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2PM Members Failed To Protect The Leader?

Quoted From Taibe123@allkpop

We have been able to reach our source. By now we’ve all read the many fan accounts from the conference and it’s obvious that the atmosphere was negative to say the least. The news we’re about to give to you is shocking and regrettable. The Hottests deserve everything from beginning to end, and have always deserved the whole truth.
It’s true that the boys’ manager had a meeting with them in their dorm beforehand to tell them how to behave at the conference. They wanted to calm the fans and also reinforce the “facts” provided in their statement. When the time came around for the actual conference, things changed. We had no intentions of misleading our readers. We ourselves, really did think that it would be scripted.
What the members said during the conference was all their own thoughts. Our source told us that all the emotions were true, but Junho faked the crying. There are still parts from the conference that were scripted. Khun never called/messaged Jay. We all know that many things in the statement were false. The members, of course, said they were true.
That being said, most of the things said by the six were from their own mouths. 
They’ve turned against Jay.
We’ve kept quiet about which members support Jay and which ones don’t. We did this because no matter what, we still believed in seven. We didn’t want to see fans fighting or bashing because of the other members and we didn’t want to give the other members trouble. We also believed that they still loved Jay. As long as they still loved Jay, Hottests and 6PM were still the same, and therefore we needed to protect them. That’s why, when everybody started bashing 6PM, we defended them.
After recent events, we’ve come together and decided.
We’re through protecting a group that failed to protect its own leader. We owe the truth to the Hottests. We owe it to Jay. Feel free to spread this.
Just like we’ve said before with everything we post, it’s your choice to believe it or not.
At first when the controversy exploded, Junsu and Junho were angry at Jay because of what he said. Junho yelled at Jay and Junsu ignored Jay when he tried to explain. They didn’t understand fully so they were confused and frustrated, like all the angry Koreans. As far as we know, Junho was still angry at Jay when Jay left for the airport. Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung cried and Taecyeon and Nichkhun tried their best to bring Jay back. As time passed, all six members wanted desperately to bring Jay back. More months passed. We got the news that members were starting to turn their backs on Jay. The biggest shock to us was Taecyeon, since he was the one who advocated the boycott the most in the beginning. At this point, Taecyeon, Junsu, and Junho were against Jay coming back and were also against the boycott. Taecyeon and Junho wanted more fame and popularity, while Junsu wanted the position of Leader. Nichkhun was in the middle. He supported Jay but also learned from his family that he should be grateful to JYPE for giving him opportunities. Wooyoung and Chansung were on Jay’s side, but Wooyoung soon moved to the middle too. Up until the few days before the conference, there were still three members waiting for Jay. The remaining members who decided that they don’t need Jay decided to tell Chansung and Wooyoung lies about Jay to bring them to JYPE’s side while Nichkhun was in the Philippines filming Danbi. Now they have both turned against Jay. Nichkhun is the only member who is still waiting for Jay, but even he is not completely against JYPE. We will not answer questions about this.
It’s true that the boys went to karaoke and got drunk after the conference. They had dinner before as well. Our source told us that they celebrated because they’re relieved to have Jay gone.
We want to reiterate that plans CAN CHANGE.
We said before that a video of Jay might be released. It has been filmed and they planned to show it at the conference, but didn’t. They’re planning on bringing Jay back to Korea. They will make him say to fans that he doesn’t deserve to come back. He will ask the fans to support the six members. This will serve as his final apology and farewell. This was originally planned to happen on February 14th, but it has been changed to the 28th. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS UNCONFIRMED. Our source just wanted us to warn you of what’s possible. It’s urgent that you SPREAD THIS.
Another side note, if the situation gets worse (I really don’t know how it can get much worse than it already is), it’s likely that 2PM will disband. It’s your choice whether you want to support them or not. Right now… I don’t think anyone does. To us, it’s not worth supporting a group like this.
Our source left a message:
“Today’s 2PM is not the old 2PM anymore.”
Our writers have been by 2PM’s side from the start. We’ve done what we could and we’re grateful for our source, our affiliates, and our readers. We’ve confirmed with our source that even after all this chaos, Jay still wants to come back. We will update soon about what we can do to help Jay.
Writers will also update with their respective rants.
Our next official update might be our goodbye.
Thank you.
credit: insider2pm

* So what is the truth? who should we believe? I don't know if this is true but it's not like the HOTTEST gonna lie about this. They won't betrayed their favorite band just because of Jay... Well i don't know... Quoted this because some might want to read this or maybe think again... whatever... it's not like 2PM gonna turn the world upside down... today some might get angry but still life moving on like it's nothing at all... right?

