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[PHOTO] Choung Kyung-ho Entering Military

Actor Choung Kyung-ho speaks to fans and reporters ahead of entering the military at the 306th draft in the city of Uijeongbu in the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Actor Choung Kyung-ho smiles ahead of entering the military at the 306th draft in the city of Uijeongbu in the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

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Choung Kyung-Ho Drank With Ji Jin-Hee, Gong Yoo Before Entering Military

Choung Kyung-ho salutes fans and reporters ahead of entering the military at the 306th draft in the city of Uijeongbu in the Gyeonggi Province on November 30, 2010. 

Korean actor Choung Kyung-ho, who entered the military today, said he drank with actors Ji Jin-hee, Gong Yoo and Ha Jung-woo till late last night.

Choung, 27, made the remark on Tuesday, just minutes ahead of entering the 306th draft in the Gyeonggi Province where he will undergo five weeks of basic training as part of fulfilling his two-year mandatory military duties as an active-duty soldier.

"Gong Yoo in particular spoke of his experience in the military for ten hours yesterday," Choung explained, drawing laughter from fans and reporters who had shown up to bid farewell to the actor.

Gong Yoo, the heartthrob from 2007 hit TV series "1st Shop of Coffee Prince," is one of the more recent actors to have served in the military, being discharged of his services last December.

Choung made his debut in 2004 through mobile drama "5 Star" and rose to stardom in 2005 with the role he played in "I'm Sorry, I Love You." 

Since then he has played both lead and supporting roles on the small and big screen including in dramas like "Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)," "Princess Jamyung (2009)," and "Smile, You (2009)" and films such as "Gangster High (2006)," "Someone Dear is Far Away" and "Running Turtle (2009)." 

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E Ji-ah Says Did Not Use Double For Action Sequences

Korean actress E Ji-ah has said she has not used a body double for any of the action scenes in the upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" so far.

The remark came on Tuesday during a press conference for the action-packed drama which is a spin-off to last year's hit blockbuster series "IRIS" as she responded to a reporter's question on shooting her action sequences.

"I have always worked out regularly and my stunt double is on set with an extra set of my clothes but I wanted to do the [action] scenes myself," E explained, adding that she herself was not convinced she would be able to pull off the scenes at first but "let myself loose once the cameras started rolling, without thinking about the dangers involved."

She further said, "I was able to immerse myself into my role, even though I hit my head and got bruises all over my body, because shooting a drama in a different country like Italy which has such rich and deep history, is such a new experience. "

E will play the role of Han Jae-hui, a special agent under the European branch of the national anti-terror services in the drama also starring Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won and Soo-ae.

The action series was shot in various overseas locations such as Italy, Switzerland, Singapore and New Zealand.

"Athena," named after the Greek goddess of war strategy, will be about terrorist acts and threats against the Korean Peninsula and the whole world. Other cast members include actors Kim Min-jong and Choi Si-won of idol group Super Junior.

The series is set to premiere on December 12 after current Monday and Tuesday drama "Giant" finishes its run.

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[PHOTO] "Athena" Cast at Press Conference

Jung Woo-sung
Actor Jung Woo-sung takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Jung Woo-sung 
Choi Siwon

Singer and actor Choi Siwon takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Cha Seung-won
Model and actor Cha Seung-won takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Kim Min-jong 
Actor Kim Min-jong takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Soo Ae 
Actress Soo Ae takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

Soo Ae 
E Ji-ah

Actress E Ji-ah takes part in the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "Athena" held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on November 30, 2010.

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Actress Lee Da-hae Wins China Fashion Awards

Korean actress Lee Da-hae won an award at the 2010 China Fashion Awards (CFA) held in Beijing of China over the weekend.

Lee's agency DBM Entertainment announced through a press release on Tuesday that the 26-year-old actress received the award for top Asian fashionista at the annual CFA held at the Shanghai World Expo on November 27. 

"Thank you for honoring me with such a big award and I will try to pay even more attention to my fashion. I thank China for the great love you have shown me and I will repay you with better acting, "Lee was quoted as saying in the press release. 

