Monday, August 29, 2011

Daesung Acquitted of Victim’s Death in Car Accident

On August 29th, the Seoul Prosecutor’s office dismissed charges against Big Bang’s Daesung over the death of a motorcyclist that was involved in a car accident in late May.

The prosecutor’s office said no sufficient evidence was found to prove the victim was alive at the time of Daesung’s contact with him, and it’s hard to completely rule out the possibility of the motorcyclist being killed from his earlier crash into the streetlamp.

The motorcyclist was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.186% prior to hitting the streetlamp which resulted in severe damages to his face, neck, and back. However, there have been many speculations as to whether Daesung caused the victim’s death as he ran over the motorcyclist who was lying on the street just three minutes after the initial crash.

The Yung Deung Po police office conducted more investigation over the victim’s autopsy results, and held additional questioning sessions with Daesung, while analyzing more black box videos before reaching today’s verdict.

Also, at the citizen jury trial held on August 25th, all nine members of the committee agreed to exempt Daesung from indictment.

“Based on the evidence we have, it is true that Daesung hit the victim due to negligent driving. But it’s hard to identify the direct connection between Daesung’s negligent driving and the victim’s death, and in that case, the benefit of doubt should be given. So we decided to drop any charges against Daesung,” an official from the prosecutor’s office said.

Daesung was involved in a car accident on May 31st around 1:30AM. He hit a motorcyclist that was lying on the street from an earlier accident and later crashed into a taxi in front of him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Singer Park Jaebeom remade Kim Wansun’s ‘Feel Good Day’ in his own R&B style.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2: Singing the Legend’ which was broadcast on the 27th, the contestants competed by singing the songs of Kim Wansun, ‘The 7th Legend’.

Jay Park performed first among the six idol members. The song he was assigned was Kim Wan-sun’s ‘Feel Good Day’.

Jay Park bravely chose to go first against all odds, although he had the advantage to choose his turn as a reward for winning in the preliminary rounds last week. He explained, “There hasn’t been anyone choosing to go first so far; I wanted to challenge going first for a change,” when asked why he chose to go first.

He performed ‘Feel Good Day’ with his own color, full of the R&B feel. He remade the song sweetly, placing his own special English lyrics strategically in the song. Kim Gura was also amazed by the new mood of ‘Feel Good Day’ and said, “The song was totally changed.”

Kim Wan-sun said, “The rearrangement was beyond my imagination. ‘Feel Good Day’ is originally a really bright and cheerful song. I knew he was a good R&B singer but it’s still amazing that he sang the well-rearranged song this good,” praising Jay Park.

However, Jay Park lost to Jun Jiyoon due to Immortal Song judges’ votes and he failed to proceed to the next round.

Reporter Kang Sun-Ae

SOURCE: My Daily via Nate; TRANSLATOR: supermk02@JAYPARK.NET

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Jay Park will also leave Immortal Song 2, following Hyorin, G.O. and Kyuhyun.

According to an affiliated staff of KBS 2TV’s Announcing Freedom – Immortal Song 2, Jay Park has decided on August 25th to leave the show to prepare for his new album. He will leave to the US on August 29th after recording his last competition.

Before him, Sistar’s Hyorin, MBLAQ’s G.O. and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has also decided to leave. Their withdrawal is inevitable due to album preps and international activities. Huh Gak will remain on IS2. 4minute’s Jiyoon has not made a decision yet.

The staff commented, “Their leave is regretful but we will be able to create a new format through this opportunity. The IS2 staff are trying their best in casting new members so that it won’t feel empty.”

Hyorin, G.O., Kyuhyun and Jay Park are continuously practicing for their last recording on the 29th. After letting them go, IS2 is planning to meet the viewers with new special episodes.

Reporter Jun Won



Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Interview] Lee Dong-wook "It makes me cry just looking at Kim Seon-ah"

Lee Dong-wook from popular drama "Scent of a Woman" said, "Kang Ji-wook is a character with wounds from the past so it's important to express that in detail".

It doesn't help to say '** ache is boring'. This time it's 'Ji-wook ache'. It's Lee Dong-wook, 30, who plays the role of Kang Ji-wook in the SBS weekend drama "Scent of a Woman". He is a second generation plutocrat who falls in love with Yeon-jae (Kim Seon-ah) who is given 6 months to live. The viewer percentage is over 18% and it is the leading drama at that time schedule.

'Ji-wook ache' hit the peak when he rode a bicycle with Yeon-jae who couldn't ride one, sitting on the handles. Then there was the 'bicycle kiss'. We met Lee Dong-wook in a café in Seoul on the 24th. We asked him, "Who are you?".

- A successful return from the army

"I made my body since the last vacation I had. I was worried and nervous. Thank you for the support. My mind is now at ease because there are no more empty spaces ahead now that I've been to the army".

- What if you really fell into a love like that?

"I think I would be very scared. How at loss would I be. You won't even be able to criticize anyone for breaking up because of cancer. It would be a difficult and serious problem. Every time we shoot a scene, I feel pain. Just the other day, Kim Seon-ah and I met each others eyes and just started crying. We told each other, 'don't make eye contact, don't cry'".

- What's your ideal ending?

"It would be nice as a sad ending or a happy one. Regardless of Yeon-jae's death, we would all realize how important life right now is".

- What kind of character is Yeon-jae?

My ideal woman is a wise one and she is like that. I don't know much since I made my debut in the 2nd grade of high school and have been acting since then but I think wisdom is important. Of course, if she's pretty then that's even better". (laughs)

He never once looked anywhere else or checked his phone throughout the interview. He didn't even drink. He seemed to have gotten into the habit of 'this moment right now'.

- You shine when you act the smallest emotion

"It helped that I took on so many different roles before my national service. I wanted to try out so many more enough to say I looked dumb. I could've selected roles and genres that people liked but I felt if I kept taking on convenient roles, I would soon hit the floor. That helped. It's like I think about my role in a sitcom when I need to over-act".

- Are you planning on doing that in the future as well?

"I decided to select roles that many people could relate to as I was discharged from the army. That was"Scent of a Woman". I don't have plans for anything else yet. But I hope the viewers don't get tired of me. I don't want to hear 'Lee Dong-wook' is always the same'".

-It's been 10 years since your debut. How do you maintain your fame?

"I don't do anything I feel is not right especially anything that conflicts with the law. I am scared. (Laughs) Actually as long as I stick to acting, there shouldn't be any problems. That's one reason I don't show in entertainment programs too. Just in case I make a mistake. I also think I should be concerned about my outfits too. I mean...even what stars wear at the airport becomes an issue..."

