Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joo Jin-Mo and Lee Da Hae Cast in New Historical Movie

According to Trophy Entertainment the film's distributor, Joo Jim Mo and Lee Da Hae have been cast in a new historical movie 'Coffee'. It was based on a novel "Russian Coffee" written by Kim Tak-Hwan, about a first barista Korean woman who served the king in late 19th century in Korea.

Joo Jin Mo will play the role of brilliant swindler who is also a double spy from Russia, while Lee will take on the role of the barista.

"Coffee," to be helmed by director Chang Yoon-hyun, is based on the story about Imperial Japan sending spies to the Korean Peninsula to assassinate King Gojong (1852-1919) before he declared the independence of the country.

King Gojong was known as the first to drink western coffee in the country which was provided by the Russian Embassy.He later built an additional guest house within the palace grounds to enjoy the drink and invite foreign diplomats.

The movie also stars actor Park Hee-soon and actress Yoo Sun, will be filmed in Russia and Japan and set to open in local theaters during the summer of 2011.

Source: 10asiae

Song Seung Hun Reveals Photos From "My Princess" Set

Korean actor Song Seung-hun has posted several pictures from the set of his upcoming drama on his official me2day site (Korean version of Twitter).

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old heartthrob posted a picture with co-star actress Kim Tae-hee on the set of MBC's romantic TV series "My Princess," both smiling and holding up the script for the show with a comment underneath saying, "On the set at a church in Ganghwado [in Incheon] shooting scenes for 'My Princess' with Lee Seul (played by Kim)."

He uploaded another picture of himself next to a snowman with a comment below saying, "It's snowing so much here! Here is a picture with a snowman who I just met!"

Fans who have seen the photographs left responses, "It's great to see you working hard for the show even though it's really cold!" "I can't wait to see 'My Princess!"  and "Fighting Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee!"

In October, Song and Kim were cast as the leads in "My Princess," helmed by Kwon Suk-jang whose know for the popular MBC series "Pasta," about the love story between a regular female college student and a diplomat.

The show will air every Wednesday and Thursday night, starting January 5 next year.

Song Seung-hun on the set of MBC's "My Princess" [Song Seung-hun's official me2day site]

Credit Source: 10asiae

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lee Min-ho's new action drama to air in May 2011

The Korean adaptation of the Japanese comic "City Hunter," starring Lee Min-ho, will premiere in May 2010.

An official from his agency Starhaus Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone Wednesday, "It has been confirmed that the first episode of 'City Hunter' will air on May 25 next year."

"City Hunter," originally a Japanese manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, is about a private detective named Ryo Saeba who works to get of crime in the city of Tokyo during the latter half of the 1980s.

In September, the show's PR firm announced that the 23-year-old heartthrob will be playing the role of Ryo Saeba in the Korean drama version which will take place in present time Seoul, making it the first time for the Japanese comic to be turned into a drama.

Lee first appeared in various TV and short dramas in 2006 and rose to stardom in Korea and throughout Asia after starring in KBS' hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers" alongside Ku Hye-sun and Kim Hyun-joong.

His last small screen role was in March where he pretended to be a homosexual man in MBC's "Personal Taste" opposite Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

Credit Source: 10asiae

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lee Chun Hee Announce His Surprise Engagement

Actor Lee Chun Hee (31) has announced that he will be getting married to actress Jun Hye Jin (22) in March of 2011.

A representative of his agency, NOA Entertainment, spoke with Star News on December 27th and revealed, “Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin introduced their families to one another on December 22nd, and are currently discussing their wedding date.”

The two appeared on SBS’s 2009 drama, “You Smile“, and began dating soon after the drama ended.

The representative continued, “Their personalities match well, and they were attracted to one another by the attitudes they each held regarding their careers. They consider their relationship like fate, since they were a couple in the drama that has now jumped out to reality. Please give them your support so that they may continue to love happily.”

