Friday, August 4, 2006

Sad Movie

Looking at the title of the movie...we should already know what the stories about...considering to watch it? Well, even it was sad but it was a good movie anyway... Sometimes we really need to come back to reality...every person might encounter with life altering problem...and it's not that we'll be lucky enough to be success in every efforts we do...This is what 'Sad Movie' all about... 

If in other movies we still have a chance to feel relief at the end of the movie...then this one might shows us that no matter how hard every character try and struggling to overcome the problem, but at the end all the hopes and efforts might vanished just like that...Director Kwon Jong-Gwon (S Diary) essembled a star-studded cast for this ensamble piece that more than lives up to it's melancholic title.

In this film we'll be watching a collection of four stories that all intersect at some point but remain unrelated to each stories...

Started with a stories of Jin-Woo (A Moment To Remember-Jung Woo-Sung)and Su-Jung (Ing...-Im Su-Jung), both seems to be ready to move ahead in their relationship...but for Jin-Woo to give up his dangerous profession as a firefighter keeps derailing the plans for wedding bells between the two.

Su-Jung was living with her sister Su-Eun (A Bittersweet Life-Shin Min-ah. Su-Eun was a cheerful person who being a great moral support for Su-Jung and Jin-Woo. Su-Eun falls in love with a portrait painter stars by Lee Ki-Woo as Sang-Gyu while working as a Raggedy Ann in Theme Park. Falling in love without showing her real face not a big deal for Su-Eun but for her to show her face to Sang-Gyu was something different. Su-Eun not just deaf mute but she also has a scar on the side of her cheek. With the help of her co-workers, Su-Eun managed to overcome her shyness and met with the handsome artist.

Then there's a conflict between a mother and the lonely son. Yu-Jung (Yeom Jung-Ah) is a working mother whose so commited in her job that causes the relationship between mother and son become worse. Things began to changed when Ju-Yung caught in an accident and send to the hospital.Hui-Chan the sons stumble upon his mother diaries and started to learn more about his mother started from before he even birth. Soon, both begins to clear the air, but Ju-Yung discovers that she's suffering from cancer.

Along the way, Hui- Chan crosses paths with Ha-Seok (My Sassy Girl- Cha Tae-Hyun). Ha-Seok was an unemployed shlub but makes extra money as a human punching bag for local boxer. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Suk-Hyun (Son Tae-Yung) is sick of her dead-end job as a cashier and when Ha-Seok's credit card is declined at her place of employment, she realizes she's tired of waiting for her boyfriend to grow up and promptly dumps him. Ha-Seok begs her to give him a three month grace period and heads off seeking steady employment. After a chance encounter with a woman breaking up with her boyfriend, Ha-Seok hatches a scheme to start a "Separation Agency" that will break up relationships when one party is too scared to do it face-to-face. His wild idea quickly turns into a lucrative business, giving Ha-Seok hope that he'll finally win his girlfriend back.

Even if the title give us the clue what it's all about but this movie is consistently funny film and still watching it was enjoyable...Wink

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

A Millionaire's First Love

A Millionaire's First Love...If you haven't watch it yet I'm telling you that the ending will not be as what you want it to be... but in other views...It sure a happy ending...Well the story show us how love could change someone without the person itself realize when was it happened...

Jae-Kyung (Hyun Bin) was born as a lucky child because he will inherit his grandfather fortune when he turns 18. however, it turn out to be something he never thought that would happened. When he was prepared to inherit the fortune his grandfather lawyer came and read the will which is request Jae-Kyung to graduate in a Boram High School in the middle of nowhere. As a rich kid Jae-Kyung is for sure have a bad atittude and living in a place with different lifestyle is like being trapped. But everything was change when he met with Eun-Hwa (Lee Yeon-hee) and fall in love with her.

Falling in love with Eun-Hwa have change Jae-Kyung attitude and the way he thinks. With Eun-Hwa around him he started to learn what love is all about and what is it mean to sacrifice everything that he have for his love...

Eun-Hwa was the class monitor in Jae Kyung new school...she is smart and sweet...friends love her and always stand by her side...Eun-Hwa was a person with a lot of memories and a lot of wish...even if she new that none of her wish will be granted she always live as a happy girl...with Jae-Kyung around her... one of her wish was granted....

