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'First time acting in korean...proud'

The press conference of the movie, Mr. Idol, (omit) was held in the morning of September 28th (omit) with Kim soo-ro, Park Ye-Jin, Ji Hyun-Woo, Jay Park etc.

On this day, Jay Park revealed, "This is my second movie but Mr. Idol is special because it is my first Korean movie," and added, "I was happy that I could say my parts in Korean."

Jay Park continued, "Of course my acting is still very poor but to be honest, the hardest thing was to say all my lines in Korean. It's a relief that my character doesn't say much and expresses himself through actions instead," and smiled.

In addition, Jay Park emphasized, "The happiest part of working on this movie was that I could say my lines in Korean," and joked, "But many of my parts were edited out. I'm a little bit hurt."

(omit). Ji Hyun-Woo, Jay Park, Seowon Jang and Randy Kim will act as the members of "Mr. Children". Nam Gyuri, Brave Girls and Chocolat appeared as cameos and supported the movie. Set to be in theatres in October.

Reporter Kim Ji-Hyun


Jay Park "My first movie... I'm not nervous'

Jay Park, who transformed from an idol singer to an actor, revealed his feelings before the premiere of his first movie.

On the 28th, Jay Park joined the press conference for the movie, Mr. Idol, (omit) and revealed proudly, "It's my first time being at an event like this but I'm not nervous."

Jay Park continued and explained his character, "I took the role of a charismatic character who is easily irritated, aggressive and is a man of few words but is good at dancing and expresses his feelings through actions or facial expressions."

When Kim Soo-ro, the MC of the event, complimented, "Did you practice the description of the character beforehand?", Jay Park replied, "I did practice. I talked a lot with the director (while filming the movie)."

(omit) In the movie, Jay Park stars as the member of "Mr. Children", a group that challenges to become the national idol, as Zio whose specialty is dancing, and is the only member who has the appearance of an idol.

(omit) The movie will premiere in late October.

Reporter Lee Hye-Jin


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G.O Talks about Jay Park in 10asia interview

Q: When did you stop worrying about winning?

G.O: I started to change my mind since I decided to enjoy the moment, and there comes our Jay, joining the show.
Jay has a very opened mind. If there’s something to praise to, he praises the others right away. And he knows how to show off his ability as well.
Jay never seem to think of winning the competition, although he does get nervous about going on the stage.
After seeing him, I thought “why did I only tried to win when IS2 is the show that is capable of showing off my possibilities and talents?”.
I recently started to joke while we’re talking on the show. I think of IS2 as doing concert with my buddies, so I try to keep myself calm, chitchat, and perform with them.

*other non-Jay related parts are omitted



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Jay Park Interview with French Mag 'Kpop Life'

Jay Park's confessions

For this edition, we have the pleasure to get in contact with Jay Park who answered our questions with sincerity and humility. After his first solo album released in spring, he is on the cover of the movie "Mr. Idol" and soon a new single. For Kpop life mag, he came with his story; the 2pm episode, the return to Korea and finally this solo album and his plans for the future.
- Jane C.

TAKE A DEEPER LOOK- 1st Solo Album

Q:Why did you choose this title "Take a Deeper Look" for your first solo album.

Jay: By naming this album like this, I wanted to spread the idea that things aren't always what they seem and often you need to dig deeper to find the truth, whether it's about something or someone.
"Take a deeper Look" suggest to go beyond the exterior vision that we have of things and that is what I tried to show through my songs on this album.

Q: TADL is a success, what are your other projects for this year?

Jay: Since the album release I did many performance in order to present my songs to the fans. I also plan to record a mini album and some singles in the nears future so I am always busy writing and composing new songs. I have also filmed two movies, Hype Nation and Mr. Idol.

Q: Can you give a definition of the music style you adopted for this solo album?

Jay: I incorporated many different styles in this album like hiphop, R&B and dance. I didn't follow a unique style but rather I created the style of music that I wanted to do.

Q: Is it's hard for you to write your songs in Korean?

Jay: Yes, sometimes it's a real challenge to write lyrics in Korean, compared to English but the more I compose the more it becomes easier.

CARRIER // Actual and Past

Q: Before this album you chose to make a song cover of "Nothing On You" by B.O.B. Did you expect to gain so much success in the cover?

Jay: By posting that video, I was simply looking for a way to express who I was to the people. I never dream that it would become that popular and I am really greatful it did.

Q: You went through some really hard times when things went wrong with 2pm but you returned even stronger with this new album. Would you say that you have a fighting spirit?

Jay: You can say so. I knew that creating music was what I wanted to do with my life so I didn't let any obstacle on my path block my way. I don't want anything blocking me from accomplishing my objectives.

