Monday, December 29, 2008

Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo -I Finally Found Someone

I have to thanks to all the pictures uploader... thanks for sharing them.. thanks to whoever that share the video that I cut and adjust the way I want... I guess one of them is CJWTown... Thanks a million time. Some subs need to be ignored in this clip...but most of it fit with the songs... whatever. what do u think?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

[Look Alike] Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Dong Gun

I always thought Kim Hyun Joong look like Lee Dong Gun or vice versa... 
I even told my brother about it and he just give me 'that' smile... 
u know the smile that make you feel like slapping and kicking someone... 


There you go... now you have to agree with me... 
if KHJ keep his hair like this they really look alike.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lettuce Couple VC coming soon...

what have I done today...

aaah... ^_^

I started my new video clip but still in the process...

the star will be our Lettuce Couple of coz...
oh yeah... I'm still not over with them yet... 
so I come up with the clip... should I upload it in YT? 
hmmm... still thinking about that... 
YT used to delete like... 3 of my account and I haven't upload or share anything at all after the third account... so I really need to think about this... 
dailymotion would be great for me. Whatever... who cares if I share anything at all.

I'm bored seriously feel like I'm not trying so hard lately.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lee Jun Ki Video I've made.

I've created this video years ago...
have forgot about it since it was years ago hehehe
found it again in my playlist and I was like..

"aaah I've done this before..."

Just wanna share it... something that I used to do... something that I love to do.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Episode with Lettuce Couple...

Watching it really make everyone hearts broken into piece...
sometimes I do wonder what is the reason for all this fake marriage and yet they have to split even when they don't feel like they want it...

As I stated before WGM is really the scariest reality show ever... they grab our attention and emotion and then they leave us just with one emotion... emptiness...

This time it was Lettuce couple. (Actually I really wanna share a lot of caption but just go around search for them you'll find many more...)

I really think after watching it, Hwang Bo really tried so hard to protect her heart...
Trying so hard to move on when she knows it's not easy for her... even Hyun Joong look sad with their depart.

The best part of their farewell is when both of them express their thought with "My Sassy girl" style... from there we can see the truth inside them... what they really think.

HJ last words for HB future husband...
HJ: Our Hwang Buin, she doesn't like to do cute acts, so don't force her to! And please...she can cook really well, but don't request for it all the time, because she will tire out. Don't'll have to call her at twice a day...don't look at other women, and please don't talk about your first love. If you can, to your very best, earn big bucks for her monthly, so that she won't have to go on different shows anymore.
(the kid groom, who has became the pillar of strength you can count on)
And also...even if I don't say it...please be very good to her!
Don't go to Jeju island during your honeymoon...she'll think about me.
(Jeju island is full of memories)
She'll think about this when she comes here...
And plus another words... for HB
HJ: The last line...I really feel that if I come to this summit again, I'll think of right now.
So with your next husband, you won't need to be here again.
And honestly speaking, I don't show it, but inside my heart I feel...that I've gotten a lot of help (from Buin), and truly when I was at my lowest, whenever it happened, when I see Buin, I changed for the better. I have always wanted to say this to you. I live in my very closed up world, I'm not sure if you realised, but apart from my friends no one else will be able to see me as who I am. But I think you know me. The darkest parts of me, I wasn't pretending. How should I say this...I think at the moment I need it the most, God has put you in my life. I have always wanted to tell you this, when I was at my lowest. You should be happy to know, that Buin will be the last woman I hike up a mountain with.
I'll never climb another mountain.
HB last words for HJ future wife...
HB: It's my turn now...
(uncontrollable crying)
Hyun Joong...(cries)
He's a competitive kid, so you'll have to lose to him often, but never, never let it be obvious that you're letting him win. You've tried all your might, but you still lost; that is what he should see. If he doesn't wake up in the mornings, give him a tickle in the ribs and he'll obey. Doesn't like to be mushy, so don't expect anything much. Please just experience him with all your heart.

This really show HJ does care for HB... and he knows what kind of person HB is.

