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Challenge to become the National Idol! On the set of the movie Mr. Idol
We went to the set of the movie Mr. Idol, a comedy about troublemakers challenged to become ‘National Idols’ for their living.
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On the set of the movie Mr. Idol

We arrived at the parking lot of Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do on late afternoon of May 22. As we were looking around, there was an eye-catching yellow van among many cars for the filming, and it has “Mr. Children” printed on it. The car was a prop for the idol group Mr. Children in the movie Mr. Idol by director Rah Hee-chan, who debuted in 2007 with the movie Going by the Book. Over 700 supporting casts were spreading all over the parking lot, having their quick dinner. According to Lee Sung-jin PD, most of the supporting casts are from the fandom of Jay Park who plays the role of Zio, and Ji Hyun-woo who plays the role of Eugene, the main vocal of the group. When they were finished with eating, supporting casts got their picture taken standing by the wall, their arms spread. These pictures will be used by the computer graphic team to fill up the audience seats for the movie.

The audience cheers as the members of Mr. Children shows up on the stage. “Please do not scream at this moment.”, the assistant director tries to calm everyone down. He continues, “You shouldn't get confused between shooting a movie and a concert”. Within the movie, Mr. Children needs to perform after the video of Eugene (Ji Hyun-woo), making disregarding comments about idols, was leaked and became the controversy. When they needed to jeer and boo, the audience shouted in cheers instead. The movie Mr. Idol was filmed in the fan-shaped concert venue that has a similar atmosphere as the Roman amphitheater. The weather in the movie is winter, and they are shooting the scene of Mr. Children performing on the stage of Year-end K-pop Grand Ceremony. Director Rah Hee-chan explained, “this scene is all about the connection and communication between the audience and Mr. Children, therefore the audience’s reaction is very important and their connection with the actors needs to be shown” as the importance for the filming of the day.

Director Rah Hee-chan (middle) is explaining about the filming scene to Park Ye-jin (left) and Yim Won-hee (right)

They mainly filmed the audience for the day.The cameras were installed in three different places and the slate had to be hit in three different places as well.The movie Mr. Idol is the growth-drama of a has-been idol. After having some conflicts with Sah Hee-moon (Kim Soo-ro), the powerful figure in the entertainment industry, a talented music producer Goojoo (Park Ye-jin) establishes “Champion Music” and re-gathers the failed idol group “Mr. Children” by recruiting Eugene (Ji Hyun-woo) from an indie band in Hong-dae. Mr. Children seems to be on the right track while they’re working hard in poor environments, such as their remodeled practice room from a boxing gym, but they face crisis because of the scheme made by Sah Hee-moon (Kim Soo-ro).Mr. Children said hi to the supporting cast from the audience seats. The loud cheer burst out from the audience seats as Ji Hyun-woo said “you guys are good at acting” and laughed. Another loud cheer came out for Jay Park. The filming continued after Kim Randy, who plays Ricky, and Jang Seo-won, who plays Hyun also said greetings to the audience. Kim Soo-ro, Park Ye-jin, and Yim Won-hee who plays Sang-shik, the manager of Mr. Children, all arrived at the set. All the cameras are now facing to the audience seats, and the music is on. Although Mr. Children is off the stage, the audience roars even more as the excitement grows. Camera follows the proud smile of Goojoo (Park Ye-jin) and Sang-shik (Yim Won-hee) and Sah Hee-moon running away in a hurry as his scheme was revealed. The sound of assistant director’s order “louder, louder, louder” buried into the loud cheer. The movie Mr. Idolstarted to film since February of 2011 and 70-80% of the filming was done so far. It will be released on the end of this year.


Scene #81 K-pop Grand Ceremony stage/ Waiting roomEugene’s sincere speech/ Mr. Children ends the performance with loud cheer


Lights off on the stage of Wonder Boys. Loud cheering from fans

Mr. Children on the Stage. Smoke comes out after the fireworks on the stage.




Side shot of Eugene. “I’m Lee Eugene of Mr. Children”


Goojoo be seated


Wonder Boys and Mio in waiting room


MC in confusion


Sah Hee-moon looking at the stage


Goojoo in audience seats


Members in telephoto shot


(From left) Members of Mr. Children, Jang Seo-won and Ji Hyun-woo.Jang Seo-won fell and got his shoulder dislocated during this filming day.


Response of Mio


Response of Sah Hee-moon while watching the stage

Kim Soo-ro played the role as judge in the K-pop Grand Ceremony.He arrived early for the day and cheered the supporting castsby saying “let’s keep up the good work!”


Lights behind Goojoo

Park Ye-jin and Yim Won-hee in audience seats.They are the producer and manager of Mr. Children.


Members of Mr. Children putting arms around to each other, even patting on each other.

The live performance of Mr. Children was shot the day before.Members worked hard on every detail of the movements although they were not being shot up close.


As Eugene looks at Goojoo


Goojoo looks back at Eugene.


Box Interview: Director Rah Hee-chan/ Casting Jay Park would only be a little “plus”

Q: There are quite a lot of insider stories about entertainment agencies. Did you have to go through a lot of research for it?

A: I barely did any research for it. I gathered some information from our music producer, Jay, Ji Hyun-woo, and Kim Randy who’s used to be a rapper. Other than that I didn't do any studies.

Q: Jay Park, the big issue maker, is in your movie. Did you cast him to draw more number of audience?

A: I never thought of it in that way. He will be a little “plus” for the movie, but Jay himself knows that it’s not going to help the whole team if only one person get all of the attention. In that case both Ji Hyun-woo and Jay did great job on it. I’d be happy if our movie could make big because of Jay but I didn't do any “calculation” for casting him.

*Other non-Jay-related-parts are omitted.

SOURCE: Naver – Today’s Movie ; TRANSLATOR: idlenesswego@JAYPARK.NET

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