Q: Is it hard for you to comeback in the Korean scene? Are you scared?

Jay: Yes, I was really nervous and skeptic at the beginning. But I would like to say that my fans helped me a lot and supported me through all these events. This made my comeback less frightening and helped me get where I am today.

Q: Was it difficult for you to make a comeback as a solo artist since you are used to singing in a group? Were you afraid of being on stage alone?

Jay: At first it was because it is hard to do a performance alone with all eyes on you compared to the times where I would get on stage in a group. But with this album, most of the time, I had my crew and dancers next to me on the stage, so the change was small since I was rarely alone.

Q: Now that you experienced both, which do you prefer? Being in a group or being solo?

Jay: It's cool to be in a group but on the other hand, it's great to make songs that are completely my style and not to have to make compromises to incorporate other's preferences into my music.


Q: Where do you live?

Jay: Right now I live in Seoul, South Korea.

Q: The French fans are far away from Korea and their idols. It's really hard for them to meet their idols (even for the most dedicated ones). Do you have a message for them?

Jay: I just want to simply say Thank You for the support they given me and for listening and liking music as much as me.


Q:You are in the movie called Mr. Idol, what is it about?

Jay: Oh Goo Ju (Park Ye Jin) causes a revolt against "Star Music" company directed by Sa Hee Moon (Kim Sooro) who is the most talented producer in the the entertainment industry.

Oh Goo Ju then creates a new company for new talents called "Champion Music"

It's a comedy that takes place during the creation of 4 popular idols who were trouble makers in the past.

Q:Who is your character?

Jay: My character is Ji Oh (Zio), member of "Mr. Idol", he was the first member of "Mr Children" and after it got disbanded, he became a DJ in a club. He goes back to his career as a singer with the re-formation of "Mr. Idol" group.

He curses, he's aggressive and he's already been charges for violence. He picks fight for no reason with YuJin (Ji Hyun Woo), the main singer.

Q:Do you have any intention of doing other movies in the future?

Jay: We will see, it's my second movie since Hype Nation in 2011.
Of course if a good scenario get presented to me I will play again. But first I would like to stay faithful to my profession, being a singer.

Plus, I am also working on some new tracks, I hope I get to present them to you soon.

Q:When will the movie be released in Korea? Will it be distributed internationally as well?

Jay: It's release is scheduled for October this year. I did my best so I hope the public will be receptive and that this movie will get the expected success.

It's a good movie, he may find a new international public.

Realized by : Jane Carda
Thanks to: Park JaeBum, Sidus HQ an the whole team who helped put in place this interview (in the United States and in Korea)
raduction: Jane Carda, In Seon Kim

SOURCE: Kpop Life (French Magazine); TRANSLATOR: Spirit@JAYPARK.NET

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’1N2D’ holds its first shoot without MC Kang Ho Dong

On September 23rd, ‘1N2D‘ held its first shoot without MC Kang Ho Dong.

The staff members of ’1N2D’ looked nervous and concerned about their first shoot without the beloved MC. PD Na Young Suk even asked the staff to be a little understanding, since the cast would be a bit sensitive that day.

One by one, the cast members began to arrive on set. Their faces said it all — they were all worried about the first recording without their eldest hyung, Kang Ho Dong. The cast members all felt the heavy burden of having to carry the show without their main man.

Lee Seung Gi, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, and Uhm Tae Woong agreed not to lose focus and to work hard, just like they always have. The staff expected the set to feel empty and awkward, but much to their surprise, the boys managed to motivate themselves into positive moods. The five went in for a group hug to re-confirm their loyalty to one another, and for the show itself.

Reportedly, the members got so hyped up that Uhm Tae Woong (who’s been sick lately) began rolling around on the ground, and Eun Ji Won brought out his classic facial expressions that had the cast roaring with laughter. Kim Jong Min even did his iconic shuffle dance.

Though there was heavy security in the area preventing cameras and reporters from getting too close, it seemed as though the staff and cast had no trouble continuing ’1N2D’ without Kang Ho Dong. They plan to continue the show together until February of next year.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate & Allkpop

‘Love Rain’ holds its first script-reading with SNSD’s YoonA and Jang Geun Suk

PD Yoon Suk Ho, who’s famous for his melodramas like ‘Autumn Tale‘ and ‘Winter Sonata‘, is reuniting with writer Oh Soo Yun for the new drama, ‘Love Rain‘. The drama boasts a formidable cast comprised of Jang Geun Suk, SNSD‘s YoonA, Son Eun Seo, Hwang Bora, and Seo In Guk.

