One Shot HJ&HB

Another fanfic collection written by COMEL. All I can say is... I enjoyed it very much. It's simple, short but still great.

Thanks to COMEL for giving me a permission to put the fanfics in this blog. The moment she gave me the 'YES' answer I'm dancing with joy, smiling and start posting. 

Credit Photos to: LVK's Ssangchu Heaven

[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [COMEL].


The following is a work of Fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends.

#1 Noona, You Are Mine (posted)

#2 Buin, I'm Your Puppy (posted)

#5 Shillang, I'm Yours (posted)

#13 Buin, I Feel It Too (posted)

#15 Buin, Do You? (posted)

#17 Shillang, It Can't Be More Real Than This
#18 Buin, I Missed You As Much As I Missed Rock, Paper And Scissor
#19 Shillang, I've Fallen For You
#20 Buin, It's Meant To Be
#21 Buin, All Of Me Are Here
#22 Noona, Noona Is So Cute
#23 Shillang, Today Is A Good Day
#24 Buin, You Can Trust Me
#25 Shillang, I'm Your Style, Right?
#26 Shillang, Just Like This Is OK
#27 Buin, Can You Feel Me?
#28 Shillang, It'll Always Be You
#29 Noona, I'll Not Look At Other Woman Again
#30 Noona, Thank You For The Fun Night
#31 Shillang, Your Smile Make Me Happy
#32 Noona, You Are As Pretty As Cherry Blossom
#33 Shillang, Be My Blind Date
#34 Buin, I Do Keep My Promise
#35 Shillang, Anywhere Is Fine With Me
#36 Shillang, April 29th Is Our Day
#37 Shillang, Happy Anniversary
#38 Buin, One Couple T-Shirt, Please
#39 Shillang, I Do Care
#40 Buin, Celebrate With Me
#41 Noona, My Friends Like You Too
#42 Shillang, You're My Only Idol
#43 Noona, What Will I Do Without You?
#44 Your World And My World Collided
#45 Noona, Will You..
#46 Shillang, I Still Like You No Matter What
#47 Shillang, Your Sexy Move Can Kill
#48 Shillang, 365 Days, 24 Hours, I'll Be Waiting
#49 Noona, Maybe It's A Sign
#50 Noona, Do You Like Me
#51 Buin, Confession Is Good For One's Soul
#52 Shillang, Just This Once
#53 Buin, Nice To Meet You
#54 Noona, Your Aegyo Is The Best
#55 Noona, It's Not My Fault
#56 Shillang, Your Buin Is Very Sorry

#56 His World And Her World Collapse - 
Chapter 1: The End Of My Life
Chapter 2: I'm Saying Goodbye Forever
Chapter 3: My Empty Life
Chapter 4: I Don't Hate You
 Chapter 5: I'm Not Obligated To Help Leader With His Vengeance
 Chapter 6: I Hate The Leader More And More
Chapter 7: I Don't Want Traces Of Her Anymore
Chapter 8: I'm Wrong But I Don't Regret It
Chapter 9: It's Not True Because I Know It's Not
Chapter 10: The Two People's Complicated Love Is A Burden to Me
Chapter 11: A Lie Is A Lie And Lie Hurts Too
Chapter 12: You've To Forgive Me But You Can't Forget Me
Chapter 13: Let's End This And Start New With Or Without Each Other
Chapter 14 : No One Dies From A Heartbreak

Since this is a one shot, none of the fics are anyway related to each other in story line or time frame. They may even be overlapping in time frame due to the non-related-ness.