Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Sister In Law is 19

This is great...I watch it again and again but never put it in here...why? considered it was my fault ^___^ too excited to review latest drama and movie until I've forgot about this one...well actually there is many but I'll start with this one...

It was a 2005 drama but still I'll say it's good...with the cast especially the Late Jung Da bin...Yoon Kye Sang and Kim Jae Woon...well that's great...

What I like about this drama is how the their relationship begin...starting with a fight, friendship, believeness...admiration...that's sort of things which actually happened everyday, everyway and almost everytime in our daily life....maybe to one of us...

Why did I think this drama was good...hmm I just don't know...maybe it was the character...actually everyone in this drama have bring the character so well...they show us how some people act differently, how some people control their emotion, how some people look so calm at the outside but an evil in the inside...those kind of character that make me think this drama was good...

It might not a great drama that you would mind to remember like Full House, or My Girl, or Coffee Prince but still it has it's own way to captured your heart...You don't have to think much how unrealistic this drama could be coz none of the drama I've watch seems real though but still I'll say some plot seems lack of something and the ending wasn't much as I expected but still watching it was least for I say it wasn't a superb drama that you'll remember but still it was nice...if you're thinking of watching it...I'll suggest you borrowed it from someone else...buying it might ok for a person like me...coz I love to collect...but if you're buying it just to watch it and don't want to complain about better not...coz as I say the ending wasn't as what you might expected....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Couple or Trouble

Just finish watching this drama...have nothing much to say about it was cool of coz...just like My Sassy Girl...this is great...

What I like about the writers is...they always show us the rough and the unlike side that women or girl could be...just like this one...The character that was supposed to be hated the most seems to be the character that I like the most...

These series is a re-make of the Goldie Hawn - Kurt Russell movie 'Overboard', released on 1987.

Naturally Han Yeseul (who had lived in the US before) takes the Goldie Hawn role.

In the original movie Goldie Hawn, a spoiled heiress, ends up taking care of Kurt Russell's four boys after losing her memory. To make it more palatable to Korean audience, in this drama the boys are not the man's son, but nephews.

In typical passion of the writers, two more original characters appear, Kim Sungmin (aka Kim Sungtaek), playing Han Yesle's husband, and Park Hanbyul. 


Anna Cho (Han Yeseul), the bratty daughter of a rich Korean-American developer, goes to Korea to find her henpecked Harvard-educated husband Billy Park(Kim Sungmin), who was not returning back to US for a long time. 

In the process she meets Jang Chulsoo (Oh Jiho), a handyman who was raising three nephews. 

Chulsoo is not a typical K-drama male lead; he is very money-hungry, and is something of a con man. After some incidents, Anna loses her memory and ends up in Chulsoo's place, where the story develops. 

The name Anna Cho (pronounced Anna Joh, which in Korean custom becomes Jo-anna) is a play on Goldie Hawn's character Joanna Stayton in the original Overboard.

Dirty Carnival

I am supposed to review this long ago but since I'm not feeling so well and lately easily fall sick...most of the time I only spend my time on bed and watching movie...I guess a long rest does not suits me well...I hope I could write my own reviews but this time I only copy it from somewhere else and hope it was ok with u guyz...please excuse me for only this time...anywhere...I love this movie...

Clocking in at two hours and fiften minutes Yu Ha's A Dirty Carnival - is perhaps a little over long but beyond that it's difficult to find anything negative to say about it. Fans of Yu's previous works, notably Once Upon A Time In High School, are already well aware of the writer-director's gift for creating rich characters and that gift has done nothing but develop and strengthen over the years. Nominally a gangster film but really a lushly realized character drama A Dirty Carnival is blessed with a detailed script, a host of realistic and fully fleshed out characters, and a charismatic and complex lead performance from Jo In-Seong.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Spy Girl

Huhuhu...I know this is not new but I just found it and just watch it...well you know how I don't really care what people gonna say about this is it ^___^

Since Gong Yoo is already the hottest guy now I don't really need to tell more about him...well back then he look a little bit slimmer but still HOT Shades

And Kim Jeong-hwa the beautiful lady from Something about 1% is completely stunning in her look...well in this movie Jeong-hwa (Hyo-jin) was the undercover girl that send by North Korean on a mission to find and apprehend Operative Kim, another North Korean spy who embezzled a bunch of won.