‘Love Rain’ recently held its first script-reading session with the cast, PD, and writer. PD Yoon Suk Ho led the meeting with careful and detailed suggestions on the acting. Jang Geuk Suk and Yoon prepared for their parts thoroughly, and the atmosphere in the meeting seemed no different from the actual filming environment.

The story portrays both the pure emotional love story from the ’70s, as well as the more modern type of love. PD Yoon Suk Ho reflected, “Many of the actors and actresses in this drama may not have experienced the style of romance felt in the ’70s.” He mused, “Looking back on my memories, it was an enjoyable time; that nostalgia is reflected in this production.”

Jang Geun Suk will play a double role as a father and son, ‘Seo In Ha‘ and ‘Seo Jun‘. Commenting on his roles, he stated, “When I first saw the script, I cried a lot. I feel an ambition to express the two characters’ emotions, in addition to the emotions I feel and the sincere message I want to say through ‘Love Rain’.”

Jokingly, he continued, “I usually covers roles that portray energetic personalities, but trying to do something more calm and steady ,it feels uneasy.“.

YoonA will play two roles as well; she’s accepted the part of ‘Kim Yoon Hee‘, a shy beauty from the ’70s arc of the show, as well as ‘Yuri‘, a cheerful girl from the present time. YoonA explained “The burden is big, as I have to act as two characters who have contradictory personalities. But by being together with the PD, writer, and the other actors and actresses, I have a strong heart. One by one, I’ll do everything possible.”

After the script-reading ended, the actors and actresses ate dinner together and became even closer. Filming is scheduled to begin in September and the drama will air in early 2012.

Source: Source: OSEN via Nate & Allkpop

* I'm not Yoona's fan, but 'Love Rain' sound great. I wonder how this drama going to be on screen. Knowing that the PD is one of the best, this drama will be on my 'Must Watch' list.

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[Look A Like] Satoshi Tsumabuki & Choi Minho (SHiNee)

Name: 妻夫木聡 (つまぶき さとし)
Name (romaji): Tsumabuki Satoshi
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1980-Dec-13
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 171cm
Weight: 55kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Horipro

Name: 민호 / Min Ho
Real name: 최민호 / Choi Min Ho
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1991-Dec-09
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: B
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

* Is it just me? they do look alike right?
will spam more picture later....

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Lee Ji Ah confirmed for MBC’s new drama, “I’m A Flower Too”

It’s just been confirmed that actress Lee Ji Ah will be returning to the entertainment industry through MBC‘s new drama, “I’m A Flower Too“.

Directed by Kim Do Woo (director of “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and “What’s Up, Fox”) and produced by Go Dong Sun (PD for “Queen of Housewives“), “I’m A Flower Too” is a romantic comedy about a female policewoman named Cha Bong Sun who begins to fall in love with a two-faced undercover boss.

Director Kim Do Woo revealed, “When I met Lee Ji Ah for the first time recently, I could feel why so many people had so much interest in her. Her acting in front of the viewers may be important, but what’s also crucial is for the actors themselves to have their own set of charms, which is why I’m looking forward to working with her.”

PD Go Dong Sun added, “Lee Ji Ah is an actor I’ve been watching over ever since her ‘Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi’ days. With her versatile acting skills, I feel that she’ll be able to act out Cha Bong Sun’s various emotions and actions perfectly. I believe it will be an enjoyable production.”

In response, Lee Ji Ah’s agency Key East Entertainment expressed, “It’s true that she worried a lot for her next production. Not only does she have faith in director Kim Do Woo and PD Go Dong Sun, but she said she felt a lot of potential and charm in her character and production as a whole.”

“After meeting with the producer and director last week, she gained even more interest and anticipation for the production and believed it was a drama she couldn’t reject, and accepted the offer in the end. In order to stand before the camera as as a more mature and developed actress, she will be doing her best to prepare herself before the beginning of production,” they said.

Key East continued, “As an actress, Lee Ji Ah has firmly committed herself to bringing out a great drama and greeting everyone once again through her acting. She will be working hard to pay back all the support she received during her period of difficulty.”

With regards to the title of the drama, the producer stated, “It’s a title with the meaning that anyone can or can hope to be the center of the world, just like the main actors in the drama. It also contains the main character’s desire to experience love.”

The production team is currently in the midst of finalizing their main cast line up, which will be shortly followed by the drama’s first recording. The pilot episode will be aired this coming November.

Source: My Daily via Naver & Allkpop

Hyun Bin to Emcee in Marine Corps Band Concert

Private Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin) has been selected to be the emcee of the 22nd Marine Corps Band Concert, to be held on Sept 30 at the Yeouido KBS Hall. This will be Hyun Bin’s debut attempt as an emcee, while serving his military duty in the Marines.