HJ: We usually shoot on Tuesdays, but in the future...Tuesdays will feel very empty, won't they?
HB: Yes they would.
HJ: Doing something else on this day...I'll feel very sad. If I pretend that this has never happened, it would be even worse. It will feel like there's a hole in my life.
HB: Even if it's so, you can't stay put in this situation. Work hard for yourself and you'll be fine. I have a spilt personality...when this moment is over I can treat it has nothing has happened. I'm really strong.
HJ: You're not strong at all! I'll talk about Hwang Buin's faults...
HB: Don't say it.
HJ: Pretends to be strong even though she's not, then crying by herself in the background...I think this is not necessary. Everyone wants your stronger side, or wants you to pretend to be even more womanly. Because I have been around you I know that you are not strong at all, and I wish you will not pretend to be so, laugh when you feel like it, and cry when you feel like crying, I hope you will be like that. Others will not realise, but Hwang Buin, you are a real woman.
HJ: When you meet that person in the future, go right ahead and say mushy things like "get me stars from the sky".
HB: So who should I act out my womanly ways in front of, in the future?
HJ: Were you acting womanly in front of me?
HB: Yes. I was having a really hard time with this act... you caught me.
HJ: If you are sincere you'll be even more womanly.

credit for eng. translation: christysg@soompi

Finally, they really take their own way now... watching them for 7 and half month really feel like something missing now... soon we'll miss Ant couple too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye Solo

Trying to forget about WGM for a while... I guess the more I got attached to that show the more possibility for me to get hurt.

I've been looking for Goodbye Solo in every shop I go... Instead of watching it on YT or online... I prefer buying it so it took me ages to watch this drama...

I'm still trying to finished it now... but until now I have to say that... it was really a great drama. I like it for it's simple script and the cast was good. But yeah I still trying to figure out what is the strongest point for this drama instead of the cast and so on... 


This drama attempts to send a message that any human being is beautiful by just existing in this world. People’s desire to have their say in everything, to succeed and to be beautiful stems from their deep-rooted disbelief in themselves. They are unable to love themselves the way they are. The underlying reason of the loss of interest in life is the disappointment with people. But even those who get disappointed with other human beings are negligent in loving their own selves.

The main character, Kim Min-ho was born into a family of a business tycoon but his family turned away from him because he was an illegitimate child. While having a hard time because of her mother’s re-marriages, Chung Soo-hee falls in love with Min-ho, who turns out to be a friend of her boyfriend, Yoo Ji-ahn. Frivolous Choi Mi-ree loves gangster Kang Ho-chul against her family's wishes. Oh Young-suk calls herself "crazy" and disguises herself in a lie. All these people are linked together by the mute owner of an eatery in the neighborhood, an old woman named Mi-young.

Source: KBS Global

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo moment...

It was great to see this pictures... especially when it was place in a photobook for everyone to adore... at least it means something to the fan too right?  hyun Joong even put a comment on every photo he have well of coz that's a must thing to do... but I still think it was so sweet...

Miss Hwang Bo. She is a supporter for me 
who is ashamed taking self pictures.
( a supporter... hmmm that's sounds really serious to me hahaha)

Looks funny with funky wigs...

What about this? Everyone should know...
(okay... he's showing us Hwang Bo's signature and so on wargh!!! 
this is cool..)

It was on TV... You know?
(The contract that bind them together... so sweet)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lovers Of 6 years

I just watch it, been keeping it on the rack for more than 2 weeks and finally I got a chance to watch it.

what so good about this movie. I think the message... 

what is the messages? well you'll know when you're involved with that kind of relationship... trust, faith and loves is not something that should be rely on... trying to make it to the line is not as easy as it seems...

being in relationship for 6 years... all the sparks is no more interesting and no more fun but yet we can't seems to live the habit... is it a habit? 6 years in relationship... me myself choose to move on when the sparks wasn't there and yet I can't seem to forget...

