Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hwan Hee- Hwayobi have been voted as WGM's best couple

In a recent internet site poll held from the 16th till the 23rd at Issueplay, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi were voted as the most interesting/fun couple as they came in first place when the results were announced on the 24th. 

The both of them received overwhelming support as they won by a landslide 51.8% of the total vote, with a total of 8,305 netizens voting for them. Following them are Hyun Joong - Hwang Bo in second place with 24.3% of the votes. Crown J - In Young came in third with 12%, Marco - Dambi with 8% and Jin Young- Hyun Ji with 3.1%. Andy-Solbi came in sixth place with only 0.4% whereas Alex- Shinae got 0.3% support from the vote. 

Credits: Yonhap News & all seoul'd out

* Ok I was shoked with this votes things... what was this supposed to mean? Alex - Shinae 0.3%?!! 
wargh!!! I hate this whatever votes  things... it seems to me like something is not right. What is wrong with all this people? when Alex & Shinae off the screen... they want them to be back... and when they're  on the screen again they provided the ugly comment ever... and now this votes?! 

It was scary every time I saw the results... so now people don't seems to interest on Andy & Solbi too... can't wait for the farewell episodes... I guess I need to prepared a box of tissue for it.

Hwan hee & Hwayobi it seems to me that this couple is for sure will be in the new episodes... 

Lucifer마왕 (Ma-wang)

I don't know why on earth I forgotten to review this drama. Maybe I was influenced by my friend thought and comment and been thinking why? why? why the hell that they say that? for me it was good drama... the story-line are good the script are perfect even the cast are perfect for their role... so I wonder why... in the end I really got it... different people have different point of view and I've forgot I haven't write about it at all.

Some of my friends say... it was a confusing drama... the ending wasn't good and so on. But for me, it was really are good. the story line are perfect, the script are well write, the cast are great even the suspense and mystery behind the case are interesting.

Ok this is the first drama that I watch have less skin ship and less that die hard love story but this is good... I really think it was good since I'm tired of the same melodrama tears and impossible love story... but of coz I still watch them hehehe.

I like it because it shows us how some people keep going back and hunting by their past. How some people seeking for forgiveness and some people taking advantage of other people ability... how they developed trust towards each other, how they expressed their love how they hope things really turn the way they want. Every aspect in this drama really mean something such as 'Karma'... Tarot card, red envelope and a vision are the most important background of the story. This is the story which show us how good men turn out to be a devils and what make them one of them... well maybe we should ask it to ourself have we ever thought that we might be one of the devils... who knows.

I really recommend this drama if you haven't watch it yet... just don't hope too much on happy ending coz the ending wasn't as what you expected it to be... but still it was good.

The Synopsis:

20 episodes (or 16 episodes x 70 min)

KBS title : “The Lucifer”

“Devil” is a story about two men who were predestined to confront each other over a tragic incident that happened when they were young, and a woman who has psychometric powers. Through the bitter fight of its main characters and their desperate attempts to uncover the truth, this drama attempts to find answers to such questions as what is good and what is evil, and how good and bad fortune are formed.

The murder case that begins with an afterimage of one girl is completely ignored and closed quickly because of the girl’s preposterous testimony. Twelve years later, detective Kang Oh-soo (played by Um Tae-woong) receives a taro card meaning “judgment” and a letter. A brutal game begins between the culprit and the victim of the case, which began as a trivial incident 12 years ago but has snowballed into a big tragedy, and a mysterious witness.


Eom Tae-woong : Kang Oh-soo

The second son of a rich lawmaker who owns a deluxe hotel, Oh-soo is a serious crime detective who spares no effort to catch criminals. A troublemaker in his teen years, he shocked his family when he said he wanted to become a detective after graduating from high school. Having an outgoing personality, Oh-soo is ready to help his coworkers anytime. But he tends to offend those he cares about because he is not good at expressing his feelings. However, deep inside he is a caring person, and has his wits and unswerving desire to win.

