Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rain Clarifies His Position On The Controversy With JTune Entertainment

With singer and actor Rain embroiled in a controversy with his own company, he has recently come forward with a clarification on the case, but it seems like the public won’t be so understanding.
On the 31st, Rain explained his side of the story through an interview with a press company, “I’m not a manager, I’m just an investor that invested in myself.“  He confessed his thoughts and feelings on the pressure that was put on him when he never participated in the actual managing aspect of the company. Rain also revealed that he’s raised the profits of his company and has changed the sales distribution, from what was originally a 7:3 ratio to a 5:5 ratio, in order to give shareholders a larger profit.
However, netizens remain divided on the issue. Those that support his changes have stressed that Rain is accepting a 5:5 profit distribution ratio.
Some netizens have supported his decision by leaving comments such as, “If it’s 5:5, he’s basically no better than a rookie. From Rain’s standpoint, he’s going to be losing billions of dollars,” “There’s never been any other business owner or board of director that has shown this much responsibility,” and “It’s a huge sacrifice he’s making.
The entire controversy began last July when it was revealed that Rain, the largest shareholder of JTune Entertainment, sold his security holdings while the company was in a deficit. The public has brought up a variety of opinions on the issue, with some thinking that it was the right choice, and others considering it a disappointment.
Netizens continued to leave comments, stating, “He’s always acted like he was a perfectionist, so it’s disappointing to see him come out with excuses now and act like he had no idea,” “He should know that as the largest shareholder of a one-man company that his actions largely affect the worth of his stock and profits. Rain’s recent clarification just seems like he’s cut out his apology and instead emphasized what he’s losing,” and “Please show us more responsible actions if you consider yourself a top star.”
On the contrary, netizens have also supported him by leaving comments such as, “Rain is also a normal human being. Why would he do nothing as his investments are being lost? It was right for him to sell them,” “It’s Rain’s fault that the prices of the company’s stocks dropped because of a major shareholder liquidating all of his share, but we need to take note that the law has not yet decided his guilt or innocence,” and “I can see why his actions would be intolerable, but it’s too late to take back the crime anyway.”
Source: MyDaily & Allkpop

* Poor Rain... hmm business industry is no different with entertainment industry... once you enter it there is no way turning back. Hope things getting better for him. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jay Park Holds First Solo Fan Meet With 6 Thousand Fans


Artist Jay Park held his first solo fanmeet event.
Jay Park held a fanmeet event under the title, “Jaebeom FANMEETS TOUR 2010, SEOUL”, at the Hwajung Gymnasium in Seoul at 8 p.m. on the 28th.

On the day of the event, over 6 thousand fans (estimate from the sponsor) gathered and welcomed Jay Park with glowsticks and signs like “No.1 National Treasure, Innocent Glamour Jay Park”, “Weird Noonas’ Star JAY”, and “Jaebeom, you’re the perfect size to kidnap” among others.

The fanmeet started with congratulatory messages from Sidus-affiliated celebrities like Jang Hyuk, Kim SooRo, Kim Sarang, Kim HyeJin, Seo ShinAe, Sun WooSun, Song JoongKi, Danny Ahn, and others.

Jang Hyuk said, “I welcome and congratulate you for becoming a part of our family. Whether it be music or acting, I hope that you will go about actively doing well with purpose.” Kim SooRo also sent his support by saying, “I believe you will become a very active star as your acting is pretty good as well.”

After the messages, the gym fell into complete darkness and fans started chanting “Jay Park”, waving their glowsticks. The atmosphere heated up at once.

Jay Park appeared on stage, singing “Count On Me”, and the fans’ cheers reached the maximum level. The fans’ reacted to Jay Park’s every move and showed passionate support.

Jay Park, after finishing the song, revealed his feelings by saying, “Its been so long. I’m really happy.” He added, “I’m really grateful that so many of you came. I really practiced a lot and did my best.”