The Marine Corps Band Concert is a public event held annually by the Marine Corps. While displaying the discipline expected of the ROK military, it also aims to capture the hearts of the people with their music. The concert will be carried out in a similar way to KBS’s “Open Concert,” thus even if the emcee does not speak much, he has an important role to play throughout the two-hour concert.

Members of the public who want to attend the event can apply through the Marine Corps internet homepage ( from Sept 23 to 25. 500 seats s will be available.

Also performing in this concert is singer Oh Jong Hyuk, currently serving his military duty in the Marine Corps Band.

Source: Soompi

Shinhwa’s Eric terminates his Twitter account

On September 19th, Shinhwa’s Eric stunned fans by shutting down his Twitter account. To explain his reasons, he’s left the following message:

I’ve decided to close down my Twitter account. It’s a shame because I had so much fun interacting with my followers and thus, made new friends in the process. In fact, I’ve been communicating with my fans more than I have with my fellow Shinhwa members. This news could be pleasing to some, but I know that some will find this unfortunate. I deeply apologize to those who will miss our experience.
Just like how I’m closing down ‘Good Diaries’, I’m shutting down Twitter as well due to negative feedback and concerns. I am going to miss this site very much, as it was the only gateway for me to communicate with my fans.  I shortly forgot that I’m suppose to be a good role model to my followers, but the joy of communicating with others like a normal person led me to forget that role. Anyway, it’s been a joy sharing my troubles and good news with my followers… just like friends.
Just like how I came back after quitting Good Diaries, I hope I can return to my fans again in the future with a different source~ Sulhwa, Mira, SeYung, Hwi Jin, Min Kyung, Oboe, Hana, Miso Gongju (smiling princess), Seung Hye, and to the rest of my followers….I had so much fun, take care! ^_^ Good Bye.
We’re sure Eric misses his fans already, and we know we’re already missing the 4D-ness of his hilarious selcas. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Twitter comeback in the near future!

[Fanfic] Shillang, I Accept That

They leisurely walked down the stairs in silence. Both were mumbling and keeping their gaze low. They walked in the same pace and manner to the next level down. The silence was suddenly disrupted by a loud groan.

"Aishee!" Hwang Bo stopped walking. "Shillang.." she whined, stamping her feet at the same time. "I counted wrongly again. I don't know whether this is 26 or 28." She pouted, looking at Hyun Joong's direction for help.

Hyun Joong had stopped walking too. He briefly stared at his shoes before tilting his chin to look at Hwang Bo. "32," he said. The cute expression he wanted to see badly. He saw it just now. Not a full pledged cute expression. It was not even an intended cute expression from Hwang Bo. He doubted she herself realized she looked cute when she threw tantrum such as that. He would take that as a cute expression. Hyun Joong smiled.

"32? Why isn't it 26 or 28?" she asked, not satisfied with the answer.

"This is the second time you counted wrongly," he replied, giving her a sharp glare. "I don't want to go back upstairs and start recounting again. I counted 32 so you must count 32 too." His answer was very firm. So was his tone.

It left Hwang Bo with no choice but to nod her head, agreeing with him. "I understand," she said softly. Although she was unwilling to go with his answer, she was also unwilling to climb up the stairs again to start recounting. She slowly followed Hyun Joong going down the stairs, counting from 33 as she went down one step.

"Aishee.." It was Hyun Joong who sighed this time. "What will you do if I'm not around?" he asked, sounding disappointed with Hwang Bo. He shook his head to emphasize how frustrated he was with her.

Hwang Bo laughed out loud, hitting Hyun Joong on his arm. "It was you who suggested we took the stairs and bet on who'll count the number of stairs right! Why wasn't it a good idea when I suggested betting on taking the stairs? But when you suggested it, we have to do it?" Although she tried hard to sound annoyed, she could not suppress her chuckle. Most of the times, she did not know what to do with him. He annoyed her when he made her enjoyed being with him. Yet she enjoyed being with him. But at the same time, he annoyed her. "I don't know what to do with you," she told him her thought out loud.

Hyun Joong smiled. "Yet you like being with me," he told her, as if he could read her mind.

That almost made Hwang Bo lost her counting again. He knew her so well that she sometimes almost believed he was her destined soul mate. She shook her head to get rid of the ridiculous thought out of her head. Yet, although she ruled it as ridiculous, she wondered why they kept calling each other Buin and Shillang when filming had wrapped up an hour earlier?

He glanced sideways, trying to observe Hwang Bo's expression. He suggested the game to get time alone with her off camera, away from everyone. Just Hwang Bo and him. Only a silly person would take the stairs going down from fifth floor when the elevator was working fine. He was indeed silly. No, he was not silly. He was crazy. Out of his mind. Insane. It was all Hwang Bo's doing. "Buin, do you remember when you asked me whether there's anything that I'm displeased with you?" he asked, carefully constructing his sentence.