Reviews By Yang Sung-jin

Should couples live together before tying the knot? If this question were asked 20 years ago, most Korean respondents would have expressed their shock and disbelief, much less show any willingness to weigh pros and cons.

Back to the present: Koreans are not so ultraconservative any longer and the number of Korean couples trying out cohabitation is on the rise. The proof is that even a mass-market romantic flick like "Lovers of Six Years (6-nyeonjjae yeonae-jung)" has chosen this daring topic and treats cohabitation as nothing special.

"Nothing special" is also a keyword for Da-jin (Kim Ha-neul), a hard-working editor at a publishing company, and her boyfriend Jae-young (Yoon Gye-sang), an equally diligent home shopping producer. Six years ago, they began to date. Two years ago, they started sleeping together. Now, they are next-door neighbors, but the wall separating their houses does not have any significant function. They virtually share their rooms -- and bedrooms at night. They know each other inside and out so much so that they begin to feel a bit bored, and the magical sparks and excitement is already gone. Their relationships seem to have passed a stage where something special is at work. 

As with other cohabitating couples, there is a risk that Da-jin and Jae-young remain unmarried and yet share so many things in life. Infidelity is one of many risks, though it's pretty fatal given that cohabitation does not entail as strong a commitment as marriage. Da-jin tries to hire a top-notch book designer for her latest project. She juggles up various strategies to win the heart of this much-sought-after designer without realizing that her charm as an attractive woman goes rarely unnoticed. By the way, Kim Ha-neul seems at ease with her role, even in a scene where she has to act as an experienced lover.

While Da-jin has to stave off repeated come-ons from the new acquaintance, her boyfriend is forced to deal with an unabashed temptation from a daring part-time worker at the cable shopping mall.

But the movie does not tackle the issue of infidelity for this cohabiting couple as seriously as it should. Certainly it is an important plot device, but even before such outside forces emerge, they are already in a precarious phase where they feel too familiar with each other and have to seek some additional excuses to stick together -- more convincing excuses than they used to spend six years together as lovers.

In fact, couples who live together before marriage tend to believe that they have the opportunity to test how well they suit each other. But when confronted with overwhelming challenges such as one-night stands, cohabitation is likely to break down faster than those shackled in marriage, which is still held together by a relatively stronger ethic of commitment.

Yoon Gye-sang, former member of now-disbanded music group g.o.d., demonstrates his hidden acting talent by infusing some realism into the stereotypical Korean man character who is extremely generous about his own extra-cohabitation "romance" and unbelievably strict about his partner's "fling." The lesson for women: when deciding to live with a man before marriage, don't set a standard too high since men are generally not so reliable, much less genuinely romantic.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Which WGM couple are you?

Which WGM couple are you?
Quiz made by Linh

I'm preparing for my final MBA exam...and of coz it was not fun at all... I'm tired and stress enough to face the day... so instead of studying I surf on my fav. site Jazzholic and found this interesting quiz ^__^.

So if you think u know which couple you are, you really need to try this coz you might find it different from what you think.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Got Married Episode 33

Crown J, In Young and Hyungdon spend their day as a family... and that's mean Crown J have to spend his day with 2 people who can't stand each other... this family are fun, they argue about everything, about a couple mug, ramyun (where In Young switch her position from Crown J side to Hyungdon site), Hyungdon potret, the bathroom incident... it was funny looking at Crown J who have to be the middle person trying to settling things but yet the 2 person didn't really care much of what he trying to say... until that point, Crown J already reach his level... so this is the family, Hyungdon is not bad, I guess it's okay for me to have him in the Ant family. He make Crown J more reliable and cool, and In Young really sweet to Crown J.

Hwanhee prepared a surprise for Hwayobi it's their honeymoon, things getting well for them. depart early in the morning Hwanhee take a driver sit where usually Hwayobi is the driver and he's the boss. He seems perfect, and Hwayobi look even pretty now... I guess she lost some weight. Hwanhee is like a perfect hero for Hwayobi, he's done cool stuffs where most of girl will think that he's so manly, he's cool so macho and so on... Hwayobi seems happy too not until she found out the honeymoon suite that Hwanhee prepared for her... I guess girl are always the same, I'll have the exact hope if I'm Hwayobi a romantic honeymoon and a perfect place to spend time... but I guess I'll still considered more... Hwanhee might learn something from the honeymoon incident, there is no such person who accept everything... he really need to learn how to understand Hwayobi. (Hwanhee look like Ken F4 here... or it's just me?)

