Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fans gone wild over the release of “Bestie”… Jay feels “sorry he didn’t have enough time to practice”

Jay Park has come back as a singer.
Jay Park had a fantastic come-back stage as a singer at “Summer Week&T 2010″ held at Naksan beach, Yang-yang, Kangwondo at 8 p.m., August 7th.
When the song “Count On Me” began on the Naksan beach, many female fans and vacationers rushed to get near to the stage.
Jay, who was wearing jeans and a black sleeveless T-shirt, appeared on the stage and sang “Count on Me” with sweet voice.
After the first stage, he greeted, “Hello, I’m Jay Park” and continued, ”It feels good to be on the stage after a long time.”
Next, he presented a special b-boying performance with his b-boy friends.
In addition, Jay Park made public his new song “Bestie” that he made together with Cha Cha, a member of the b-boying team A.O.M (Art Of Movement).
Fans responded with passionate cheers and support to his long-overdue singing performance on the stage.
Lastly, he said, “My performance wasn’t very good because I hadn’t had enough time to prepare for it. I’ll practice harder next time.”
With this performance at “Summer Week&T”, Jay Park came back on the stage as a singer after 11 months since he had left Korea last September due to the misinterpretation of his comment on Korea.
The “Summer Week&T” event will continue until late at night on the 7th and, in addition to Jay Park, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Lupe Fiasco and others will be performing to add more heat.


Before his come-back stage Jay met with reporters...

On August 7th at 4:30PM, Jay Park met with reporters for a press conference in front of a hotel in Kangwondo before he had to go on stage at Summer Week&T 2010. There he was asked which singer he’d like to collaborate with.
Jay answered, “In preparations for my new upcoming album, I worked with Brave Brothers, Dok2 and many other artists. If the opportunity were to ever arise, I would like to work with the very talented singer Kim Jo Han. I ‘ve always liked Taeyang, so I think collaborating with him would be fun.

Credit Source: Allkpop by shockimpulse.

* Jay & Taeyang will make a great collaboration... both have their own charm and I'll for sure love the idea ^^

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