Things does not go easily as she hope and in order to catch the other spy she stayed with another odd spies couple...huh I'm getting confuse now...whatever...there is so many spies that been send by N.Korean anyway...Big Smile

While staying with them she use their daughter identity and work at a Burger King. With her beautiful angle look, she caught many of the men attention and it happened to be that there is a bunch of guy from the prep school who choose and posted the ladies with good look and present these good looking ladies as their angel in a blog. These blog has choose her as the "angle" and jokingly stated that she is the N.Korean Spy....

Hyo-jin didn't know that Ko-bong had a deep crushed on her until a friend of him finally agreed to help Ko-bong on developing the one sided feelings...started from there u may see that their relationship is actually developing step by step and who say's a spy cannot falling in love?!

Hmm...nice movie, nice joke they have, simple romance and sweet love story...should I say more?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Unstoppable Marriage

This is an unstoppable hilarious romantic comedy movie...well some part make u wanna laugh and some part make u feel sad but still it was a great movie with a good storyline...Eugene look good in here...well she is beautiful as always...and this is the second time I watch Ha Seok-jin in action (hmmm maybe it's more than twice but I only remember two of them ^____^ ), good looking guy...

Out of this two young, good looking, and talented actors...these two people actually make it even better...remember Kim Soo-mee from Memories of Bali? the one that act as Jo In sung mother...well the one that I hated so much on that series LOL, once again she make me feel that way but this time I like her more even with those bad behaviour she have as a mother...the other actors is Im Chae-moo, don't remember which series I watch him...well the impotant thing is these two people make the story perfect...

My favourite scenes is where the two rival parents started collaborating and plant a hidden camera to watch every move of their kids but unfortunately without a mic...that was so damn funny...and...well there is another scene of coz hehehe...when Ki-baek mother and sister pretend to speak france...and yet get caught by Eun-ho...that was hillarious...


Hwang Ki-baek (Ha Seok-jin) is a plastic surgeon, from quite a loaded but somewhat loony and father-less family and leads the comfortable lifeof a well-off playboy. Eun-ho (Eugene) is a down-to-eart girl (except during her paragliding classes), born in a middle-class, and mother-less household, who runs a workshop where she teaches traditional Korean paper doll making.

The two have a fortuitous encounter when Dr. Hwang's date tricks him into paragliding with Eun-Ho, who happens to be the instructor on that fateful day. Thus, they embark on a stormy relationship… As the bickering escalates, they end up falling for each other. But then, they are faced with a challenge: getting their parents' seal of approval to tie the knot.

Determined to break up the happy couple by any means necessary, the two parents join forces for a sabotage mission in a sneaky attempt to subvert the course of true love.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Cyborg But That's Ok

First of all, I feel betrayed by my own stupid idea hehehe...may be I shouldn't believe all the bias review that seems to me like they were trying to make it look bad...or maybe it's me who being always in a different point of view with everyone...after reading so many reviews about this movie that make it sound not cool at all...I've decided not to watch it until now...but after watching it...I guess all **I mean some of them**the reviews was not telling the truth about what the movie trying to tell us.

This is what I think, well it's depends on what u guyz think wouldn't know what a pshyco thinking, or what they manage to do, how they create an illusion around them, how they satisfied their needs and how they describe about life...this is what the movie trying to tell us...well of coz this is not the love story that you wanna watch if u're so into the typical type of storyline...but still u can find one in the movie without trying to show it clearly...come on how do u think a pshyco express their u tend think they really understand what is love...instead of referring them as pshyco now i think these pshyco people is actually  having a great life in their own way ^___^.

