Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jay Chosen as First Korean Celeb To Be Featured on an iPhone 4 Case

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Park Jaebum will be able to be met through iPhone 4 cases.

iPhone 4 cases created with Park Jaebum as a model will be showcased through a monopoly at Gmarket and Auction starting Dec. 6th.

Park Jaebum's iPhone case, the first to be created among resident stars, is set to be sold in various designs. Two popart styles, one cute character style, two tattoo-like styles, and one image style, in total 6, as well as a Special Limited style later.

Especially, Park Jaebum is planning to donate part of the iPhone 4 cases' sellings to 'Korean Handicapped Athletic Association', at which he is an ambassador.

On the other hand, Park Jaebum's iPhone 4 case will be monopolized at Gmarket and Auction first, then after a week, will be sold offline at aShop, PixDis, and department stores.

*Damn! should I change to iPhone 4 now? 

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