Source : Nate & Hancinema

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Celebrity Boom was released from the army on the 22nd. Singer Jay Park also welcomed him back. Netizens are cheering for him as well by saying, “We anticipate the future activities of ‘ssanti’ Boom.”

Boom (Lee Min-Ho), entered the army in October 29th, 2009 (omit). Back then, Boom commented, “I’m half-nervous and half-excited. The army is another society. I will leave the name Boom behind and do my best as Lee Min-Ho.” As he had stated, Boom returned to his fans after finishing his duties well.

On August 14th, Boom wrote, “It’s finally my last vacation. Excitement!! Shaking!! I’m finally getting one of these. I cannot believe this moment. Like like like” on his twitter, revealing his feelings close to the discharge.

(omit) Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong came to Boom’s discharge ceremony, keeping their friendship. Jay Park participated in the ceremony as well and emphasized his friendship (with Boom). The ardent relationship between Boom and Jay Park are well known. In 2009, when Jay Park left 2PM due to the internet controversy, and flew back to the US, Boom was the only one that showed his support publicly, though it was hard to do so at the time.

Back then, Boom wrote to Jay Park, “My heart hurts as if it is ripping in two as (Jay) is a dongsaeng I love very much. I know that he will return as a better person as I believe in and love my brother. This hyung will try harder so that when you return, I will protect you and give you a hug.” To keep this friendship, Jay Park came to visit Boom at his discharge ceremony.

(omit) Boom already has broadcast recording schedules. He will return to Strong Heart on this coming 25th and make a comeback to variety programs. He will also start as the new DJ for the SBS radio, Young Street.In the army, Boom was active as an MC and he will show off his skills to the listeners every night.

At the discharge ceremony, Boom revealed, “I can’t believe (that I’m discharged). Thanks for the warm welcome. My duty now is to give laughter to the public. I will give the passion and the energy I learned from the army to the viewers.”

Reporter Hong Min-Chul

Additional photos from the ceremony:


Monday, August 22, 2011

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Found to Be Dating for a Month

It was revealed today that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have been dating for a month so far, following the end of their popular drama “City Hunter.”

According to local media Dispatch, the two were attracted to each other during the filming of “City Hunter,” and immediately after the end of the show they turned those feelings into a romantic relationship.

Lee Min Ho’s agency told Dispatch, “They started to have good feelings toward each other through ‘City Hunter.’ It seems like they’re at a stage of getting to know each other right now, but I’m not sure how much those feelings developed so far.”

Park Min Young’s agency also said, “It is true the two have good, mutual feelings for each other. I think she’s (Park Min Young) trying to get to know the human-side of Lee Min Ho, not the actor Lee Min Ho. But you always have to be careful with these relationships, and the agency doesn't know everything about the celebrity’s private life.”

“Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young tried to avoid making their relationship public. So they tried to be careful whenever they met. But their personalities wouldn't allow for a secret date at home. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend,” a person close to the two was quoted as saying as well.

The source added their relationship started to really build up because of “City Hunter,” as he said, “Because of their respective roles in the drama were so important, they had a lot of long-hour filming sessions, often overnight. As they worked together for long hours, I think they started to learn more about each other more.”

Dispatch also released several photos of the two enjoying a date at a local coffee shop and a high-end bar in the posh Chung Dam area in Seoul. It said the bar photos were taken on August 5th, right after Park Min Young returned from her photo shoot in Hawaii. The coffee shop date photos were taken on August 18th, the day after Lee Min Ho returned from his overseas photo shoot.

Just two weeks after denying rumors of his recent break up with a woman he reportedly dated for six months, Lee Min Ho stuns us all with one of the most shocking (and pleasant) surprises all year.

Source: Soompi 

Fanfic HBHJ: Shillang, I Think.. It's You

When he spotted her coming out from the bedroom, he hurriedly pushed the square gift box out of the view. "Buin, come here." Hyun Joong extended his arm, waving his hand towards Hwang Bo, gesturing her to come to him. He patted the empty seat next to him and gave her a warm smile.

Hwang Bo who had just changed her clothes, was heading towards the kitchen. Two of her brothers in laws were coming for dinner. She had to prepare delicious and nutritious dinner for them. Nevertheless, she made a 180 degree change in direction when Hyun Joong gestured her. She complied without even wondering why Hyun Joong asked her to sit next to him on the couch.

"Do you want to do this?" asked Hyun Joong as he bent over to his side. He took gift box he hid beside the couch and placed it on the coffee table in front on them.

Hwang Bo let out a sharp exclaim of delight. She covered her face with her hands in disbelief. "You get me a present? A real one?" she asked. Her face beamed with joy and she was smiling excitedly.

He removed the box cover with deadpan look. "No. I borrowed it," Hyun Joong answered in flat tone.

Her expression changed from joy to gloom upon hearing the word 'No'. She pouted and gave him a deadly glare. Despite the glare, she still extended her neck and leaned forward to see the content inside the box anyway. The pout changed into a smile again. Wider this time. "Manicure?" She greedily took out the nail polish bottle one by one with both hands.

Hyun Joong bobbed his head several times. He grinned at Hwang Bo's thrilled expression.

"Shillang, I like this color!" Hwang Bo gasped and shoved the nail polish bottle on her hand on Hyun Joong's face.

Hyun Joong had to literally press his back against the couch to avoid the nail polish bottle from crashing onto his nose. He narrowed his eyes to look at the bottle of green nail polish. Lime green to be exact, as printed on the bottle.

"Where did you get all this?" asked Hwang Bo. She scanned the bottles one by one and counted more than 20 colors all together.

"I borrowed it from my girl friend."

Hwang Bo darted a deadly glare at him again. "Girlfriend? How could you have a girlfriend when you already have me, Hwang Buin? Did you forget the contract?" Hwang Bo pushed the gift box aside to reveal the marriage contact underneath the glass top of the coffee table. "Did you look at other woman?" she asked, jabbing the glass at where the exact line he wrote on the honeymoon was visible.

He remained quiet as if he was thinking deeply about her questions. "Girl. Friend. Not girlfriend. Friends who are girls."


"You don't know them."

"Ask them to come."

"Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon are coming afterwards. Our house is not big enough for party. Buin, if we invite my girlfriends then we have to invite your boyfriends too," he said, threatening her against inviting his friends who were girls. As he said this calmly, he picked four colors and set them aside.