Besides, at least I get the idea why they manage to gain all the attention and you really think it's because Rain was in the cast? well one of the reason maybe...but the actors line is quite great...the other pshyco patient make it even interesting...

If you think you gonna watch it...first you have to put aside all the reviews you have read...and stop hoping for a similarity in a up a little bit...only that way you'll understand what they trying to tell you....especially the ending part hahaha it's supposed to be 18+ so if u're not getting the idea that means u're still underage Big Smile

Synopsis:Our Little Secret, She is Cyborg!

Young-goon (Im Soo-jung) enters a Mod psychiatric hospital rich with extravagant imagination and fantasies. She scolds the fluorecent lights and worries about the vending machines as she thinks she is cyborg.

Il-soon (Jung Ji Hoon), a man who believed he can steal other peoples traits, keep a close eye on Young-goon, the new patient.

A Cyborg Shouldn't EAT?

Both of them are uniquely eccentic, but to each other, the counterpart looks all the more special.

Il-soon sets all his abilities into motion to help Young-goon eat, since she become thinner and thinner from her diet of batteries. He steals 'the sleep flying method' to help Young-goon move freely about. And he steals the ability to yodel to sing to Young-goon when she feels low.

Finger tingling, hearts throbbing,
Our Love Is Currently Charging!

Il-soon promises to run to the rescue at any time for 'a life time warranty' on the cyborg. And Young-goon, though the knows a cyborg should not, start to feel attraction for Il-soon. But Young-goon continues to refuse eating and falls in grave danger while Il-soon prepares the ultimate method to help her.

When love is at stake,
It's OK To Be a Cyborg!.


Introducing the best couple of the Mod Asylum.

Thinks she is a cyborg/ Cha Young-goon.

Incredibly slender with really big eyes, Young-goon. She always carries a bag that is bigger than her, filled with PC mouse, a radio, has daily underwear, dentures, a clock etc. Because she thinks she is a cyborg and cannot eat, she carries around a lunch box full with batteries and worries about new ways to recharge herself. She enjoys talking with the vending machine and the lights and sneaks inside a grandfather clock without hesitation. She is the most unique patient, even in the Mod Asylum.

Thinks it's ok that she is a cyborg/ Park Il-soon.

Tall and innocent with a warm smile, Il-soon.
Due to a painful memory when he was young he wears variuos masks and thinks he might vanish one day. He steals other people things, traits, specialities and identities. And thus, he is all around talented man recognized by the patientsa of the Mod Asylum. He is pure hearted man who thinks he can do anything for the new patient, Young-goon.



The film opened in South Korea on December 8 2006, and was the number one movie at the box office in its opening weekend, grossing $2,478,626, mostly on the strength of director Park Chan-wook and the star-power of Rain (Bi). However, in its second weekend, it plummeted by 76%, and by its third weekend it was pulled from most screens.

By its third weekend, I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK sold approximately 780,000 tickets. In contrast, Park's films JSA, Oldboy, and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance all had easily sold over 3 million. As such, I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK is regarded as a box office flop, although still critically acclaimed. This includes winning an Alfred Bauer Award at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and being selected as the opening film for the HK International Film Festival. Also, at the 43rd Baeksang Award in Korea in 2007, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) and Im Su-Jeong were nominated for New Best Actor and Best Actress. Rain won the award while Im Su-jeong lost to The Fox Family' Park Si-yeon.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And I Hate You So

Another beautiful movies that i could not say no to...even if it was release back on 2000 but still this is the movie that I will rewatch again and again. Well this romantic comedy quite nice to watch well something that you already know what the ending could just beautiful...

