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‘Full House 2’ to air soon

Eight years since the prequel, SBS Plus announced on Oct. 9 that the second installment of the hit drama “Full House” will air from Oct. 22.

The production is a collaboration between Korea, Japan and China, and wrapped up filming in April.

In the show, Hwang Jung-eum will play the role of a wannabe fashion designer named Jang Man-ok who poses as a stylist for superstar Lee Tae-ik played by No Min-woo.

A love triangle emerges as Lee vies against band member Won Kang-hee for Jang’s affection.

By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: koreajoongangdaily

Friday, September 21, 2012

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Pic Spam] Lee Min Jung on Big's set

Bon Factory revealed new pictures of Lee Min Jung on the set and they praised our goddess for being the source of energy of cast and crew

Source: lovestar@vingle

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

“Big’s” Gong Yoo Is Great with Kids

Recently, photos of Gong Yoo hanging out with his child co-stars in between takes have surfaced various online communities. Those following the drama recognized the child actors as “Bunny” (Seo Yeon Woo) and “Teddy Bear” (Choi Ro Woon) from “Big.” The two play Seo Yoon Jae’s (Gong Yoo) patients in the pediatric ward.

As shown in the photos, Gong Yoo allowed Seo Yeon Woo to sit and play on his knees as he fondly looked over them. The photos drew much attention online for Gong Yoo’s affectionate interaction with the kids.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gong Yoo Ties Lee Min Jung’s Shoelaces in ‘Big’

As if to confuse his teacher even more, Gong Yoo got down on his knees to tie Lee Min Jung’s shoes.

In recently released photos of KBS’s Big, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung engaged in another sweet scene, where Gong Yoo charms the actress by tying her shoes.

With Lee Min Jung’s feelings wavering towards Gong Yoo, as he plays the character of Kang Kyung Joon, this scene is expected to confused Lee Min Jung even more as Gong Yoo sends warm and affectionate glances towards her way.

In order to portray this sweet scene perfectly, the actors spent a great deal of time, filming into the early hours of the morning. It is said to become another key scene for the Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo couple.

The scene will air on July 9 with episode 11.

Photo Credit: Bon Factory
Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong

Extra news:

Recently, some still pictures of KBS’s drama series Big (written by Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran / directed by Ji Byung Hyun, Kim Sung Yoon) in which Gong Yoo ties up Lee’s shoelaces were revealed, attracting netizens’ attention.

Gong puts one knee down on the ground to tie Lee’s shoelaces, sporting a sweet image. From a certain aspect, he looks like a prince charming putting a glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot.

He shows his care for Lee by putting her shoe on his knee and gives a warm, loving look which builds viewers’ expectations higher for the episode.

In order to deliver emotions of Kyung Joon (played by Kong Yoo) and Da Ran (played by Lee Min Jung) more vividly, both actors focused hard on their acting without giving a hint of fatigue though the shooting took place in the middle of night. Their efforts produced another great scene, followed by “inhaling kiss,” “confessing with a Walkman,” and “making pandas” scenes.

On seeing the pictures, netizens reacted: “I don’t want to share Kong Yoo with anyone else.” “I want to have him.” “If Kong Yoo oppa ties my shoelaces, I’ll have my shoes untied 24/7.” “I hope Kyung Joon and Da Ran will be together soon. They look good together.”

Source :

Big Fanmde MV - Only Tears

Episode 10. All I can remember is the sad feelings and the tear jerking moment. 

Love this songs... and I think it suit the episode very well ^^


Big (Fanmade MV) - It's All About Your Heart

Clips taken from episode 7, 8 & 9... 

Songs by: Mindy Glendhill

I don't mind your odd behavior
It's the very thing I savor
If you were an ice cream flavor
You would be my favorite one

My imagination sees you
Like a painting by Van Gogh
Starry nights and bright sunflowers
Follow you where you may go

Oh, I´ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It's not about your scars
It's all about your heart

You´re a butterfly held captive
Small and safe in your cocoon
Go on you can take your time
Time is said to heal all wounds

Oh, I´ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It's not about your scars
It's all about your heart

Like a lock without a key
Like a mystery without a clue
There is no me if I cannot have you

Oh, I´ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It's not about your scars
It's all about your heart

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Fanmade MV - Just A Kiss (Jo Kwon)

* Finally, I got something to do hehehe... Love this drama a lot. So here it is... my latest fanmade video... Enjoy!