This is the second time for a Korean to win the award - Song Hye-kyo was last year's recipient of the prize handed to the most fashionable celebrities in Asia in several categories including model, singer and actor. 

China Fashion Week took off in 2001 mainly to promote home-grown fashion industries in China. Some 20 celebrities attended this year's event including Tony Leung, Elva Hsiao, Charlie Young Choi Nei, Dylan Kuo, Eddie Peng and music band "Fahrenheit."

Lee, 26, debuted in 2001 and has appeared in many hit Korean dramas including "My Girl (2005)," "Green Rose (2005)" "The East of Eden (2008)" and "The Slave Hunters (2010)." 

She has also participated in various types of charity work and became the first Korean actress to receive the Presidential award for frugality this year.

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Song Seung-heon, Kim Tae-hee Speak of Shooting New Drama

Korean actor Song Seung-hun (left) and actress Kim Tae-hee (right) on the set of upcoming drama "My Princess" [MBC]

Top Korean stars Song Seung-heon and Kim Tae-hee have spoken about shooting their first scene for upcoming new MBC TV series "My Princess." 

"I have high expectations for the show since it is my return to the small screen after two years as well as my first role in a romantic comedy. I hope to show a different side of myself to the audience through this production," Song was quoted as saying. 

"I was really nervous on working together with Song but I felt comfortable once filming began," Kim said of co-star Song. 

"My Princess" is a love story between a regular female college student named E-seul (Kim) and a diplomat named Park Hae-young (Song). 

The show will go on air in early January next year after current Wednesday and Thursday series "Home Sweet Home" finishes its run.

Korean actor Song Seung-hun on the set of upcoming drama "My Princess" [MBC]

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Fanfic - Scandal (HJ & HB) Part 2

Extra Story # 5: Scandal (2)

Date: May 21, 2009 21:50

Finally arrived at her apartment, he goes straight up to her floor without calling her ahead of time like how he usually used to do.

Ding Dong…… Ding Dong…… Ding Dong……

Rapidly pressing the door bell button……

When she opened the door, her smiling face is delightedly greeting him.

HJ is stunned,

Maybe she did not know yet?

“Hurry up, gets in, why are you so dazed?!” She smiled at him and pulled him in…….

While he is still taking off his shoes, he spares a gaze to watch her reaction. She does not seem like she is mad at all.
Sigh in relieve, this even better, he could alert her in advance.

“Aren’t you filming your drama today? Why would you be here all of a sudden? Do you have dinner yet?” She in her causal wears standing at the foyer smiling at him asked.

Walking straight where the couch is located, HJ threw himself on it and stretches his sore feet.

“Which one should I answer first?” He looked up.

“What?” She sat beside him asked.

“You asked 3 questions, which one I should answer first?”

She laughs, “Do you have dinner yet?”

Stretches his arms this time, “Not yet, seems like haven’t eaten since breakfast time.”

Her smile fades away, “How could the crews didn’t even give you time to eat? How could your body tolerate this? You wait here……”

Pulling her back from getting up, hugs her in his embrace, buries his head on her shoulder, lightly kisses her hair, smelling the refreshingly nice scent of her after shower fresh, and feeling her soft touching body tightly clinch in his arms. These touches finally erased the last sting of his annoyance, he is now relaxed wholeheartedly, so relaxed that he felt his heart turns into Jello.

“You just rest here, I’ll prepare dinner.” She escapes from his embrace, but HJ successfully steals a kiss on her lips before she is trying to get up.

HJ cannot control himself from following her to the kitchen leaning on the door frame to the kitchen, looking at her busy image preparing his dinner. Bending down to pick up Jins who is wagging her tail and wandering around him, settling Jins on his arms, he feels like some warm bubbles growing from his heart, warming his tiring soul. Perhaps that’s so called happiness and blessing, he thinks to himself. 

“No matter what you see, no matter what you hear, could you just put trust on me?” He said.

HB stops chopping, turns around and looks at him,

“What did you do that you need to emphasize to me giving trust on you?”

He immediately shakes his head,

“I didn’t, I always keep my promise.”