1st Episode: 

The hate starts on a bad day for Luna Ng (Kelly Chen) - a headstrong writer with a daily newspaper column called Luna Talk (better translated as "Menstrual Cycle"). First her power is cut off, then she breaks her coffee cup in a local cafe and finally is denied an old record in an antique shop. The vinyl platter has special significance - she gave the special edition release to her ex-boyfriend as a gift, only to find it now in a shop rack complete with her old note written on its cover. She begs the shop owner (retro Teresa Mo) to sell it back to her but it's not for sale. Popular radio disc-jockey Cheung Yung (Aaron Kwok) has it on hold. The store owner calls Cheung and tells him about the LP's history but he refuses to let Luna buy it.

Later on, while hosting his radio show Vinyl Record Courier, Cheung tells his listeners how he refused to let the woman have the record he placed on hold, despite that very disc being a cast-off lover's gift. He adds that he hopes the lady in the shop will feel the "beauty of regret" after his denying her a personal momento to cling on to.

Luna is listening to the radio show. And far from feeling this "beauty", she's incensed by Cheung's words. She fires back at him through her column the next day and names him specifically. Cheung in turn responds on air, this time knowing who the lady in the store was. Luna replies by splashing wine on his face at a party and Cheung starts planning "long-term strategies". He gets reading up on her columns past and present and gets to know more about, and as a result get closer to, his rival...

While that's the start of the main story, there's a second, lesser plot travelling along too. The antique shop owner is somewhat lonesome, sitting alone in her curios shop squeezing her zits all day. She gets herself a dog and through it meets a like-minded man (Eric Tsang). Their companionship builds steadily as the film cuts back to them every now and then. But placed against the superstar-led main story, this thread seems sidelined, ambiguous and without conclusion.

And I Hate You So holds a lighthearted, often playful pace as it covers relationships forming, and and relationships not to be. The pace also benefits from an enjoyable premise for its main romance. Barring the Teresa Mo and Eric Tsang plot, the main story follows a steady course that's only interrupted once - a skippable internet chat show sequence which plays more as a name placement than as having any bearing on the story proper. Several aspects aren't adequately described in the plot however, in particular Luna's relationship with a character played by Mark Lui. The inclusion of the Vinyl Record Courier radio show in the story offers pleasing musical backgrounds with oldies of the Edith Piaff variety added to the soundtrack - a laidback change as nice on the ears as the film is on the eyes. The only disappointment here was the absence of local HK '60s tunes with the exception of only one gentle number (with lyrics nicely subtitled in English). I would have loved to hear a couple more such songs placed in there somewhere.

The look and sound of the film generally excels - one of the slickest looking local new releases I've seen for quite some time. A chirpy keyboard score opens the film as the camera sweeps about with fine, soft visuals and settles down comfortably. Throughout the film attractive interior set designs and pleasant urban surrounds are nicely framed and form an appealing background to set the script and characters against. Of the cast, Kelly Chen capably holds up her role as the obstinate writer storming about town. Aaron Kwok's character is written as an unlikeable person, and the actor stays true to that form. Jessica Hester Hsuan is also notable as a radio station staffer with eyes for Cheung Yung but unable to get close to him.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Tutor Friend 2

Sound interesting for me at first especially when the title is My Tutor Friend 2...and of coz I would like to watch something that more refresh and great as they have made it to the My Tutor Friend...
But I got a little bit frustrated with the storyline, well at first I thought it was cool and funny but it's only work for me for the first 15 minutes...and the rest hmmm...not a totally junk but some plot just not right and something is missing somewhere...but it was quite good that the actors has that good look on them so I can stand it untill the end of the show...but out of 5 I only give it 3 matter how good the actors is when the storyline is bad then the results will be bad too Hurmph. Watch it if you want to have just something fun and new...but if you're hoping more from it I don't think you should watch this...well it depends on you anyway some might think it good and some might not...

remember we don't have same feels and taste so maybe you should watch it and tell what do you think...