Just a Kiss
From your lips
In the Dark
Gives my life a brand new start

Just a kiss
On your lips
Every night
Gives me energy to fight so hard

I tried to open up my mind to show you
Everything that’s here inside
I don’t even need a reason why
A reason why

I tried to catch a falling star
And you saved me by lighting up the dark
You brought the beat back to my heart
Before I lost the will and fell apart
You made it right and you saved my life
You saved my life

Hand in hand
Cheek to cheek
You and me
Standing up against the world

All the pain
All the doubt
I watched it go
Without you I’d be so lost.
I’d be so lost

I tried to open up my mind to show you
Everything that’s here inside
I don’t even need a reason why
A reason why

I tried to catch a falling star
And you saved me by lighting up the dark
You brought the beat back to my heart
Before I lost the will and fell apart
You made it right and you saved my life
You saved my life

Just a Kiss
From your lips
In the Dark
Gives my life a brand new start

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gackt: “I’ll Ask Ayumi If We’re Dating in Bed”

GACKT recently made an indirect but sly response confirming rumors about his relationship status at a press conference for Clamp’s playwright “Moon Saga: The Secret of Yoshitsune“. Ever since the Japanese paparazzi captured a photo of Ayumiand Gackt dining at a famous French restaurant last week, public interest went up as rumors of the two star dating flew back and forth internet forums.

When Gackt was asked to waive or confirm the rumors he jokingly replied, “Since Ayumi and I haven’t exactly said anything to each other about actually dating…I guess I will ask her to define the relationship later in bed” causing more than one reporter to turn a brighter shade of pink from his honest yet playful retort.

The couple does appear however to be considering the idea of making their relationship public, judging by Gackt’s press comment and Ayumi’s tweet last week, “If I could tell you anything…it might be that I’m seeing somebody.”

“Moon Saga: The Secret of Yoshitsune” will run in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka from July 15 to August 26. Gackt will play the role of leading male Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a general who was critical to the Genpei War that inspired the literary classic Heike Monogatari (Tale of the Heike).

'Hahaha GACKT definitely the best when answering questions... ALL KILL!'

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gong Yoo pushes Lee Min Jung against the wall?

Behind the scenes of Gong Yoo’s violent acting has been revealed.

There was a ‘violent pushing scene’ of Gong Yoo on the seventh episode of KBS’s Big that aired on June 25.

After meeting Seo Yoon Jae(played by Gong Yoo)’s mother, Kang Kyung Joon(played by Gong Yoo) quarreled with Da Ran, and he pushed her against the wall. Daran and other female viewers were excited at the sight of Kyung Joon’s unexpected manliness.

Unlike the serious atmosphere in the episode, the still cuts of the shooting displays a friendly atmosphere. Gong Yoo hit the wall but couldn’t help but laugh; Lee Min Jung looked at him and laughed throughout the shooting.

The viewers and netizens who watched the seventh episode of Big responded: “The series surely lives up to Hong sisters’ names.” “I always watch it on time because I’m so curious.” “It’d be great if the series aired every day.”

The eighth episode of Big, which is creating a stir because of the romance between Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung, will air on June 26 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: Xportsnews via

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Television romance moves off screen

Love is in the air, both off and on the set of tvN drama “Queen In-hyun’s Man.” At a press conference to mark the show’s end on Thursday night, actor Ji Hyun-woo confessed that he has feelings for his co-star, actress Yoo In-na.

“I wanted to say this in front of all the fans of the drama. I love Yoo In-na,” Ji said in front of fans, the press and his family members in attendance.

The two shared a total of six kiss scenes, and Ji told the audience that Yoo was a source of moral support for him on the show.

He even cited actors Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo as previous cases of co-stars finding love off screen.

Meanwhile, Yoo maintained a calm composure and laughed it off saying, “This is startling. We need to talk later.”

Press as well as audience members were dumbfounded and didn’t know whether Ji was joking or serious. Ilgan Sports, the JoongAng Ilbo’s sports daily, reported that there was nothing about Ji’s facial expressions that suggested he was joking.

By Carla Sunwoo 
Source : koreajoongangdaily

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nonie4u's 1st Compilation (OST)

Lately I've got so many question about songs on my playlist. Now it will be easier for you to get it ^^. I've put all of them in one compilation. You may download it at my other sites. 

check it at:

Each time I change the playlist, you still can download it there. I'll make sure every songs is on the list. ENJOY!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lee Seung Gi's Various Fashion Throughout King2Hearts

He stands so straight, perfect posture!

crd: baidu

Message from Lee Seung Gi to all his fans

It’s been a long time. This is South Korean King Lee Jae Ha^^ 2012-05-26

Hello Airen~! 
While fully resting yesterday after things wrapped up, and sorting things out in my heart 
Today, I bid you my final goodbye..^^

From the first filming on February 1 through the final filming on May 23.. 
I was really happy living as Lee Jae Ha from The King 2 Hearts.