Jay Park announced, “There is a special guest tonight,” and invited Dok2 to the stage and lit it up with “Doin’ Good”. Fans sang along to the chorus and cheered.

He continued, “That isn’t all. There is one more special guest,” and introduced The Quiett, the rapper. The Quiett, who appeared on stage singing “Only One Life”, heated up the mood even more by performing with Dok2.

Xiao-Xiao Bin Sells Himself To Bury Jiro Wang

Xiao Xiao Bin, the most adorable and popular child-star in Taiwan, outshined the adults once again. In the brand new “performance class” segment on Jacky Wu’s latest variety show, Super King (綜藝大國民), Xiao Xiao Bin showed off his acting skills and stole everyone’s spotlight even when he was only acting as a passerby. 

In one of the skits, Jiro Wang was supposed to act as a son who had just lost his father, but the role was snatched away by Xiao Xiao Bin. Jiro, who celebrated his birthday on the set that day, was reduced to acting as Xiao Xiao Bin’s father. Xiao Xiao Bin, who did not have enough money to bury his idol father, wore the tag, “賣身葬父” (which means to sell yourself for money to bury your father). Jiro made the most out of his role and lay across the floor like a model on a foldout page, pretending to be Xiao Xiao Bin’s deceased father. 

Jacky Wu made fun of Xiao Xiao Bin, “You even dare to take on the role of ‘selling yourself to bury father’? When you go home, (your father) Xiao Bin Bin will definitely give you a good spanking!” Xiao Xiao Bin, realizing the seriousness, replied, “I don’t want to play this role anymore.” But the moment they shouted, “Camera!” Xiao Xiao Bin got into his character right away and his tears flowed non-stop as he mourned for his deceased idol father Jiro.

Source: UDN 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Interview: "Naughty Kiss" Press Conference

"Will fans of Kim Hyun-joong please exit the room to facilitate the interviews?" The host of the press conference for upcoming MBC TV series "Naughty Kiss" had to repeat this line several times during a Q&A session. The show had drawn people's interest due to the popularity of the original Japanese comic series combined with the participation of director Hwang In-roe of hit series "Goong" fame. And it became a 'hot' drama even before going into production after singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong's casting for the show was announced. Will the interest be reflected in its ratings? Below are excerpts from the press conference held at Seoul's Imperial Palace hotel on Thursday.

Q: How do you feel about starring in "Naughty Kiss"?
Jung So-min: I went into "Bad Boy" not knowing anything but this time, I'm trying to be careful, taking many things into consideration.
Kim Hyun-joong: I'm working on improving on the aspects I lack in. I'm not trying to be acknowledged for my acting skills -- I just want to make people feel that I've worked hard for the role. I think there have been a lot of dramas which are serious these days and none that are cheerful and sweet so I hope viewers will have fun watching it.

Q: Director Hwang In-roe, you've gone back to doing a love story about a young man and woman like in "Goong." What is the message that you want to deliver?
Hwang: Upon seeing these bright and cheerful characters, I hope people will feel that they look sweet together and are loveable.

Q: What is your opinion on the original comic series?
Hwang: When I first read it, I felt that it was cute. (laugh) But the more I looked closely at it to produce the show, the more I started to realize why people enjoy it and I started seeing things that I shouldn't leave out. It wasn't easy to go with the flow of the original series though. We have to show the story of the two going to college but Korea and Japan work under different educational systems so I had a tough time changing it. (laugh)

Q: The video clip revealed a few moments ago showed that the show has a very strong comic-like vibe to it.
Hwang: It's based on a comic so I tried to bring out the strengths that comics have. And this is about showing the process of how the love between a man and woman come true so I'm trying to express the emotions of young people. I'm focusing particularly hard on the rhythm. And for the parts where Oh Hani imagines things, I'm trying to make those seem more comic book-like. But there's a limit to it as well because you don't have much freedom in terms of frame usage so I'm trying to show it more through characters' expressions.