Hwang Bo looked at Hyun Joong, thinking thoroughly. "Shillang, after thinking about it.. I do actually have a lot of boyfriends," she said, followed by a loud chuckle. She patted his knee, assuring him that they were just friends who were boys.

Hyun Joong was quiet but he looked annoyed. "That's why we shouldn't invite your boyfriends over."
"And your girl friends too, understand?" Hwang Bo cut in his sentence.

"Our pool isn't big enough to entertain them all," said Hyun Joong in sad tone. He looked at the inflatable pool at the corner of their living room.

"You like the pool more than me."

"No. I like Buin more." He quickly changed the subject. "I picked four colors. Buin picks four colors too."

Hwang Bo's wide smile when Hyun Joong said he liked her more than the pool was very hard not to notice. It stretched from one ear to the other. "Do you know how to do manicure?" she asked, sounding doubtful.

Hyun Joong nodded. "My girlfriend told me how."

Hwang Bo sighed and pouted at the word 'my girlfriend' he used.

However, Hyun Joong failed to notice the pout. He cheerfully instructed Hwang Bo to spread out her hands. "Your nails are healthy," he commented like an expert, deriving a smile from Hwang Bo. "First, we have to remove the old nail polish." He looked inside the gift box and pulled out a bottle of nail polish remover. Then he carefully soaked a cotton ball with a good amount of nail polish remover. Gently, in a single stoke, he wiped her nails one by one to remove the existing nail polish. "OK. Now soak your nails in bowl of warm water."

For a moment, none of them move.

"Buin, go and get that bowl of warm water," he said with a hint of tease in his voice.

Hwang Bo rolled her eyes. Just when she thought he would pamper her totally with a manicure, he instructed her to get a bowl of warm water. Immediately as she was about to get up from the couch, Hyun Joong pushed her down to hold her back. "You'll do it because you like me a lot, right?" Hwang Bo stared at him with a timid smile.

"No. I like playing with water," replied Hyun Joong with straight face.

Hwang Bo pouted. "But you are afraid of sharks!" she reminded him. By this time, she could detect the playful tone in his voice. She decided to play along with him.

"Buin! You rear shark in our kitchen?" He faked a shock look which prompted Hwang Bo to give him a few good hits on his shoulder. Hyun Joong chuckled. "Let's do rock, paper, scissor.." His suggestion was cut short by Hwang Bo who asked "Again?" in surprised tone as if she could not believe it. He nodded. "Yes. We don't seem to be able to make decision on anything. This is the only way to do it."

"Rock, paper, scissor!" Hwang Bo sighed. She was ready to accept her lost when Hyun Joong suddenly got up, saying, "I lost. I'll do it." Hwang Bo stared at his back with opened mouth.

Hyun Joong came back with the bowl of warm water. He placed in on the table. He sat on the floor, facing her. He took Hwang Bo's hands, guiding her towards the bowl.

He did it in silence with gentleness that almost killed Hwang Bo. Her heart fluttered.

After a few minutes in silence, Hyun Joong took her hands out of the bowl and patted them dry with a towel. Then he squeezed a good amount of moisturizer onto her palm before asking her to smooth it all over her hands. Again, with the same gentleness, he clipped her nail carefully.

He did it in full concentration which prompted Hwang Bo to emit a soft chuckle. "Shillang, I'm sorry but when you concentrate like this.. You look like a school boy solving difficult mathematics homework." She threw her head backward and covered her eyes with her arm.

"I'm good in mathematics," he protested. Hyun Joong crane his neck to glance at her. "Are you crying?"

"Yes. I'm too happy. My Shillang is so nice to me."

"You cry a lot every time I'm nice to you. People might think I'm not nice to you a lot of time. People might think maybe you make a mistake marrying me."

"Am I not allowed to be happy?"

"Of course but you are not allowed to cry when you're happy."

Hwang Bo quietly agreed with him when she unconsciously nodded her head several time.

After he was done trimming her nails, he grabbed a nail file to smooth the edges.

When she saw him holding the nail file, Hwang Bo immediately pulled her hands away and put them up. "Shillang, wait! Do you know how to do this?" Again, she asked with suspicion. She did not want him to break her nails if he did it wrongly.

"Of course," replied Hyun Joong with confident. "My girlfriend.."

"My girlfriend! My girlfriend again!" Hwang Bo shouted.

Hyun Joong was shocked with her outburst.

"Am I allowed to cry when I'm angry? Am I even allowed to be angry?"

Hyun Joong placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them lightly. "Yes. But why are you angry?"

Hwang Bo sighed in exasperation. She gave up. She would not admit to jealousy if he was not sensitive to it.

"Buin." Hyun Joong paused. He stared at the nail file. "Actually.." He chuckled. "I have no confident with this." He quickly handed the nail file to Hwang Bo.

Hwang Bo laughed, taking the nail file from him. She started to smooth the edge of her nails to make them round again after the clipping. "I'll do it myself," she mumbled softly.

His eyes were wide with amazement as he watched Hwang Bo's skill. It was one of the woman skills that man just lacked. His jaw dropped.

"Shillang." A brief silence followed. "Seriously, who is the girlfriend?"

"No one."

"If she's no one, why are you always 'my girlfriend, my girlfriend' like that?"

"Are you jealous?" He leaned forward and tilted up his head to look at Hwang Bo's expression.

She lowered her head even more and turned it to the side to hide her expression from him.

Hyun Joong grinned. He pointed his finger at her accusingly. "You are jealous!"

Hwang Bo could not hide her blush. She stamped her feet in annoyance. "Yes, I am! Are you happy?"

"Hhhmm.. Very happy. Actually the friends who are girls are seniors from the company. I asked them about manicure so that I can give Buin one." He smiled happily after the confession.

Hwang Bo pouted again. "You tricked me."

He was still smiling happily even after Hwang Bo's accusation.

She was relief to hear it. "Aa.. Seniors." She nodded her head to acknowledge. "It's good to have seniors. You can consult them when you need help," she said. "I'm done." She lifted her hands, showing Hyun Joong the now rounded edges.

He nodded his approval which brought another smile to her lips. "I'll do your nail now. What color did you choose?" he asked.

"These four colors." Hwang Bo pointed at the four bottles of nail polish she set aside earlier.

"OK. I'll paint nice color for you. First layer, then let it dry. Then another layer, right? That's what seniors told me." He put cotton ball between her fingers.

"You learn well."

He started to apply the first layer, the clear nail polish. He did it carefully and slowly, blowing at the nails from time to time to dry the first coat. He took his time to finish all ten nails.