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo still spending their time with the Idol... I guess this episode show much more on the Idol then Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, but still we can see how lovely there are... I don't really care what the result show about the Idol... maybe because I'm more interested on what Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo did together... it seems like both of them has lost the awkwardness slowly and now they can hug and talk without worrying much. Which is mean that's great... 

Marco and Dambi is looking for each other weaknesses, and there is no need to list down what weaknesses Marco has but Dambi... hmm so she's not good in cooking and she remind us to Solbi... it's true then that the beauty will failed the cooking... it's not something that need to be concern about for me the important thing is can Marco accept the weaknesses and tolerate with it like Dambi tolerate with his weaknesses... still need to wait... 

And finally my favorite  couple... Alex and Shinae, so the envelope has change... means they are leaving and there is no way we gonna see their loveliness again... gonna miss them a lot... they baked cookies, wrapping a present and preparing the mini theater for their fan... they argue about the flowerpot, the pictures and yet they still look beautiful and perfect for each other. Can't say much about them just need to watch their farewell party next week...

* I just have this in my mind... I just hope the Joongbo couple have to spend their time together just the 2 of them a lot... but it seems to me that the Idol part will still go on until next week. Gonna miss Alshin couple...

Friday, November 7, 2008

We Got Married Episode 32

I guess after several month watching them, there is something that change in every person. In Young tolerate more and look sweet nowadays... she use to argue on whatever things Crown J says or do. Maybe because Hyun Don is around so the tempered all thrown to him and she need Crown J to be by her side so I guess with Hyun Don around Crown J is safe at least from In Young tantrum ^_^.

Hyun Joong look matured in every episode... I guess his SS members really stated it right, Hyun Joong really look more like Hwang Bo... or maybe Hwang Bo look like Hyun Joong the personalities I mean... they really captured everyone attention. The jealousy, the conservative Hyun Joong... the beutiful and kind hearted Hwang Bo everything seems perfect for them.

Alex & Shinae is sweet as always and thats a good news... I really think Alex thinks only the best for Shinae and e really meant it when he says he's one of those people who want her to be strong. Alex really know what Shinae thinks even when she didn't say it or show it... it was sad that they will be parted soon T T

Hwanhee & Hwayobi, hmmm this couple is getting my attention lately. Hwanhee is really like someone I know... Harsh words doesn't mean his bad, he really take a good care of Hwayobi... Hwayobi, well she still need sometimes to find out more about Hwanhee, she seems like thinking that whatever things Hwanhee do or say just to make her feel good... well thats normal of coz, you won't believe it right away though... but this couple really cool.

And lastly, Marco & Dambi. This couple is full with emotion, Marco seems so childish and Dambi are so motherly... actually without realizing it both of them really suit well. There is no way any women can handle how Marco's act, he's stubborn, selfish, nice but childish... who would like to have a partner like that? but I guess man is always a man, they don't let you know what they feel or what they think. Dambi still can smile when Marco show up with the rabbit head... that's mean she really know that Marco didn't mean whatever things he says and do... well at least that's what I guess... but man... believe me if you acted like that you'll suffered all your life... 

Can't wait for the episode 33 translation... at this moment all that I know Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo have a lot of skin ship lately... haven't watch the whole episode yet but it seems great.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Coffin

Release Date 30 October 2008
Language Thai
Classification U-PG13
Running Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Director Ekachai Uekrongtham
Cast Karen Mok, Ananda Everingham, Andrew Lim, Aki Shibuya, Kapakpapha Kakprasitte.

Inspired by a true Thai ritual of lying in coffins to get rid of bad luck and prolong life, The Coffin is a supernatural thriller about a young man and a young woman who decide to go through the ritual in Thailand.