Scenes from upcoming MBC TV series "Naughty Kiss." [MBC]

Yoo Seung-ho To Return To Small Screen in October

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho will be returning to the small screen in October as the male lead in an upcoming drama. 

An industry source told Sports Today over the phone, "It has been confirmed that Yoo Seung-ho has been cast for the new MBC weekend drama tentatively titled 'You Only Love a Girl Once in Your Life.'" 

The official added that the show's producer will make an official announcement in early September. 

"Girl," to also star Korean actress Shin Eun-kyoung, is a 50-part series about the legacy of a son of a conglomerate family. It is written by famed scenarist Jung Ha-youn, whose works include "The Last Empress," "La Dolce Vita" and "Sindon." 

Yoo made his debut at the early age of 10, starring in the MBC TV series "Daddy Fish" (2000) and his film debut in "The Way Home" (2002). He has appeared in numerous dramas including "Love Letter" (MBC, 2003), "Queen Seon-duk" (MBC, 2009) and "Master of Study" (KBS2, 2010) and movie "Don't Tell Papa" (2004) and "Unforgettable" (2008). 

He recently released a digital single with Korean songstress IU titled "I Believe in Love," which has fared well on various music charts since its release in early August. 

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(PHOTO) "Naughty Kiss" Cast Pose at Press Conference

From left, singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong and actress Jung So-min pose during a photocall of a press conference for MBC TV series "Naughty Kiss" held at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010.


Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong poses during a photocall of a press conference for MBC TV series "Naughty Kiss" held at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010.

From left, MBC TV series "Naughty Kiss" cast Jung Hye-young, Kim Hyun-joong, Jung So-min, Lee Tae-sung and Lee Si-young pose during a photocall of a press conference for the show held at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010.

 Photographer : Lee Ki-bum
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Kim Hyun-joong Says SS501 Has Not Disbanded

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has said his boy band SS501 has not disbanded, playing down rumor that its five members will go separate ways since their contract with their former agency has ended and some have signed with new management.

The 24-year-old heartthrob made the remark on Thursday at a press conference for upcoming MBC drama "Naughty Kiss," the Korean small screen adaptation of Japanese comic series "Itazura na Kiss," where he will play the role of a Mr. Perfect who ends up falling in love with a girl always getting into trouble, taken on by actress Jung So-min.

Emphasizing that "nothing has been decided" regarding a possible breakup of the band, Kim explained, "People say we have disbanded but none of that talk has come from our mouths. What are you going to do if we then come out with a new album? Please just wait and see."

Kim is the first member from his group to sign with a new agency after SS501's contract with DSP Media expired in early June. He joined KEYEAST later that month, one of South Korea's largest entertainment houses of which top actor Bae Yong-joon is a major shareholder.

Park Jung-min found nest at CNR Media two weeks ago, a firm set up jointly by Korea's ROY MEDIA and major Taiwanese drama production company Comic-Ritz, which houses Chai Zhi Ping, the first producer to turn Japanese comic series "Boys Over Flowers" into a TV series in Asia.

And while members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong have yet to join new agencies, Kim Hyung-joon is currently looking into signing with Kang Ji-hwan's talent firm S Plus Entertainment.

"I moved to KEYEAST because I wanted to gain on my experience as an actor. But I was happy because the agency said it would manage my career not only as an actor but as a singer as well," Kim Hyun-joong said, commenting on his move for the first time in public.

He then added, "It has not been set as of yet but it's true that I'm preparing for my singing career as well. I don't know if I'll go solo or be part of a group but as of now, I'm preparing for an album with a solo career in mind."

Kim also said he had originally planned to take a break after moving to KEYEAST but took on "Naughty Kiss" after being offered his role by the show's director Hwang In-roe of "Goong" (MBC, 2006) and "The Return of Iljimae" (MBC, 2009) fame. 