On his fancafe, Lee Chun Hee announced in greater detail:

“Hello, fans. This is Lee Chun Hee…
It was a very, very cold Christmas. I wasn’t even able to greet you all a “Merry Christmas”… ㅠㅜ Instead, Happy New Year… I didn’t have any recordings for Christmas, so I spent it with my friends.
You are all watching <Gloria>, right…?? It feels like our first recording was only yesterday… but six months have already passed since I’ve been with <Gloria>. Now there’s only about a month left for me to live as ‘Hadong.’ Thinking of ‘Donga’ makes me upset, but for the six months I was able to act as him, I was genuinely happy. I just want to do my best until the final episode. I feel as if this drama will remain with me for a long time in my memories, even after it ends. Such great castmates, writers, director, and the passionate staff… I was happy to be a part of the team that made <Gloria>…
Amidst such happiness, I have something more to be happy about… I’m writing this here to notify the fans who love me more than anyone else first. Recently, everything that has been happening to me feels so new and like it’s destiny – it’s all so surprising and joyful.
Everyone, I, Lee Chun Hee, have finally found someone I love. I plan to get married to her… I know you’re surprised, but please give us your blessing… We’re really, really happy. I want to run around everywhere and shout out the news…!!! I know you may be thinking that this might be a hasty decision… but for me, I’ve thought it over and have trust in my love, which is how I made such an important decision.
For a while now, I’ve been in love with a woman whose identity I wasn’t able to tell to those around me. As she is an actress, I had to keep it quiet, but due to our trust, we’ve decided to get married.
The actress that I love is none other than Jun Hye Jin, who starred with me in SBS’s “You Smile.” I first met her there… but at the time, she wasn’t anything more or less than a fellow castmate to me. I thought that we synchronized well as partners, and that she was very respectful to her seniors. Since she was the maknae, I wanted to take care of her and such. She was just a tiny little girl who even called me ‘old man’ in the drama…
But after the drama recording ended, I began to see her as a woman…
Before, she was just ‘Jisu,’ a girl that sells ddukbokgi in the drama.. but after the drama ended, I began to see her as a woman named Jun Hye Jin… I kept thinking that maybe I was connecting myself to the drama too much, and was misinterpreting my emotions.. so I tried to avoid her as much as possible.. but I kept missing her, I kept becoming curious about her.. And it wasn’t possible to do as I had planned anymore.
Because I liked her so much, I contacted Hye Jin under the excuse of buying her a meal or some coffee… But the more I did that, the more I saw her kind nature. She was very realistic, always bright, and made me feel comfortable being with her.
So I asked her out first. To meet me once. To consider it, since there’s nothing that can go wrong when we’ve already dated in a drama. The nine years of difference in our age was not a problem to me…
It wasn’t easy, but I persuaded her time after time and finally earned her heart at 9 AM on April 9th. That’s how our love began, and that’s how she became my lovely girlfriend.
Because of our careers, we weren’t able to go public, but Hye Jin never once complained about that and remained by my side during those nine months. I began shooting for <Gloria> not too long after we began dating, and as I got busier, she continued to support me, giving me the ability to trust her as a woman. She works hard at school and lives life diligently, which I thought was so lovely…
Taking a step further, I officially proposed to her. I told her that I knew she was still young, but if she could still trust me and follow me… I wasn’t able to show her much, but for her happiness, I could put my entire life on the line… that I wanted to be together. I wanted to deliver my feelings.
It wasn’t easy, but I also began persuading her parents. Recently, I proposed to her at a concert. For Hye Jin, I sang a song I couldn’t sing… My parents heard of this and told me that it was the best deed I had ever done since I was born. Eventually, we met with both parents a few days ago and earned their blessings.
A lot has changed. Before I met her… and now, as I love her. This is love, that’s what I believe. I feel like I’m walking on clouds. I believe in myself.. and I believe in Hye Jin. I also believe in love… I have the confidence to live happily, so I shout it out to all of you.
Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin are getting married… We’ll live happily. Please congratulate us.
We’re thinking about getting married in March, but I’ll come back and brag some more when further details are confirmed…
And one more thing. I received a very big and emotional present. It’s kind of embarrassing… Hye Jin and I are having a baby. She’s eight weeks pregnant, and I’ll be a father next year. Just thinking of it makes my throat close up. I feel as if I could fly through the sky. She’s taking care of her condition and being as careful as ever. I hope that you’ll send us your blessings and support for our marriage and our child.”
Source: Star News via Nate (1) (2) & Allkpop

* I wish them happy... reading his long announcement aka love story, all I can think now is... this guy is cool. Hope I'll end up with someone cool too Hahaha

Jay Park stuns 12,000 fans at “2010 White Love Party Concert”

Jay Park stunned a 12,000-member audience with his phenomenal performances at the “2010 White Love Party Concert“, held on December 24th and 26th in Seoul and Busan respectively.