“What promise?” She slightly tilted her head and tried to recall.

“The pledge of love I wrote, you don’t remember?” 

“The one from WGM? …… That’s a request from the crew, they asked us to write……” She lightly smiles.

“I wrote it by heart……” He emphasizes.

She tucks her arms in front, “Then, let me listen, which one you follow the best?”

“I will never look at another woman.”

She gives him a gaze, “Really?”

“Of course, except for work, I always keep at least 1 meter distance.”

She stares at him for a while, then turns around,

“Why are you this serious, I didn’t request you to do so.”

Her voice is very calm, he could not feel or figure out her mood.

True, she did not request, even more, she does not ever request a single thing from him, this in turn frustrated him.

In the past, he thought of a married couple to keep a certain degree of independent is really good. Giving each other enough freedom and not giving burden to each other. But now, he wishes to put his freedom on her hand, but she does not appear to appreciate, all the more, she wants to ignore, how would this not get him frustration.

She does not want to tie him up, and she does not want him to tie her up, would it be that her subconsciously does not want to fall deeper?

Sometimes he thought, ‘Is she purposely giving me complete freedom, and expecting him to give her the same amount of freedom?’ 

Aish …… Sure enough, the mission is not really accomplished, secret agent HJ still need to put in more effort.

Making a deep sigh, getting close to her, showing his pitiful plaintive yet handsome face,

“I’m being dead serious in disciplining myself, as my girlfriend, aren’t you at least trying to show a slight sign of touched?”

His droll expression tickles HB, playfully pushes away his face,

“Arraso, I’ll heartedly practice in front of the mirror starting today……”

While eating the Kimchi stew she prepared for him, HJ mutely took out the newspaper from his pocket and handed it over to her,

“Scandal is out in the newspaper today, this was captured when the whole filming crews went for dinner two days ago, and the paparazzi took it while we walked out of the restaurant.”

Putting a mouthful of rice, slowly chewing while observing her reaction carefully,

She seriously reading the headline news which occupied the whole front page,

He felt the time freeze for a long while, she finally puts her head up, smiling,

“They took a good photo shot…….” 

This is not the reaction he thought he would get, distracted for a moment, mumbled, “This is not true……”

“Yep, I know……” She nodded.

He carefully watching her, would she being too mad and said the opposite? ……

“You aren’t upset then……”

She shrugged, “Just felt a bit uneasy, as long as this is not true, there’s no need for me to ham it up.”

She did not even show a slight sign of Jealousy on her reaction, his powerlessness rose uncontrollably.

“You trust me that …… that much?”

“I believe if something really happened, you would not let me be the last one to know, am I right?” 

Although giving him trust is good, but…… but…… this is not the kind of trust he wish, he wishes a different type, aish…… lump in throat……

He did not answer, lowering his head and continue to eat his meal.

“You came all the way here from the filming site to tell me this, right?” She softly smiled and asked.

That’s right, he answered in his mind, but seems like this is not necessary.

Mockingly smile at himself, “Very funny, right?”

“How could this be funny, you care that much of my feeling, of course I am touched ar……” She holds his hand.

“Is it? But you did not show a bit that you are touched, you even seems like you don’t care at all.”

He sounds very much plaintive, he even considered to pout his lips to boost the visual effect.

“That’s because you hastily rush in and explain to me, for that reason, there’s no need for me to be mad ar.” Her sparkling eyes show a glimpse of sly.

“Is it?”

“Of course it is, if I heard this from someone else or I read the newspaper myself, and you did not come and explain, I will not let this go that easily.”


“Really ……” She firmly nodded.

His mood immediately lightens up, and the food he is eating becomes tastier.

“I’m staying here overnight ……”

“What? ……” Such a change in subject, she merely cannot follow. “Wea?”

“I have to rush back to the filming site very early in the morning, I don’t want to be tossed back and forth.” He mentioned casually as if that there is nothing worth to be pay attention to.

She did not answer, her stare go around observing him for a long time,

“If you’re thinking about THAT kind of thing, relax, I’m too tired today, can’t even if I want to, …… Anyway, if you’re not keeping me for the night, I’m going to sleep in the car.”