She watched in giddiness. From her point of view, he looked like he was painting a masterpiece. She felt like she would really cry anytime now despite Hyun Joong telling her that she could not before. Hwang Bo stared him when he got up. Her sight followed him who disappeared into the bedroom.

He came out carrying a pillow and a table fan. He lifted her hands, placed the pillow on her laps and rested her hands on the pillow. Then he switched on the table fan, aiming it to blow at low speed at her nails to speed up drying.

"I'll do your nails after this," Hwang Bo offered.

Hyun Joong was quiet at the suggestion.

"Don't you want me to?"

"Only one." He showed her his right thumb.

"Do all ten," Hwang Bo insisted.

"No. Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon are coming later. I'm supposed to work, not having fun."

"As a Hyung, you are embarrassed, right?"

"No. I'm doing manicure with my wife. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. OK. Do all ten but if they like it and want you to do for them, I'm telling you now that the other members will want it too."

"Jung Min and Young Saeng too?"
She was shocked.


"I'll paint one only,"
Hwang Bo quickly told him.

Hyun Joong picked the yellow nail polish and started to paint Hwang Bo's thumb nail.

"Shillang, Hyung Joon's ideal girl is pretty, Kyu Jong's nice. What's your ideal girl like?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Of course it matter. I want to know."

"I'm married to Hwang Buin now. Others don't matter anymore. It was before, not now."

Hwang Bo insisted to know. She asked again, "Am I close to your ideal girl from before?"

"You are the ideal woman now."

She smiled. She was very satisfied with the answer.

He continued to paint, changing between all the colors they individually picked. But he stole a glance towards her direction. He caught her smiling. She did not notice that. Hyun Joong too, smiled.

"Do you want to know what my ideal man is like?" Hwang Bo asked out of nowhere. Immediately, she heard a firm "No" from Hyun Joong. She threw her head backward and was laughing out loud until her stomach hurt. She bent forward, trying to hold her stomach.

"Don't move. It'll spoil my painting." Hyun Joong gave her a warning look. "Why do you want to tell? I don't ask about it. I already know what your ideal guy is like. Like me. Like me. That's why you marry me."
"Bingo!" She winked at him, biting her lower lip shyly at the same time.

Hyun Joong put down the red nail polish he was holding. "Done," he announced.

She brought her hands up to see his work of art. "What is this?" she asked, laughing out loud and gasping at the same time. Hyun Joong left her little finger clear, not painting another color on the top of it. On the ring finger, he drew a few small dots. One pink dot in the middle surrounded by five red dots. "Flowers?" she asked. "This is cute." The middle finger was half colored on the top, the way she sometimes did it. He did a random swirl pattern with three different colors on the index finger. Her thumb had a large yellow dot with two small black dots and a curvy line. "It's a smiley!"

He gave her a smug look. "I learnt well from seniors. They are pretty, right?"

"Very colorful. Unexpected. Creative." She nodded her approval.

"Pretty," he summarized what she said in one word. "OK!" Hyun Joong got up, clapping his hands. "Time to cook. Buin, hurry up. Go to the kitchen." He pointed towards the kitchen and grinned. He sat next to her on the couch, looking at her looking at his painting on her nails. He duplicated the same pattern on both hands. He was proud of his artwork. He was proud it made Hwang Bo smiling.

Hwang Bo was the youngest among her two siblings. Her Oppa pampered her a lot, treating her like a little girl; but played with her rough, treating her like a boy. Being married in the We Got Married show to Hyun Joong who was six years younger than her, she treated him like a dongseng. She was playing the Noona role she never was. To her, he was merely a dongseng whom she hang out with to have fun. At the very early of their marriage, she did mother him a lot, protecting him a lot. Now she had to keep reminding herself to safeguard her feeling. It was very easy to slowly falling for him. She had been falling for him since the past few episodes. She was still falling. Who would protect her from the dongseng who had captured her heart with his charm?

- the end -

[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [COMEL].

[Discussion] Han Ye Seul and the Poor Working Conditions in Korean TV Drama Industry

[Discussion] Han Ye Seul and the Poor Working Conditions in Korean TV Drama Industry

Han Ye Seul’s effort to shed light on the poor working conditions of the Korean TV drama industry last week by going completely AWOL and boycotting further production of KBS drama “Myung Wol the Spy” (in which she lead acts for) was largely met with negative criticism a day after her return to Korea (she left for LA only to return within 48 hours of departure). She was blasted for her selfish act, which stalled all progress of the show, and was questioned what “poor working environments” really meant when it turns out her fee per episode is nearly 30 million won (apprx. $30,000 USD).

However, later that day when she returned to Korea on August 17th, public opinion started to sway as fellow actors and industry officials, as well as even the Korean Minister of Special Affairs spoke out to defend and justify her act.

Lee Jae Oh, Korea’s Minister of Special Affairs, wrote on his Twitter, “There’s going to be heated debate over Han Ye Seul’s act, but I’m trying to understand where she’s coming from. Keep your chin up!” He continued, “As long as you have the will to fix what is wrong, I believe that life is valuable in itself, whatever ordeal it may have to go through.”

Yang Dong Geun, the talented actor and rapper, also expressed his support for Han Ye Seul on his Twitter, saying, “Han Ye Seul is naïve. If she was sly, she would have just gone to the hospital, got IV shots, and complained about her long working hours, then she would not have been involved in this witch-hunt. The main culprit of this whole controversy is the broadcaster. They keep mentioning promises with the Korean people and viewers, but it just makes me sick.”

He then retweeted a message left by an anonymous user who claims to work in the Korean film industry, which read, “I’m not trying to defend Han Ye Seul. But Korean movie and drama industries are all violators of Korean labor law. When I was filming in the U.S., one of the American staff joked, ‘Don’t you guys get sued for working this long?’ but this is nothing to just laugh over. It’s a cowardly act just to point fingers at Han Ye Seul...we’re basically laborers and we have our own rights. Is it okay to infringe upon my own human rights for the supposed promises with viewers?”

Two days later, on August 19th, the Korean Actors Association added support by releasing a statement saying, “We cannot agree with the broadcaster and producer who make this out to be Han Ye Seul’s own personal problem. Her boycott was totally based on the chronic problem with Korea’s poor drama producing environment…We must blame the broadcaster and producer for pressuring killer filming schedules. To see a drama immediately miss an episode because the lead actress left for a couple days is a reflection of how poorly Korean TV shows are bring produced. Han Ye Seul was screaming for survival through this boycott. According to Korean labor laws, normal workers are allowed to work only 12 hours per week overtime, in addition to the regular eight-hour working days. Broadcasters, however, never felt guilty even when actors worked 100 hours overtime, reasoning they are not under legal protection of standard labor law.”