Wearing a sleek black suit, he emerged onto the stage singing “Count On Me“, which was followed by a romantic event performance of “Nice and Slow.” A special audience member was pulled onto the stage and received the gift of being personally serenaded by Jay Park.

He continued by performing “Run It,” “Take It,” and “Demon,” an OST song for his movie, “Hype Nation.”

Members of his b-boy crew, Art of Movement, also made an appearance. After their powerful b-boy performance, the boys gathered up to dance to 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” and KARA’s “Mister.”

Undoubtedly the highlight of the night for most of his fans was when Jay exposed his chocolate abs for his cover of Usher’s “U Got It Bad.”

Fans also experienced some hip-hop flavor, as Supreme Team, Dok2 and many others made their appearances on stage.

Jay Park concluded, “I’m glad to be able to spend Christmas like this. Thank you all for coming and enjoying it with me. Merry Christmas, everyone!”

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Nate & Allkpop

KBS Entertainment Awards 2010 List of Winner

Korean comedian Lee Kyung-kyu won the grand prize at the KBS Entertainment Awards, held at KBS' Open Hall on December 25.

Lee was awarded the top honor for his role as the emcee in KBS' segment "What Makes A Man," part of entertainment program "Happy Sunday," which was one of the most-watched shows in the country.

"I was given the honor even though I was competing against my distinguished juniors including Shin Dong-yup, Yoo Jae-seok, Kang Ho-dong and Kim Byung-man," said Lee in his acceptance speech."All of them are incredible juniors but you win awards with luck."
"There were many times where it was hard on me personally and moments where it was hard on the team overall. I don't think I can ever forget this honor since I overcame many hardships to win it," the veteran comedian added, "I also want to share this award with the members of 'What Makes A Man’ as well as the writers and producers."

The prize for best program went to "Happy Sunday" for the third consecutive year and singer and actor Lee Seung-gi won the prize for best in show/entertainment category.

"I didn't think that I would win and my heart feels heavy seeing the face of Park Myung-soo, I am honored that I have this opportunity to be a part of an entertainment program on KBS and I also want to thank the other members [from 2 Days and1 Night]."
Lee Seung Gi also stated, “To the two hyungs who are looking over us from somewhere out there, thank you,” – it’s surmised that Seung Gi was hinting towards Kim C and MC Mong.

The ceremony featured a musical performance from the "What Makes A Man" choir and a parody of the popular segment "2 Minute Forum" from "Gag Concert."

Congratulation to all winner!
"2010 KBS Entertainment Awards - List of Winners"

Grand Prize : Lee Kyung-kyu

Grand Prize (Female and Male Comedian) : Park Ji-sun/Kim Byung-man

First Prize (Female and Male Comedian) : Heo An-na/Park Young-jin

Best in Show/Entertainment Category (Female/Male) : Hwang Soo-kyung/Lee Seung-gi

Best Newcomer (Female/Male) : Kim Young-hee/Choi Hyo-jong

Best Newcomer in Show/Entertainment (Female/Male) : Lee Si-young/Kim Seung-woo

Best Idea Award : Kim Ki-yul, Park Young-jin, Kim Young-hee

Best Entertainer Award : Park Myung-soo

Special Producer Award : Kim Sang-min

Special Award : Kolleen Park

Achievement Award : Jeon Kwang-ryeol

Best Teamwork Award : Happy Together Season 3

Best Emcee in Show/Entertainment (Female/Male) : Gu Hara/Lee Soo-geun

Viewer's Choice Program : Happy Sunday

Producer Award in Comedy : Lee Sang-deok (Gag Concert)

Producer Award in Show/Entertainment : Lee Don-kyung (Love Request)

Credit Source & photos: 10asiae , Yonhap, Newsen

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fanfic HBHJ: Buin, Let's Take Care Of Each Other Well

When he had softly whispered her to come over to his place, Hwang Bo remembered feeling taken aback by the invitation. It was right after they wrapped up filming the studio recording for Couple's Farewell Vacation mission or What The Couple Want To Do Together mission as they renamed it. The production crews were making a lot of noises while packing. The studio guests were also making a lot of noises when they left. Hwang Bo thought she had heard him wrong. That was why when 'GulJo' had called her on the weekend after that, she was shocked.

