Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Immortal Songs 2' Nam Jin, A Special Stage With The Idols Singer

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KBS's 'Immortal Song 2-singing the legend,' which will be aired on September 10, was the competition on the hit songs of Nam Jin. Before the competition starts in full-scale, Nam Jin had a special opening stage with the idol singers.

Firstly, he passionately sang the first verse of his latest song 'I mean you' with a flamboyant hip dance and as the second verse started, Hyo-rin of Sistar and Jeon Ji-yoon of 4minute showed a powerful dance as if they were responding to him. Then Jay Park improvised the rap part in order to flare up the atmosphere.

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Then Kyu-hyun of Super Junior, Mblaq's Zio and Huh Gak also appeared while singing. The idol singers filled up Nam Jin's opening stage.

Nam Jin who successfully finished the stage said that he "never had such an enjoying and happy stage" with a happy face. The idol singers also expressed their impression that it was a stage of honor to be with such a great senior singer. Jay Park brought laughter by putting his thumbs up and saying that Nam Jin's hip dance was impressive.

He later heated up the stage of the program.

He changed Nam Jin's song into a hip-hop genre song.

He chose one of Nam Jin's hit song 'Dear, please don't change.' It started with his gentle voice but was followed by powerful hip-hop dance. He also took off his jacket in the middle of the song and showed his wonderful muscles and it generated admiration from the female audience.

The MC Kim Gu-ra who watched the stage of Jay Park in the waiting room said that "it was the best stage of Jay Park that [he has] seen so far." The other idol singers also said that it was an intense stage.

Journalist Lee Jung-hyun

SOURCE: Starnews & Hankyung; TRANSLATOR: minkyunghot@JAYPARK.NET

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