Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hyun Bin's Training Photos Revealed

Hyun Bin in the army have been revealed.

Some pictures of Hyun Bin in training were put up the blog "Fly Marine Boy" on the 31st of March.

In the picture Hyun Bin is carrying a big rubber boat with his fellow Marines, or going through a drill completely armed. Hyeon Bin is as serious as ever.

What especially comes into sight is Hyun Bin's half bald hair. What was longer than that when he entered the army was now much shorter.

Those who have seen these pictures say, 
"I might go crazy, why is he so awesome", 
"Even his half bald hair can't hide his looks!",
 "He's training hard", 
"Survive it and make it home!"

Hyun Bin entered the military training base on March 7th as class of 1137 in Pohang. He will be discharged on the 6th of December 2012.

Source : Nate & Hancinema

Monday, March 28, 2011

MC Mong breaks out in tears during trial, two years in prison demanded

Since last year, MC Mong has been attending trials back and forth due to his alleged draft dodging. Today, on March 28th, the court held the closing argument process.

During the trial today, the prosecutors questioned the singer, who seemed to have poured out all the burden that he had been keeping inside for the past months.

He stated in tears, “It was hard to live when this whole thing surfaced. I really had no clue about the rumors that I was fabricating my enlistment issues, but I won’t be changing the words that I have said up till now. Something that is wrong was definitely not done. I am very sorry and hurt for those who have been disappointed with me. I am not doing this to restore my reputation, or for money and fame. I am woeful. I sometimes even get thoughts that I have actually done something wrong, but I am not a liar and I will take whatever decision they choose.”

After revealing his inner feelings, MC Mong wiped off his tears and left the site.

At the same court, MC Mong’s final trial will be held on April 11th, where a decision will finally be made.

Source: Newsen


During the trial, the prosecutor’s side demanded that MC Mong serve two years in prison for intentionally extracting his teeth to avoid being conscripted for 2 years of mandatory military service.

The final decision will be announced on April 11th.

Credit Source: Allkpop

* MC MONG Fighting!!! 

I might not fully understand the real situation... but according to my bias mind and soul... of coz I'm on Mc Mong sides. No matter how hard I try to understand the fact that no one can avoid the military services I just can't help but to keep my stand on Mc Mong sides.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Thought on 49 Days: Episode 1 & 2

49 Days… To live as someone else life, 49 Days to find the truth, 49 Days to prove love do exist... Just 49 Days.

What will you do if u’re given 49 Days to prove at least there is 3 person who cried their heart out for you?

The 1st episodes start with strong plots. Every character has its own color and tastes, There is a questions to answer, mystery to solve and a good looking Angle of Death (oh well he hate people refer him that and come up with something much cooler the 'Scheduler' & I think I like with the idea LOL). He will definitely be my fav. character.

Shin Ji Hyun who raise like a princess have everything she want, a good looking fiancé, 2 best friend who share with her tears and blood, parent who love her unconditionally… and hmmm a friend who don’t want to be her friend? Oh whatever…

Song Yi Kyung on the other hand is someone that shows no interest in life. She looks sad, lonely and hopeless. Her daily life is just the same, she woke up, went to work and sleep. Instead of saving her life she’ll prefer to be stab and die.

However, these two different people who live their life with their own point of view... faith bring them together. Song Yi Kyung failure on attempt to get suicide turn to change Shin Ji Hyun life.

This two people who come from different world… what brings them together? Question that will make us stay put and keep want to figure it out.

Waking up and looking at someone else face plus with unattractive hair and cloth will definitely a big shock for someone like Shin Ji Hyun but she have no other options... its either take it or leave it and in order to survive she choose to stay and complete the task given.

Three rules to be followed:

1) Never tell anyone who you are. ( breaking this rules will definitely make the 'Scheduler' piss off)
2) Shin Ji Hyun can only use Song Yi Kyung's body when she's asleep and to be home before midnight. (if late... 1 day will be deduct from the 49 Days)
3) Shin Ji Hyun have to earn her own money.

Sound simple and easy... 

It was easy for SJH to find someone who cry for her, but the hardest part is to find one with 100% pure tears. Everyone who care for her look sad but which one of them really sad...