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

It Started With A Kiss

This is a teenage kind of love story... I first saw Joey Cheng in The Rose drama and he really are cute... and again I watch his another drama The Magic Ring and The 9 Ball. At least he has a different type of hair in different series... and I first 
saw Ariel in Vic Zhou MV (Make A Wish) she's so sweet... 

What Do I think about this drama... I love it! 

The Review:

A girl name Yuan Xian Chin (Ariel) is a cute but with kind of low IQ...having a crush to an IQ genius Jiang Zhi Shu (Joey Cheng) who's also known as Taiwan No.1 Genius. After having crush to Zhi Shu for 2 years Xian Chin decided to open up and confess to Zhi Shu about her feelings...and she was rejected.

Being rejected was a bad thing but another bad things happened to Xian Chin after her new home where she lives with her father was collapses due to an earthquake. Things started to change Xian Chin lifes when her father happened to be Zhi Shu parents bestfriend. As a friends, Zhi Shu parents show theire concern by inviting Xian Chin and her father lives with them without knowing about the crushing and rejecting stories...

Living together give Xian Chin chances to know Zhi Shu even better (but sometimes she really looks desparate...that's what I think) and the air started to change...Zhi Shu started to realize that Xian Chin was something different had ever happened in his life. Slowly Xian Chin loves really means somethings to him....

TheRe Is nO BoUdaRiEs FoR LoVEs....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

~ My Girl & I ~

Still remember your first love after all this year?...this is the movie that shows how people survive their life by living with their memories...falling in love and being apart...It's sound always the same...that's how love story have to end up anyway... 

Well it's a sad love story maybe just to remind us that first love was the memories that no one could forget...and there is always a reason for everything that had happened...the valued here is...don't live in a past but move on and look forward...

Song Hye Kyo, star of such TV drama series as All In and Full House makes her big screen debut in My Girl And I, a remake of the Japanese smash hit Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World. Also starring My Sassy Girl's Cha Tae Hyun, the film is a tender tale of first love.

The review:

An ordinary guy falling in love with a brilliant and beatiful girl...jealousy will always there but this movie wasn't about how these couple fight to be together but it's about how they fight their fate that they'll be apart...

Su Eun (Song Hye Kyo) was a bright and beautiful high school girls had saves Su Ho (Cha tae Hyun) from drowning. Su Ho who believes that his friends was the one who save him doesn't know it was Su Eun until she confides him it was her and ask him to buy her a new pager after she lost her pagers during her rescue attempt. But just as love begins to blossoms, tragedy stikes in the cruelest ways...

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Sweet Spy

This review may content some was my first time to say it cleared...even if I like this drama but this one was not my fav. one...

The story was about a policewomen (Nam Sang Mi) Lee Soon-ae who was became a widowed after his newlywed husband was killed in an accident. Her life turn to be so miserable after the death of his late husband...all that she was doing was totally mess.

Untill the day she happened to met with (Dennis O'Neil) Han Yo-il, who was known as a very success and good looking businessman but the truth is he is an international spy.

They became a team but with so many secret beneath them which is Lee Soon-ae at the same time was ordered by Kang Joon her chief officer to investigate Han Yoo-il. Han Yoo-il and Lee Soon-ae fall in love with each other but still they have to choose between love and work.

I don't really know how to describe this drama but it's about loyalty, trust, frienshipness, loves, career and how people manage and survive their was interesting drama but the storyline doesn't really done well. It's ok if Dennis didn't know how to speak korean but I really think that it's weird when the character of Lee Soon-ae don't speak english and sometimes don't even understand it...I think the scriptwriter didn't really think about Lee Soon-ae character while writing it but more to show the character that act by Dennis. But Sang Mi was great anyway can't blame her for's just when you think clearly...this kind of relationship? if it was in real life I don't think it gonna work. But what to say, even me who was watching it think they could be a great couple...funny right...but that's the true...
The Cast of Sweet Spy:

Dennis Oh as Han Yoo-il. An international spy with so many secret, fall in love to Soon-ae and risking his life for Soon-ae.