People involved in Korean dramas are known for working crazy hours. It’s common to work six days a week with only two hours of sleep every day when you film these 18 to 24 episode TV dramas, e.g. “Myung Wol the Spy.” There’s also a lot of “live filming,” where the production of a given night’s episode is completed on the day it airs. This is mainly due to Korea’s unique filming strategy, where the entire filming of the show rarely gets completed before airing the first episode, as the storyline and script tend the change depending on viewer opinion and TV ratings throughout the show.

In fact, Park Shin Yang, who starred in the 2005 hit drama, “Couple in Paris,” once said, “The poor working conditions where the cast and production team had to work 42 hours straight need to be improved,” while veteran actor Lee Soon Jae even went as far to say, “Korean actors currently work in life-or-death situations.”
Of course, it would be impossible to explain the entire Han Ye Seul controversy in a single column. We probably won’t ever get to know the real truth behind the entire fiasco and what her real motive was in deciding to run away and come back in a matter of 48 hours. Perhaps that’s why we still hear people who say this whole disaster was just a publicity stunt plotted by the entire cast and production team of “Myung Wol the Spy,” in an attempt to save the plummeting TV ratings of the show.
Source: Soompi
* It won't surprise me anymore if suddenly people start saying how sorry they are for misjudging her or feel bad that they even cursed her. It just that I wonder if next time the same situation happened to other artists, will they react the way they feel again?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Singer Jay Park reinterprets the song “Tell Me the Truth” by Jinusean into his own unique style.

Park competed with Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Jun Ji-yoon from 4minute, G.O from MBLAQ, Hyorin from Sista, Huh Gak and became the winner of the competition on the show Immortal Songs 2 that was on broadcast on August 20.

Before the competition, Park introduced his guests singer and actress Solbi, actor Jang Hyuk and Kim Sooro and revealed, “I’ve met Solbi in variety shows for several times, known Jang Hyuk since we had the photoshoot together. And I filmed a movie with Kim Sooro recently”.

The stage started with funny narration by Jang Hyuk and Kim Sooro, it continued with colorful lights and cheerful rhythm that made the audience excited.

Park made the stage even more intense with his sophisticated performance and brilliant skill of rapping. The choreography between Solbi and Park, dancing while facing to each other, added more sexiness and cuteness to the performance.

Park revealed, “Hyorin sings unbelievably good” and added, “I didn’t wanted to compete with her to be honest” and made the crowd laugh.

As Jay Park was named to be the winner of the competition, he hugged with each and every contestants while wearing a big smile on his face.

Jang Hyuk, Kim Sooro and Solbi also cheered and congratulated him behind the stage.

Reporter Im Jae-hoon



Saturday, August 20, 2011


Singer Jay Park is gathering attention by giving an advance notice to Boom.

On August 14th, Boom wrote, “I have finally received my last vacation. Shaking! Excited! I cannot believe this moment. Like, like, like, like”, on his twitter account that he created during his vacation in July.

To this, Jay Park replied on August 19th, “Hyung, I’ll be there when you get discharge! Yong-San 7:30AM let’s go!” and promised to visit him.

Previously, Boom entered the army on October 27th, 2009. He was active as a MC on a number of military shows and kept his humour, as he had grasped the variety-show industry with his special talents (before entering the army). Anticipation is building up for his activities after the discharge, as he is getting countless love calls from all kinds of variety shows.

Hearing the news, netizens said, “I want to come with you~”, “Spoiler Park”, “Are you really going?” and showed many different reactions.

On the other hand, when Jay Park left his group in the past due to the controversy, Boom wrote on his homepage, “My heart hurts as if it is ripping in two as (Jay) is a dongsaeng I love very much. I know that he will return as a better person as I believe in and love my brother. This hyung will try harder so that when you return, I will protect you and give you a hug,” and showed his sadness.

Reporter Yang Ja-Kyung

SOURCE: Korean Economy via Nate; TRANSLATOR: Lydia@JAYPARK.NET



Jay Park who has been getting a lot of attention with his hidden singing ability via ‘Immortal Song 2’, will be performing on a special stage with the actor, Kim Soo-ro.

In the upcoming episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’ on the 20th of August, Kim Sooro will be appearing on the show as one of Jay Park’s close friends.

They have become close since the filming of their movie ‘Mr. Idol’, despite the big age gap and differences of their chosen field in the entertainment industry (Kim Soo-ro is more of an actor, while Jay Park is, for the most part, a singer.)

‘Mr. Idol’ is about the 4 members of idol group Mr. Children, who were initially not good enough to be idol stars, but strived to achieve their goal to be ‘National Idols’ by undergoing a severe training program conducted by sharp-tongued producer Oh Gujoo (Park Yejin).

Jay Park plays ‘Ji-oh’ a member of ‘Mr. Children’, the hottest new group which burst into the music scene. Kim Soo-ro plays ‘Sa Heemoon’, who is a wicked but powerful figure in Korea’s entertainment industry. He will be shown as Mr. Children’s biggest rival.

In the movie ‘Mr. Idol’ they played the role of fierce enemies that often cause great tension. However, there are widespread rumors that they are actually very close friends in real life. This friendship led to the conception of a special stage for ‘Immortal Song 2’.

Unlike Jay, who was an idol singer, it’s Sooro’s first time to perform on stage. It is said that he was really nervous about this in the beginning. However, Kim Sooro won the hearts and minds of the audience, performing with red training pants (with one of the trouser legs folded up) and great moves, showing his desire to help his own dear brother (Jay) to win.

‘Mr.Idol’, a movie that depicts the birth of an idol group, & the harsh reality of show business, starring Jay Park and Kim Soo-ro, is scheduled to be released in October.

OSEN Reporter Lee Hyejin



Friday, August 19, 2011

KBS announces that ‘1 Night 2 Days’ will end in six months

KBS’s ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ has announced that the hit variety program will be running for six more months before it comes to a close in February 2012.

All of the cast members reportedly made a mutual agreement with the producers of the show, saying that they would be leaving altogether in six months.

Their official press release reads as follows:

“We would first like to thank all of the viewers who have shown love for ‘1 Night 2 Days’. For the past four years, KBS’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’ has been an extremely joyful program that’s received the generous love of its viewers.