To be together with the best on-site staff and the best actors 
It was so fun and each and every day was a continuous learning experience…

And on top of that, even the best fans Airens.. standing by me 
I will never forget the gifts and sincerity you provided to strengthen me as well as our staff during the 4 months..^^ 
I sincerely thank you once again..^^!!

Honestly, I despaired a lot during the month of February.. Sensing a lot of my acting limitations 
And in working together with such a fine array of senior actors, the thought of not wanting to become ‘that person’ allowed me to act, focused and on the ball each and everyday..^^ㅋㅋ

I wondered when 20 episodes would end but things really ended in an instant. 
To the degree I felt sad.. maybe fans feel this way too?

I think it will be hard to meet someone like Lee Jae Ha again 
I think a lot of him will linger with me..^^

Since I’m planning to talk about things more in-depth later on in an interview through the media/press, I’ll carefully wrap things up and share then^^

However, setting Lee Jae Ha slightly aside, I’m putting in my all for the Budokan Concert on June 1. It’s going to be great because once again, I will be working with the best musicians..!ㅋㅋ The god of guitar will be part of the band.. With Ham Choon Ho hyung-nim involved there should be another different type of live feel.. Please anticipate this^^

Also, recently, there were news reports about me doing a variety program.. 
Nothing has been decided yet! 
When it comes to variety, there’s always a ruckus with the media outlets first^^ㅋㅋ 
I guess I’m really needed, right~? ㅋㅋ

It seems like some of you expressed concern about me doing variety programs..^^ 
I know there are several fans, with my best interest at heart, who want to see me remain as the cool Lee Jae Ha and then go into another project~^^ 
I would like that too..ㅠ Things would be much easier that way..^^??

But you know the path I travel has always been one that takes on new challenges and is pioneering, versus that of a stable path..^^?

Having received some acting praise now.. thinking ah, now I get what acting is about, and if I were to insist on the path of acting like that.. 
It would probably result in a setback as soon as you know it.. Everything..ㅋ

Also, as I’ve always walked an unexpected path up until now, I am trusting Airens had loved me^^

Although I usually don’t like to talk too much like this, I thought sharing how I really feel about this would help to give fans a peace of mind, and so I wrote a few lines..^^

Even though I talk like this, the most important thing is that nothing has been decided yetㅠㅠ 
I ended up talking as if I was doing something soon^^;;ㅋㅋㅋ

Without delay, I won’t rest and will diligently greet you in variety or singing or acting so

Whichever mode I greet you in, our fans should not lose strength and please follow me well^^ ㅋㅋㅋ 
If you’re preparing to support me in a drama when I’m active as a singer~~~`

Ahn-dwep-nee-dah!!!!! Ddeng! !!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ [You can't! No!] 
It’s been a long time since I said that ㅋㅋ

While in one place one second, then somewhere else before you know it, I’ll greet you then, so let’s go together!!

For loving The King 2 Hearts 
To all the fans who loved King Lee Jae Ha

I say, thank you and thank you again.. 
I love you..^^

Credit:: tryp96

Final thoughts of Lee Jae Kyu,producer of ‘The King 2 Hearts, “It’s a drama (filled) with many regrets”

Left with the 20th episode, the final episode from the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’, producer Lee Jae Kyu conveyed his final thoughts and expressed his feelings of reluctance to part (ways).

The plot from MBC Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is about a North Korean Special Forces Officer Kim Hang Ah and an arrogant South Korean King Lee Jae Ha, where they will encounter many twists and turns in the course of their love, it is a black comedy where both will work hand in hand to overcome different kinds of crises. Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, headed by Yoon Je Moon-Lee Yoon Ji-Jo Jung Suk-Lee Soon Jae-Yoon Yeo Jung and more, new and old actors working together in a ‘dream-like’ way, producer Lee Jae Kyu displayed a sensitive approach (in directing the drama), gaining an explosive response from the audience.

Reversal followed by reversal, it’s filled with an exciting storyline, it is left with the final episode from ‘The King 2 Hearts’, (and with this,) Lee Jae Kyu conveyed his final thoughts. Filming relentlessly for the past 4 months, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed his unlimited affection for 2 main leads, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi.

