Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JayParkDay come along with 'Conspiracy'

Those who have been following Jay's or known as the 'Jwalkerz' might been holding their breath now waiting for Jay's 'Take A Deeper Look' mini album which will be release on 27 April 2011. The waiting is definitely something worth waiting for... its Jay Park! hahaha

But when Jwalkerz were preparing their mind and soul well of coz some extra cash for his comeback the day that we call JayParkDay come along with 'Conspiracy'.

On 23rd April, Jay's Youtube account jayparkaom suspended.

Not just it happened right before his album release, surprisingly it happened right before his Birthday. Jay have been living his thought on his twitter account about the termination and many 'Jwalkerz' live up a comment on his twitter account well yes I'm one of them too LoL

And today 26 April 2011 another event come up to sum up the JayParkDay

after a while he updated and explain the reason why his Youtube account got terminated. Its all thanks to the person whoever he or she is... I wonder if what he/she doing is what people call an unconditional love hahaha... strong enough to make Jay loses his account.

and to close things up as always Jay end it with his witty jokes and I love it LOL

And yes some bad news which also a good news... right?

If this is some kind of conspiracy than they really make Jay busy on his JayParkDay. If this is some kind of technical problems than this is what Jay and all Jwalkerz remember... JayParkDay full with surprises and conspiracy... LOL. 

Jay Fighting!!

and here is the link for his new YT account~ Jwalkerz! what are you waiting for? click!!!

Credit Source: JAYBUMAOM

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