Things getting interesting for Shin Ji Hyun, her life as Song Yi Kyung thought her how to do things she never done, and look at people she love in different point of view.

I'm not going to make a full screen cap... and that's it for episode 1 & 2. 

As you see I don't spilled out much so you still have so many things to figure out. Enjoy!

49 Days Quotes.

Crying. Do you think crying with tears is really crying?” – Scheduler
“You don’t know how precious it is to have a body, do you? Being able to touch, and feel warmth. You have a voice that someone else can hear, and you have people to hear your voice. You can look at someone and smile together. Please, have strength. You need to be strong so I can live too — no, so that I can do something to stay alive.” – Ji Hyun
“Human beings’ hearts change, that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding. And it goes on.” – Scheduler
“Someone once said, that love is letting someone misunderstand you, because that causes them less pain. If you love someone so much, even if you had misunderstood, you wouldn’t explain. You don’t want to hurt that person. You’d rather that person not get hurt, even if you get misunderstood.” – Ji Hyun
“While I was sleeping, I had a dream. On my engagement day, my shoe broke. I kept seeing you taking your shoes off for me. You took off your shoes unconsciously and ran barefoot. In that moment, you’d taken them off for me. They say that shoes are a woman’s pride, but in that moment you threw your pride aside for me. Forgetting the engagement ceremony, you thought of me first. Because I was your friend.” – Ji Hyun
“I waited five years to meet you. To tell you that I loved you, that I never for one moment had feelings for anyone else, to say ‘Let’s marry.’ But not now — the things I want to tell you have changed… I loved you until then. Starting from now, I won’t love you. Because I didn’t want to leave you with only hurt, I waited for five years, wanting you to forget me and be happy.” – Yi Soo
“You know now how precious you were to me. You weren’t thrown away, you were the most important person to me. An incredible person. And so, you’ll become someone else’s incredibly precious person. Promise me that for my sake, you’ll be happy. So that I can leave this world without regrets, so I can start over in the next life. Be happy for my sake.” – Yi Soo
“If it were me, if I knew my days were limited… I would want to see that person’s face even more, to love him more, be good to him. The more you give, the more you get.” – Yi Kyung
“I have to let you go to be happy in the next life. If you’re unhappy, my heart twists and I won’t rest easy. I’ll be born as a bad-tempered guy who can’t receive love, who can’t love either, who lives unhappily.” – Yi Soo
“Because of love, you’d rather let the misunderstandings persist. It’s a way to let the person you love feel less miserable. Perhaps if you love someone too much, you will act like this.” – Ji Hyun
“This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.” – Ji Hyun
“Get angry at whom? No matter how unfair it is, no matter how much it tears up my insides, I know it won’t change a thing. No matter how much I beg.” – Ji Hyu

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jung Woo Sung Confirmed dating Lee Ji ah

On the day of his 38th birthday, actor Jung Woo Sung addressed the rumors about his relationship with fellow “Athena” castmate, Lee Ji Ah (30). The actor has confirmed that he was indeed dating her.

Jung Woo Sung wrote a post on his official homepage that read, 

“Hello, this is Jung Woo Sung. I have found a friend that my heart is moved by, and have been spending time together ever since the conclusion of my drama. We are just now beginning.”

In response to his announcement, representatives of KeyEast Entertainment (Lee Ji Ah’s agency) stated, “As it is an issue regarding the private life of our artist, this is not something our agency can comment on. Should the opportunity arise, Lee Ji Ah will be making her own announcement soon.”

Source + Photos: Star News, Asia Economy via Naver & Allkpop

* I'm so happy with the news. I've been rooting for them on Athena... because of the chemistry and how they actually look comfortable on Athena. Wish the news is not something fabricated hahaha... that will seriously piss me off.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Jay Park, a singer-actor, revealed his songs for his upcoming album, including the title song, for the first time.

Y-Star’s ‘Reflexes’, which is to air on March 19th, invaded Jay Park’s music video set for the title track.

Jay Park, at the MV set, revealed, “The name of the title track is ‘Tonight’ but it might change,” and continued to describe “Tonight” (temporary title) along with another title track, “Abandoned”, and the remaining tracks. Jay Park revealed, regarding BIGBANG’s “Tonight”, on Twitter previously, “My song was called ‘Tonight’ too… I guess I should change it to ‘Oh-Neul-Bam’ (tonight in Korean) kkkk”.

