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Jay BBoying on Valentine's Day

Thanks to this fan. 

I'm a Jaebum fan living in the States that went to go see him last Valentine's Day. Before, I had to be careful about what I shared, but since Jaebum is a "free" person now, here is a tad bit late account of my experience and pictures from that night.

I went to Seattle last Valentine's Day.
My thoughts at that time were. . . when Jaebum goes back to Korea I 'll only be able to see him on TV, but if I go visit while he's still in the States, I can see our superstar Jaebum in person. So I went because it seemed like Jaebum would be going back to Korea soon and I didn't want to miss what seemed like my last chance to see him up close. But now, I can only see videos of him on Youtube and not on TV. T_T

Anyways.. the bboy competition was set to start at 6pm.
It was the first time me and my friend would be attending a bboy competition.
We didn't know what to expect so instead of going in early when there was barely any people, we had coffee nearby and agreed to go in when more people showed up.
Me and my friend went inside 30 mins late and despite our worries the place was crowded.
The place was loud and dimly lit like a club making me wonder how we were going to find Jaebum,
but my friend already spotted Jaebum and some fans were already getting his autograph.
Jaebum was giving out autographs and bowing to the fans with a shy smile.

I read a lot of previous fan accounts where they only saw Jaebum from a distance so I didn't expect to take any pictures with him. I decided I would be happy just taking pictures of him bboying from afar.
Despite all this, the relaxed atmosphere made Jaebum more approachable than I had expected.
So me and my friend went towards Jaebum with our pens and papers.
Even in the darkness his face was... so milky white.
But that beautiful skin had two blemishes probably due to stress.
When I saw pictures of him again after the 6th the blemishes were gone and his skin was clear.
It probably cleared up because he didn't have to worry inside anymore.

I thought I would speak to him in banmal(comfortable way of speaking, how you would speak to friends or someone younger) since I am older than Jaebum making me a granny-fan,
but when I stood in front of him I got star struck so I said "I'm... your fan.." speaking in jondaemal.(opposite of banmal,polite/formal way of speaking, mostly to elders)
Jaebum smiled awkwardly saying "Nae~" and bowing.
My friend got his autograph first. When it was my turn I said my name in his ear
and he understood right away and wrote it down.
I didn't want to just leave like that so I said "How about a handshake.. too.."
but since the music was so loud he didn't hear me and said "Huh?"
So I just stuck out my hand.. and he said "Ah... Nae.." and lightly took my hand T.T
After my handshake, Jaebum stuck his hand out first to my friend that was right next to me.. keke
We couldn't continue standing there staring awkwardly so we bowed and went away.

People were starting to sit down in a circle so I picked a spot too and sat.
One by one, the bboys started stretching inside the circle.. even Jaebum..
I saw little Jalen and another little kid as well.
I saw all the AoM members.. I felt like I was in a Youtube video after seeing all these Youtube celebrities(?) that's well known between Jaebum's fans. kekeke
Jaebum didn't stand close but kept a distance and watched from the darkness unless it was his turn to battle.
Probably because during that time the situation didn't allow him to be captured on camera..
He had his hat pressed down when it was his turn and he had to be in the center,
and if that wasn't enough he changed to a beanie and pressed it down so it covered half of his face..
I was more amazed that half of his face can be covered by a beanie.
How small his face is.. hehe. Jaebum not only has a small face, but narrow too..
I keep going off subject.. sorry ^^; kekekekeke

They first had a popping battle and Jaebum looked anxious as his turn came near.
He warmed up in the darkness, jumping up and down..
Once it was his turn and he got to the center of the stage, he changed into a Charismatic Jaebum.
Jaebum's popping that day.. was so amazing... I was disappointed he didn't make it to the finals.
Expectations were high and Jaebum probably wanted to do well, which probably made him more anxious so I wonder if he was disappointed too.

After that the bboying battle started. Jaebum still stayed in the darker area when it wasn't his turn.
I didn't understand before I came here why it was so hard to find Jaebum in the previous Youtube videos.. why the pictures looked so dark and blurry.. it was because unless it was his turn, he never came near the front where it was bright because of the spotlight...
Anyways his expression.. wasn't even that bright... when he came near the front it seemed like he was wary of all the cameras pointed his way.. some of his expressions seemed kind of upset and scary.

After his battling was over he suddenly became so bright. kekeke
When people were spread out taking a break before the finale,
Jaebum who previously only moved around in the dark suddenly made his way across the stage where it was bright towards his friend to happily chat..
and gulp down water straight from the giant gallon bottle..
He went behind ChaCha and messed around like how he used to act back when he was with those traitordols.. (I should've recorded that scene.. it was soooo cute.. T.T)
In that moment, I felt like I was seeing the Jaebum from Idol Show or Wild Bunny days.