Firstly, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ receiving praises as a new concept drama is coming to an end, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed, ‘(Feeling) very proud but it is also a drama (filled) with many regrets, (I am) thankful for the actors and staff for giving their best right to the very end.’

Especially for Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi’s superb acting, which has made ‘The King 2 Hearts’ become a famous drama. With outstanding evaluations, (Lee Jae Kyu) expressed his special feelings for these 2 actors. Producer Lee Jae Kyu said, “Ha Ji Won is an actress who turns imagination into reality. ‘A world of fantasy’ will turn into ‘a real world’ the instant it encounters Ha Ji Won. In a short period of time, Ha Ji Won is able to express feelings that are hard to accept and understand through her eyes, at the end of filming, (I) realized that this actress Ha Ji Won has embraced many things in her heart and used her own abilities to exhibit them, it’s even more surprising.” (He is) full of compliments for her.

Then he praised saying that, ‘Lee Seung Gi is an actor who possesses a clear mind like purified water and a burning/enthusiastic heart. I think Lee Seung Gi’s solid foundation in his acting comes from his passion.”. In ‘The King 2 Hearts’, Lee Seung Gi has hidden (the side of) a smart youth under the shadows of vanity in reality, he has expressed a side of breaking out and attaining a new lease of life clearly and fervently. Now from Lee Seung Gi, (I) can feel the energy of a mature actor.”

As a new concept drama which has never been attempted before, the teamwork among producer Lee Jae Kyu, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi is of utmost importance. Towards this, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed, “Towards one another, the 3 of us have very strong trust and feelings, we smiled cheerfully during fliming yesterday, right to the very end.”

Lastly, producer Lee Jae Kyu said this to the 2 main leads, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, “Hope that (both of you) would be able to make up for the lack of sleep during the filming period, eat more delicious food, hope that (both of you) can rest comfortably for a while. Hope that Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, the worlds created by the 2 of you would be relished by people for a long time.(I) feel happy to be able to work with the 2 of you.” (Producer Lee Jae Kyu) expressed his feelings.

The production company expressed, “Among producer Lee Jae Kyu, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, they are filled with mutual trust for one another that are difficult to express with words. Right to the very end of filming, (we) could also feel happiness from them, the passion and hard work from the 3 of them, the ‘force’ from them has enabled ‘The King 2 Hearts’ to become a famous new concept drama . Hope that everyone will give lots of support for the last episode airing today.”

Credit :eng trans yuling at based on chinese trans of xiaoxing at baidu tieba

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ha Ji Won loved the engagement scene

On MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News program which aired on May 13, the program interviewed the main cast of The King 2hearts and asked them what’s their most memorable scene on that drama.

Ha Ji Won answered ‘The scene when Lee Seung Gi proposed me was the most memorable because I feel cared for so much’.
Looked like our noona is ready for commitment, ha !

The leading man, Lee Seung Give gave a witty answer as he said ‘For me, every scene is important’.

Meanwhile for other cast, Jo Jung Suk selected the sneer when he lifted Lee Yoon Ji. Jung Man Sik selected the scene when he was falling in love with SNSD.

Source : Newsen

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ha Ji Won on working with Lee Seung Gi, “I cry just looking at his eyes”

Ha Ji Won spoke about her chemistry with Lee Seung Gi.

The interview of actress Ha Ji Won who plays the role of Kim Hang Ah on MBC’s ‘The King 2heart’ was featured on the drama’s homepage on the 10th.

During the interview Ha Ji Won spoke about the chemistry between her and her co-star actor Lee Seung Gi. Ha Ji Won stated, “The chemistry with Lee Seung Gi is much better as we get towards the second half of the drama. In the beginning there were lots of little mind games and such. Right now, however, they walk together heart and mind as one.”

Ha Ji Won added, “I cry just looking at Lee Seung Gi’s eyes during filming. Our chemistry is that good”, showing off their perfect couple chemistry.

As the most memorable scene of the ‘The King 2hearts’ Ha Ji Won picked the engagement party scene aired on May 9th and on the 10th. Ha Ji Won explained, “We filmed it in such a grand scale that it really was the ‘Engagement party scene of the century.’ A fan later told me it felt strange because it felt as though I was really getting engaged. The filming really stays in my mind because I have this memory with a fan as well.”

In a related news, the May 10th episode of ‘The King 2hearts’ averaged 10.2% ratings.