Enjoy looking at her face suddenly turns red, and escaping his gaze.

At last, his wish of staying was after all fulfilled, the first time staying at her place, he fully satisfied occupying her guest room, and sleep soundly and happily.

She draws the newspaper from her handbag she brought this morning, making a grimace at his photo. Together with the one he brought with him, threw into the garbage bin.

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Fanfic HBHJ: Noona, You Are My Buin Too

"Buin, you are so good," Hyun Joong shyly told Hwang Bo as they both stood outside the studio, watching the We Got Married production crew packing. He had both hands clasped behind him while keeping his timid gaze towards Hwang Bo.

Hwang Bo turned towards Hyun Joong. She was a bit taken aback when their eyes met. Quickly, she lowered her gaze, staring at her hands. "Shillang did good in directing me that's why I can sing very well."

"Not sing, making background noises," Hyun Joong corrected her. His smile still lingered. 

Hwang Bo's chuckle turned into laughter when she recalled the recording in the studio just now. Background noises indeed. "Remember to delete it later," Hwang Bo reminded Hyun Joong.

"No," Hyun Joong replied. "I'll save it in a CD. Does Buin want a copy?" he asked earnestly. Although they agreed the recording was just for fun and will be deleted after, Hyun Joong thought it was a pity to do so. He wanted to keep one copy for himself to remind him of the time he spent with Hwang Bo in Japan.

Hwang Bo shook her head. "It was so embarrassing," she said, refusing the offer. She sounded sexy as Hyun Joong requested her. It would be embarrassing to listen to herself sounding sexy. "Why do you want to keep a copy?" she asked, curiously.

"That.. Aa.." Hyun Joong brushed his nose with his knuckle. It would sound too mushy to tell her the truth. 

There was a long silent between them while Hwang Bo waited for the answer. "What?" she asked when the silent became more awkward. "That's not an answer." Suddenly, Hwang Bo remembered something. "You haven't told me how you feel when I come to see you here."

Although he was glad he did not have to answer the first question, the second question was equally hard to answer as well. Now that they were not filming anymore, he did not feel reluctant to answer. When she had asked him in the studio and the dormitory, both scenes were being filmed. As much as he wanted to answer her then, he could not.

The truth was, when Hyun Joong had suggested Hwang Bo came to see him in Japan for fun, he did not really mean it. He knew it was not possible as it was out of We Got Married filming schedule. They never interact outside of the filming although he wanted too. Hwang Bo being a noona, made Hyun Joong hesitated every time he wanted to keep in touch with her. He was not sure it was the right thing to do.

When Hwang Bo jumped, greeting them at the door after they came back from the recording studio, Hyun Joong was very stunned. He froze. It took him a few second to realise it was really her and she was really there, in their dormitory. He would flip in excitement if only there were only the two of them. He gave her a smile instead.

"You surprised me when you came.."

"Are you happy?" Hwang Bo cut in impatiently. Surprise could either mean happy or annoyed. When she was told by the PD they would fly her to Japan to film a surprise visit for Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo was a bit reluctant to do it. She had wanted to call Hyun Joong, asking him whether it was OK for her to come. He was in Japan for work. She was not sure whether her coming to Japan would clash with his work schedule. She had been curious about how he felt but he never gave her the answer.

Hyun Joong nodded his head shyly. "Very happy." He grinned. "Noona, thank you for coming. I had good meal for two days. I had a fun date with you too."

Outside of filming, Hyun Joong always called her Noona. She would love it if he continued to call her Buin instead. But that was too much to ask. After all, it was very sensible to be able to differentiate between work and personal. Sometime, Hwang Bo felt it was hard separating both as working with Hyun Joong in We Got Married was as real as living a personal life. When she was not conscious of the cameras and crews, the feeling seemed very real. "I had fun too," Hwang Bo admitted.

"Noona, can I call you when you are in Korea?" Hyun Joong asked after pondering about it for a while.