"Hwang Bo Noona, annyong. It's me, Hyun Joong."

"Arh.. GulJo?" she had joked about it only to be greeted by a long silence from the other end. "Hyun Joong ah?"

"Noona, why aren't you here yet?" he had asked, sounding both disappointed and hurt.


"What do you mean where? Have you forgotten?" 

Hyun Joong sounded like he was scolding her but she could hear his smile from her end. Yes, his smile. She heard it. After living together with him for We Got Married, she recognized his voice when he spoke with a smile or a sigh when she heard it. "Forgotten what?" Then she heard Hyun Joong's sigh when he reminded her of his invitation. 

"It's today. Two hours ago."

She had apologized to him, explained to him why she was not there two hours earlier and rushed to change her clothes. About half an hour after that, here she was, sitting in Hyun Joong's living room, smiling at the fact that he did not forget his promise to talk to her casually. He was doing it with ease both on the phone and now.

This was the first time they interacted out of the filming and its location thus he should feel nervous about it. However, he did not. It surprised him. In fact he felt very comfortable being with Hwang Bo. Alone. No camera or crew watching them. "Noona, about the wedding you attended today.." Hyun Joong started only to have Hwang Bo cut short his sentence.

"Son Tae Young's wedding?" asked Hwang Bo, surprised. Up until this moment, she still did not know why Hyun Joong invited her to his place. If he did that just to talk about Son Tae Young and Kwon Sang Woo couple's wedding.. Really, this would drive her crazy. But he could not have decided to talk about the wedding since a week ago, right? She never told him she was attending the wedding. Hyun Joong really was driving her crazy.

Hyun Joong's reply was a short, "Hmm.." He tucked his hair behind his ears. He kept his gaze straight. He was not nervous but for a person with so little word like him, chatting could be a difficult task. More over what he was about to tell Hwang Bo might turned his life 360 degree. That made chatting even more difficult.

Frankly, she could be a bit annoyed now because she still could not guess where the conversation was heading. "What's with it?" she asked, sounding and looking as if she did not care.

"Your dress.." His sentence was cut short again. This time it was because Hwang Bo was throwing a fit of laughter.

"Why? It's not too revealing, right? Arh! Is it too short?" Even though Hyun Joong took his own sweet time to explain his intention of inviting her to his place, Hyun Joong's concern about her clothing outside filming was worth the laugh. It was hard to believe Hyun Joong's conservativeness was real and not just meant for the show. A 22 years old hot looking young idol just did not equal to conservativeness.

"Hmm.." Hyun Joong thought Hwang Bo's dress for the wedding was too short. It revealed too much of her legs.

She patted Hyun Joong's arms while telling him, "Shillang, I can't live like this.." in a teasing tone.

"No.. No.." Hyun Joong's hands were flying all over the place to deny Hwang Bo's accusation. He was not controlling the way Hwang Bo dressed. "No Noona, no.. Although I prefer the girl I like to cover up.." Realising he was revealing too much in that short sentence, Hyun Joong abruptly thought of something else to say before Hwang Bo noticed it. "I mean.."

Hwang Bo laughed when she saw Hyun Joong was in a panic, trying to explain himself to her. "I'm just joking. I really appreciate your concern," she sincerely told him, patting his arms again to assure him. 

Hyun Joong pushed his hair aside. He lowered his head. He was relief Hwang Bo did not heard him. "I mean.. It shows you knees and all.." He left his sentence to trail again. "The scar."

Hwang Bo turned to a side to hide her smile. Now, it became clear to her why Hyun Joong brought up about the wedding and the short dress. "Orh.. You are still concern about the scar."

"Hmm.. Buin, I'm so sorry. I really want to win the marathon so that you can see my handsome side. I don't know I'm too rough on you." Hyun Joong did not realised he was comfortably exchanging between Noona and Buin as he talked with Hwang Bo. It came naturally to him. It was hard to separate between filming and real life because he felt the same about her in both situations.

"You already apologized. And I already accepted your band aid. It's nothing."

Hyun Joong grinned, happily. "Even after that, I still feel guilty. To make up for that.. I'll make Buin a Japanese dish. The one I said I'll learn while I'm in Japan."

Hwang Bo was lost for word. It never ceased to amaze Hwang Bo how Hyun Joong always remember all the tiny details others tend not to."Orh! That one. I thought you don't remember it." 