Because of recent events, many discussions have been taking place internally. After holding a frank, open-minded discussion with the ‘1 Night 2 Day’ members, including Kang Ho Dong-ssi, we have come to a final decision that we will be announcing to viewers in the following paragraphs:

The members of ‘1 Night 2 Days’, including KBS and Kang Ho Dong-ssi, cannot imagine a ‘1 Night 2 Days’ without any of its members. We have come to a consensus of starting and ending the show together as one.
As a program that runs true to form, there is no ‘end’. The case is usually members pitifully departing one by one due to a drop in viewer ratings.

‘1 Night 2 Days’, a program that’s praised for being the ‘nation’s variety show’, is the result of much sweat and effort from the members and staff. We do not want something that shines so brightly to meet with a pitiful end. Realistically, the members also all agree that ‘1 Night 2 Days’ cannot continue on forever.

As such, all of the members have agreed to do their absolute best for the next six months and bring the show to a successful conclusion.

We’ve worked with passion for the past four years, and will continue to do so for the next six months. We’ll be working as if each episode is the last and promise to move our citizens and provide them with laughter. We ask that you continue to show us your interest and love.”

* (T T) How can they do this? Now I'm going to miss all of them. Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Guen, Eun Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Eom Tae Woong.... even Na PD. Wargh! I thought I'll just miss Kim C & Mc Mong. But now I'm going to miss the whole crew of 2 Days & 1 Night.

Source: Nate & Allkpop



Interview with “Beautiful Korea living together” for the suicide prevention campaign


Various media companies (omit) are conducting a suicide prevention campaign with “Beautiful Korea living together”. (omit) Singer Jay Park participated in this interview.

The suicide rate in Korea is number one around the world. What do you think about that?
-That’s a hard question. To my knowledge, there are people that choose to commit suicide due to economic issues but I also heard that there are a lot of people that impulsively choose to commit suicide due to mental illnesses or an illness of the mind. This would mean that the so-called “affection” has declined very much in our society. I wish that the society could become a little bit more compassionate.
What do you think our society needs in order to be suicide-free and full of hope and love? What kind of environment should our neighbors, friends, colleagues and ourselves create?
-I think that the most important thing is to look around ourselves. I believe that people who go down the extreme path of committing suicide usually choose that because they think they are alone. If we show even a little bit of love and pay attention, wouldn’t they try a bit harder to live for those people who reached out a hand to them?

Why do you think committing suicide is wrong?
-Suicide is not only a bad choice for the individual, but it’s worse to the people around them since they have to live with an unforgettable scar. Their family and friends may live in pain forever, thinking that they could not stop that person from committing suicide. How about the person gives a chance to the people around them before making such a choice?

How do you act daily in order to live a happy and a healthy life?
-It’s important to always keep in mind that I can’t do anything alone. I get energy just by reminding myself that there are always people around me that pray for and encourage me. Those people can be my friends, my family or colleagues. I try to live hard for those people and I think this kind of mind keeps me healthy.

Has anyone around you committed suicide or have experienced something similar? What efforts did they make to overcome the thought?
-Thankfully, there was no one around me that made such a radical choice. There should not be anyone. If there is someone around me that is thinking of making such a choice, I will stay by them and show them infinite love. I believe that love and attention are the most important.

Tell us how you have been doing recently.
-In October, the second movie I starred in, Mr. Idol, will be premiered. So I will be meeting the fans soon through the screens. I’m learning more about music through Immortal Song 2 – Singing the Legend, the program I’m currently appearing on. Of course, I am working hard on my album so I will soon reveal the singer Jay Park with a new album. Please anticipate it!

Reporter Kim Soo-Jin



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eric and Han Ye Seul reconcile during ‘Spy Myung Wol’ lunch break

Despite their awkward beginning, the cast, staff, and leading stars of KBS’s ‘Spy Myung Wol‘ reconciled their differences during their lunch break.

After actress Han Ye Seul completed shooting her scenes in the morning, the crew broke for a lunch break. Prior to the lunch break, it was reported that the atmosphere between Han Ye Seul and co-star Eric was awkward and icy. That tension was broken after Han Ye Seul gave a deep apology while kneeling on the ground; Eric responded with, “Resolve the awkwardness, fighting!“.

The atmosphere returned to normal afterwards, as laughter was heard and conversations flowed ceaselessly. Eric and Han Ye Seul were finally able to face each other, and Go Young Tak (KBS’s drama director), EP Lee Kang Hyun, CP Jung Song Hyo, and PD Hwang In Hyuk managed to converse without any awkwardness.

The staff and cast ate samgyeoupsal (pork belly) while lightly drinking beer and cola, relaxing before filming resumed for the afternoon. The staff tapped Han Ye Seul’s back to express their support and encouraged her to work diligently as they continued filming.

Han Ye Seul apologized, “There were some difficulties in filming that made me feel sad. However, I later found out that it was all a misunderstanding. After causing this incident, I am thankful that I was welcomed warmly when I returned. Even if I opened my heart to everyone, it wouldn’t be enough. I’ll use all the strength I drew from these difficulties to film my parts.“.

Han Ye Seul began to cry, as she could no longer hold back her tears in. Upon hearing the apology, the faces of the staff and actors reportedly got brighter and everyone resolved to work harder than ever.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Han Ye Seul Returns to Filming Set of “Myung Wol the Spy,” Apologizes to Each Staff

Han Ye Seul has returned to the filming site of KBS drama “Myung Wol the Spy” on Thursday morning, resuming her role as the lead actress of the show.

The actress showed up an hour before the scheduled filming time and apologized to each cast and staff member, including Eric and Jang Hee Jin. In particular, she greeted Hwang In Hyuk, the lead producer of the show who was rumored to be in a troubling relationship with her, with a bright smile indicating they have settled their differences.

Han Ye Seul repeatedly bowed in apology and explained her position from the recent controversy, as staff members who were known to be at odds with the actress in the past also welcomed her back to the set.

The filming crew also treated her with respect, and changed the filming site without prior notice in an attempt to ditch the local press and create a more peaceful environment for the troubled actress. Thursday’s filming was for the 13th episode of the show.

“Since Han Ye Seul has offered her sincere apologies to the staff and casting crew, we are trying to treat her the way possible. After a storm comes a calm, and we’re hoping this to give a positive effect to our TV ratings too,” an official from KBS said.