Hwang Bo frowned. She tilted her head towards Hyun Joong. "You have my number, right?" she asked. Hyun Joong asked for her number before he left to Japan. "You even said you will call me three times a day." Hwang Bo refused to admit she had anticipated the phone call. She knew it was not possible. Just like it was not possible to make Hyun Joong practiced the piano score for her between his busy schedules. 

Hyun Joong agreed with her. Things he had said during filming were as real as things he would have said outside filming. He had reason to say he would call her three times a day. The reason was they were filming. But to actually made that phone call to Hwang Bo.. He had no reason at all. Filming was the best excuse. Just like he managed to go on a date with Hwang Bo using filming as an excuse. "Yes.. But.. Do you mind? Can I call you?"

"I don't mind," Hwang Bo eagerly replied. She had more things to say but one of the crew members gestured her to leave with them. They were done packing and were about to get in the taxi which was waiting to take them to the airport. "I have to go," she said. 

Hyun Joong nodded. "Can you stay?" he suddenly asked. 

Hwang Bo laughed out loud. She anticipated this although it was so absurd. She was so excited that she did not realised she was grabbing to Hyun Joong's arm. Hyun Joong smiled, looking down at her. He really meant it but it was not possible as he knew Hwang Bo had a busy working schedule. "I'm sincere," he added with a sweet smile and both hands on his chest.

Hwang Bo also smiled, tilting her head towards him as she answered, "I would love too but it's not possible."

"Yes, I know." Hyun Joong sounded disappointed. "Buin! I'll be back next week. Wait for me."

Hwang Bo laughed again. Her cheeky Shillang. When Hyun Joong said, "I'm sincere about that too," Hwang Bo's laugh ceased. She bite her lower lip with a slight frown on her forehead. "Really?" she asked, doubting it. After all, he called her Buin again.

"Noona, everything I told you are true."

It sounded like a promise or an assurance to Hwang Bo. It put a wide smile on her face. She intended to let the smile stay. "I really have to go. Shillang, I'll wait for you. Come back soon, OK?" With that, she waved at Hyun Joong and walked away towards the taxi.

Hyun Joong merely nodded his head slowly. "Good bye, Buin." Hyun Joong waved and waited until the taxi disappeared from his view. Although it was a good bye, but it was a cheerful good bye. He could not wait to finish his work in Japan and return to Korea to his Buin.

In the taxi, Hwang Bo lowered her head as she played with her fingers. Hyun Joong's "Noona, everything I told you are true" kept playing in her head. It made her smile again. She never lied to him too. Everything she told him were the truth, reflecting what she felt in or out of filming. She could not wait to return to Korea and start filming We Got Married again.

- the end -

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YG Entertainment Announces Big Bang Comeback

Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has announced that boy band Big Bang will make their long-awaited comeback to the local music scene, as their original five-member band and also through solo and duo albums.

YG's CEO and founder Yang Hyuk-suk wrote on the official YG Life blog site (http://www.yg-life.com) on Monday that members G-Dragon and TOP will be the first to return, releasing songs "High High "and" Oh Yeah "on December 15 as a duo while their full-length album, featuring 11 tracks, will hit stores a week later. 

Yang then wrote that member Seungri will follow next with the release of his solo digital single on January 3 and the boys will make their full-fledged comeback as Big Bang on February 1.

Last week, YG Life had unveiled a digital clock timer indicating that an announcement was going to be made over the weekend which fans and industry sources speculated as the return of Big Bang or the official US debut of girl group 2NE1. 

Big Bang, discovered and trained by major talenthouse YG Entertainment, is known as one of the biggest names in the Korean pop industry, releasing hit songs "Dirty Cash," "With U," "Lies" and "Haru Haru." 

The last album that the group released in Korea was "REMEMBER," featuring the title track "Red Sunset" two years ago. 

The group then successfully crossed over to the Japanese music market in June of last year with their debut single "My Heaven" which reached No. 3 on the prestigious Oricon daily singles chart and toured three cities in the country which attracted a total of 60,000 fans. 

They have released other singles in Japan such as "Tell Me Goodbye" and "Beautiful Hangover" and performed on the main stage at the Summer Sonic Festival this August. 