"43. Hmm.. What about it?" She glanced at him, biting her lower lip with a wary expression. "You can't take it back after saying it!" Her tone appeared to send him a harsh warning. When Hyun Joong shook his head and answered, "No," she placed her hands on her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. She was very touched when he told her that she made him upset talking about marrying another guy when she was still married to him. She would be very distress if he was to deny it now.

"After thinking about it.." Hyun Joong's voice trailed. He paused for a while. He looked up, frowning.

She anticipated the next sentence. "Hmm.." she said, encouraging him to say more. "47."

"You make me upset more than once."

"How is that possible!" Hwang Bo quickly denied it even before Hyun Joong finished his sentence.

Hyun Joong stuck out his thumb as he began his counting. "You always wear short skirts." He eyed the short dress she was wearing. She put back the short grey dress she was wearing before Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon arrived right after they wrapped up filming and left the Ssangchu couple's house. Even though Hwang Bo looked gorgeous and sexy in short skirt, he disliked it when she flaunted too much in short skirts. She should know how to reserve looking sexy for those who would really appreciate it. Hyun Joong's index finger appeared with his next sentence. "You are always with guys."

Hwang Bo angled her head and looked at him in disbelieved. Her jaws dropped and her eyes widened. She still could not comprehend why he disliked seeing her in short skirts and now he brought up her guy friends. "But Shillang, I'm working." That was the only explanation she could come up with to rebuff his accusations. "Explain to me why the fact that I'm working upset you so much?"

He turned silence in a sudden. He took his time to come up with the explanation she requested. The fact that she was working never bothered him. "A woman does need to work especially one like you.." he said, trying to sound considerate.

"One like me?" Hwang Bo asked in alarm. She could not guess what Hyun Joong meant with the phrase. Was it something good? Or something bad? She cupped her ears. She did not want to hear it anymore. Hwang Bo took two flights down the stairs in a single stride.

He saw Hwang Bo cupping her ears. He grinned when she started to run away from him. "Hhhm.." he replied softly. Then he ran after her, grabbing her arm and pulled it away. "One with a career," he said to her ear. He smiled and glanced towards Hwang Bo's direction. "One who does a lot of charity works."

Her smile was a shy one yet she felt proud when Hyun Joong said those words to her. She felt appreciated.

"But wear long skirts too when you work. Work with girls too." He was bothered by the fact the guys she worked with seemed to be smitten by her charm. His place in her heart could be threatened. Hyun Joong was very convinced he had a place in her heart. He added a third finger as he counted one more thing she did that upset him. "Today, you don't want to show me cute expression." He beamed when he saw her sulked with a pout. "Buin.." He glimpsed at her again. "There's something I want to tell you."

Hwang Bo was almost convinced Hyun Joong was trying to divert her attention from counting the number of stairs and hence losing the bet. "61. Hmm.." She fixed her eyes on stairs. They had not decided what the bet would be. The winner would decide later after winning.

Suddenly, Hyun Joong felt nervous. His heart beats went haywire abruptly. "Aishee.." He looked away, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling it. He grimaced, looking like he was in pain.

"Why? What is that look for?" Hwang Bo asked, sounding concern. However, right after asking him that, she erupted in anger. "What else I did to make you upset?" She could not accept that Hyun Joong had so many complaints against her.

"No. That's not it."

She heaved another sigh of relief. "Then, what is it?" Hwang Bo asked, anticipating his answer.

"We've been married for almost 6 month now."

Hwang Bo did a quick mental calculation before agreeing with him. "Right.."

"Other than the time when I won the wrestling, when else do you think I'm most handsome?"

She was convinced now that Hyun Joong was really determined to make her lost the bet by asking her all this questions. "70. Hhmm.. Other time?" she asked. Her forehead wrinkled.

"Yes," he confirmed his question. The silence that followed after that displeased Hyun Joong. "Why do you take so long to answer? This doesn't need thinking. Just say it. There must be more than once, right? Buin?" Hyun Joong scolded her and tried to make a joke out of it. It was nerve wrecking to hear the silence when he anticipated Hwang Bo telling him something he wanted to hear most.

Hwang Bo halted her step. She turned around, looking up at Hyun Joong who had slowed down and was left a couple of steps behind her. She waited until he reached her side and gave him the look that indicated she could not think of any other moment he looked most handsome but that one time.

"Aishee.." Hyun Joong sighed again. He looked away with sadden expression. "Isn't there one thing that you like about me?" He felt stressed out when she did not like anything else about him expect winning the wrestling.