On August 17th, right after Han Ye Seul returned from Los Angeles, she released an official statement saying,“The whole controversy was caused by my misunderstanding of producer Hwang In Hyuk’s plans. We cleared up all the misunderstandings and will focus on filming from now on.” The producer also responded, “Let’s spend more time communicating on site and straighten out the misunderstandings.”

Han Ye Seul boycotted the filming for “Myung Wol the Spy” on August 14th and 15th, and abruptly flew to Los Angeles on Tuesday. However, in less than 48 hours, she returned to Korea, stating she “just wanted the people in Korea to understand the poor working conditions for dramas.”

Source: Soompi

Eric Reveals His Thoughts on the Filming Spy Myung Wol

Finally, our 'Myung Wol The Spy' leading man Eric  expressed his thought via his twitter today. Now I know why people refer him as the great leader of Shinhwa. He is wise with his words. Some might agree and some might disagree with him. But for me it was clear now. 

극적인 화해라...명월씨가 출국하고나서 그래도 방송은 나가야하고 시청자와의 약속과 금전적인 계약서의 약속도 현실적으로 있기에 다시열심히 끝까지 잘마무리하자 모두화이팅을 했지만, 막상 이렇게 다시 아무렇지 않은척 촬영을 이어가는 모두의 마음은 편치않을듯 싶습니다. 여태 어느 신문사에도 이번사건에 대한 견해는 밝힌적이없지만, 제 견해에 대한 기사도 꽤 나갔더군요. 사실 이런 큰사건들에 관해서는 견해보단 사실들을 가지고 여러사람들이 자신들의 가치관에맞게 생각하시면 되고, 어느쪽이든 백프로의 선과 백프로의 악은 없다고봅니다. 가장 오해받는 사실들에대한 제가본입장들은, 쪽대본?없습니다. 작가님바뀌면서 미리찍어둔 싱가폴씬의 연결 개연성문제로 한두차례 수정씬대본 나온적은 있어도 매주 책대본으로 받아보고, 팀카페에선 더일찍도볼라면 볼수있습니다. 감독님 욕설로 인한 불화설? 감독님 항상 편하게말씀해주세요 해도 매순간 존대하십니다. 밤샘 촬영으로인한 명월씨의 노고. 사실입니다. 드라마초반에 힘들어 링겔맞고있어 촬영장좀 늦는다고 포토메일보낸적도있습니다. 스텝 성명서?사실입니다. 전스텝과 촬영장에서 어제그제 촬영한배우들은 사실인정하고 서명한걸로압니다. 아무래도 전국민이보는 신문이니 실명을적은 성명서는 공개하지않은듯합니다. 끝까지 서로 덮어주고 잘마무리했으면 좋았겠지만, 어쨌든 이렇게 공개된마당에 판단은 국민들의 몫이고 잘잘못따질 필요도없지만, 오해로인한 누명은 있어선안돼고, 그부분은 스텝들과 작가님의 오해입니다. 현장에서 매일 지켜본사람중 하나로써 증명될수있었음합니다. 제작 여건에관한 아쉬움은 모든스텝과 배우들과 마찬가지로 저역시 아쉬운점입니다. 제 견해를 한번 말씀드리자면, 제작환경개선이 누구를 위해서인가?가 먼저 설정되어야할것입니다. 이미 자기일에대한 보수를받고있는 상황에서 "내"가 편하고자함인가. 함께고생하고 적은 월급으로 배우들보다 많은시간 고생하는"스텝"들을 위해서인가. 미래에 "후배"들이 편하게 일하게해주기위함인가. 이세가지가 될수있겠네요. 많은 분들이 사전제작을 얘기하지만, 현실적으로 제작비나 편성문제로인해 쉬운문제는 아닙니다. 사전제작되어도 편성되지못해 손해보는 드라마들이 많습니다. 저역시 미래의 후배들이 좋은 여건속에서 촬영했으면 하는마음은있지만, 사실 매일 살부딫히는 동생들같은 때론 형님들같은 스텝들이 누군지모르는 제 미래의"후배"보단 제 견해로썬 더 소중합니다. 현실적으로 제가 고위층 방송관계자가되던, 제작사를 차려 손해볼각오하고 제작하지않는이상, 또는 그런 천사같은분이 나오지않는이상 고쳐지기힘든부분 임을알기에, 힘없는 배우로썬 그저 현장에서의 위로와, 때론 팀 단체복같은 선물, 혹은 회식대접 등등 더많은돈을받고 같이고생해서 일하는입장에선 그런성의를 보이는것외에는 많은 선택의여지가 없다고 생각됩니다. 저 역시 많은 작품들을 경험해봤다고 말하기엔 이르지만, 분명 지금이 내연기인생에서 최악의 여건은 아닙니다. 하물며 저와는 비교도할수없을 만큼 많은 작품과 경험이있으신 이순재선생님의 발언과 현장의 이덕화선배님의 조언을 듣고자면, 더 힘든것들을 겪으신 지금의 저보다 훨씬 대단하셨던 당대최고의 연기선배님들앞에서, 감히 개혁을 외치기엔 제자신은 너무 작습니다. 윗분들도 좀더 현장의 소리에 귀기울여 주셨으면 합니다. 한인간의 과오를 덮어주는건 분명 신실한일이지만, 용기있게 그 잘못을 지적해 바로잡아주지않거나, 그과오로인해 아직도 피흘리고있는 그들의 목소리를 외면한다면, 그건 그사람의 실수의"용서"가아니라 "용납"이될것입니다.


A dramatic reconciliation…? We all came together and pushed ourselves to work hard after Miss Myeongwol left the country, for the three reasons that the drama had to go on, it was like a promise with our viewers, and there was the reality of our monetary contracts. But now, I think no one will feel very comfortable knowing that we will have to go back to shooting the drama like nothing happened. I’ve never talked with any newspaper about my views, but I saw a lot of articles writing about them.

Actually, in large incidents like this, I believe that, rather than reveal my views on the matter, it is better to let the public judge the facts according to their own values, and also that there is no one purely good or purely evil. However, to talk of my thoughts on the most misunderstood facts in this incident: Was the script rushed? No. As we added a new writer we had to edit one or two scenes due to the story’s continuity with the Singapore scenes, so we got new edited versions of the script for those scenes. But we always had the script handed to us in advance every week, and we could even read it faster than that if we wanted to at our team’s online cafe. Was there any discord with the director because of his abusive language? We always ask our director to talk to us comfortably like we are his juniors, but he always uses the polite form when addressing us. Did Myeongwol go through difficult times because the shootings lasted all night? That is true. She had a hard time near the beginning, and once she sent a photomail text message saying she was going to be late because she was getting an injection for fatigue. The public statement written by the staff? That is true. I believe all members of the staff and the actors who were on the scene yesterday and the day before checked the facts and signed the document. I think they did not reveal the actual statement with the real names on it in the article because it was to be read by the public.

