard imp MEIYAN (Charlene Choi) who is more than a visual match for Quasimodo: matted bushy hair, and the teeth of any dentist's nightmare. Meiyan falls in love with Tripitaka at first site and devotes herself to trailing him, She even sets a love trap to ensnare him. Tripitaka unwittingly falls into falls into the trap and, in the process breaks the Heavenly Code.

The region is one full of monsters, strange beings and creatures of unknown origins and among them are (the beautiful PRINCESS XIAOSHA (Fan Bing Bing) and her army. On a passing journey to Earth, her path crosses Tripitaka's and she vows her aid. Tripitaka decides to leave with the Princess.

Meiyan is heartbroken. She picks a fight with Princess Xiaoshan and, although she loses, she finally discovers her own identity as a galactic warrior, She eventually helps the Princess in defeating the enemy and rescues Tripitaka and his disciples.

After the battle, Meiyan surrenders to the Temple of Heaven for judgment. Torn between passion and righteousness, Tripitaka rebels against the heavens to rescue the gallows-bound Meiyan. A benevolent Buddha is moved and pardons the two, on condition that they embark on a journey to the west to accomplish the Eighty-One Tasks to redeem themselves as well as to save the world.

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