"Buin, you just wait here, I'll go and prepare the dish. You can read my manhwa or play video game."

Hwang Bo's smile was wide and bright. "Shillang, is this why you invited me to your place? Is this you intention?"

He nodded. "Yes. I wanted to cook it for you during the show but since I changed my mind about letting you win the marathon, I can't do it," explained Hyun Joong.

"Arh!" Hwang Bo finally understood it. She laughed her heart out, clapping her hands as she did so. "You should have told me earlier so I'll no wonder. When a guy asked a girl to come to his place, she should be suspicious of his intention." Hwang Bo's hands were making gesture here and there as she explained this to Hyun Joong. She was very relieved. She heaved a sigh.

For a moment there, Hyun Joong thought she was panicking. Her hand movement, her facial expression and her tone seemed to tell him she was in a panic. "If that's so.. Why did you come anyway?" he teased her.

Hwang Bo hung her head low. "Do you want me to leave now?" she threatened him, getting ready to leave the sofa.

"No, Buin. Don't." Hyun Joong grabbed on Hwang Bo's wrist before she got up the sofa. He gestured her to stay where she was. Then he got up to head towards the kitchen. "But.. Next time, when a guy asks you to come over to his place, don't come over," he said with a warning tone as he disappeared into the kitchen.

Hwang Bo's jaw dropped when she heard that. First he had said, he preferred the girl he liked to cover up. Then he had warned her about accepting other guy's invitation. Was cooking Japanese dish to apologize for her scar Hyun Joong's genuine intention? Hwang Bo's heart skipped a few beats. She must be crazy to think he has other hidden intention. Hwang Bo sighed. She must stay sane and should not let her heart ruled her head.

Hyun Joong glanced behind him, trying to look at Hwang Bo's expression. This was something hard to do by his standard. It was even harder than showing her the cute expression at the farm. Or receiving the kiss on the cheek from her. He was about the reveal his feeling for her. He did not how to do it. Not with word because he did not know how to express himself. Not with action because he did not like cheesy thing. He wished he could use a middle person to tell her that he liked her although it would look like a school child doing.

Hwang Bo stretched her neck towards the kitchen. Hyun Joong was silently working alone in the kitchen for a full 15 minutes now. Was he doing OK? Hwang Bo wondered. "Hyun Joong ah.."

"Don't come here!"

The order was shouted sternly as an impromptu respond to Hwang Bo calling his name. Hyun Joong looked over his shoulder with caution. This Japanese dish was so hard to learn. He was the type of person who cooked simple dishes. Even his cooking style was simple. He would throw everything into the pan at the same time and stir until the dish was cooked. But miso soup came with specific cooking instruction. Hyun Joong could hear Hwang Bo's laughter. She was muttering something inaudible to him. He was glad she decided not to check on him.

Hwang Bo waited. She has no clue what he was preparing for her. The hype with anticipation drove her crazy. Just as she was about to check on Hyun Joong, he came out carrying a tray on his hands. Two bowls, two pair of chopsticks and two cup of yellowish orange drink. Hwang Bo clutched her hands excitedly as her eyes followed Hyun Joong's movement. "Is this it? Is this the Japanese dish you prepared for me?" She sounded giddy. 

"Please have a taste, Noona," he said, gesturing at the dish he served. "This is miso soup," he said, pointing at the bowl. "This juice is.. Arh.. I don't know what juice is this."

"The color looks funny," Hwang Bo told him. Her forehead wrinkled. "Why don't you try it first?" she naughtily suggested with an equally naughty grin.

Hyun Joong sipped the drink. The moment he tasted it, his facial expression changed dramatically. He however gulped down the whole cup hurriedly until he almost chocked before putting the cup down on the table. He actually slammed down the cup. "Argh!" he groaned. Hyun Joong smacked the back of his head a few times as he grimaced, looking like he was in pain. "That is too bitter. What is it?" he asked, still making faces. The bitterness seemed to linger on his tongue.

Hwang Bo observed him with a loud laugh. She slapped the table a few times. He was too cute when he smacked himself. Her hearts skipped a few beats again.

He had bought the juice because the store owner told him it was a homemade juice. In his excitement, he forgot to ask what juice it was. "Don't drink this," he said, pushing his cup away to a far corner. Then he grabbed the cup in front of Hwang Bo and pushed it to the same corner. "Buin, please help yourself." Hyun Joong gestured at his miso soup, asking Hwang Bo to have a taste at it. The soup that he prepared to express his feeling for her. He anticipated her to be touch by his intention and action.

