Friday, January 25, 2008

My Scary Girl

I think it's funny and yet dramatic thriller, don't know how to describe it should I say it was a good movie or just it and u'll find out...owh...too much of kissing scenes that make me sick...Angry

The movie is about a never fall in love lecturer Dae woo (Park Yong-woo), he hates the idea that every women keep asking about stupid question while date such as, blood type, the horoscope, and etc. He seem like a normal person who thought he could survive without dating or married for the rest of his life...until one day he hurts his back while helping an old guy carried a freezer, realizing how good it could be if there is someone by his side to give a massage and do things that he couldn't do while he was sick...

Desperate to date someone he finally ask a new neighbour Mi-na (Choi Kang-hee) oout awkwardly and Mi-na accepted it. Their relationship started with Dae woo acted unnaturally while date and Mi-na who seems so elegant and smart started to think he was a freak...however Mi-na change her mind when she recieves a bunch of flower with a necklace.

They started date like everyone falling in love seems to change Dae woo point of view and finally he knew what it feels to be in love...things started to change when Mi na's ex-boyfriend make a visit and Dae woo feel betrayed but still believe that Mi-na will get trough with it. Dae-woo realize that Mi-na seems to be very myterious and she even leave with a friend who doesn't suit her charachter. 

Little by little Dae woo find out who Mi-na really are...

Attack On The Pin Up Boys

It's a funny story, about high school life, popularity was completely something that could make everyone happy...the teacher, the girls, the bloggers, and even the panda...(well that's was in the movie).

Things started captured everyone attentions when some pretty boys had throw with a shit and become popular...Ki-bum one of the straight A student decided to investigate the incident and write everything on his blog. After several attack Ki-bum predicts that the next target will come from their school...since there is no pretty boy with such aura in their school he predict the target will be Si-won, Hee-chul and Kang-in. 

Since the predict has been done, everyone in the school seems to be picking up who's the next target and wish that their idol will be next...even the teacher argue about who'll be the next.

Dong-hae the closest friend of Ki-bum and a member of a dancing club also seems to put an interest in the incident and helping Hee-chul to be next target. Ever since the incident got so much attention, Hee-chul and Kang-in have tried their best to become the next victim.

Finally, Dong-hae and Ki-bum know who's behind the attack and everything back to normal again. 

I'm not gonna tell you how's the it and u know it...nice, funny, and well it everything seems to be good when watching their pretty face...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Jay Chow is in the movie again and this time he really wanna show us how talented he is...for the first time he directected a movie.

At first I thought it look so boring...well judging from the cover and I have this feeling that Jay Chou going to act as a cool dude like he is in the other 2 movie he acted before...don't get me wrong I like his song... almost all of his album was on the rack... but I just don't like the idea he being cool all the time... that's bored me. But to my surprise this time it was different, he smile a lot, he blured sometimes, he show some emotional too... he cooked and he dance too hehehe... well that's character might captured me more... at last a man who show his passion towards music and lovers... it was simple... but beautiful.


A high school student, Ye Xiang Lun (Jay Chou) transfers to Tamkang High School, a school famous for its students' performance in playing piano. On the first day of school, while wandering through the piano building, he hears an unknown and alluring melody played by a fellow female student, Lu Xiao Yu (Kwai Lun Mei). Thereafter, Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu fall in love. As Xiang Lun seeks to know more about the melody Xiao Yu has played earlier, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. Later on, a misunderstanding transpires, and Xiao Yu mistakenly thinks Xiang Lun is cheating on her with another girl, Qing Yi (Alice Tzeng). Xiao Yu then vanishes from Xiang Lun's world without leaving a trace. Five months later, Xiang Lun plays "Le Cygne" in tribute to Xiao Yu in their school's graduation ceremony. Xiao Yu unexpectedly reappears, looking sad and languid, and vanishes again. Xiang Lun later realizes that her existence is known to only he himself. In the pursuit of Xiao Yu, Xiang Lun finds an old photo depicting both his father (Anthony Wong Chau Sang) and Xiao Yu. From his father, Xiang Lun knows about Xiao Yu's past. As all the pieces fit in, Xiang Lun finally realizes that Xiao Yu had come from the past, and that the melody played by Xiao Yu is the method by which she traveled through time. Xiang Lun cycles back to his school and sneaks into the piano building, which is being demolished as he does so. He plays the melody and travels back in time, and meets Xiao Yu again. The story ends with both Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu adjusting each other's attire as they prepare to take their graduation photo.

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