Thursday, June 28, 2007

Truly Love / Really Really Like You

I don't really know what the other might think about this drama...coz I believe everyone have different interest...but for me the writers and the director really make it good...every details is there...if people think My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is something happened in real life...then this one goes the same...every character that in this drama is everyone of might not like Full House or something like My Girl...but for me...this one is just good ^__^

This a story that focus around a country girl Yeo Bong-soon (Eugene), who live in a far far away village with her beloved grandma and fate has bring Jang Jun-won (Ryu Jin) and Nam Bong Ki (Lee Min-ki) to her.

(Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Ki)

(Eugene as Yeo Bong Soon)

(Ryu Jin as Jang Jun Won)

Yeo Bong-soon started her new life and move to seoul since the death of her grandmother. Facing lot of difficulties and been trying hard to find her parents. With the caring that Jang Jun-won showed to her she finally learn to love but without knowing the truth identity of Jang Jun-won. Nam Bong-ki at the same time have to face Yeo Bong-soon 27 hrs and have a fight almost every time they see each other slowly learn to love someone. This triangle love that involve around the presidential residence show us how people around the Blue House works, relationship, socialize and move with their life.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I just watch this movie...It's a very good movie...It's something that actually happened around us but we never realize. For us a criminal will always be a criminal...we couldn't really accept if those criminal suddenly change their attitude from a bad guy to a good guy...

This movie show us life of an he tried so hard...try to be part of the community even if people at first think him negatively...but at some point there will be a situation that bring him back to the life and person that he tried to avoid. He made promised to himself he will not drink, have a fight and he'll never cry.

Kim Rae Won star as Oh Taesik was detained in jail for 10 years. A fight was started by the Choi Dopil which do not know that Taesik will getting crazy and uncontrol whenever he was drunk and by starting the fight while Taesik was drunk he finally died.

After 10 years in jailed he get back to his hometown with new attitude and new mission of life. He made a promise that he believe he could make it. He even adopt by Choi Dopil mother played by Kim Hae Sook and become a good son and a good brother to HeeJoo played by Hoe Yi Jae...he started his life as part of the family and take good care of the family.

Incident came across their life and their family was threaten by a men called Cho Pansu. His best men were used to be a loyal friend of Taesik called Yangki and Changmu...however after Taesik was send to jail both of them has build a good empayar as Cho Pansu men. When both of them was visited by Taesik after being free from jail, both were getting worried that Taesik will take an action.

It was not easy for Taesik to leave in peace when Cho Pansu keep sending men to disturb their life. Hee Joo even being hit by one of Yangki and Changmu men. and His mother was murdered. All this incident didn't really help Taesik to keep his promise...He've been trying so hard but those bad people keep stepping the border and bring tears back in hislife...there is a quote in the movie that say's "If you commit a sin, you get punished for it"...

It's a sad story but with a value to tell...wargh! I hate those bandit who turn Taesik life upside down...huhuhu...anyway I really suggest this film if you're thinking of watching one...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please Come Back, Soon Ae


Huh Soon-ae (40):  Shim Hye Jin (Goong) 

Han Cho-eun (28):  Park Jin Hee (Stock Flower)

Jang Hyun-woo (32):  Lee Jae Hwang (Kitchen Maid)

Yoon Il-seok (Soon-ae's husband, 42): Yoon Da Hoon (Who's My Love/Guardian Angel)

The line of actors are superb...especially the main cast Shim Hye Jin and Park Jin Hee...both have strong character and both can act well. We're talking about body exchange, which has been done many times on the big screen, but rarely on Korean TV. The idea of Park Jin-Hee playing an Ajumma and Shim Hye-Jin going into sexy mode sounds just about right (the initial setup is the opposite, obviously).

'Please Come Back Soon-ae' is a story about a housewife who dedicated her whole life to her husband, son and mother in law...she is a strong character for a housewife...meanwhile Cho-eun is a dedicated beautiful and intelligent stewardess but at the same time having an affair with Captain Yoon Il-seok who is apparently Soon-ae husband.

Soon-ae had found out about the affair and Cho-eun has decided to let Soon-ae know that she is in love with Yoon Il-seok and ask Soon-ae to get divorce with him. 

Shocked with disbelief, Soon-ae climbs into Cho-eun's car, saying that she must confirm what she has heard with Il-seok first. Although Soon-ae tries her best to stay composed and keep a straight face, she feels her blood boil when Cho-eun taunts her by saying that there's no point in staying in a marriage without love or affection. When Il-seok calls Cho-eun and says, "Honey, where are you?" Soon-ae loses it and grabs for Cho-eun's hair. The two women go on pulling on each other's hair and crash the car. They are moved to a hospital where their souls become switched around... 

I don't really know why I bought this drama, the moment I saw Shim Hye Jin I just grab it and pay. My brother say's to me..."I thought you only look for a beautiful and handsome actor..." well I"m not...all that I'm looking for is a satisfaction and I always adore actors like her and now Park Jin Hee is on the list too... both of them makes you believe that they're switch with sudden character changing. I think this drama trying to let us see what really happened to this two type different of women out there, what housewife been trough and why some women just go out there and chase someone husband... not to criticize about women but to show us that life as a housewife is not as easy as we people think and living as a single and successful women also have their own trouble and of coz you can see that actually the one that to be blame is MEN...hehehe

"Please Come Back, Soon-Ae" has something for almost everybody — extramarital hanky-panky, two women who find themselves inhabiting each other's bodies, and plenty of dramatic action...