It would have been better if we could have taken care of the problem and wrapped it up between us, but it’s come out into the open, and now I believe it is up to the public to judge. There is no need to point fingers, but any misunderstandings must be cleared, and that part was a misunderstanding on the part of the staff and writer. I hope my words serve as sufficient evidence, as I was on the scene every day. I also feel sorry about the conditions we had to shoot the drama in; all the other staff members and all the other actors will probably feel sorry for that also. In my opinion, we must first decide for whom we wish to improve the conditions for. Is it for “me,” who has already received the due wages for the work being done, or is it for the “staff,” who work harder for a longer time than us actors do for less pay? Or perhaps, is it for the future of our “juniors?” Many of you say that dramas should be filmed in advance, before it starts airing, but that is not easy because of the costs of production and drama time slots. There are many dramas which are filmed in advance and yet experience losses because they cannot get a time slot. I also want my future juniors to film their dramas in better conditions, but, in my opinion, more than my future “juniors” who I haven’t met yet, the staff members who

I work closely with every day are more important. I know that this is not an easy problem to fix unless I become a high-level executive in broadcasting, found a production company and produce dramas with the knowledge that I will be incurring losses, or else someone good enough to do it himself appears. So as a powerless actor I don’t have many options I can take; the only thing I can do is show some appreciation for those working with me for less compensation by comforting them at the scene, giving them presents such as team uniforms, or treating them to good food, etc. It’s hard to say I’ve filmed a lot of dramas in my career, but I can say for sure that the situation I am in now is not the worst of them all. Even more, after listening to the statements of Mr. Lee Sunjae and Mr. Lee Dukhwa, who are greater actors than I am and went through even more difficult times, I feel I am too weak an existence to dare shout out for a revolution. I hope those who are higher up the ladder lend their ears to the shouts of those at the actual scenes. Forgiving someone for their wrongs is a very faithful thing to do, but if you do not set the wrong right with courage, or if you ignore the voices coming from those who still bleed from that wrong, that is not “forgiveness,” but mere “acceptance.” “

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그마음 쭉이어가주시고 예슬이 응원해주시기바랍니다. 제입장에선 여배우가 예슬이만있는것도 아니고, 솔직히 월급쟁이 아무힘도없는 현장 스텝이무서워서도 아닙니다. 다만 여주인공보다 낮은 위치의 배우들과 스테프들의 입장도 알리고 누명을 벗겨주고싶었습니다. 하지만 예슬이도 실수는있지만 완벽할수없는인간이기에 팬입장에서는 끝까지 힘이되어주세요. 저도 오늘 회식에서 단둘이 오빠로써 따끔히 해줄말은해주고 다시예전처럼 받아줄생각입니다. 이왕 다시얼굴보고일할꺼 현장에서도 못돼게 눈치주고할 스탭들아닙니다. 다들 굉장히 순수해요. 방송국 제작사 윗분들은 우리랑은 또다른얘깁니다. 그냥 이번사건을 실수를저지른 여자아이와, 섭섭함을느낀 주변사람들과의 다툼과 화해정도로 단순히 생각해주시고, 확대해석 하셔서 오해없으시길 바랍니다. 스파이명월 우여곡절도많았고 시청률도 매우낮지만, 현장의 예슬이포함 모든이들 다시한번 다같이 열심히 만들어볼겁니다. 그이유는 몇안돼더라도 저희 드라마를 애정을가지고 봐주시는분들 때문입니다. 다들힘낼수있게 외부에서도 분열을 일으키는 소문들 없었으면 합니다. Ps--이번 사건의 다툼과 화해는 여기까지가 전부이고 더이상 얘기되지않았으면 하는마음에서 죄송스럽지만 다시 알티시킵니다. 더이상의 오해와 추측들은 다시돌아와 마음이무거울 예슬이나, 받아들이고 함께 가기로한 나머지배우들과 스텝들의 사기를 꺾을뿐입니다. 간단하게 여자아이의실수-나머지 동료들의 서운함-여자아이의 사과-오빠들의 꾸지람-화해 이렇게 단순하게 생각하시면되고, 사실이그렇습니다. 추측은 인제제발끝! 우리도 드라마좀 찍자고요!! RT @mylovesunToT: @miclarge1 그만좀 하세요.. 소신있는 발언일지 몰라도 같이 일하는 사람인데,솔직히 스태프나, 제작진한테 잘보일려고 아부떠는 걸로 밖에 안보여요.충분히 대중들한테 욕먹고 있는데, 꼭 이렇게 까지 나서야 될지.동료 연기자를 묵살하는 모습별로네요.


“I hope that you continue to give Ye Seul your support. From my point view, Ye Seul is not the only female actress on the team, and I’m not afraid of the staff without power on set. I just wanted to get rid of the false charges against the actors and staff at a lower level than the female lead. Ye Seul made a mistake, but nobody can be a perfect human being, so I hope that her fans will continue to be of strength for her until the end.

I, too, am planning to say what I need to say as her oppa during our team dinner tonight when it’s just the two of us, but I will be accepting her again like old times. These are not staff members that will be negatively eyeing her or anything now that she’s back. Everyone is very innocent.

The upper management of the production company is a completely different story from us. I hope that everyone will just consider it the mistake of one young woman and the reconciliation of those that were upset by it. Please don’t over-exaggerate or misunderstand what happened. A lot of obstacles were in the way of ‘Spy Myung Wol’ and the viewer ratings are very low, but everyone, including Ye Seul, are all going to work hard to make the most out of it.

Even though there are few, we are working hard for those that watch the drama with affections. We hope that there will no longer be any rumors being made so that we can all find strength again.

PS – This controversy is over with the reconciliation at this point. I hope that it won’t be talked about anymore, and I’m sorry, but I’m RT-ing this again. Any further misunderstandings and assumptions will only come back to hurt Ye Seul, who already has a heavy heart, and the remaining co-stars and staff, who must accept and move on.

In short, just consider it simply like this: one woman’s mistake -> the disappointment of her co-stars -> her apology -> the scolding of the oppas -> and finally reconciliation.

Please end all assumptions! Let us just film the drama!!”

Source: Eric's Twitter
Credit Translation: Allkpop