In addition, he chose, “I Can’t Live Without You” as his favorite track and introduced his album by singing a verse of this song.

Jay Park also kindly replied to questions that were prepared beforehand by the interviewers.

He answered questions on many topics, from his “star tattoos” and his cellphone background and ringtone and tales about his pet Peatry, to questions like “How can a girl get Jay Park?”, to which he answered playfully and showed his comfort.

Regarding his comeback, he revealed, “The album is set to be released on my birthday but it might be released a day or two sooner.”

Since the fans could not see him often on TV, their curiosity was growing. In this interview, Jay Park gave a shoutout to the fans saying, “Thank you all so much for sticking by my side even though I have not released an album for a long time. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with my new album.”

To air at 11am on March 19th.
Journalist Jun Won


Jang Ja Yeon’s Letters Were Fabricated

On March 16th, the National Forensic Service released an official statement confirming that Jang Ja Yeon’s letters were fabricated.

At 10:00 AM KST, the chief of the NFS, Yang Hoo Yeol, opened an official briefing with the media and reported,“After comparing Jang Ja Yeon’s original handwriting to Jun’s handwriting and the letters in question, results have shown that the letters are not in line with Jang Ja Yeon’s original handwriting. Many of grammatical errors are in line with the mistakes Jun made in his personal letters, so we believe that Jang Ja Yeon’s letters were fabricated by Jun.”

He concluded, “The letters that Jun claimed were sent to him by Jang Ja Yeon have a completely different handwriting style to Jang Ja Yeon’s original handwriting. Jang Ja Yeon did not write these letters.”

When asked about fingerprint identification, the NFS responded, “That is not our job, it is up to the police.”

Source: Hankyung via Naver & Allkpop

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Note: The article incorrectly refers to Prepix as an “American dance team.” Its members are actually from Korea and have provided choreography for popular Korean acts like Beast and G. Na. You can check out their page here.
Artist Jay Park showed the real essence of “cold city man” fashion.
Classy photos of Jay Park in suits were uploaded on the Twitter account of Prepix, an American dance team, on the 15th.
The photos were from the music video set for Jay’s upcoming song, “Abandoned”. Jay Park is smiling brightly at the camera with the leader of Prepix.
Jay Park showed a different side as a rapper, styled with black suits and big-framed shades. The anticipation is building up as he looks more polished than ever.
Netizens who saw these pictures have responded, “Can’t wait for the music video!”, “Highly anticipating ‘Abandoned,’ Jay has become more stylish,” and “I can’t wait until he comes back.”
Meanwhile, Jay Park’s MV is to be released early next month and his album at the end of April.
Journalist Ji-Hyun Kim
SOURCE: TV Daily, @Prepix Haw (pictures), TRANSLATOR: Lydia@JAYPARK.NET

Monday, March 14, 2011

Park Jae Bum expressed his apologetic and nostalgic feelings about 2PM.

Park Jae Bum expressed his apologetic and nostalgic feelings about 2PM.
He came out on KBS’s “Entertainment Broadcast” and had a guerilla concert on March 12th.

Park Jae Bum also wrote something for JYP and 2PM on his fan community’s site. He wrote 
“I am now able to appear on shows and have released an album. I am writing this to finally organize my feelings. I always wanted to apologize.”

He continued, 
“I never actually got the chance to contact 2PM. I think I would be really happy to see them in hallways. I really miss them. I hope they miss me as well.”

He also said
 “I was only able to express my feelings in written form but I want to tell them that I am sorry.”

Source via:  Newsen & askactor

Friday, March 11, 2011

Clazziquai’s Alex confirms he’s seeing someone

Seems like, Korean entertainment is full with lovey dove news lately... Yesterday Ko Soo admitted he has girlfreind...and today Alex confirms that he's seeing someone... whose next?

Singer and actor Alex confirmed that he “has someone he is keeping good relations with”.

On March 11th, Alex’s agency Fluxus Music revealed through a press release that, “It is true that Alex has someone that he is keeping good relations with. They are getting to know one another”.