Big Bang is currently gearing up for the "2010 YG Family Concert" to be held on December 4 and 5 with fellow labelmates 2NE1, Gummy and Psy. 

Korean boy band Big Bang [Official Big Bang website]

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* Yeah! Can't wait for the comeback! 

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ZE: A's Ads Adorn Mass Transit in Bangkok

Korean idols ZE: A's advertisement for a Thai snack has adorned the exterior of mass transit systems in Bangkok. 

Star Empire Entertainment announced in a press release on Friday that the boys' advertisement for YOYO Jelly has been wrapped around the Bangkok Mass Transit System, an elevated rapid transit system in the country, causing a stir among local and international fans. 

In July, the boys were chosen to be the spokesmodel for United Foods Public Ltd. 'S YOYO Jelly and have shot commercials for the Thai snack. 

"The commercial that ZE: A shot for YOYO Jelly first hit airwaves on November 1. Many fans in Thailand can see their advertisement on trains, buses and in theaters," an official from Star Empire was quoted as saying. 

ZE: A (Children of Empire) made their debut in January this year with their mini-album "Nativity" featuring their title track "Mazeltov." They released a follow-up record in April "Leap For Detonation" and "Level Up" in July. 

The nine-member boy band has visited various countries in Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan to promote themselves and their songs. 

They are currently busy preparing to release their first full-length album. 

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Here I Am - 4Men & 美 (Secret Garden Ep. 2)

Another scenes that I can't help but combined it into one piece.
Aren't there is a time when we feels that feelings? 
aaah Secret Garden definitely makes me crazy and keep day dreaming.

"We Got Married" photos revealed of Nichkhun and Victoria

Major Korean broadcasting company MBC has unveiled a teaser photograph of Nichkhun and Victoria from an upcoming episode of reality TV show "We Got Married." 

The picture showed Nichkhun and Victoria smiling and cooking in the kitchen of their new home. 

In last week's episode, Nichkhun and Victoria celebrated their 100 days as a married couple by moving into their new house. 

Known as' Khuntoria 'among fans, 2PM member Nichkhun and f (x)' s Victoria play a make-believed married couple on the second season of "We Got Married." They are joined by other couples Brown Eyed Girls 'Ga-in and 2AM's Jo Kwon and CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa and Girls' Generation's Seohyun. 

Nichkhun, whose full name is Nichkun Buck Horvejkul, is a Thai-American singer who was discovered and trained by JYP Entertainment. As one of the members of 2PM, they are preparing to make their official debut into the Japanese music market. 

Victoria, a Chinese-born singer is the leader of the five-member girl group f (x). The group made their debut with the single album "LA chA TA" in September 2009 and recently signed exclusive contracts with Japanese talenthouse Avex to expand their singing career into Japan. 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Jang Dong Gun

Throughout a time span of three years, the title to Jang Dong-gun's upcoming Hollywood debut film changed from "Sand Warrior" to "Laundry Warrior" and to the current "The Warrior's Way." And during that time, Jang silently waited for the film to wrap up post-production and set a distributor. That is even more so why fans and industry have been curious to how he feels about the movie whose release date has finally been set for December 2 but to him, "The Warrior's Way" was more about how well he fulfills his duties as an actor representing Korea rather than his excitement over the film being released in Hollywood. Below are excerpts from the press interview held after the screening for the film set for a release on December 2.

10: Have you read any of the reviews that people have posted on the Internet of "The Warrior's Way" after watching it at the screening?
Jang Dong-Gun: Not all of them but I Heard people's Opinion Split on IT is. (Laugh) I did expect the movie to somewhat appeal only to certain tastes because it doesn't deliver any particular message or show the meaning to life. I even thought some people may not like it. My wife joked that she thought I'd had a hard time filming the action sequences but that it rather looks like I had fun dating (Kate Bosworth). (Laugh)

10: Your swordsman skills in the movie was impressive. For how long did you practice?
Jang: For Six months but Closer to Four IT's Actually Hurt Because I got midway. And I'm supposed to be Asia's best warrior but not one that displays fancy skills like actors Jet Li and Donnie Yen do in their movies. I paid more attention to making my character look more classy, even if he may swing his sword once, to show that he's someone with a lot of experience.