Nam Sang Mi as Lee Soon-ae. A policewomen who lost her husband and learn to love again and how to survive in the spy world.

Lee Joo-hyun as kang Joon. A Police officer with charisma who silently love Soon-ae and started investigate the cases that was causes Lee Soon-ae late husband.

Yoo-sun as Park Eun-joo, 
a sexy and hot temper police officer with excellent fighting skills and background.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

~Welcome To Dongmakgol~

This is a great movie one of my favorite... if you're looking for something that really could entertaint you so this is the one...why? because it's really simple...the feeling is there...when it was sad it was really sad and when it was funny it was really hillarious...admit it you'll never think of watching it if you didn't really know the actor coz it's happened to me too...but this one is different...maybe I was kind of bored with a love story telling so trying to find something that really valued me...then I gamble the chances to get the best movie and I choose this one...I watch it 3 or 4 month ago but couldn't make the review at that time...busy of coz with some other today I'll try to spend some of my time and updating this blogs with this review...

This movie is about group of army which is from different path or in the simple words...anemies accidently gathered in a village called Dongmakgol. All of this sudden happens when Smith the U.S pilot crash lands in the outskirt of Dongmakgol.

Smith was given the warm welcome by the villagers, with different language it's kind of hard for Smith and the villagers to communicate...however the villagers didn't really care for the difficulty and still treated him well. Smith is soon joined by two South Korean soldiers Lieutenant Pyo Hyun-Chul (Shin Ha-Kyun) and the comical medic Moon (Seo Jae-Gyung). This soldier then joined by the last surviving members of a doomed platoon of North Korean soldiers Commander Lee Su-Hwa (Jung Jae-Young), Private Jang (Im Ha-Ryong), and patriotic teen soldier Taek-Ki (Ryoo Deok-Hwan), all of whom end up following a spaced out villager named Yeo Il (Kang Hye-Jung) back to the village. 

This gatering of coz was the last thing these group of soldier thinking of...and this part is the hilarious part where they started to point out their gun to each other and the villagers seems to be clueless what it's all about. It takes them a day to stop their 'weird' act (well that what's the villagers think)...and so many things had happened while they were in the village...until they started to convince each other that they acctually could live together and befriend...

I really love the scenes where the medic Moon and the Private Jang seems to forget their different path and becomes so close...and how they could understand each other while Smith keep talking in english and the other was on their own language...even the villagers could accept Smith without asking much about their background...They started to enjoyed their life in Dongmakgol and friendshipness.

But the peacefulness that they lnow feels didn't seems to be forever when a group of soldier came and it change everything...acctually they know this would come and they accept the faith that they acctually full of sins...trying to runaway is not the answer and the six of them decided to fight againts the coming army to protect Dongmakgol.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Which Star Are You From

Believe me this drama was great...well no need for me to talk much about Kim Rae Won coz he was already known well as a great actor...but he really seems work hard this day...maybe it's because of his military services was in the coming years...

I don't really know about the co star but I've seen her in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon...Jung Ryo won...she has the great acting skills...she really make the character first she is the perfect lady like and then she is the village girls with a tough character...I'll consider her as a great actress...The way she talk, the way she cry even the way she laugh it's cool...well you wouldn't believe me if you won't watch it however hope this review could help you to make your mind...



The review:

~The Guy Who Lost His Lovers~

It started with a party celebration for a successful scenario writer or movie director Choi Seung Hee (Kim Rae Won). He met his first love Lee Hye Su (Jung Ryo Won) at this party after being introduce by his friend. Choi Seung Hee and Lee Hye Su being together as a very lovely coulpe but have to face Lee Hye Su mother who has disagree with their relationship...well as usual we will see how tough and so in love this couple are by keeping their love life and ignoring all the obstacal...Everything seems perfect...and Choi Seung Hee had make up his mind to propose Lee Hye Su...and it was the last thing he should do...I mean proposing her at a wrong place and a wrong time...

After several years...Choi Seung Hee at last came back to Korea and decided to live all the past behind and begin his life as a normal person with a success career. While he was on his way looking for an idea for his first MV after several years...he end up in a small city where he met with a girl who is look a like to Hye Su. Choi Seung Hee begin to follow this girl without knowing where it brings him...The moment that he met this girl...his life started to change...he can face the fact that he will never meet Hye Su again and begin his life without thinking about Hye Su.