Image: MBC ‘The King 2hearts’
Source: NewsEN via Nate

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lee Seung Gi praised by sunbaes on the set of ‘The King 2hearts’

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is much loved by his sunbae actors.

Lee Seung Gi is currently playing the role of Lee Jae Ha on MBC drama ‘The King 2hearts’. Lee Jae Ha is a complex character who was a childish and selfish prince but is forced to become the king because of the death of his older brother whom he loved.

The royal chief of staff Eun Gyu Tae (played by Lee Soon Jae) is someone who has been with the royal family through thick and thin for over 30 years so he has seen the playful and childish Lee Jae Ha grow up with his own eyes. Because of that, Eun Gyu Tae has feelings against Lee Jae Ha since he doesn’t believe that Lee Jae Ha is deserves to become the king,

But what would their relationship be like behind the scenes? Lee Soon Jae is a talented veteran who is not afraid to dish out constructive criticism but it turns out, he has nothing but praises and kind words towards Lee Seung Gi for his talents as an actor and his polite manners.

On May 9th, an insider of ‘The King 2hearts’ relayed to OSEN, “Lee Seung Gi truly enjoys and is grateful for the opportunity to work with such great sunbaes like Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Yeo Jung. Lee Seung Gi really plays the role of the mood maker on set. Watching Lee Seung Gi that way, the sunbaes really give a lot of advices and the mood on set is really great.”

‘The King 2hearts’ has been planned for a total of 20 episodes and so far, 15 episodes have aired. Once episode 16 airs on May 10th, there will only be 4 episodes left truly delving in towards the end of the drama. Most Korean dramas are filmed to be shown immediately as they go once it reaches the middle of the story but ‘The King 2hearts’ has more room helping the actors and staff reach for perfection with each and every episode.

Source: OSEN via Nate

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won Held Engagement Ceremony of the Century

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won held the large-scale “engagement ceremony of the century”, stirring heated discussion.

In episode 15 of MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts” to air on April 9th, 2012, Lee Seung Gi will appear as elegant “bridegroom,” staging a fantastic engagement ceremony. In particular, the pure while gown with artistic conception and red dignified dressing of the king, revealing the look of happiness, attracting people’s attention.

The engagement ceremony of the two is the moment when the real dignity of South Korean royal family is born, indicating that the sense of anticipation is intensifying. The scene of beautiful engagement ceremony staged by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Wwon was shot on April 27th, 2012 at the Everland Amusement Park in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province.

The sad reality of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s “South man North woman,” is changed to happy atmosphere with the historic engagement ceremony of love. On the day, more than 10,000 viewers gathered at the amusement park to witness the the proceeding of engagement ceremony, and also confirmed the title of “engagement ceremony of the century.”

In the filming lasting 10 hours from 9am, the influx of tourists who wanted to see Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won kept increasing, the crowd increased exponentially. In the drama, the congratulatory for South Korean royal family’s engagement ceremony has the setting of national celebration atmosphere, so with many visitors, the scene was portrayed even more vividly.

Moreover, the engagement ceremony of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won was held with happiness and warm spring sun in the outdoor with the blue sky as the background, and therefore shines even more. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won constantly kept relaxing smile in the long shooting with large crowd, completing the filming with the expression of the world’s happiest couple.

The producer Kim Jong Hak Productions said, “This scene indicates that the thorough accomplishment of many beautiful love story of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won. Like a real engagement ceremony, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won looked very happy, and joyful. But what surprise action will Yoon Je Moon who tries to destroy their happiness do, that will increase the tension of the story, do stay tuned.”

Source: Dramahaven

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Successfully Completes Fan Meeting in Singapore

Singapore being the first stop of "Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012" Asia Tour, Kim Hyun Joong has really set the standard for the upcoming shows to be held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand later this month. Held on May 4, the Korean heartthrob wowed the fans and media not only with his slick dance moves, but also with his sincerity that impressed the audience during this first-ever personal fan meeting here. Kim Hyun Joong's previous visits were for TheFaceShop promotional activities and 2011 Mnet Asia Music Awards.

A total of fifteen songs were performed, including two for encore stage. "Smile" was performed for the very first time to a live audience. I found it pretty amusing when the U:ZOONSIN bank notes were blown into the air as Kim Hyun Joong came on to sing "Do You Like That," the fans in the floor area were busy grabbing the alien currency instead of watching his performance.

Kim Hyun Joong also performed "Because I'm Stupid," an OST from "Boys Over Flowers" originally bySS501 trio unit made up of Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun.