"Itazura na Kiss," a popular manga by Karou Tada, has sold over 27 million copies in Japan and was turned into an anime series in the country in 2008 by director Osamu Yamazaki.

It was also turned into a TV series in Taiwan where it was recognized as the No. 1 show in the country and was shown in 13 countries throughout Asia.

"Naughty Kiss" will go on air in Korea starting September 1.

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Jay Park, Jang Hyuk Set To Leave "Secret Garden"

Actors who were cast for upcoming SBS TV series "Secret Garden," including Jang Hyuk and former boy band 2PM leader Jay Park, are said to have withdrawn from the show.

According to multiple sources, actor Jang Hyuk who was set to play the male lead and actress Kim Sa-rang decided to pull out from the drama after Park's casting for the show fell through. All three are managed by major talenthouse SidusHQ.

Although officials had not confirmed Park was cast for "Secret Garden," his agency SidusHQ had said earlier this month that negotiations are "going positively" and they are waiting for a response from the show.

Park was set to play the role of a gifted singer in the fantasy melodrama by producer Shin Woo-cheol and scenarist Kim Eun-sook, the duo famous for creating smash hits "Lovers in Paris" and "On Air." 

Officials working with Jang Hyuk have said the actor's withdrawal from the show "has not been set as of yet" but several industry sources have accepted his exit from the show as fact.

Park, whose Korean name is Park Jae-beom, joined SidusHQ this summer when he returned to Korea for the first time in months after splitting from 2PM. He has taken on a solo career in singing and acting since, releasing his debut album and filming Korea-U.S. b-boy pic "Hype Nation." 

Jang Hyuk of smash hit TV series "The Slave Hunters" is set to star in the Chinese remake of hit Korean drama "All About Eve," to premiere in China in September. 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jung Il-woo To Hold Fan Meeting Next Month

Korean heartthrob Jung Il-woo will hold a fan meeting on his birthday next month, the first time in two years that the actor will be meeting with his fans.

Jung's agency N.O.A Entertainment said Wednesday that the event will take place at the Broadhall in Seoul on September 5, the weekend prior to Jung's actual birthdate of September 9.

"Jung wanted to spend his 23rd birthday with his fans...... He is preparing a lot for it to show his fans how thankful he is to them," N.O.A said.

"I am very excited for the event because I'll meet with my fans for the first time in two years. I'm hoping to spend a warm birthday with them," Jung was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the actor is also planning on holding a fan meeting in Japan in November, the second fan event he will be holding in the country.

Jung became a household name after appearing in the popular MBC sitcom "High Kick!" (MBC, 2006) and has since starred in several other dramas including "The Return of Iljimae" (MBC, 2009) and "My Fair Lady" (KBS2, 2009) alongside actress Yoon Eun-hye.

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Jay Park To Arrive in Korea Today

Jay Park (Korean name Park Jae-beom) will arrive in Korea today after having left for the United States two weeks ago on vacation.

"Park is scheduled to arrive in Korea this afternoon through Incheon International Airport," an official at SidusHQ told Sports Today over the phone on Wednesday.

The official then added that the singer and actor will prepare for his fan meeting at Korea University in Seoul set for August 28 and depart for the U.S. again for a show in Los Angeles in early September.

The fan meeting will mark the start to his Asia tour which will take place in several countries including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, the first time he will be holding official fan events since splitting from his former boy band 2PM early this year.

Upon his return to Korea solo in mid-June, Park took part in the filming for Korea-U.S. b-boy pic "Hype Nation" and signed with major talenthouse SidusHQ. He also released a solo debut single and gave his comeback performance through a two-day music fest whose stage was graced by international artists such as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

Park, whose Korean name is Park Jae-beom, has been one of the most popular singers in the Korean music industry since debuting as a member of 2PM in 2008.

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* The last sentence captured my eyes...  