10: Wasn't it hard playing your part in English?
Jang: I DID have an easier Talk Time Because My Character does not just START with are to Lot. (Laugh) And I had a coach for my pronunciation but I was taught how to pronounce my words in accordance to my character being a warrior from the East, not so that I would speak in an accent that would be easy for Americans to understand. So everyday, I would practice my swordsman skills in the day and my lines in the evening. It wouldn't make sense if I couldn't pull off my lines when I've been given six months.(Laugh)

Scenes from "The Warrior's Way" [SK Telecom]

10: The movie was in post-production for over two years so it must feel different to watch your acting from back then.
Jang: Back then I do think I look Younger. (Laugh) But I see some things that I'm embarrassed about and where I could have done better. Of course, it's not to the extent that it feels like I'm watching a TV series I shot when I was in my twenties, but there are scenes I feel I would have played my part differently if I were given the chance to shoot it again now. Both myself and the audience have waited a long time for the movie to be released but I was told we didn't wait that long for a movie that hasn't been shot by a Hollywood studio.

10: You'll be taking your first step into Hollywood with this movie. Do you think the end-product that you see has been worth the long wait?
Jang: The movie had been Originally targeted at specific audience ares. But we couldn't do that once the movie got bigger from increased investment. It became a film which is less deep but can appeal to a wider audience. I'm not saying that's bad.(Laugh) It's just that there are some things which ended up being different from what I had originally expected. It would have been even better if the movie had a higher degree of completion but I'm satisfied with the product in general. And my character has pretty much stayed the same from who he was in the original script.

10: When you say that it was a film that a specific audience would have liked, are you saying it was supposed to me more cruel and maniac?
Jang: That's right. I thought of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's movies when I talked to the director for the first time after receiving the script for the movie. I felt that it would be extremely unique. Extremely cruel but not too dark. I think those parts have been diminished a lot.

10: Asian actors are usually seen as the ones who play roles in action movies but in "The Warrior's Way," the element of romance is just as important as the action.
Jang: In The U.S., Asian Actors are usually perceived as 'Action Actors.' I want to be seen as an actor who is not only good at the action sequences but rather as an actor who can 'also' pull off action sequences and someone who can play various types of characters. After filming the kissing scene with Kate, I heard that it's rare that an Asian actor would shoot such a scene with a mainstream Hollywood actress. So I feel that I've taken a step towards expanding the range of characters Asian actors can play.

10: You must've been approached by several filmmakers in Hollywood other than this. What are some of the roles you would like to try playing in a Hollywood movie?
Jang: I've been Roles There are some that I'm Reason for declining to Speak About Then why.(Laugh) Movies where I'd take some kind of shot and suddenly turn into Superman. (Laugh) Roles I want to play ... I've realized that from a certain point on, I haven't shot a film wearing normal clothes in a city. (All laugh) So if I get to play such a role, I'm confident I'd be able to do it well.

10: You're a new actor in the US but at the height of your popularity in Korea. Even the Internet is flooded with rumors of your son who is not even six months old.
Jang: I think you suiting Popularity Enjoy Your Age. I can't expect to be popular like idol stars are at my age. (Laugh) I want to stay an actor for a long time but you need popularity to be proud about the job. Popularity is something that your fans will give you but can also take away just as easily. The support of the Korean audience is what served as the basis to me being cast for this film as well. That's why I always feel grateful to my fans. It's the same with people's interest in my child. I sometimes am stressed over the pressure and think that it's good he doesn't know about the situation he's in. But what can you do about it. Both me and my wife agree that we have to accept it to a certain extent. We'll have to control it. (Laugh)

10: Lastly, any words of advice to other Asian actors who are thinking of expanding their career into Hollywood?
Jang: Well, What I think this is advice rather than IT Being. Some people may think it's significant that I'm branching out to a market overseas but the biggest reason this movie has to do well for me is that it was made as an equal joint production - Hollywood bought a plan by Korea. Up till now, they've had Asian actors play easy roles appear in their movies to target Asian markets but I think this movie has set the environment in which we can tell the story that we want. that's the strength this system has and if this can serve as a good example, such forms of collaborations will increase.