During the stage activities segment, five fans were randomly selected to play a mind game with Kim Hyun Joong if they managed to find a sticker under their seat. There were only four prizes so the first loser would leave with nothing. But who would have guessed that the first to be ousted from the game would actually emerged the biggest winner as she was led backstage to participate in the next song!

Besides giving away a huge teddy bear to another fan, Kim Hyun Joong also made a point to get close to the fans by coming out from a corner of the floor seating area for the first encore song. Fans of course dashed forward in hopes of touching the star.

The fan meeting soon came to a close but the fans' spirits were still high as it wasn't the end yet! Everyone was waiting eagerly for Kim Hyun Joong to come back on stage while the staff and crew gets ready for the high-five session. This is a record not to be easily broken as Kim Hyun Joong spent more than an hour to give handshakes or high-fives to the 3,000 fans present.

Quoting an ardent fan Alice Chen's comment on Facebook, "I have been to so many performances but this is really the best so far. Even better than the one in Seoul. Could feel his sincerity 100%!" I couldn't help but agree that this fan meeting is certainly of a concert standard and K-Pop fans would be expecting more for future fan meetings that would be held in Singapore.

Quoated From:

Lee Dong Wook's Elementary, Middle, and High School Yearbook Photos Prove His Natural Good Looks

Earlier today, SBS “Good Morning” unveiled graduation photos of actor Lee Dong Wook. As shown in the photos, Lee Dong Wook was blessed with great looks from a young age, and his elementary, middle, and high school yearbook photos proved his unchanging flower boy image. However, Lee Dong Wook appears to be very reserved and introverted in the photos.

Hence, “Good Morning” brought in his middle school classmate to pry into his childhood. His friend, Kwon Min Jung, revealed that Lee Dong Wook’s every little action was enough to attract his female classmates’ attention. She revealed, “In middle school, the president of each class had to come out and either sing or dance. As most of you who’ve seen him in ‘Strong Heart,’ he’s not a good dancer. But he did a little twist, which was absolutely adorable. Afterwards, the girls talked only about that [Lee Dong Wook’s dance] for at least a month.” 

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook has challenged himself with a new role as MC of SBS “Strong Heart.” While he’s well known internationally for his popular dramas, Lee Dong Wook had no prior experience in emceeing. Hence, many viewers expressed their doubts in Lee Dong Wook’s ability to host a variety show. However, it’s been a little over a month since “Strong Heart’s” transition to the new MCs, and Lee Dong Wook has silenced many of those skepticisms with his witty remarks and actions.

Credit Source:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jo Jung Suk Praises Lee Seung Gi as Positive Energy


Jo Jung Suk revealed his thoughts on cooperation with Lee Seung Gi.

On May 2nd, 2012, MBC drama “The King 2hearts” published an interview clip of Jo Jung Suk who is playing the role of Eun Si Kyung on the official website.

In the interview, Jo Jung Suk made no secret of his praise for Lee Seung Gi who plays the role of Lee Jae Ha, and at the same time, expressed his satisfaction in co-starring with him.

Jo Jun Suk said, “First impression of Lee Seung Gi was very good, and he is a very positive and optimistic person, perhaps due to influence from his positive energy, the emotional exchange during acting also very smooth.”

Then, Jo Jun Suk said, “In acting, Lee Seung Gi has great intellect and strong feelings. Acting together with him is really comfortable, very great.”

Credit Source: Dramahaven

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Song Ji Hyo to leave ‘Running Man’?

Rumors of Song Ji Hyo leaving ‘Running Man‘ has stemmed after the actress was confirmed as the lead character alongside JYJ‘s Jaejoong for the upcoming film, ‘Jackal is Coming‘.

According to her agency, C-JeS Entertainment, the actress has already completed the first script reading and is preparing to begin filming for the movie. Due to her being cast as a lead character, the possibility of the actress leaving ‘Running Man’ has been up in the air. Song Ji Hyo has been giving viewers much laughter on the weekly variety program with her “ace” character as well as being part of the “Monday couple” with Gary.

According to a representative of ‘Running Man’, they have revealed that nothing is set in stone as of yet. Last year, Song Ji Hyo was cast in the MBC historical drama, ‘Gyebaek‘, but was able to balance her schedule and continue filming the variety program.

Hopefully Song Ji Hyo won’t be leaving ‘Running Man’, the show won’t be the same without her!

Source: Newsen via Nate & Allkpop

* Oh No! What's going to happen to my weekly intake of 'Monday Couple'? She need to stay remain with Running Man...