Sin Min-ah : Seo Hae-in

A psychometric, Hae-in currently works as a librarian. She is talented at drawing and is an outstanding taro card reader, but she only does that as a hobby. Her forgetfulness has almost reached the level of amnesia, but her ability to concentrate is stunning once she engrosses herself in something. Having an unsuspecting personality that is often perceived by others as “weird” because of her poor communication skills, she nonetheless knows how to face hardships head on and turns into a courageous and strong woman when necessary. Her father died three years ago of liver cancer, and currently she lives with her deaf mother, which explains her habit to use the sign language whenever she is angry or lacks words to express her thoughts.

Joo Ji-hoon : Oh Seung-ha

An exemplary lawyer who always smiles, Seung-ha is an “angel” who volunteers to provide his professional services to underprivileged people and at the same time a coldhearted “villain” who reenacts and masterminds murders according to his own verdicts. He never went to high school but instead obtained his high school diploma through qualification exams and passed the bar exam with honors at age 25. His contradicting personality -- warm and gentle looks vs. a cold heart -- is like a sharp piece of glass hidden in a soft blanket.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

WGM Couples horoscopes scores

From the latest episode:

According to the expert each couple is rate regarding their date and time of birth. The rating was given in 100% and to my surprise the most awkward couple are the most suitable one... let see what the expert told us about their characters.

1)  with 92 % scores

Lettuce couples. (Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo)

Now let see what make they score higher.

The man is introverted & has many capabilities but financially, he's not fated to make a lucky killing so he needs to save diligently to have a good financial life.

Meanwhile, the woman is very quick with her thinking and good at managing finance & people around her. this type of horoscope is good for international marriage or there's a high probability of marrying someone who travels overseas often.

The man should always focus his love & attention to his wife so that she's not distracted by other man.

* 1st reason: Hyun Joong is introverted and Hwang Bo is good with people around her.
  2nd reason: Hyun Joong is not good in making money and Hwang Bo good at managing
  3rd reason: Hyun Joong is travelling so often and Hwang Bo is suitable for someone like him.

2) with 90% scores.
Anbi couples. (Andy & Solbi)

They scores says that, the man is assertive & upright & honest to a fault. When he need to be objectives he can be without emotions and he can be quite proud.

Meanwhile, Solbi has some manly qualities, but her tastes run towards aristocratic or princess like things.

The children are plentiful and the children will likely work in the athletics or things that require physical strength.

* I guess Solbi really need someone like Andy hehehe... since Solbi keep making trouble she might need someone who know how to convince her into something... just like the ring incident...

3) with 78% scores. 
Alshin Couples. (Alex & Shinae) 

I wonder why 78% but well who know why...

Alex is very masculine and has strong sense os self sacrifice for others. He may be a bit straight-laced and has a good fortune with women.

meanwhile his beloved Shinae is very feminine and soft. But she get suspicious and jealous easily and she is good at controlling her man.

* No comment for this couple hahaha... I guess it was ok to be jealous right.

4) And finally with 47% scores.

Ant Couples. (Crown J & In Young)

The man is very possessive & has strong sense of honor. He's fortunate with women and naturally really likes women.

The women should not rely too much on the man's financial fortune & hard work.

They aren't problem if the man treats the woman like a daughter.

Once married, the woman will want lot of kids.

* In young look good with kids... 

Taken from:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The face of their Baby

I screen captured this photo from their latest show...

They make a cute baby from the photoshopped and it was fun to watch them.

Let see how the baby look like and who their face resembles to.

1) A's couple (Crow J & In Young)

2) Alshin couple (Alex & Shinae)

3) Anbi's Couple (Andy & Solbi)

4) Lettuce's Couple (Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo)

After watching this...and make a little compare... I really think Alshin's baby are the sweetest be it a girl or a boy... Just like Alex and Shinae.

Meanwhile I'll say the prettiest boy ever will be the Lettuce's baby boy...

The tough boy will be A's baby boy and the cutest boy will be Anbi's baby boy.

What about the baby girl...

well Lettuce's baby girl look toughest, A's baby girl are cute and Anbi's baby girl are chubby so thats mean she is cute too.

Even if it's not real but it was really fun.