Of course there were things she liked about him. There were a lot of things she liked about him. She even felt it was absurd to like so many things about him. "I think, I like you most when you do things you don't like. Couple t-shirt. Cute expression." Absentmindedly, she started to imitate Hyun Joong. Her fingers came out one by one as she counted the things she liked about him. "Say sweet things. You hate doing all this, right?"

"Not if it's the right person," he told her with a look that asking her why would it be impossible for him to do these with her.

Hwang Bo looked shock when she saw his expression. She blushed. She quickly dismissed what he said and continued saying, "I like you most when you do things for me. The birthday performance. The paper cranes. When you stand by my side in the fake fights." She counted again. "All the little things. Only those. Nothing else."

"Arh.. You like me all the time. I do little things for you all the time." He bobbed his head as he twisted Hwang Bo's word to favour him. He insisted he was right when Hwang Bo grabbed on the handrail and dropped on the floor, laughing and denying him. Hyun Joong merely smirked, feeling good about himself. "Then Buin, the thing that I want to tell you is, aishee, I like you."

Hwang Bo laughed again. She thought it was funny how his sigh sounded naturally as part of his sentence. "Why is it so hard?" she asked in bewildered.

"Why are you laughing? This is serious thing, Buin."

"Do you want me to cry then?"

"No. I want you to say you like me too."

Hwang Bo buried her face in her palms. "How could you simply say serious thing.. You like me just like that? Shouldn't you assure me first?" she mumbled.

It was Hyun Joong's turn to fall on the ground. He flopped on the stairs with a loud sigh. "Buin, after all the things you said I did for you, how could you still ask me to assure you?" He slightly turned sideways when Hwang Bo moved to sit next to him. "I'm disappointed with you."

"Shillang, no," she said in soft tone. Hwang Bo grabbed onto his arm. "What I'm trying to say is.. Ya! Shillang! Why does it take you so long to tell me that?!" she yelled at him. "I'm almost going crazy having this liking for you but you never once tell me you like me. Until today. After 6 months? Aishee.. You disappointed me too, Shillang." Hwang Bo continued to scold Hyun Joong. "Ya! If you tell me earlier, I don't have to keep telling myself I'm being absurd liking you when you don't like me."

All the time when she was scolding him, Hyun Joong had a big grin pasted on his face. He pinched her cheeks to stop her babbling.

She did but she started to push his hands, scolding him for pinching too hard until her cheeks turned red.

"I'm extremely happy," Hyun Joong confessed. He looked behind him. Then he looked down the stairs. "I'm so happy until I don't know whether I should run upstairs or downstairs."

Hwang Bo gave him a few good smacks on his shoulder for the offline remark. She laughed. "Shillang, we better go downstairs. I've lost count again but I don't want to start from the fifth floor again. I'll just go with your count."

"Actually, I never count the stairs. Not even once. I just want to walk with you," he honestly admitted. "Let's just hold hands and walk," he suggested, giving her a smile. He put out his hand.

She would agree to that. She would agree to anything he said. He could win this bet or any other bets in the future. After all, did not she have just won something bigger that all the losses and wins put together? She just did.

- the end -

Writer: COMEL
[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved.

[Fanfic] Buin, I Feel It Too

They were filming fine until she told him that she already received a lot of fortune meeting him. Then they exchanged a few more words.

Hwang Bo had told him that she had one more thing to do for him before they parted. She had planned to make him onion soup.

When he had suggested that she could come and support him and his members when they have event in the future, she turned quiet. She did not speak for a very long minute despite Hyun Joong listed SS501 upcoming events she could attend. When he had called her name in concern, she merely stared at him, looking annoyed and angry.

Hyun Joong chuckled. She was not a good actress. Before dinner, she was angry with him for explaining to about his friend's lie. But she was still smiling and playful. "Arh.. You are playing trick on me again? This is my second time being fooled. I will not believe it anymore." He sat on the floor, looking at her with a smile.

She felt like she was falling for him at a very dangerous speed. Things were happening too fast. How did their relationship evolved in a ridiculous pace from awkward silence to comfortable conversation to a sudden end? "Arh! I'm going crazy.." Hwang Bo put her hands on the top of her head. She moved her head from side to side as if trying to shake the thought out of her head. She sighed again. "He shouldn't encourage me!" She grumbled lowly, audible only to herself, putting the blame at Hyun Joong. He should not talk about the future when they divorced.

Hyun Joong smiled as he spoke, "I will not fall for you trick twice, Let's truce." He leaned forward towards her. Although she was faking it, but the mood had turn solemn in a sudden.