Hwang Bo looked at the dish suspiciously. After staring at the bowl for a very long minute, she looked up at Hyun Joong. "Is this.." she slightly paused. "..edible?" she asked, sincerely. 

"Arh.. So it's like that." Hyun Joong finally understood why Hwang Bo took time to taste the dish he prepared. "Buin, you ate ramen I cook during the Jeju Island honeymoon. And the one we cooked together in Japan. I also made bibimbap when I lost pepper picking bet at the farm, remember?" Hyun Joong reminded Hwang Bo, counting the times he prepared food for her with his fingers. Three times. Three fingers stick out for Hwang Bo. "All of them tasted good, right?"

Hwang Bo bit her lower lip. She still looked doubtful of the dish. 

"Let me taste it first," Hyun Joong offered. He immediately took a pair of chopstick and picked a piece of tofu between the chopsticks. "I'm eating it now," he said. "Look very delicious. Hhhmm.." He made sound to convince Hwang Bo, eyeing her at the same time. Then he sipped the soup from the bowl, making the same sound again.

Hwang Bo laughed. "Why do I feel like you are a mother trying to convince a child to eat her medicine?" she asked. "How is it?" Hwang Bo asked, curiously. 

Hyun Joong's smile showed his satisfaction. "Arh.. I'm indeed a very good cook," he said with a wide smile. Hyun Joong picked another piece of tofu and shoved it towards Hwang Bo. He gestured her to take a bite.

Hwang Bo did. It indeed was delicious. She tilted her head as she spoke to him. "How do you know how to make miso soup?" Just like she expected, Hyun Joong answered, "I look up the recipe from the internet. I memorized it in my head. It's good, isn't it?" The internet again. She smiled. Hwang Bo bobbed her head slightly to agree with him while keeping her gaze lowered. He learned the dish for her. She would be made of brick and stone of she was not touch by his effort and sincerity.

"Do you know there's also instant miso soup? I didn't buy instant packet. I made this myself." Hyun Joong proudly announced to Hwang Bo. His facial expression was full of delight. "With all my strength. I only cook for someone I like." The last sentence was intentionally added as a hint to her.

Hwang Bo held on to the side of the table for support. She was wobbling on her seat as she was laughing too much. One hand was covering her mouth so that she would not spit out the tofu in her mouth. "Cooking isn't that hard that you need to use strength!" she finally managed to say it out after calming herself down.

Hyun Joong was quiet. It was as if he was thinking of a clever retort for Hwang Bo's word. Did Hwang Bo hear him? "It is hard when you put a lot of sincerity and feeling in it. Does this mean, Buin.. When you cook for me, you are not sincere? You don't put your feeling in it?"

That was such a smart retort that Hwang Bo could help but admire his cheekiness. She almost rolled her eyes at him. She glared instead when he dared to suggest just because cooking was easy for her, she was not sincere preparing it for him. "Then Shillang, you should practice cooking more." She threw her head backward. "I don't know whether I'm tearing up because you cook for me or because you don't know how I feel when I cook for you." She breathed in deeply, trying to reverse the flow of her tears. Then she ran her index fingers below her eyes. "Arh.. You really are something to be able to do this to me."

Without realizing it, Hyun Joong nodded his to agree with her. "Buin should put more feeling in your cooking too." That earned him a smack on his arms from the unhappy Hwang Bo. He smiled. He did not even block her hits. He just let her hit him. His expression turned serious in a sudden. "Buin can also depend on me for anything." Hyun Joong paused. "Not just for medicine." The last sentence was added with a firm tone to emphasize his sincerity. After their latest mission, Hyun Joong knew for sure how he felt and what he wanted from the fake marriage with Hwang Bo. He was stunned why he did not realize this before. There were times he felt something was happening but he never thought his feeling was this strong. He never thought he liked Hwang Bo so much until the farewell mission. The thought of not being able to live with her again, put him in daze.

She knew how Hyun Joong felt. He did put a lot of effort in preparing the miso soup for her. She could feel his sincerity and feeling in that effort. "And Shillang.." Hwang Bo's chuckle led to laughter. "Shillang.." She tried to get her sentence squeezed between her laughter. "Shillang can come to me whenever you need me to open bottle with spoon." Borrowing Hyun Joong's word during the high jump competition they had last week, she was blissfully happy Hyun Joong cooked for her. He did say he only cooked for someone he liked, right?