1st Episode with Seohyun and Yonghwa

I don't know why on earth I started writing about this couple LOL. Both look cute especially when they look shy. Maybe that's why. I'm started to developed my interest on them... I'm not a betrayer... I'm still Joongboers and that for sure ^^

Their first episode has gather many response and the rating is 14.7% and this week it going up to 15.5%. There must be something special about them that people start watching WGM.

So the first meeting started with Yonghwa asking his other members to pretend to be the husband or pairing with Seohyun and it's work out well since.

And then he ask Seohyun who would he like or  think would be her husband by putting the blanket on them...

Well of coz... she choose Yonghwa... I'll choose him too if I could LOL

He was relieved that Soehyun choose him over the other members and thanks her for that and only than he revealed that he is the husband which of coz shocked Soehyun... but isn't that cute ^^

After saying goodbye and thank you to his band... they heading to their first round of marriage... and of coz they started awkwardly since both still don't know how to start. But after sometimes they started changing topics and look comfortable...

They went to Yonghwa studio and have a chat... Yonghwa curious about what inside of Soehyun bag which is heavier than he thought...

Their conversation getting interesting when Yonghwa come up with what they should call each other and Yonghwa told Soehyun to call him Yongoo (sorry I don't really know the exact way to describe his name) and He will call her Hyun. I like this part hahaha it's always the beginning of something.

Satisfied with the name they've come up with... both sealed a promise (2nd promise) that both will call each other with that name.

Than Yonghwa started showing his skilled playing a guitar which of coz mesmerized Soehyun...

Teaching Soehyun how to play a guitar... wargh!!!
Just by doing a little and simple things he turned the atmosphere into a romantic one...

After the learning session Soehyun started asking about Yonghwa first love which of cos bring shocked to Yonghwa. 

There is no where Yonghwa could escape from it... looking at how confident eyes... who dare to escape to what ever Soehyun ask hehehe...

And finally, their first selca together... both look comfortable now after several Q&A... 
Now they're ready to move on to the next stage.

until the next episode Have a great lovely day :)
We Got Married bring me another reasons to watch... wooohoooo

Friday, February 26, 2010

MC Mong Injured on Face.

On the 26th, MC Mong was set to perform at the Baekseok Culture University, but instead of performing, he ended up taking a trip to the hospital.
On this day, MC Mong injured his face with a 2~3 cm deep cut from a nail that was sticking out on the stage. He injured his face before he got up on the stage, but despite the facial injury, he still tried to perform.
A representative revealed, “When MC Mong first got injured, he wasn’t able to feel any pain so he just went up on stage. However, he was dripping so much blood that the audience got surprised. Despite his injury though, he was smiling and assuring the audience that he was okay.”
He is currently receiving 5 stitches on his face,” the representative added. After the emergency surgery, we are planning to visit the orthopedics to make sure there aren’t any problems with his bone.
*Owh... my fav. superstar getting hurts :( ... hope he got better soon... 

70 Fans Outside JYPE Building in Protest

This recent Jaebeom controversy seems to be keeping everyone on their toes, Hottest or not!
Within less than 24 hours, 2PM has lost thousands of fans, JYPE has been mobbed with angry Hottests, and 2PM members are even being blamed for Jaebeom’s withdrawal.
It has just been reported that seventy Hottests are protesting in front of the JYPEbuilding. However, rather than raiding the building, these fans have quietly been gathered around the building entrance, watching JYPE’s moves.
One fan stated, “We are not standing here to ask JYP for his position. I just came here because I felt like I had to do something after hearing the news.”
On the 25th, 100 Hottests have been gathered around the JYPE building after hearing the news of the official termination of Jaebeom’s contract. Today, the 26th, fans have started to gather around the premises early in the morning, bringing the count to 70 fans as of now.
One particular fan had brought a chrysanthemum with her and explained, “I prepared this chrysanthemum to symbolize that 2PM fans died along with Jaebeom’s withdrawal.”
Aside from the mobbed JYPE building, netizens have been criticizing certain 2PM members, and as of now, Wooyoung and Taecyeon seem to be the main targets. It was reported earlier that Taecyeon had shut down his minihompy, which may have been a smart choice.