"Don't talk to me. Don't come here!" Hwang Bo could not contain herself from screaming at him in annoyed tone. She was on the verge of crying. She would definitely cry if he came to her and spoke to her in sweet tone.

Hyun Joong was flabbergasted when Hwang Bo used that tone on him. Did he do something wrong to provoke her angry? Hyun Joong's forehead wrinkled like elephant skin. He recalled the only time he annoyed Hwang Bo until she was really upset. The piano incident before he left for work in Japan. He knew it was because they were growing closer and more familiar with each others hence the reaction. "Buin, why are you angry?" he asked in confused tone. They grew even closer now than then. They understood each other better. There was no reason for her to be annoyed at him.

She shook her head, kept her gaze low as if trying to hide from him. Most importantly, she was trying to hide from the camera. "I can't do this anymore. Sorry," she said, striding slowly towards the assistant PD assigned to them. She shook her head several times to emphasize her refusal to continue with the filming. "I'm not feeling well. Can we continue later?" she asked, earnestly.

Hyun Joong stared at Hwang Bo with blank expression. Then he turned his gaze towards the assistant PD. He saw him contemplating with what to do. Upon seeing the assistant PD's expression, it struck Hyun Joong that Hwang Bo was really not feeling well. This was not another prank staged for him. He hurriedly rushed to her side. When he reached her side, Hyun Joong put his hands on her shoulders. He was surprised when she squirmed and pushed his hands off her shoulders.

Hwang Bo turned to the assistant PD and apologized to him, "I'm sorry." She should be giving her excuses but Hyun Joong cut in her sentence.

"Director, Buin looks lethargic. Shouldn't we give her a break? She did rush here and there between filming and her other work."

The assistant PD hesitated a bit before nodding his head. There was not supposed to be any clash between Hwang Bo other recording and We Go Married. The clashes were because the Ssangshu Couple schedule was pushed back towards the end of the weeks because of Hyun Joong's sleeping pill incident. The assistant PD was not someone inconsiderate. Hwang Bo took good care of him and the crew when they filming. There were times when they have to spend the night at the set. She would happily cook dinner for everyone and prepare breakfast in the morning. He nodded his head in agreement with Hyun Joong. "Cut! Let's stop for a while. Hwang Bo shi, why don't you.."

"Buin, why don't you lie down in the bed for a while?" Hyun Joong did not realized he butted in the assistant PD's sentence. In fact, he was oblivious to the surrounding. His attention was solely for Hwang Bo.

"Why are you so nice to me?" she muttered under her breath. She fell on the floor, squatting and burying her head on her laps.

"Hwang Bo!

"Hwang Buin!"

She lifted her hand, indicating to everyone she was all right. They might have thought she was about to faint when she suddenly fell on the floor like that. "I'm fine," she said. Her legs were weak though. She was carrying a very heavy emotion within her. She wanted to push away Hyun Joong's hands again but he was holding her too firm. Instead of protesting, she let him guide her to the bedroom.

Hyun Joong gave a blank look to gesture he did not know what was wrong with Hwang Bo when all eyes were at him, as if asking him the question. He too, like them, was shocked by her sudden change of mood. Hyun Joong, with his arms around her shoulders, slowly walked her to the bedroom. Once they were inside, he lightly pushed her to lie down on the bed. "Take a rest for a while. We can continue in the morning," he told her as he covered her up with the comforter.

She was tired, both physically and emotionally. She cared less about her surroundings. The noise she could faintly hear from outside. The room she could barely see in the dim light. The person in front of her looked more like a shadow than a real person.

"Why are you so nice to me? Why do I feel like you like me a lot? The way you talk to me, about me, the way you treat me," she sighed and pulled the comforter up to her neck. She rolled on her side, facing him. She could not tell whether the Hyun Joong in front of her really was there or he was just a figment of her tired mind. "Why do you make me fall for you? Why you never stop me from falling? Or catch me?" She sighed again and rolled on her back. She must be crazy talking like this to herself. Hwang Bo closed her eyes and let herself drifted to slumber land.

Hwang Bo's confession was a shock to Hyun Joong. He merely sat on the floor, staring at her sleeping face. He should not do it. He felt like he was intruding her privacy. But that confession.. "Noona, how could you think all this is an act?" If he was given a character, he would act as the character. But he was not given any character for We Got Married. He was told to be himself. This was him. He was not given a script. He made and said his own line. It was not a lie.

