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Jay Park Holds First Solo Fan Meet With 6 Thousand Fans


Artist Jay Park held his first solo fanmeet event.
Jay Park held a fanmeet event under the title, “Jaebeom FANMEETS TOUR 2010, SEOUL”, at the Hwajung Gymnasium in Seoul at 8 p.m. on the 28th.

On the day of the event, over 6 thousand fans (estimate from the sponsor) gathered and welcomed Jay Park with glowsticks and signs like “No.1 National Treasure, Innocent Glamour Jay Park”, “Weird Noonas’ Star JAY”, and “Jaebeom, you’re the perfect size to kidnap” among others.

The fanmeet started with congratulatory messages from Sidus-affiliated celebrities like Jang Hyuk, Kim SooRo, Kim Sarang, Kim HyeJin, Seo ShinAe, Sun WooSun, Song JoongKi, Danny Ahn, and others.

Jang Hyuk said, “I welcome and congratulate you for becoming a part of our family. Whether it be music or acting, I hope that you will go about actively doing well with purpose.” Kim SooRo also sent his support by saying, “I believe you will become a very active star as your acting is pretty good as well.”

After the messages, the gym fell into complete darkness and fans started chanting “Jay Park”, waving their glowsticks. The atmosphere heated up at once.

Jay Park appeared on stage, singing “Count On Me”, and the fans’ cheers reached the maximum level. The fans’ reacted to Jay Park’s every move and showed passionate support.

Jay Park, after finishing the song, revealed his feelings by saying, “Its been so long. I’m really happy.” He added, “I’m really grateful that so many of you came. I really practiced a lot and did my best.”

Jay Park announced, “There is a special guest tonight,” and invited Dok2 to the stage and lit it up with “Doin’ Good”. Fans sang along to the chorus and cheered.

He continued, “That isn’t all. There is one more special guest,” and introduced The Quiett, the rapper. The Quiett, who appeared on stage singing “Only One Life”, heated up the mood even more by performing with Dok2.

After the stage with Dok2 and The Quiett, comedian Kim BumYong, the MC of the night, came on stage. When Jay Park was invited to the stage again by Kim BumYong, the gym became impossible to control. After Kim BumYong calmed down the audience for a while, the event could finally continue.

Jay Park, who held a Q&A time with the fansm saidm “I don”t know yet,” when asked “when (his) official album was going to be released”. He added, “There might be a single album released so please anticipate.” When Kim BumYong asked again, “When would be the latest release date?” Jay Park slightly avoided the question and just answered, “September 2013″.

To the demand, “Show us your honey abs”, he replied, “I’m not a cheap man. I will show them to you when I’m performing.” But when Kim BumYong continued to ask for the abs, he replied, “Alright, I will, since this is a fanmeet,” and showed his abs in a surprise move.

Continuing, when asked, “What do you want to say the most right now?” he replied, “I love you all”, heating up the atmosphere inside the venue. When asked, “How tall are you?” Kim BumYong added, “You’re a bit shorter than 180 cm right?” And Jay Park answered wittily, “You are right, I’m a bit shorter than 180cm. By about 10 cm.”

After the Q&A time, AOM members held a OX (True or False) Quiz Time game. They brought out laughter from the audience by answering O (True) to questions like, “Jay Park doesn’t really wash often,” and “Jay Park thinks he’s the most good-looking amongst AOM members.”

Next, Jay Park’s childhood pictures were revealed. Fans answered O (True) to Kim BumYong’s question: “Jay Park looks much better now than as a child.” To this, Jay answered, “Thank you,” and swallowed down a bitter smile.

Jay Park and AOM invited the fans to the stage and played games with them. The fans played games like Speed Quiz and the NoonChi Game among others, and the final winner got to play the Pushing Game with Jay Park, and had a very good time.

The world premiere of the “Demon” music video was held at the fanmeet on this day. In the music video, Jay Park danced powerfully wearing a black muscle shirt and hat. Jay Park also held a live stage of “Demon” and steamed up the gymnasium once again.

AOM and Jay Park’s b-boying performances were up next. Jay Park created a cute and active stage by dancing to “Madonna” by Secret, “Bad Girl Good Girl” by Miss A, “Push Push” by Sistar and “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”‘ by G.Na in between b-boying numbers. He also brought out cheers from the audience by revealing clips from his profile photoshoot, various magazine photoshoots, stage rehearsal clips, and others.

Lastly, Jay Park sang “Bestie”, an encore song, and ended his very first solo fanmeet successfully. Fans sent out their support by waving their glowsticks even until the end.

On the other hand, Jay Park, the ex-member of the six member group 2PM, returned to Korea after nine months in June for the shooting of Hype Nation. On July 16th he signed with Korea’s big agency, SidusHQ and officially started his Korean promotions.

Jay Park will hold another fanmeet on the 29th at 4 pm, at the Hwajung Gymnasium, with different games.

Reporter Lim ChangSoo

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