"Park, whose Korean name is Park Jae-beom, has been one of the most popular singers in the Korean music industry since debuting as a member of 2PM in 2008."
Finally Korean entertainment world give him the 'most popular singer' titles. Love it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kim Hyun-joong Wraps up "Boys Over Flowers" Reunion

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong successfully wrapped up the "Boys Over Flowers" reunion over the weekend, according to his agency KEYEAST on Monday. 

KEYEAST announced that Kim recently returned to Korea after meeting with over 10,000 fans for the "Boys Over Flowers" reunion in Osaka and Tokyo on August 18 and 21, respectively, with fellow cast mates Ku Hye-sun, Kim Bum and Kim Jun. 

At the event held at the Tokyo International Forum, Kim Hyun-joong told fans of incidents from behind-the-scenes of "Boys Over Flowers" as well as his upcoming drama MBC's "Naughty Kiss." 

He also held a special individual performance where he sang and danced for the audience. 

An industry official in Japan said, "Kim is the current generation's Hallyu star and since he will be starring as the male lead in 'Kiss,' which is originally based on a Japanese comic, I am interested in his future projects as an actor and singer in Korea and Japan as well as other Asian countries." 

Kim, 23, made his debut as a member of the boy band SS501. In late-June, he signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST, whose major shareholder is Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon.

Kim rose to fame as one of the members of F4 on the hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers" and is currently shooting the Korean adaptation of the comic "Itazura na Kiss," opposite actress Jung So-min. The show will go on air starting September 1.

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong performs at the "Boys Over Flowers" reunion in Tokyo, Japan held at the Tokyo International Forum on August 21. [KEYEAST]

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Junior Magazine Interview: “Move on Jay Park”


Artists Inspire Jay

We conducted a short interview before Jay Park’s performance. It has been a month since we last met, which was on set of Hype Nation on July 6th. We proudly showed him the cover of September’s Junior cover to him, and he greeted us brightly. “Wow~ I’m on the cover?” he says, amazed and looking ever so child-like. Jay Park cooly signs the cover with his picture on it. Prior to the interview, even before the staff started setting up, Jay picks up his chair and puts it in place. He is always so well-mannered and sincere. And this man would at times smile naturally, show his anxiety for the upcoming performance, and then get excited over something.
When asked if he had a reason for choosing a festival full of Korean and international artists, he answers brightly with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Well Lupe Fiasco performs today. JK hyung and Tasha noona too~ I have been dreaming of a stage like this as an artist. I’m really worried though. I don’t dance at all when I sing “Count on Me”. I thought it’d be too childish if I danced to it. (laughs) I’ve been coughing for a month now. I’m worried I might cough in the middle of performance even though I’m not dancing.”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Girlfriend is Gumiho

New Korean drama "My Girlfriend is Gumiho" starring Korea's most popular stars Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah has become the most-watched show in China, according to the show's promoter IM Company on Thursday.

IM announced in a press release that the first two episodes of SBS series "Gumiho," which premiered locally on August 11, became the top show on China's PPS netTV [online TV streaming website] and on SOHU news. 

The new Korean drama beat out a Japanese drama which was the previous No. 1 show on the website.

"Gumiho," a fantasy love story, is about Miho (played by Shin) who is a gumiho, a nine tailed fox that feeds on human livers, who was unleashed by Cha (played by Lee) after being imprisoned for 500 years. 

The show was written by sisters Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mir-ran who previously wrote hit dramas "Minamishineyo" (SBS, 2009) and "Hong Gil-dong" (KBS, 2008).

It currently airs on the primetime slot on Wednesday and Thursday nights during the same hour as KBS' "Bread, Love and Dreams" and MBC's "Road No. 1." 

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* Love this drama... can't help but fall in love with every character especially the Gumiho hahaha Shin Min-ah is seriously adorable in here...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interview: My Name Is Lee Min-ho

My name is Lee Min-ho. 