"Anytime?" asked Hyun Joong with a smile.


It was a weird vow exchange but both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo understood the deeper meaning of what they were telling each other even though it was not said directly. Even after they ceased working with We Got Married � which they eventually would � Hyun Joong had no doubt they could start something from what they shared in the last five months. "Buin, thank you for staying with me in the show," Hyun Joong mumbled his thank you shyly.

"Thank to you too," she replied, equally shy. They would see each other again in a couple of day for filming. Hwang Bo knew the feeling would be different. It started to feel different in the last few filming but the next filming would be different too because Hyun Joong affirmed his feeling towards her. She too indirectly had let him know her feeling for him that she had been keeping in her heart all this time.

Staring at Hwang Bo cheekily, Hyun Joong playfully waved his index finger at her. "And Buin, remember that you are married to me. When you attend any wedding in the future, you can't catch the bouquet, understand?"

- the end -

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gong Yoo's Song Pick

"It's not easy to pick just a few", actor Gong Yoo remarked with a sigh as he unfolded the A4 paper filled with numerous names of musicians and albums. "Lucid Fall's 'Night At The Border' is good but all of his albums are actually good and 'Greetings (Feat. Kim Yeon-woo)' in TOY's 6th album "Thank You" is the song I promised to sing on KBS music show 'Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook'. Oh, and E Z yung's 'Spring Miracle' is great, too. These days I'm also listening to a lot of No Reply and..".

It was quite refreshing to see this side to the tall and handsome Gong Yoo who is fit to be more of an outdoor man -- as a matter of fact, he did appear as a popular baseball player Park Chul-soon in the film "Superstar Mr. Gam" (2004) -- so hung up with music. Perhaps this side of him is closer to the most recent character he played in the film "Finding Mr. Destiny" (2010), a meticulous man of principle named Han Ki-joon, who travels all the way to India in search of his client Ji-woo's (Im Soo-jeong) first love whom she met there without a clue to what his age is, his hometown, school nor anything else.

In that film which is his first project since being discharged from the military late last year, Gong presents a unique character that looks tall and handsome on the outside but is actually timid and always bearing an expression as if he has been wronged. Of course his 'romantic guy' image is all revived through the flashback of Ji-woo's first love who happens to look exactly like him. Gong Yoo is back to display a different kind of charm from when he played Choi Han-gyeol in MBC series "Coffee Prince" (2007) that captured the hearts of many women, and thus, demonstrating that he has matured both as a man and an actor since then.

"As an actor there are times when you turn edgy, from loneliness or hardships which you can't confide openly and have to keep to yourself. So in order to help myself get over such feelings I came to listen to music a lot, up to the point of thinking that perhaps these singers may know how I feel (laugh). In that sense, musicians seem to have more freedom in delivering their feelings or messages than actors who have to do it through the framework of given characters. That's what I envied about them and why I tried to invite as many indie bands as possible to my radio program "20:00 p.m. with Gong Yoo" at Defense Media Agency when I was serving in the army to try to help spread their music. It was wonderful doing my job as a DJ and coming to understand the message of their songs".

So here are the albums that Gong Yoo selected regardless of genres and more as a listener, as a member of the audience and as an actor.

1. Park Jiyoon's 7th album "Flower, Again For The First Time

Of the many albums Gong Yoo had, this was the first he recommended: the seventh album of songstress Park Jiyoon who returned in 2009 as a singer and a writer after six year hiatus. "Most people associate her with the sexy image from the song 'Coming of Age' but I feel that she has finally found her true self with this album. Although other great musicians like Lucid Fall and Dear Cloud took part in this album, there was this one particular song 'You're Like A Tree' that was both composed and written by Park herself. I felt that she has put much of her ideas and thoughts into it and when I think about how much she must've wanted to do her music all those years, I felt touched and actually proud of her even though I don't know her in person. I was sorry I didn't get a chance to invite her to my radio program. But anyway, whenever I mention her people just think that I like her because she's pretty (laugh)".