Although there are some positive comments left for the other 2PM members, there seem to be more netizens trying to bring down the 6-member 2PM. One of the comments left by netizens stated, “Ok Taecyeon, are you happy now?” and others demanded both Wooyoung and Taecyeon to step down from their variety shows and MC positions. These two are most likely being attacked by netizens because they are the most active members from 2PM.
Above article were fully quoted from allkpop.
* The worst things have happened.... what will happened next? Just hope things getting better soon...

Full letter From JYP Entertainment Regarding Jaebeom

Fully Quoted from Allkpop:

As previously reported, Park Jaebeom is now confirmed to have permanently left 2PM. We released a small excerpt from the full message earlier, and now have an uncut translation of the entire letter for our readers.
In the past few hours, the kpop world has simply exploded with not only grief but confusion due to many theories and news reports that point in all directions. allkpop works around the clock to provide you with the fastest news, but we also value quality and accuracy as well, and hope this full statement will help our readers understand the convoluted matter at hand.
We at allkpop have translated the whole letter, which was posted on JYP Entertainment’s official website, into English here:
Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
Last September, 2PM’s member Park Jaebeom announced his withdrawal from the group and returned to Seattle after a message he wrote on the internet during his trainee days caused backlash. We will now reveal what course of action will be taken.
Although the message that became an issue last September upset many people, it was written during Jaebeom’s tough trainee days on his personal page. At the time, the company agreed with Jaebeom when he asked to take some time for self-reflection. We did not think that this meant that he would stop all activities in the entertainment industry or that he would leave 2PM.

The company had the option of forcing Park Jaebeom to stay and continue promoting with a 7 member 2PM. However, although netizens exaggerated Jaebeom’s words through mistranslations, his words still had the potential to hurt many people. Because of this, we did not want to endorse Jaebeom and force him to continue promotions because it might have damaged his image permanently in the public eye, and so we agreed with his decision to return to the States.
When a celebrity makes a mistake and does not apologize for his / her mistake or if the company endorses that celebrity, the public view of that celebrity becomes more negative and it was in the company’s thoughts that letting Jaebeom withdraw from the group for self-discipline would be good.
Thankfully, after Park Jaebeom left the country, an outpour of support gave him another chance.
After Jaebeom’s leave, we did not release any additional information because we did not want the public to be influenced by malicious sources. Since Park Jaebeom’s return to Seattle, the company has searched for vocal, dance, and acrobatics teachers, and the company producer JYP went personally to Seattle to talk to these teachers and formulate a program.
All recent CF’s, performances, promotions and contracts that have involved 2PM have been made with the mindset that the group would eventually have all 7 members present after Park Jaebeom’s return and so we waited for his comeback.
In November, 2009, the company proposed that Park Jaebeom make his comeback through an album that would have been released this year in April, and Park Jaebeom had agreed to these plans. The plans called for Jaebeom’s return to Korea on the third week of February and a press conference would have been held before promotions as a 7 member 2PM began.
Because of the support he received from the public after his withdrawal from 2PM, Park Jaebeom’s return would have improved 2PM’s efforts and most importantly we would have been able to receive the complete support of the fans once again. The company and the group had high hopes.
However, if the news of Jaebeom’s comeback were revealed too quickly, we felt that the public would once again be negative. Although the fans criticized the lack of information from us, we did not reveal any plans for the comeback.
On December 22nd, 2009, Jaebeom confessed to Jung Wook, a representative, that he had done something wrong during the Again and Again promotions. Apparently, it was far more serious than his MySpace controversy.
The six other members were not notified then as they were busy with year-end activities. On January 3rd, 2010, we all sat down for a discussion and came to an agreement 3 days later that it was no longer possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2PM.
We thus decided to terminate our exclusive contract with Jaebeom.
Although we wanted to release this information as soon as possible, Park Jaebeom’s personal situation prevented us from revealing this information until now and we hope you understand.
We would like to emphasize that all the information above is true in its entirety.
We are revealing these details through this message now because if we had lied and gave false information, we would have lost any trust that we held with the fans.
To 2PM and all the people who waited for Park Jaebeom’s return, we apologize deeply and are sorry to have to reveal this sad news to everyone.
The company and the remaining 6 members will prepare even harder and greet you with a better image.
Thank you.