Takuya Kimura as Asakura Keita

Fukatsu Eri as Mayama Rika

Alternative Title: CHANGE 
Genre: Human Drama 
Film Date: May, 2008 
Total Videos: 10 
Japan Casts:
Abe Hiroshi, Fuji Junko, Fukatsu Eri, Horiuchi Keiko, Ito Shiro, Kato Rosa, Kazama Morio, Kimura Takuya, Koyama Shigeru, Nakamura Atsuo, Ohbayashi Takeshi, Terao Akira 

This is how the story begin:

Japan is having a hard moment in their politics world... the PM doesn't seems to know what he was doing and should be done... scandal keep coming and the popularity of the party is decreasing. Members of the party act on their own and have their own thought... the situation getting harder when one of the candidates were involve in an accident which also bring him along his most capable successor.

Kanbayashi Masachi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who apparently not interested in politics and at the same time working as a grade teacher. But knowing that his mom will take over after his father he decide to give a try and give up if it was fail...

To his surprise he win the election and bring him to the parliament... started from zero and trying to learn slowly another surprise come to him. Kanbayashi Masachi offered him to be on election for the PM seat, and as a normal person he ran away and went to his favorite point gazing stars. Miyama Rika once again pursued him and convince him to take the chance and bring the change that he wanted to do...listening to her advices... he once again give a try with a lot more things to learn, and of coz he win.

Starting from that point Asakura Keita the young PM working harder than his own clark. Changing so many things for his country he even change the way people think and he even change the attitude of his officers. Will he succeed? will everything be smooth as he want?

I don't know how other people rate this drama... but for me it was great... I'll give 4.5 out of 5.
why 4.5? because I believe nothing is perfect so just make it 4.5.

I'm not gonna talk about how cool the cast and so on... but the script writer really are something... I guess what the writer trying to tell us is... make a move and do some votes...
Have u ever votes? to tell the truth I don't, the reason that stated in this drama in the end is just like what I thought... but now it come to my sense that small things can change many things... just like the episode where Asakura Keita (Takuya Kimura) the PM trying to remove the tea order...

What it's look like to have a young PM? what exactly he think? what will happened? why him? this is the question that will arise if someday we might happened to have someone younger, charming and capable in charge as our PM (I would like to have one... but not as a puppet).

Guys you have to watch this... if you're Takuya Kimura fans you really have to watch and even if you're not but trying to change I really recommended this drama. You'll love it. + Madona (Miles Away) songs really cool...

Watch Online :  Click --> CHANGE

Credit video to: nakanaka33

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nightmare (R)

Release date(s) July 29, 2000 

Directed by Ahn Byeong-ki 
Produced by Goh Hyeong-wook, Stanley Kim & Lee Min-ho 
Written by Ahn Byeong-ki 
Starring Kim Gyu-ri, Choi Jeong-yoon, Ha Ji-won & Yoo Ji-tae 
Music by Lee Tae-beom 
Cinematography Lee Seok-hyeon 
Editing by Park Soon-deok 
Distributed by Tube Entertainment 


Hye-jin's homecoming should have been a joyous occasion. She was especially happy to see her childhood friend again, the shy Eun-ju. However, when a secret is revealed, harsh words are exchanged. These words deeply affect Eun-ju and,in the next scene, we see her plummeting from a 30-story building. In a flashback provided by Seon-ae, we learn that the ghost of Eun-ju is hunting down all of Hye-jin's friends and killing them. Is this possible or is a more worldly force at work? What is this mysterious tape that everyone is asking about?


This movie wasn't a new movie but still watching it was good.

Every time I watch horror movie...I can conclude it into a simple words...

most of them are about REVENGE.

This goes the same about this movie.

It started with the creepy sounds of a radio... an old man sewing something in a dark room... a black cat and a creepy surrounding.

The part that I really think it was scary is... when the old man sew one of the corps eyes... well  sometimes I got scared of a simple little thing.

A group of friend reunited again after 2 years and this time all the past story keep coming back and bring tense to every each one of them. The death of Kyung Ah / Eun Ju (Ha Ji Won), the truth behind her suicide and this is where friendship are on stack. everyone of them have their own needs and believe. And this is where we'll see what is it mean to apologize.

It's not that hard to understand why some people thought the dead will come back... it's because people who have guilty in them will for sure feel like being chase the rest of their life.

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