But things didn' t happened as he hope when Kim Bok Sil that he know was related to Lee Hye this time he find out that after so many things that happened to him...this is the hardest moment in his life...trying to forget his past and to love again but finding the truth about Bok Sil was not a relief him but it becomes a burden and think that his feeling Bok Sil was all wrong...

It may take him 3 years to let go all the feelings he kept for Hye Su, but to let go the feelings and pretending there is nothing special between him and Bok Sil seems to take his whole life to make it...

~The Village Girl Who learned About Loves~

Kim Bok Sil the village girl was nothing special...but loved by everybody especially her mom who was suffered from last accident Bok Sil however never thinking about living her mom and she even plan to live in the village for the rest of her life.

Well this kind of plan of coz not going to be happened...everything was changed after she met Choi Seung Hee...not that she like him but because of him there was a shooting for the first time in her villages and here she happened to meet several people who has relation to Hye Su...but she never thought that they will meet again after the MV shooting.

Something has happened to her mom that need her to find a job so she can pay for her mom treatment and this decision has changed her life forever. In Seoul she work under Choi Seung Hee supervision. Here she started to know the real Choi Seung Hee. They always fight but at the end they'll be friend again...what they didn't realize is that they need each other...but again of coz there is a problem...

Kim Bok Sil and Lee Hye Su was acctually a sibling who has separated when Bok Sil was 2 years old. This happened when a restaurant that Bok Sil real parents run was on fire and Bok Sil was missing in the accident and they can only believe that she was dead. Bok Sil real name was Lee Hye Rim.

Bok Sil was set in a world that she never belongs to...her loves towards her mom who was staying in the village was so deep but still she have to accept the fact that she has another mother that she need to give chances...when a person has two name and two mother things was not even worse when a person have to live in different life style...all of sudden her life was full with preasure and the hardest things for her to accept is the way Choi Seung Hee react and treat her suddenly had change...

All that Bok Sil want is Choi Seung Hee loves...There some quote that really was when she talk to her real mother about her feelings...
"I don't know your pain, I don't know how you feel, I don't know how grandpa, or sis feels...I really don't know how much pain you have...may be it's because I haven't spend my time with you since I was child...all I know is I really love Seung Hee...If I''m not a daughter of a rich family or a cinderella...I still met with Seung Hee I really think that you are so you really annoying me...and when think of that I know I'm a bad girl...Mom, I don't know your pain all I know is if Seung Hee was hurt my heart is in pain..."

I really like this quote...even if it look like she was saying something that may hurt her mom...but I think it really great...hmmm...great script and love it...

End of review...this drama got it all, but to tell the true I think I started admire Jung Ryo Won...she just really great...untill next time...have a pleasant day...

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

~My name is Kim Sam Soon~

(~The Best Couple~)

(~My Nam Is Kim Sam Soon~)

My name is Kim Sam Soon...this drama already hits in Korea and win the best drama...most of the award  goes to this drama so it's surely the best...and It's no doubt about it...Kim Sun Ah (Kim Sam Soon) had make a lot of sacrifice for this drama...well gaining weight is surely an easy things to do but to loose it...if I was her that surely not gonna happened...She deserve to win it all...

What so attractive about this drama is how the scriptwriter make it so down to earth...there is so many ladies out there who is having the same problem with Kim Sam Soon...and this aspect make it attractive...people would like to see their self in one of the character and when the story is so real...thats make it great...

Well, at least they have prove that no need for a beautiful ladies with great figure to make the drama hits (even if in reality Kim Sun Ah is beatiful but it's really works here...hehehe)'s all about talent and it's great to see Kim Sun Ah in this drama...

To those who haven't watch it you better try for it...believe me you'll love it...and forgot to tell you guys earlier...they also win the best couple for 2005 (i mean Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin) 

Friday, February 10, 2006

Wait Till You're Older

Wait Till You're Older, it's a full of message movie... it's tell us the way youngers think and what the eldest have in mind... 