* So this is it... The final answer for all the waiting and all the faith... I guess everyone would doubt what is it that Jaebeom have done that it was much more serious than the Myspace message?

By releasing this statement, I guess... JYPE seriously wanted to end all the discussion about Jaebeom comeback. Leaving us with much more curiosity... and without any other choice... should we start say Good Bye to Jaebeom now? 

What Pi*! me off is... why on hell JYPE wanted to put all the blame on Jay. Logically, why do Jay want to confess his wrong doing when he know he can't make it without saying anything? it sounds to me that Jay seriously wanted to comeback without holding anything on his back. What he have done might come out sooner or later... and to make sure that his comeback won't be tarnished once again he have to confess things he have done and the reason is... for JYPE to get ready and prepared. 

So who should I put the blame on... JYP? JYPE? Jay? or the other members? 

If telling the truth is a sin then there no sin that can't be forgiven.... right?

it's all depends on us... to forgive or to let him go... we always have something to choose it just we don't want it and we just don't care.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Park Jaebeom is Not Returning!

2PM's leader Park Jaebeom has quit for good after it was announced on JYPE’s website on the evening of February 25th, shocking Hottests in Korea and the world.
JYP Entertainment has released a letter online towards the public”
“On December 22nd, 2009, Park Jaebeom’s representative stated over the phone that Jaebeom had confessed that he had did something very wrong during Again and Again promotions. And it was apparently something that was more serious that his MySpace controversy last summer and that left the six other members very shocked. On January 6th, 2010, everyone of us (along with the members) sat down for a discussion and came to an agreement that it will no longer be possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2pm.”
JYP stated that Jaebeom’s social impulses were a private matter and will not be revealed. They expressed that it was difficult to reveal the details of Park Jaebeom’s offenders who had intruded into his privacy and posted the comments. They also indicated that they had originally planned for Jaebeom to make a return in April.
We can only hope that the JYP conference planned for the 27th along with the 2PM fan communities will proceed smoothly. 100 Hottests have now gathered at the JYPE building in Seoul to protest at the point of writing. 
As Quoted from Allkpop.
* Will this mean it's the end for all the waiting? does it mean there is no more Jay the leader? 
This is not what I'm rooting for... I've been keeping my faith for him to come back and start conquering the stages again. I always believe all he need is time and he will be back for good. 
But with this statement... what should I do? T T

Personal Taste Finally Reveals Their 1st Stills

I've mentioned before that Lee Min Ho &  Son Ye Jin will be coming back with their new drama 'Personal Taste'. And finally they release the 1st stills of this drama. By looking at the picture we might have wonder what kind of relationships will this two character present to us. 

Son Ye Jin plays a sassy furniture designers in her late 20s, Park Gae In. Gae In is the daughter of a legendary figure in architecture and the CEO of a single marketing furniture store. She tends to act carelessly which can lead to mishaps and easily gets hurt because of her trusting nature, but still her bright nature keeps her strong. To avoid being hurt, Gae In tend to make friend only to a gay guy.

Lee Min Ho as Jun Jin Ho a perfectionist love to have an abnormally clean and neat house. He decides to act as a homosexual boys in order to be a roommate and get close to his crush Gae In.

MBC will first air this drama on 31st March. Seems like a battle will be begin between 'Personal Taste' (MBC), 'Cinderella's Sister' (KBS) and 'Prosecutor Princess' (SBS).

Argh!!! I don't know which one should I begin with... all look great.

Yoo Seung Ho & Onew (Shinee)

Name: 유승호 / Yoo Seung Ho
Nickname: Little So Ji Sub
Birthdate: August 17, 1993
Profession: Actor and model
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Father, Mother & Older sister

Stage Name: Onew (온유 or 温流)
Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
Birth Date: December 14, 1989 
Height: 177cm
Position: Leader, Lead Vocal
Specialties: Singing, Piano, Chinese

Woooot ^^

I have to put this up... I've been watching Onew on SGB and all I can think is he look like someone... aaaah Yoo Seung Ho. 
They look alike right? or is it just me?

Well whatever... to me they do look alike hehehe
both look cute when they smile...