Now that I think of it, he probably looked upset or scary because he was nervous about his turn coming up to battle..
And now that his turn ended he's relaxed and jumping around everywhere being cute..
When Jaebum went behind ChaCha and messed around, ChaCha gave him a look like "what are you doing?" ... kekeke
Because that's not something guys that age would do to play around here in the States... kekeke
It seemed like Jaebum did it on purpose as a `fan-service`.
Before, he didn't even look our way and kept his distance, but now he was walking around right in front of us.. sneaking a peek to see how we're doing.. ^^
And the camera I took is the kind only reporters would use,
so he seemed pretty wary before when it was pointed towards him,
but to see him play around like that near where I was sitting..
it seemed like his wariness towards me was gone so I was thankful. T.T(well, it could be that I'm delusional... kekeke)
Truthfully my camera can zoom a lot and it uses a magnifying lens,
so despite the fact that I was far away Jaebum seemed to take notice when my camera was pointed towards him and kind of fall back..
I felt really bad and saddened when I saw that.. T.T

The finale started and Jaebum seemed very excited..
When ChaCha successfully pulled off an amazing move Jaebum jumped up and down
and excitedly chatted~ and chatted~ with Junior^^ It was so cute...
After the battle was over and AoM crew won, all the lights came on.
Me and my friend put our cameras away in our bags and wanted say our final goodbyes before we left..
We were looking around for Jaebum when we spotted him in a distance
talking with his friends and greeting his fans.

I was so shocked when I saw him close up..
I noticed he had milky white skin even when I saw him earlier when it was dark...
But now that the lights were on and it was bright, his face was... how can put it...
like it was dusted in fine white powder..
like something made out of plaster.. it was really that milky white.
Now I understand why they call it porcelain skin.
I never saw an Asian guy with such soft, milky white skin before.

Anyways.. my friend said "We're leaving tomorrow~" and Jaebum replied "Ah, Nae(Ok).. Goodbye"..
Upon hearing Jaebum's unique voice, which is characterized by clarity and high tone, inside the noisy bboy stadium I was touched once again..
And when I said "You were amazing today.. I will send you the video clips and pictures later~"
he said "Nae.." and gave me a 90 degrees bow... T.T

I feel as if I saw every aspect of Jaebum that I've been seeing through the Youtube video clips..
Polite Jaebum, Charismatic Jaebum, Serious Jaebum, Cute Jaebum, Nice Jaebum, Awkward Jaebum... T.T
Sigh.. to be exact.. I was actually busy taking pictures of Jaebum so I wasn't able to watch him all that well T.T
But when I look back on the video clips and pictures from that day
I can see all the different kinds of Jaebum in there. kekeke
I'm like..Jaebum was like this on that day.. it feels like a dream that I was there..

If I'd known this was going to happen(where he becomes "free" anyway -_-), I would've concentrated better on watching him instead of taking pictures.. I regret it now..
But the circumstances back then were like that.. where you can't openly take pictures of him or stare at him..
When I watched video clips or saw pictures of Jaebum on the 6th,
I was so envious at how the fans and Jaebum seemed so natural and free
making me cry myself a river.. T.T

Before I knew Jaebum I thought bboys were all 'nalari's (someone who just wants to have fun)
Truthfully I was kind of scared of going the bboy stadium in case there were going to be bad kids there..
Upon entering, all the kids did look kind of bad. . . kekeke
But the atmosphere inside was filled with passion and purity.
I was expecting a place like that to be smoky.. but the air was clean.
No one was even drinking beer.. everyone was drinking bottled water..

All the bboys were watching each other with seriousness, cheering each other on..
Their eyes didn't have any feelings of rivalry or jealousy.
If the opponent did well they clapped for them,
when their team members finished battling they showed support and encouragement.
Because Jaebum's been dancing in these kind of positive environment..
I wondered how hard it must have been for him all this time
in the entertainment world where it's full of rivalry, envy, jealousy.
I was proud of him for enduring all that in silence for 5 years,
and so very thankful that he didn't turn out like them even though he was surrounded by them.

After enduring 6 months of hell, and now this, you still didn't go into hiding.
You stood tall and strong in front of your fans, so I am very thankful, you're beautiful. T.T

I'm talking too much huh? Sorry.. Once you get old you start to talk a lot... kekeke
I was careful not to share the pictures I took of Jaebum before, because I didn't want it to be used against him, but now I will share some..
For the past 6 months it was rare that pictures of Jaebum would be posted in the gallery
and even if it did, chances were, it was blurry..
Still, whenever I saw those blurry pictures it brought back memories..
and I remember being thankful even for those blurry pictures.
And remembering how I was thankful for those blurry pictures, I wanted to share these pictures earlier.
For all the fans that longed to see a clear picture of Jaebum..
I had to restrain myself before in case it backfired on Jaebum..
but here it is.. I will share it now.
Because they say Jaebum is free now.. I will believe their word...

Jaebum(ah)~ I told you before that I will share these pictures when you were allowed to be photographed again right? keke
If you didn't know that means you didn't read my hand written letter.. so next time make sure you read letters from me. kekekeke
If it still isn't a good time and you don't want pictures of you to be shared, contact me~~ kekekeke
I have tons to share, but if you don't want me to I won't anymore. ^^;;;; kekekeke

% Please don't use these photos without my permission or use them in articles..
If I find out, I won't release any more photos, or release it with tons of credits all over the pictures.

My heart's made of glass so please don't write any bashing posts.. T.T

You guys suffered reading such a long post kekeke. Ah, it feels like I finished all my homework I've been postponing after writing this.. but I'm shaking daebak (tons).. T.T

You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.


He look good with what he wear that day. He will always be the Pink Boy I know ^^

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