The truth was, there were times he felt like he should not get too close to her. Sometimes, during the break, he would isolate himself at a corner to mind his own business. Most of the time he would practice his dance step. From his corner, he would glance at her, watching her in silence. When he first knew her, he respected her as a senior who had achieved a lot under her name. His respect slowly grew into admiration of her kind heart and pure soul. Lately both respect and admiration had turned into something else that was hard to explain. He liked her. He however did not think he worth to have feeling more than like for her. Nor did he think he was qualified or dare to have that kind of feeling for someone like her.

He got up from the floor. Hyun Joong glanced at Hwang Bo from the corner of his eyes before he left the room. He would wait for her to calm down and wake up. Then he would tell her the truth.

- the end -

Writer: COMEL
[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

[K-Drama] The Musical

    TV Show: The Musical
    Revised romanization: Deo Myujikeol
    Hangul: 더 뮤지컬
    Director: Kim Kyung-Yong
    Writer: Kim Hee-Jae
    Network: SBS
    Episodes: 16
    Release Date: September 2, 2011
    Runtime: Fri. 21:55
    Language: Korean 
    Country: South Korea 


    Go Hye Sun - Ko Eun Bi


    Daniel Choi - Hong Jae Hee

     Park Gi Wong - Yoo Jin


    Ko Eun-Bi (Go Hye Sun) is a medical student, but she dreams of becoming a musical actress. She thinks about musicals all day and even dreams about musicals at night.

    Hong Jae-Hee (Daniel Choi) comes back to South Korea. He used to compose songs for musicals, but now writes pop songs. His friend says that Jae-Hee changed because of his break-up with Bae Kang-Hee (Ok Joo-Hyun) 6 years ago.

    One day, Eun-Bi practices a song while out in a park and Hong Jae-Hee, who fell asleep in the park after drinking too much alcohol, is awaken by her singing. Jae-Hee tells Eun-Bi that he wrote the song "Maria Maria" that she is singing. Eun-Bi doesn't believe him. Jae-Hee advises her that without talent she shouldn't think of becoming a musical actress.

    Eun-Bi, ignoring Jae-Hee's opinion, decides to take time off from medical school to take part in numerous auditions. She fails all of them. With only 2 weeks left before she has to return to medical school Eun-Bi becomes desperate. She spots an audition advertisement looking for a male musical actor. Eun-Bi decides to take part in the audition dressing up as a man. Her ruse is discovered though by Yoo-Jin (Park Gi-Woong), an investor for musicals, and she is kicked out from the audition.

    In the bathroom of the audition, Eun-Bi meets a woman named Sa Bok-Ja (Park Kyeong-Rim). Bok-Ha insists she is a musical instructor and gives lessons to Eun-Bi. Bok-Ja even moves into Eun-Bi's apartment. Eun-Bi then decides to take a year off from school, believing that with lessons from Bok-Ja she cam make her dreams come true.

    A creative musical contest is then held by an investment company led by Yoo-Jin. Meanwhile, a friend of Jae-Hee asks him to write two songs for the contest, but Jae-Hee refuses. Later, Jae-Hee drinks with a bunch of people including Bok-Ja. Bok-Ja has become drunken and grabs Jae-Hee without letting him go. Jae-Hee takes Bok-Ja back to his place and uses her cellphone to call someone. The person that answers is Eun-Bi. A short while later, Eun-Bi arrives at Jae-Hee's place. Jae-Hee learns that Eun-Bi wants to become a musical actress and asks her to sing to a melody while he plays something on the piano. Eun-Bi improvises lyrics about how she met her musical teacher and also a drunken man who insisted he wrote the song Maria Maria. Jae-Hee now remembers her from the park. Eun-Bi also now realizes that the man in the park was really Jae-Hee ...

    Additional Cast Members: 

    Park Kyeong-Rim - Sa Bok-Ja
    Kim Hyun-Sung - Han Sang-Won
    Oh Jung-Se - Goo-Jak
    Kim Yong-Min - Joon-Hyuk
    Kim In-Seo - Sang-Mi
    Lee Do-Kyeong - Eun-Bi's dad
    Jeong Yeong-Suk - Yang soon-Yi (Eun-Bi's grandma)
    Kang Ji-Hoo - Hyun Kwang-Seo
    Cha Kwang-Soo - Yoo Jin-Young (Jin's dad)
    Ahn Yeo-Jin - Sun-Hee (Jin's mom)
    Park Keun-Hyeong - Company president Yoo (Jin's granddad)
    Jo Won-Hee - Vice president Yoo (Jin's uncle)
    Lee Ji-Hyung - Yoo Jae-Joon (Jin's cousin)
    Kim Jin-Ho - Company president Seo
    Hong Ji-Min

    * The 1st episode hilarious. I can't help but hit the pause button multiple time and cover my face for an embarrassing moment that Go Eun Bi  experienced... Seriously hope that this drama won't disappoint me.