Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jay Park gets spotted in a web comic

Singer Jay Park was recently spotted by fans in a web comic called ‘The God of Bath‘.
An online community board posted a side-by-side comparison of Jay Park and his cartoon doppelganger under the title, “Webtoon ‘The God of Bath’ Imaginary Idol Casting.”
The comic series is about a man who wants to make his bathhouse the best around, and it has a large following on Naver. Fans of Jay Park marvelled at how the main character has the same profile and hairstyle as their idol, which made them love the character even more.
They commented, “Synchronization 100% for real!” “Their looks and personality are exactly the same,”and “How can it be so excellent?”
Jay Park recently released his album ‘New Breed Part 1‘, and is currently promoting his single “Star“.
Source + Photo: TV Daily via Nate & Allkpop

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