They added, “Last year, after MBC’s drama ‘Pasta‘, the two carried older brother-younger sister relations. They started to get to know each other. It is not yet to the point where they are dating.”

“They met through the drama, but the woman has currently stopped all activities with the entertainment industry and is living as a regular citizen. Alex is very cautious about this relationship making headlines and garnering a lot of attention, so please do not give this too much unwanted attention.”

credit source: allkpop

Investigators suspect that Jang Ja Yeon’s letters were fabricated

On March 10th, investigators from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation have revealed that they suspect the handwritten letters left behind by the late actress Jang Ja Yeon may in fact be fabricated.

After netizens demanded that Jang Ja Yeon’s case be re-opened, police obtained the rights to investigate the letters in question on March 9th and detailed their findings below.

Investigators found a total of seven areas in 23 letters and 5 envelopes that brought up suspicions of fabrication. In their investigation, police discovered a faint line between the postmarked and recipient information. It was also revealed that parts of the letters, such as the postmark information, were cut up and pasted onto other letters before being sent to court. The part of the envelopes that contained the recipient information were revealed to have been cut 4cm x 1cm on three different envelopes, while others had holes punched in them.

An individual named Jun (31) had revealed the existence of these letters, but considering the new forensic details of their handling, police are suspecting Jun of “intentionally attempting to hide where the letters were sent from.”

Police also found that out of the 2,439 letters that were exchanged from jail during the period of November 2003 to March 2010, none were sent by anyone named Jang Ja Yeon or her alias, ‘Sulhwa.’ Additionally, Jun was found to have been in possession of over 1,000 A4 papers that police suspected were used for copying.

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation claimed that they will re-investigate the case once they find confirmation that the letters were indeed handwritten by Jang Ja Yeon.

Source + Photos: MyDaily via Daum, Money Today via Naver, Asia Economy, BNT News, Money Today & Allkpop

Extra News:

Yesterday, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation claimed that Jang Ja Yeon’s letters could have been fabricated. Today, SBS’s “8 o’clock News” released an interview with the chief of the International Forensic Science Laboratory, who refuted the reports of fabrication.

On March 10th, SBS reported that they had given copies of Jang Ja Yeon’s letters to a professional for a second opinion. After thoroughly studying the documents, Lee Hee Il, chief of the IFSL, revealed, “In these letters, the way that certain characters like ‘yo’ and ‘ya’ were written coincide directly with the writing habits of the late actress Jang Ja Yeon. The way the consonants and vowels were written are exactly alike, proving that these letters were written by the same person.”

Comparison of the handwriting in the letter on the left, to Jang Ja Yeon's original handwriting on the right

SBS further added, “It is virtually impossible for Jun to have perfected the handwriting of Jang Ja Yeon by copying the picture of her suicide note from a newspaper. He could not have written 230 letters in her copied handwriting with such limited information, and it is also unlikely that three years worth of letters were merely the result of a concocted plan.”

They continued, “The letters also reveal detailed information regarding her agency’s advancement plans, as well as information on the figures she ‘hosted’ that others would not be able to know. If anything, the letters and envelopes show that Jun tried his best to make sure that Jang Ja Yeon’s identity was not leaked through the letters.”

NISI official reporting to the media that Jang Ja Yeon's letters might be fabricated

A congressman of the democratic party also recently demanded that the investigators and police stop lying to the public about this alleged “fabrication”. He demanded, “The police are fooling the public. This is not the first time that investigators and the police pretended to reveal ‘information’ to the public without any proper evidence or information on even a portion of the case. You must stop this immediately.”

Netizens also refused to believe the reports by commenting, “Just because the envelopes were damaged does not mean that the details of the letters were fabricated.”

Add caption

On March 8th, a women’s organization had opened a press conference in front of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family building and demanded that proper investigations be made.

Once the Ministry failed to react or respond, one netizen began a silent one man protest in front of the Ministry of Gender Equality Building for two hours on March 10th. He held a sign that read, “A Ministry of Gender Equality & Family that remains silent in the face of Jang Ja Yeon’s controversy has no right to exist in this nation.”

Source + Photos: My Daily, Today Korea, Money Today, Suwon via Naver & Allkpop