Lee Seung-Han 
Photographer: Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor: Jessica Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin 
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That Woman by Baek Ji Young (Fanmade)

I've uploaded this video on YT but as usual they blocked it and the only person that can watch it is none other than me... 

Thanks to SBSi I've been very careful with what I upload now...

So please if you watch this... tell me what do you think... 

Ji Chang Wook

I have to pick Ji Chang Wook as one of my 'Man With Preety Face'.

Why? don't you think he have that pretty face even when looking so manly? or is it just me? 

Well let see I'm right about his look...
1st picture

Pretty good looking right? 

Learn more about him and who knows you'll show him some love.

Name: 지창욱 / Ji Chang Wook
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Jul-05
Star sign: Cancer

TV Shows
Smile, Dong Hae (KBS1, 2010)
Hero (MBC, 2009)
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House (KBS2, 2009)
You Are Very Good (KBS2, 2008)

Gosa / Death Bell 2 (2010)
Sleeping Beauty (2007)

Below is his interview with 10.Asia.co.kr (it's not fully quoted so if you want to read the full articles click HERE)

My name is Ji Chang-wook. 

My birthday is July 5, 1987.

I am an only child. I am quiet at home to the extent that I'll seem brusque. 

During high school I wanted to work in architecture or engineering for no particular reason. When I was even younger, my dreams kept changing. I wanted to be in the police force, a teacher, a judge, lawyer, doctor and other jobs. Of course, my mind changed as I started to face reality. (laughs)

When I was in middle school, my homeroom teacher would call out the names of the students who ranked within the top 50 in the entire school and they would stand up to receive applause. I was upset that I wasn't one of the students who got to stand up so from then on, I forced myself to study hard. In the end, my name got called for applause but I think I was too young to know how cool it was to receive applause from my classmates.

When I applied for Dankook University's department of Theater and Film, I performed a song from the musical "Les Miserables" for the performance part of test. I always had an interest in musicals and I enjoy big productions but I prefer small productions because you're closer to the audience so you can interact with them better.

When I did actual musicals at Daehakro (the cultural streets) I got into a lot of trouble. At the time I was the youngest actor and I think I let the pressure of being the worst performer get to me. I was supposed to be more open-minded and react to everything but I shut myself off so I think I wasn't able to show my true potential. I had the hardest time with my musical back then too.

I enjoy watching movies. I don't favor a particular genre but if I had to pick one, I would say I like thrillers. The most recent film that I watched was "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Brad Pitt is one of my favorite actors and it received such great reviews in the first place. I think it was a well-made movie. 

I love to exercise. When I was a student, I used to run around with my friends playing soccer and basketball. During middle school, we had a swimming class and I used to swim a lot. Our school gymnasium had a swimming pool on the basement level.

My hometown is Anyang and whenever I have free time I meet with my friends in the neighborhood. We'll go to street No. 1 and play a game of pool or go to an Internet cafe to play online games. When I meet my college friends, we talk about our hardships at work but if I have personal problems I meet my close friends. 

I still play Starcraft sometimes. I'm not the best at it but I like to play. In middle school, I used to watch the Starcraft games on TV. My favorite Starcraft player was Hong Jin-ho! I used to play the Zergs just like him. 

If I had free time I would want to learn to play an instrument. I want to learn how to play guitar in particular. I'm not the best player but I enjoy it. And I want to continue to learn how to play piano. I used to take piano lessons when I was younger, but I had begged my mom to allow me to stop because I hated it so much. During school, I used to read the notes, play the piano and sing with my underclassmen but I still lack the skills. 

Many people tell me that I look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My school friends performed the stage play of the movie "Match Point" and for some time my nickname was Jonathan. (laughs)

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong
Editor : Lucia Hong , Jang Kyung-Jin
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