Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Girlfriend Is Gumiho Review

Finally I'm done watching it and it took me 2 days & 1 night to get over it. 

Before I go on mumbling about how I feel, what I think and so on... let's get back to the basic things... oh yeah that's right... the introduction, synopsis, line of actors and bla bla bla....

I know most of you have already know about this, but just let me do this and you can skipped as much as you like, I don't mind it at all (^^)... see I'm being generous here LoL

My Synopsis:

Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) is a young man who showered with loves and wealths by his grandfather and aunty after he lost his parents in an accident. He wasn't just loved by everyone but also good looking, popular and good in acting. Some people or 'friends' around him get close to him with motives... no matter what it is Cha Dae Woong just know how to spend his money. Everyone know how much in love he is with Eun Hye In (Park Soo Jin). And no one believes that some day the arrogant, irresponsible Cha Dae Woong will easily fall in love to a village girl who he called Gu Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah) and started changing to much more like what his grandfather wish he could be and all of this changing attitude is because Gu Mi Ho keep a secret that ' You have to die if you knew it...'

Everything works well even with some interruption by Eun Hye In things still going smooth for Gu Mi Ho until Park Dong Joo ( Noh Min Woo) appear. Park Dong Joo look incredibly handsome... beautiful and perfect that makes you think is he really a human? (LoL actually that is what I have been asking myself....) and it happens that Park Dong Joo is one of the Gumiho's hunter... and he's not only hunting Gumiho but use to fall in love with one of them 1000 years ago who apparently look alike to Gu Mi Ho... confused? just skipped that and watch... (^^). Park Dong Joo mocks Gu Mi Ho's love by telling her that she is leaving in her fantasy world and silently believe whatever he is trying to do is to protect Gumiho from being hurt by a human called Cha Dae Woong.... 

Cha Dae Woong and his 9-Tailed fox girlfriend shows us  stages of relationships they've been trough... from enemy, friend, crushed and a lover.... they've only showed us the simple rules.... be truthful, believe and love as much as you can. There is no questions and no answer when it comes to LOVE.


Lee Seung Gi as Cha Dae Woong

Shin Min Ah as Gu Mi Ho / Park Sung Joo

Noh Min Woo as Park Dong Joo

Park Soo Jin as Eun Hye In

Credit Photos

My review: 

I'll recommended this drama to you. You'll have mix feelings about it. First of all you will definitely fall in love with Cha Dae Woong and Gu Mi Ho.

Their character just surprisingly cute, adorable, funny, sad, lovely or whatever it is you want to think. The first episode will successfully invade your daily life... I mean you'll just have to put this drama in one of those busy life you have and watch it. 

What I like: 

I like it how Cha Dae Woong character slowly changing... I guess every girls out there want to believe they have their own charm to tame a wild guy like him right... so thumbs up to Hong Sister to put that kind of qualities to Gu Mi Ho.  

I just love how Gumiho's character look strong, funny, cute, naive, simple minded and considerate at the same time. Her process of learning to survive in human worlds quite interesting. And Shin Min Ah just make it even great.

One of my fav. Scene... ep 16. I cried a river watching this.... (T T)
Lee Seung Gi... I almost cry when I see him cry... I barely breath when he started to hold his tears especially on the last episode... when the camera shoots his back while he is trying to hold his tears that's broke my heart... and that's the genuine feelings that I think I have to give credit to Seung Gi... why? because I'm not a person who cry easily... so Seung gi just did it.

Noh Min Woo, geez I can't say much about him... I've been busying myself asking how come this person still look pretty, handsome and damn good... hahaha so thanks to his look I realize that Hong Sister actually want us to believe that... Park Dong Joo is not a human... okay not just his look... he portrayed the cold hearted, selfish Park Dong Joo in a good way.... when he is confused... he just look confuse... when he is mad or sad he do look sad... overall he is good.
I like the grandfather too.... I don't know why but I just like him. No other reason 

Oh I like it when they come up with Go Mi Nyu (Park Shi Hye) Jeremy (Hong ki) character hahaha.... the end for Eun Hye In story look great...

I totally in love with the OST... I change my message ringtone to Fox Rain... that's how I love it ^^

What I don't like:

I don't like it when out of nowhere you can see there is one of the crew staff holding a mic standing there... I'll show you the prove ... in case u didn't see it...

You know what its mean to have this kind of error? that's mean the director wasn't there when they shoot the scene... and he wasn't there when they do the editing...

I don't like it when the grandmother finally came out but didn't show how she resolves the problem.... even if she did... I just think what a waste... at least she have to talk something to Gumiho... right? 


I give this drama 4.9 over 5.

Whatever I don't like in this drama I'll just close my eyes and forgive it... because... I seriously still can't get over it.

Now it's totally up to you to watch it or not. I am not you and you're not me... so different people has different point of view... all I can say is... Enjoy whatever you're watching now.


What Do You Think?:


  1. i also noticed that guy in black and had to play it thrice. lol. i thought it's a life size action figure since he was in an "action school" lol

  2. thank you for all of this :) it really helps me alot since i want to know more about this movie hehehe....well my friend recommend this korean drama to me yesterday she said its a very nice i've watched it...its really great! thx again :D

  3. very very nice movie... very beautiful shin min ah, love her so so so so much :-).....

  4. I LOVE UR STORY....i always watch the -*MY GIRLFRIEND IS AY GUMIHO-*

  5. its so really cute ... those characters were very amazing ... please do more movies with the four of you . .!

  6. over...sooo beautiful the my girl friend is gumiho.....i aLwaYs watch that...

  7. just finished watching...i..too..cant get over it..everything is just like u wrote.

  8. just finished watching all 16 episodes ;-; btw theres a movie?!

  9. To anonymous(I wish I know your name).

    No, there is no movie for this drama. ^^

  10. Hi,

    Just came to your blog to while searching for what happened in the end. ATM, at 10th episode, but the way it's progressing now, sucks. So planning to watch 16th episode directly, and hope it ends happily. :)

    In 10th episode, I really felt, if her (Mi Ho) character wasn't so naive as to tell everything to The Hater (at least that's what she calls her, as per English subtitles), and should have finished her, but at the same time, I guess it's this naiveness/innocence which makes her special.


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