I had considered using a stage name because many people confuse me with the other actor Lee Min-ho. My parents disapprove of that idea though and say that I should work harder instead of changing my name and taking a step backwards. So I'm just going to work hard and live with my name. (laugh) 

I was born on June 28, 1993. My co-stars Seo Shin-ae and Kim Yoo-jeong asked what I wanted for my birthday this year. I couldn't ask them to buy me a present because I am older than them, so I instead told them to write me a letter. They each gave me a handwritten letter, chocolates and a foam cleanser. I was so thankful. 

I am a junior at Paikyang High School.It's a co-ed school and I sit next to a girl. Most people might think I am popular but I'm actually not. At first, my classmates were fascinated with me but we all became friends once we got to know each other. 

The first scene that I shot for "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho" (Gumiho) was when my character Jung-kyu and Yeon-yi (played by Kim Yoo-jeong) gets attacked by a flock of birds at a barley field in Gochang-gun located in the North Jeolla Province. It was awkward because Yoo-jeong and I were still getting to know each other and it was really uncomfortable watching the scene because we were staring at a blank blue screen and yelling "Run!" before the CG (computer generated) effects. And the director kept saying "Try to put on a wider smile and look at her in a loving way." (laugh) Yoo-jeong and I have become close ever since because we film together all day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

YG Denies G-Dragon Dating Japanese Model Kiko Mizuhara

Big Bang member G-Dragon's agency YG Entertainment has denied that the idol singer is in a romantic relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

"The two are just close friends, not dating," an official at YG stated on Saturday, playing down a report by Japanese sports daily Sankei Sports earlier in the day that reported the two are "dating seriously."

Sankei quoted multiple sources as saying the two "fell in love at first sight" after Big Bang debuted in Japan in June of last year.

Mizuhara, 20, was born under an American father and Korean mother and raised in Japan's Kobe.

She made her debut as a magazine model in 2003 and is currently an exclusive model for fashion magazine ViVi. She will star in fim "Norwegian Wood" set for release on December 11.

G-Dragon, who turns 22 on Wednesday, is the leader of his five-member group considered one of the most successful pop groups in the K-pop scene. 

He is also known for writing most of the songs for his group's albums and released his debut solo album "Heartbreaker" in August 2009 which produced four hit singles and became the best-selling album of the year.

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Kim Hyun-joong Joins Bae Yong-joon For Japanese Project

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong will take part in a Japanese project with Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, according to their agency KEYEAST on Monday.

KEYEAST announced in a press release that Kim will be joining Bae for the “Miso Project,” aimed at helping the future of children in Asia, which was set up by Japan’s Digital Adventure TV (DATV). This will be the first official event that Kim and Bae will be attending together.

The first series of the "Miso Project" titled "Message! to Asia" will be held at the Tokyo Dome on December 14 with other stars in participation including Japanese singer GACKT and Vanness Wu.

The "Miso Project" is a contribution-based philanthropy project which with the help of non-profit organization KnK (Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi), they will donate the money to underprivileged children in Cambodia and the Philippines.

"The two stars have willingly agreed to take part in this long-term project to put smiles back on the faces of the children in Asia," an official from KEYEAST explained, adding that they are hoping more children find hope and happiness through this event.

Bae, 34, has made numerous donations to various organizations in Asia including 300 million won to the tsunami victims in 2005 as well as handing funds raised from an environment-themed photo spread to a UNEP committee.

Recently, the actor began delivering medical treatments for premature babies and newborns in various cities in Japan as well as making donations to other Asian countries.

Kim, 23, the leader of boy band SS501, signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST in late June. He has done charity work with SS501 in the past where the group gave the proceeds from their concert to single mothers and families in the Philippines.

He has also participated in several campaigns and benefit concerts while members of his fan clubs have also made donations to different charities under the K-pop idol's name.

Kim is currently shooting the Korean adaptation of TV series "Itazura na Kiss," originally based on a popular Japanese comic, opposite Korean actress Jung So-min. The show will premiere on MBC on September 1.

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