2. Yoon Sang's 6th album "Things I Didn't Know Then"

"I was his fan for a long time. His song "The Shadow of Parting" in his first album released in 1991 is still cool even when you listen to it now. One thing I noticed as I listened to the sixth album was that classics last forever. Just like good actors, there are musicians who can maintain one's color even if they don't go against mainstream music, sometimes even leading the trend. I feel a great amount of respect toward such people because they make sure people understand what they created instead of leaving them dumbfounded. Instead of leaving the listeners far behind in pursuit of their own world, they control their pace as they move onward and that's the truly amazing because I know that isn't an easy thing to do".

3. Casker's 5th album "Tender"

"Casker has also been one of my favorite bands for quite some time. For the past few years I noticed emergence of new bands that does music similar to Casker but since I'm still sticking to Casker I guess I really love their music. Jo Won-sun's vocals are good too but since I'm crazy about Lee Yung-jin's vocals, I feel that their fifth album is the pinnacle of their work. Not much has changed for the band all these years but I like it that way, continuously doing music that makes them 'Casker'. I'm no music expert so I can't detail you on the technical parts but I believe that with the passing of time, something naturally accumulates within your music that makes the music made in the 30s different from that made in the 20s. What I feel is the difference in maturity".

4. Mate's 1st album "Be Mate"

"My favorite is the sixth track 'Lean..on you' followed by eighth track 'Why', ninth track 'I Love You', and the 10th and the last tack 'Good Bye' which is all very good and teary". The world has changed allowing people to simply download music cut in single units but Gong still seem to prefer buying albums and listening to all songs from start to beginning in the given order. "I came to know Mate by their title track of their first album 'I Miss You' which was so good that I'm still listening to them. They're mostly into modern rock but their music is by no means unkind or difficult as they incorporate popular codes in their work, too. I once invited them to my radio show, purely for my likes and I remember Jung Joon-il who does keyboard and vocal was most forward in fashion sense (laugh)".

5. NY Fish's second album "Forest Of Truth"

"I liked the title song 'Love Again' from their second album so much that I once recommended this to director Lee Yoon-jung who was in charge of MBC drama "Coffee Prince" (2007). Then she called me one night saying that she was having a drink with NY Fish and that I should talk to him because she told him I'm his fan. She passed the phone to him and there, the man himself said in a slightly tipsy voice "Thank you for loving the work of a penniless musician. I love you!" and he was so happy. I have actually come across many indie band musicians who are surprised that celebrities like their music too. I completely act like an avid fan when I meet them in person, asking them when their next album is due and for those who come to my radio program, I make sure to receive their autographs. It got a little weird, however when they asked for my autographs, too (laugh).

Credit Source: 10asiae

Friday, December 24, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Unveils New Version of Solo Track

Kim Hyun-joon has revealed a new version of his solo song on his official website.

An acoustic rap arrangement of his solo song “Be My Girl” was uploaded onto his webpage along with his holiday wishes to his fans.

Kim had previously sang “Be My Girl” for his solo performances at concerts while touring several countries in Asia with his group SS501.

The 24-year-old heartthrob also took part in the "Miso Project," a philanthropy project to help the children in Cambodia and the Philippines, titled "Message! to Asia" with Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon and singer Hwanhee.

He is currently preparing his first solo album which is scheduled for release sometime next year.

Credit Source: 10asiae

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Actor Kim Sung-min Charged With Using Drugs

Prosecutors have charged actor Kim Sung-min with using methamphetamine and smoking marijuana.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said Wednesday that Kim has been suspected of smuggling meth into Korea in April and September of 2008, as well as August of this year, from a local in Cebu of the Philippines through his underwear or travelling bag and taking the controlled substance a total four times since September.

Kim also allegedly smoked marijuana over three occasions in May and September of this year.

Kim, 36, was arrested early this month, putting fans and the entertainment industry into a state of shock since Kim has long maintained an image as a well-mannered and trustworthy actor with a cheerful and mild disposition.

His popularity had climbed in recent months after starting to appear in the "What Makes a Man" segment of KBS reality show "Happy Sunday" this year but was immediately booted off the show after news broke -- producers cut out all scenes containing Kim in yesterday's episode.

Kim, who debuted as a stage actor in 1995, had gained fame in 2002 after starring in "Miss Mermaid" and has since appeared in a steady number of movies and dramas including "Lotus Family (2004)," "Couple or Trouble (2006)," "Glory of the Family (2008)," and "What's for Dinner? (2009)"

Credit Source: 10asiae