Saturday, August 7, 2010

Park Jaebeom, The New Representative Face of KOSAD



The naming ceremony of Park Jaebeom as the honorary ambassador of KOSAD (Korea Sports Association of the Disabled).
Park Jaebeom became the trusty big brother of the youths of KOSAD. There was an ambassador appointment ceremony… He came before the ceremony started and waited for the president of the organization to come. He looked very nervous. It was my first time seeing him so close… He’s good looking. I sat right beside him and filmed him and if I was a fan of Jaebeom, I would have been enthralled.. hehe
His father came to congratulate him as well. It seemed like he had to go somewhere right after the ceremony. So we had to hurry the appointment ceremony. As you have read in the articles, I heard Jaebeom participated at the International Paralympic Youth Camp and performed as a b-boy and had a fun time with the disabled youths. I heard that the youths from 6 countries were deeply moved by his warm regard and kindness.
I observed him carefully at the ceremony and felt once again that Jaebeom is a well-mannered man. It seems that the album was daebak even in this economic depression. He was so shy when they announced his name, he couldn’t even lift his head hehe. As we were watching the video clip of when he participated in the youth camp, it seemed he was remembering those times as he laughed and clapped to himself…
I really wish he could give great hope to the disabled as he said he will do his best to be active and support the KOSAD. That way, the fans who had no interest in this subject might reconsider and look at them with a warmer regard. Same goes to other celebrities. I would also love it if some fans went to the facility on the weekend to volunteer ^^
The following is a heartwarming video of his appointment ceremony. I filmed it long especially for Jaebeom-goon’s fans. You can copy it, download it, all you want. I will continue to look for Jaebeom’s humble acts in the future and also film for you when there is a good event ^^

Credit Vid: JPnetsubs@YT

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