It's show that every person have their own reason for doing something especially for parents... Sometimes youngster just don't understand how others think and the correct words is they don't want to understand... 

so I guess this movie is about to tell us that there is a reason for everything that happened... no matter in what age you stand on... young or old... we all make decision. No matter what decision we take... we have to be responsible to it. Right or wrong at the the consequence is all what we have to face it

Until next update...Here is the synopsis...


Twelve-year-old Kong is an unhappy child. In fact, he's not been happy since his mother's suicide three years ago, which he blames on his father and stepmother. Having to live under the same roof, he finds not only his emotion increasingly stunted but his height as well. He yearns for freedom as much as he yearns for love. But only if he can outgrow his treacherous father, he believes, can he finally find peace and happiness.

One evening Kong decides to run away from home after another tiff with his stepmother. He chances upon an eerie old man who claims he has a potion that can speed up the life process. As much as he would like to believe it, this is all baloney to him. So when he accidentally taints his blood with the potion, he hardly expects his fate is about to change forever.

It is an impossible dream come true when Kong wakes up the next morning to find himself already a twenty-year-old young man. Plunging into the adult world in earnest, he is ready to take revenge on his parents while getting his hands on all things hitherto forbidden. But another day passes and he becomes ten years older. Only now does he realize the tragedy of his situation: his growth rate is exponential. When he finally uncovers the harsh reality behind his mother's death, Kong has to race against time to right things wrong with his parents.

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Friday, February 3, 2006

All About Love / Say I Love You Once More


"All About Love" is a story about a man who only find out how much he miss so many oppurtunity to show his loves to his wife just because his work came before her wife...Untill there is no way he can pay all the precious time that he left behind his lovely wife died in a car accident...There is so many people out there facing this kind of situation only that they never realize how much they miss everything in their life...

Andy Lau plays a workaholic medical practitioner Dr. Ko who neglects his wife (Charlene Choi) in spite of his love for her. After she dies in a car accident, he switches his job to that of an ambulanceman and sticks to a routine schedule, as a special means to remember his deceased wife. In an operation, Ko saves a woman Sam (Charlie Young) who happened to have a heart transplant - and he soon discovers that she actually bears his wife's heart! Co-incidentally, Sam's husband Derek, who has also deserted her, looks identical to Ko. So Ko decides to take up Derek's place to accompany his wife's heart for he has not been with her enough when she was alive...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wonderful Life

It's been a while now...yes I'm a busy person especially now...but still I always prepare something to update here....anywhere, someone ask if I watch Wonderful Life and here is the answer of it...I know it was show in tv now but I have no time to watch it in tv and I've watch it last year... hmmm

People always says, Love knows no national boundaries or age. Love is fate. or Love has the power to overcome all difficulties. However, what is the ultimate stage of love? Marriage? This could sound ridiculously old-fashioned, especially to the younger generation. They still fall in love of course, but becoming a part of a system such as marriage can be troublesome, at best. And its responsibility is bothersome, as well. Most of all, it's unimaginable for many young people to give up their dreams for love and marriage. Put in a nice way, they are very practical, open-minded and liberal about their love life. However, they are selfish about love at the same time. They are the generation of instant gratification. They still fall in love, but they refuse to give up their free life styles. They still get married, but they don't give up their careers. Their love life is just a personal choice, and they strongly resent being judged by other people standards of right and wrong. 

However, with love comes responsibility. Loving someone is about being responsible for your own feelings and your own decisions. Loving someone is agreeing to take responsibility for yourself and the person you love. 

is the story of two young college students (played by Kim Jae-won and Eugene) who accidentally become parents because of the one-night stand they had during vacation. They then get married. These young and inexperienced parents will show you what true love really means and how they become more mature by overcoming lifes difficulties together and how they complete their love. 