Plot Synopsis : 

Junko (Lee Cheong Ah) is a half japanese half korean, having a big crush with one of the exchange student from Korea call Woo-sung, in order to reunite again with her crush she managed to be a an exchange student in Korea. While in Korea she live in aguest house that is run by a friendly guy call Ha-ryong and his son Joong-man (Park Ki Woong) who is the same age with Junko and also attend the same univesity with her. While staying in Korea all that Junko's need is to learn the korean language and Joong-man is happened to be her tutor. Joong-man who has no interest on teaching Junko started giving her a lesson which is none of them help Junko on her study.

Joong-man is a guy who work hard and keep everything by himself. No matter how bad he feels he would never tell it to anyone. Feeling bad about his friend who was injured while boxing tournament which is match with him make him stop on pursuing his passionate on boxing.

Both of them become closer in no time and love is actually is around the corner...

The cast:


Park Ki woongBirthday: Feb., 13, 1985
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Kyeong-an High School; currently a student at Daejin University
Movie - 2005~ Guidam (Japanese Movie); 2006 ~ Art of Fighting; 2007~ My Tutor Friend 2 .
Drama - Joseon Detective Story (MBC)
Other - SKY PMP phone CF, SBS TV Box Office Show, K2's 사랑을 드려요 MV.

이청아 / Lee Chung Ah (Lee Cheong Ah)
Date of birth: 1984 October 25
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: A
Talent agency: SidusHQ
TV Series
Let’s Go To The Beach (SBS, 2005)


Sunday Seoul (2005)
Temptation of Wolves (2004)
Happy Ero Christmas (2003)
Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2002)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time Of Dog & Wolf

I have so many to review but can't figure out which one should I start first so I make it easy with choosing this one...great drama...something that gave us a different view especially on LJK...since he always refered as a beautiful man than women...well I think he can be tough too ^___^


After his mother gets brutally killed by the Thai criminal syndicate, Cheongbang, Lee Soo-hyun (Lee Jun ki) gets adopted into NIS agent Jungho's family. Together with Kang Min-ki (Jung Kyungho), Jungho's son, Soo-hyun becomes an NIS agent. Suhyeon had met Seo Ji-woo (Nam Sangmi) when they were younger and later has another fateful encounter with her. Together they make promises for the future. However, one day, Soo-hyun leaves for an operation dealing with the Cheongbang, only to return in failure because of the resurfacing of terrible memories when he was in Thailand previously. The chief of NIS agents, Jeong, proposes to the distraught Soo-hyun to infilitrate the Cheongbang. So, through Chief Jeong's proposition, Soo-hyun becomes an undercover NIS agent. Thoroughly hiding his past, Soo-hyun infiltrates the Cheongbang with revenge on his mind. Under the pseudo-name of Kay, he passes through the backstreets of Bangkok…

Lee Soo-hyun (Kay) – Actor Lee Jun Ki

An NIS agent. Underneath his quiet demeanor, he has a violent temper. At a young age, he lost his mother when she was killed by Mao, a Triad gang member. NIS Agent Kang Joong-ho adopted him and raised him with his son Min-ki. After learning that Mao became a Triad boss, he infiltrates the gang as an undercover agent. He assumes a new name, Kay, and goes on a rampage as a gangster to gain the trust of his gang.

Kang Min-ki – Actor Chong Kyung-Ho

An NIS agent. He's a very competitive person behind his easy-going smile. As the son of NIS Chief Agent Kang Joong-ho, he grew up with Soo-hyun like brothers. After becoming an NIS agent like his father who, he admires the most in the world, he gets involved in a love triangle with Soo-hyun and finds himself competing against him at the agency. When Soo-hyun leaves the agency, he confesses his love to Ji-woo and they become lovers. 

Seo Ji-woo – Actress Nam Sang-mi

An art director. She has a bright personality and is very considerate to other people. She's honest about her feelings. After meeting her childhood friend Soo-hyun one day, they begin dating. But then Soo-hyun leaves her suddenly. She becomes Min-ki's girlfriend after that and while she was getting over her painful breakup with Soo-hyun, she meets "Kay."

Finally it comes to an end...well when I told my friends about LJK new drama they got so excited but then they mumbled it was not their type or kind of I just shut them out and saying stop being so sentimentle...I know that's not nice hehehe...

