Friday, July 30, 2010

Jay Park Confesses, "I'm a bowling pin, I get back up when I fall"



Previous 2PM member Jaebeom, who has taken a step to a solo career, is attracting attention with the weighty lyrics of the song he featured in.

Jaebeom is featured in a remix track of “Doin’ Good” from Dok2′s EP that was released online on the 29th. Jaebeom had notified his fans beforehand of his participation through Twitter.

The thing that attracted attention this day with the release of the album by Dok2 and Rado is the rap lyrics written by Jaebeom.

Jaebeom’s lyrics start with, “I’m a bowling pin, I get back up when I fall. I wake up in the morning after sleeping at night. I alone make my own way to walk in. I go ahead and wash my feet when they get dirty.”

Jaebeom indirectly reveals the difficulties he went through, especially through the English rap, “I’m good baby, nothing’s gonna faze me” followed by the Korean lyrics, “I’m cool in every situation like a refrigerator. I walk barefoot on the charcoals from hell.”

Jaebeom expresses his gratitude above all, to his fans who supported him despite many controversies by saying, “Good or bad, I’m thankful to you that I’m always the center of attention.”

Omit summaries on MySpace incident and February contract termination.

Jaebeom returned to Korea in June, nine months after he departed for the United States, for the shooting of Hype Nation. On the 16th of July, he signed with Korea’s biggest management company, SidusHQ and commenced his Korean activities.

Reporter Kim Jiyeon

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