The Stars:

Han Seung-Wan (Kim Jae-Won) 

He's young and immature. He's a party animal. He's a very moody person. He's a frequent patron of the dance clubs around town. He's always welcome because he knows how to have fun. His father owns a mineral water company. He's handsome and cool, so he's popular everywhere he goes. And he secretly enjoys the fact that he's popular. He believes that women can't help but loving him. He has the characteristics of Don Quixote and Peter Pan at the same time. He majors in aeronautics. After graduation, he becomes a co-pilot for Sky Castle Airlines. His first love is Chae-young. He goes to Singapore to see her, but he meets Se-jin there, instead. When he first meets Se-jin, she's heartbroken because of her previous relationship. He just wants to make her feel better. He finds her cute. It must be the moonlight, or the wine or the music. At any rate, he always does as he pleases. But he becomes a father at the age of 21! His own father gets furious and orders him to marry Se-jin. He's about to be kicked out of the family. He doesn't have any other choice. He gets married. But he didn't legalize the marriage. He lives on the money that his father sends for the baby. He dreams of getting divorced once his daughter gets old enough to go to a daycare centre. He still thinks about his first love, Chae-young. To him, meeting Se-jin was the worst thing that ever happened in his life. He would do anything it takes if only he could go back in time and fix everything. However, his daughter seems to be the cutest child in the world. He didn't even dream that he would learn love from this little girl.

Jeong Se-Jin (Eugene)

She's very unique. She's outgoing and adventurous. She's a dreamer. She's curious and stubborn. She loves traveling and reading. She sometimes sets up a tent in the room and reads a book with a flashlight. And she likes to drink coffee in her favorite camping cup. She became a catholic after reading The Keys to the Kingdom by A.J Cronin. It's not easy to imagine her as a serious catholic because of her unusual personality, but she is. She wanted to be a diplomat, but she ends up getting a job at a travel agency. She has a daughter and a husband. She unexpectedly gets pregnant while traveling as a college student. She can't give up the baby since she's a catholic. She decides to raise her baby by herself, but she gets married, thanks to her sister's plan. Her life becomes gloomy. Her married life isn't anything like she expected. It's a war. She and her husband keep fighting and ignoring each other. He even brings his girlfriend home. She doesn't have any fun in life anymore. One day, a new neighbor, Min Do-hyeon moves in. Little by little, she becomes attracted to him. But he's an old friend of her husband's. Nothing seems to go well in her life. 

Min Do-Hyeon (Lee, Ji-Hoon)

He's such a gentleman with good manners. He always seems neat and refined. He doesn't talk much. But he knows how to be terse and quick to the point. He's been successful throughout his life, but he's not interested in competing with others. He's very cynical; nothing really matters to him. He detests people who are obsessed with success and struggle to win. Nevertheless, he always wins and gets what he wants. He's the type of person that average people love to hate. He's the lovechild of the late founder of Sky Castle Airlines, Min Dae-seok. His biological mother died a long time ago. He was adapted and raised by Jang Eun-jo, the wife of Min Dae-seok. Very few people know about his family background. The relationship between Min Do-hyeon and Han Seung-wan is very unusual. While Seung-wan is very conscious about Do-hyeon and considers him a rival, Min Do-hyeon doesn't seem to care so much. Do-hyeon just enjoys Seung-wan's challenge. Seung-wan's girlfriend, Chae-young is interested in him. He's also attracted to her. But Chae-young goes back to Seung-wan all of a sudden. He feels betrayed and lost for the first time in his life. He realizes that Se-jin is heartbroken as well because of Chae-young. He develops a friendly feeling toward her. 

Lee Chae-Young (Han, Eun-Jung)

She's gorgeous, proud, sexy and arrogant. But sometimes she can be quite naive and sweet. She's very good at changing herself to fit the way she wants other people think of her. No one doubts that she comes from a decent family and has a good education. However, in reality, she knows pain and sadness in life more than anyone. Her mother was the mistress of a Japanese businessman. She's ashamed of her background and tries to escape from it. She hasn't experienced any financial difficulties until her father abandoned her mother and her. Her mother went to Japan to look for her father only to realize she'd been dumped. Her mother opens a bar in Japan and lives there. Chae-young believes that it's good for everyone. Her mother was a part of her life she wanted to hide anyway. Now, she's making up her new life story as she goes along. She thinks marrying a decent man from a good family will provide what she doesn't have and complete her life. Now, she's looking for the man who can bring her everything she dreams of. For her, finding a perfect man is like shopping. You keep looking until you find exactly what you want. She doesn't mind being a two-timer if necessary. She has Seung-wan and Do-hyeon wrapped around her little finger. She introduces herself as a daughter of a successful businesswoman in Japan.

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