Actually it was a good drama...well kind of slow at the early show...but it's ok those kids know how to act anyway...and when the show continue it's getting better...glad that I'm not so choosy when watching drama or I have no problem watching an action movie or long as the storyline is great than it's ok with me...

To tell the's better than other drama huhuhu...CP is great but this one is greatest...why? because they have something to tell the shoot was great the cast was better...the acting is even better...well Gong Yoo is hot that's no doubt but have you ever seen LJK being so hot? hehehe 

This drama make my heart stop beating...well I guess maybe I didn't realize that my heart is jumping out of my chest while watching this drama hahaha...

Until then have a great day!!

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One Fine Day

I Just realized that I haven't put any review on this drama...actually I already wrote it...but I place it at my ither here is the review...

One fine day is a drama which is involved around 4 people( but the main character that I really wanna know about is only 2 hehehe)'s another siblings love story but why care, all I know is that Gong Yoo is damn hot

Seo Gun - a guy who live faraway from Korea doing everything including cheating to everyone that he care...but deep down inside him he felt empty and still waiting for the moment where he can finally keep his promise to the one he love...the promise that he made 15 years years ago.

Seo Haneul - Gun might be the best liar in the world but Haneul could be the best among the 2 of as Park Hae Won for 15 years...pretending to be happy in a wealthy family...she could pretend to be whatever she one know the this tough lady is actually so weak inside...she believe no one but the one she love...

Hyo Joo - Growing up with lot of love from 3 guys...her dad, brother and Gun. Always refer Gun as her lover even that she knows Gun always refer her as a weak person she actually has the strong heart...

Kim Dong Ho - He's a guy that full with sense of humor, he actually a person who lost in his own world and love...until he met Haneul and fall in love again. Got an interesting character...

Love that involved around them is not as easy as it may seem...know what they feel but all that they have done is protecting each other until they got tired and let it out and face the feeling that they have hide and all they really need is time and each other...

All that I hope from this drama is a good ending...I think the ending is kind of too simple well korean drama always do that...the happy part will come so short but the sad part is longer huhuhu...

Over The Rainbow

My friend ask me why I didn't make a review on this tell the truth actually I've been bz with the latest drama all around me...and untill now I haven't finish watching this...but for my beloved friend...this is for you...something that not came out from my own thought coz I have no idea what the storyline is...I'll watch it and tell what I think later...


Concept: Stardom is youth’s perpetual pursuit

The bright and dark side of the world of stars is dramatically captured in this drama by giving a realistic depiction of singer-wannabes ambition and their dash for stardom.

A story about the painstaking work it takes to become a popular singer,
the intrigues and betrayals arising from constant meetings and partings,
and heartbreaking love that blooms amidst all that.
It presents viewers with a glimpse of a life that burns like a flame.

Kwon Hyeok-ju (Lives and dies for pride and loyalty. Without them, he’s nothing.) played by Ji Hyeon-woo

Very proud and clear about what he likes and what he doesn't, Hyeok-ju is stubborn as a mule. When he decides that he wants something, there's nothing that can stop him. To put it nicely, he's straightforward and to put it not so nicely, he's a simpleton. He was good with his studies until his elementary school years. However, because of his innate personality, he couldn't help but pay back those who beat up his friends and confront anyone who provoked him, and before he realized, he ends up becoming the biggest bully on the block who even gets recruiting offers from "brothers" of crime organizations. But when Hyeok-ju forcibly got on the stage for a "Youth Dance Contest" as a punishment for some trouble he caused, he received explosive cheers and attention for the first time in his life after having been treated as a mere headache for so long. It was a moment that lifted his heart and made him see that there was another way to achieve a cool, short yet impressive life other than becoming a member of an organized crime syndicate. A few days later, at the scheduled interview with the brothers of a crime organization, he drops a bomb.

