Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Couple or Trouble

Just finish watching this drama...have nothing much to say about it was cool of coz...just like My Sassy Girl...this is great...

What I like about the writers is...they always show us the rough and the unlike side that women or girl could be...just like this one...The character that was supposed to be hated the most seems to be the character that I like the most...

These series is a re-make of the Goldie Hawn - Kurt Russell movie 'Overboard', released on 1987.

Naturally Han Yeseul (who had lived in the US before) takes the Goldie Hawn role.

In the original movie Goldie Hawn, a spoiled heiress, ends up taking care of Kurt Russell's four boys after losing her memory. To make it more palatable to Korean audience, in this drama the boys are not the man's son, but nephews.

In typical passion of the writers, two more original characters appear, Kim Sungmin (aka Kim Sungtaek), playing Han Yesle's husband, and Park Hanbyul. 


Anna Cho (Han Yeseul), the bratty daughter of a rich Korean-American developer, goes to Korea to find her henpecked Harvard-educated husband Billy Park(Kim Sungmin), who was not returning back to US for a long time. 

In the process she meets Jang Chulsoo (Oh Jiho), a handyman who was raising three nephews. 

Chulsoo is not a typical K-drama male lead; he is very money-hungry, and is something of a con man. After some incidents, Anna loses her memory and ends up in Chulsoo's place, where the story develops. 

The name Anna Cho (pronounced Anna Joh, which in Korean custom becomes Jo-anna) is a play on Goldie Hawn's character Joanna Stayton in the original Overboard.

Dirty Carnival

I am supposed to review this long ago but since I'm not feeling so well and lately easily fall sick...most of the time I only spend my time on bed and watching movie...I guess a long rest does not suits me well...I hope I could write my own reviews but this time I only copy it from somewhere else and hope it was ok with u guyz...please excuse me for only this time...anywhere...I love this movie...

Clocking in at two hours and fiften minutes Yu Ha's A Dirty Carnival - is perhaps a little over long but beyond that it's difficult to find anything negative to say about it. Fans of Yu's previous works, notably Once Upon A Time In High School, are already well aware of the writer-director's gift for creating rich characters and that gift has done nothing but develop and strengthen over the years. Nominally a gangster film but really a lushly realized character drama A Dirty Carnival is blessed with a detailed script, a host of realistic and fully fleshed out characters, and a charismatic and complex lead performance from Jo In-Seong.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Spy Girl

Huhuhu...I know this is not new but I just found it and just watch it...well you know how I don't really care what people gonna say about this is it ^___^

Since Gong Yoo is already the hottest guy now I don't really need to tell more about him...well back then he look a little bit slimmer but still HOT Shades

And Kim Jeong-hwa the beautiful lady from Something about 1% is completely stunning in her look...well in this movie Jeong-hwa (Hyo-jin) was the undercover girl that send by North Korean on a mission to find and apprehend Operative Kim, another North Korean spy who embezzled a bunch of won.

Things does not go easily as she hope and in order to catch the other spy she stayed with another odd spies couple...huh I'm getting confuse now...whatever...there is so many spies that been send by N.Korean anyway...Big Smile

While staying with them she use their daughter identity and work at a Burger King. With her beautiful angle look, she caught many of the men attention and it happened to be that there is a bunch of guy from the prep school who choose and posted the ladies with good look and present these good looking ladies as their angel in a blog. These blog has choose her as the "angle" and jokingly stated that she is the N.Korean Spy....

Hyo-jin didn't know that Ko-bong had a deep crushed on her until a friend of him finally agreed to help Ko-bong on developing the one sided feelings...started from there u may see that their relationship is actually developing step by step and who say's a spy cannot falling in love?!

Hmm...nice movie, nice joke they have, simple romance and sweet love story...should I say more?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Unstoppable Marriage

This is an unstoppable hilarious romantic comedy movie...well some part make u wanna laugh and some part make u feel sad but still it was a great movie with a good storyline...Eugene look good in here...well she is beautiful as always...and this is the second time I watch Ha Seok-jin in action (hmmm maybe it's more than twice but I only remember two of them ^____^ ), good looking guy...

Out of this two young, good looking, and talented actors...these two people actually make it even better...remember Kim Soo-mee from Memories of Bali? the one that act as Jo In sung mother...well the one that I hated so much on that series LOL, once again she make me feel that way but this time I like her more even with those bad behaviour she have as a mother...the other actors is Im Chae-moo, don't remember which series I watch him...well the impotant thing is these two people make the story perfect...

My favourite scenes is where the two rival parents started collaborating and plant a hidden camera to watch every move of their kids but unfortunately without a mic...that was so damn funny...and...well there is another scene of coz hehehe...when Ki-baek mother and sister pretend to speak france...and yet get caught by Eun-ho...that was hillarious...


Hwang Ki-baek (Ha Seok-jin) is a plastic surgeon, from quite a loaded but somewhat loony and father-less family and leads the comfortable lifeof a well-off playboy. Eun-ho (Eugene) is a down-to-eart girl (except during her paragliding classes), born in a middle-class, and mother-less household, who runs a workshop where she teaches traditional Korean paper doll making.

The two have a fortuitous encounter when Dr. Hwang's date tricks him into paragliding with Eun-Ho, who happens to be the instructor on that fateful day. Thus, they embark on a stormy relationship… As the bickering escalates, they end up falling for each other. But then, they are faced with a challenge: getting their parents' seal of approval to tie the knot.

Determined to break up the happy couple by any means necessary, the two parents join forces for a sabotage mission in a sneaky attempt to subvert the course of true love.

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