"Brothers! I want to become a singer!!"
Since that day, he devotes all his energy to nothing but dancing. And one day, he has a fateful encounter with Lex...

Ma Sang-mi (Sad face, sadder body! A dauntless girl dreaming of becoming a heroin in a TV drama) played by Seo Ji-hye

She starts conversations with strangers and talks at length about anything that comes to her mind. She likes to poke her nose into other people's business but gets no thanks in return. She couldn't care less about self-respect. She just forgets whatever that hurt her feelings. Or just takes it as she wants... Being witty and cunning, she always keeps coming up with a new idea and acts on it. She's so hyperactive that she can't sit still for a minute. She tells lies with the most innocent look in the world on her face. Don't fall for that naïve look, or you will regret it big time. Hotheaded, she will knock the bottom out of everything and say whatever is on her mind when she thinks she has put up with enough. She gets pretty scary at a time like that. She turns into the Hulk. Ever since she was young, she would escape to the world of imagination whenever she was troubled. She wanted to become the girl in A Little Princess, and after realizing that it was impossibility, she then dreamed of meeting Daddy Long Legs, and the same pattern ensued for virtually every character in comic books and TV shows. And one day, she sets her mind on something.
Be a star!! Or become a star's girl friend!! Why can't she be one when others can?
And one day, it really happens!
Is her dream coming true, at last?

Lex (A genius musician with a fan club of nearly 100,000 members) played by Hwan-Hee

Lex is a singer with boyish good looks and outstanding talent, and is the biggest asset to Pride Ent., an entertainment agency. He’s got perfect pitch and is a natural dancer, too, for he can repeat any choreography that he has seen just once. Having a volatile personality, he is the nicest person in the whole world when he is in good mood but no one can stop him when he gets cross. He hurts others’ feelings with sarcastic and mean remarks, and even gets violent, smashing everything around him. He wasn’t like that when he was an aspiring singer but as his first album became a huge hit and the second album followed suit, his temper has grown only worse.

He is a smooth operator, seducing girls who he thinks meets his standards. But when the girl completely falls for him, he suddenly loses all interest and dumps her. He is only attracted to girls who consistently show no interest in him. And what happens if a girl does leave him? He gets hurt in his own way, thinking that her love for him wasn’t absolute after all. In a nutshell, he’s trapped in a vicious cycle of love.
Then one day, he meets a girl who throws a sharp dagger at his heart by turning her back on a star who’s got 100,000 fans as if to demonstrate her complete disinterest in him.
Her name is Hee-su… And Lex is interested.

Jeong Hee-su (Has a passionate soul!) played by Kim Ok-bin

Born with stunning looks, great talent and a passionate soul, Hee-su is cheerful and always smiling, yet she’s got a strong charisma that makes it impossible for others to mistreat her. A girl with huge talent and bravery, she is quite sure of herself in everything she does and is clear about her likes and dislikes. She spent her teenage years quarreling with her stubborn, conservative parents. She would lie that she was going out for missionary work when she was actually going out to dance the night away with her African-American friends on the street.
One day, after hearing that representatives from Pride Ent, a Korean entertainment agency, were going to attend a dance festival in search of new members of a music group, she begins practicing very hard. She almost makes it to the stage when she gets caught by her father, and is dragged home and gets locked up in her room. That night, she gets beaten up by her father within an inch of her life, and is informed that she will be transferring to a boarding school. That night that she packs her stuff and leaves home with a calm look on her face. She has nothing left in a house that stops her from realizing her potential. She boards a plane bound for Korea with nothing but a business card she got from an agent in her hand.

* Hyeok-ju’s family*

Kwon Sang-bok played by Im Ha-ryong

Hyeok-ju's father is full of hot air. When he sets his mind on something, he goes all the way with it till the end. When he was selected at a cabaret's stage audition that he didn't think much of at first, the thirty-something man became confident of his talent and started knocking on doors of recording companies to make his "debut album" in earnest. But he wasn't so lucky with other auditions and in most cases, he didn't even get a chance to audition. Dubious record labels swindled him out of his money, asking for down payment for the album they promised to produce for him. Before he knew it, he sold off the rice paddies and fields back in his country hometown and his parents passed away due to an illness caused by severe anger and frustration. Nevertheless, time kept passing him by and he now finds himself in his 50s, being the head of his family.
If other people of his age can become successful singers, why can't he?
"Becoming a singer," or rather, releasing just one album! His self-respect will not allow him to give up that dream.

Lee Mi-ja played by Kim Hye-ok

Hyeok-ju's mother Mi-ja is a tough woman who practically raised Hyeok-ju and Ji-hye all by herself, while paying off the debt her husband piled up, pursuing what was only useless. With her frequent swearing and smack on the backs of her children, she seems ill tempered, but she is by no means a hardhearted person. She always ends up letting her children do whatever they want, pretending that she can't win them. Though she always gives a hard time to her husband for having wasted the family's fortune away on affairs with other women and a futile pursuit of making a music album, she is wise enough to let her husband have full authority at critical moments.

Kwon Ji-hye played by Na Hye-mi

Hyeok-ju's sister who is a year younger than him, Ji-hye is a model student who has maintained good grades at school, very much unlike her brother. Hyeok-ju and Ji-hye have been cat and dog from childhood. When they quarrel, Hyeok-ju is no match for her because she has a glib tongue, clear logic and a hot temper as well. Believing she is much smarter and more mature than most kids her age, she consistently ignores and disregards Hyeok-ju's "gang" who swarms about here and there to dance.
Then, as if hit by lightening, she gets a crush on Brother Gas, a beefy, masculine guy who was working without his shirt, on a hot summer day.

*Hyeok-ju's Friends*

Oh Young-dal played by Shin Hyeon-tak

Though naive and good-natured, he is a simpleton with hot air and is a bit of a show-off. He is good at fighting but he doesn't pick a fight recklessly, and his skills aren't that impressive in the first place. He places the highest value on friendship and loyalty. Despite being stingy, he never hesitates to use his emergency funds to treat Hyeok-ju to meals when he became a dancer, or to buy him a few drinks when Hyeok-ju comes back after giving up on his dream. He is very proud of Hyeok-ju and has strong faith in him.

Choi Gyu-ho (a.k.a King Mart) played by Choi Kwon

He had the whole world when he was in elementary school. His father ran a hotel with spa facilities and had many real estate properties. At one of the sites his father owned, he couldn't even see the end of the land. His father was a real estate tycoon.
He was the center of the universe, back then. But when his father's acquisition of another hotel went wrong, leading to his bankruptcy, Gyu-ho's grades started to fall and his personality became increasingly twisted. His pride of having been a wealthy kid once is what troubles him even today. Currently, he runs King Mart, the biggest supermarket in the vicinity of Hyeok-ju's school. 

Kim Won-gyeong (a.k.a Smarty) played by Now

Good-natured and sincere, smart and affable, Won-gyeong is a perfectionist who has to complete what he has started and punishes himself if he makes even a minor mistake by going into a closet and banging his head against the wall. He has been an obedient son since he was a little boy, but he got so fascinated by the world of dancing, which his friend introduced him to during his junior high school days, he ditched his studies and went to learn how to dance. During high school, he was preoccupied with the school's dancing club, so he attended school only halfheartedly and barely managed to graduate, after which he got himself an audition and was hired as a backup dancer of Pride Ent. That's when he met Hyeok-ju whom he began looking up to as his idol.
He was impressed by Hyeok-ju's warm and caring personality, who simply says, "What? Dude."
Since Hyeok-ju's debut as a solo artist, the two share each other’s ups and downs. 

Man-jong played by Poppin Hyeon-joon

A legendary underground dancer, who was once a member of Moonlight. He is the "real McCoy" that has both outstanding dancing skills and loyalty.
As the leader of Gangster, a music group, he gives emotional support to his group members.

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