Chris, a claustrophobic architect does it in the hope of saving his fiancée who's dying of terminal cancer. Sue, a nutritionist visiting Thailand from Hong Kong does it to save her own life after being diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor - one week before her wedding.

After the ritual, Chris and Sue experience what appear to be miracles in their respective lives. But soon, they find themselves confronted by a series of bizarre and terrifying incidents. With the help of a professor specializing in paranormal cases associated with the ritual, they set out to exorcise the ghosts that haunt them, and attempt to reverse the wheel of karma. 

Thrilling, mysterious and ultimately moving, The Coffin is a spine-chilling horror about the beauty of life and death, and coming to face to face with living and dying. 

(Source: RAM Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.)

* This is what I really think and feel about this movie... since I just got back from the cinema and the feeling is still fresh so I believe what I write is what I really feel and think...

1st I think it was boring, but it's not that bad... just not as what I'm aspecting it would be. The opening is really great... The ritual really meant something in Thailand so I'm not gonna comment on that... well even if I say it was boring but still the cast and the concept was great. It's a horror movie so of coz there is some parts that bring the chilled and some people do scream in the cinema which add the thrill feeling even when it's not really supposed to be feel like that.

 This is not listed in my so cool and top rated horror movie, and that's mean I'm not gonna suggest this movie if you're looking for a keep moving chill and thriller kind of story. But if you're a person who watch not just using your eyes but bring along your feelings and brain... then watch for it coz there is something they want us to learn... 

 The beauty of life and death... to teach us that fate is something that we have to accept when it's happened and move on and try to turn the bitter to sweet while facing the fact... not running and avoiding it coz life meant nothing without death.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The WGM episode 29... have you watch it?

Not trying to spoiled the mood just want to express my thought on it.
I think this is the episode that I don't really have any feelings on it... except for lettuce couple... the reason is it has no feeling at all in this episode... I guess I need to wait for episode 30 for that feelings...

It might look fun but at the same time it just hmmm...

The new couple really fun to watch especially Hwanhee & Hwayobi... and Hwanhee now have a nickname for her cute wife...

Marco seems too hyper hmm whatever... not my favorite one at this moment, never mind about what I think. Still need to wait for the next episode to know all the details since the Alshin part seems to short and nothing much to share in this episode, and I think I prefer if all the couples are separated from the other couples since they will spend more time with each other but yeah I guess I still need to wait for episode 30 to say so. Hope next episode will show us more of their feelings...

and I wonder... why none of them (Alshin, Lettuce & Ant Couples) talk about the farewell mission? wasn't they curious at all about how they really feel?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Antique (Coming Soon)

The movie is adapted from popular Japanese manga “Antique Bakery” by Fumi Yoshinaga, which is about the life four men working in a small bakery.

Joo Ji-hoon is starring as the bakery owner and a genius salesman. Kim Jae-wook a talented patissier, Choi Ji-ho as JJH’s bodyguard, and Yoo Ah-in a boxer turn assistant patisserie.

Directed by Min Gyu Dong, the movie will star (amongst others) Joo Ji Hoon (Goong/Princess Hours and The Devil) as the owner Jin Hyuk and Kim Jae Wok (Coffee Prince) as the genius patissier Son Woo. The movie is due for release on November 13, 2008.

* Can't wait for this movie... I think the trailer look funny and interesting... huh wait until I watch it and I'll review more. Need to check if any picture from this movie had been spread around.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hwan Hee- Hwayobi have been voted as WGM's best couple

In a recent internet site poll held from the 16th till the 23rd at Issueplay, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi were voted as the most interesting/fun couple as they came in first place when the results were announced on the 24th. 

The both of them received overwhelming support as they won by a landslide 51.8% of the total vote, with a total of 8,305 netizens voting for them. Following them are Hyun Joong - Hwang Bo in second place with 24.3% of the votes. Crown J - In Young came in third with 12%, Marco - Dambi with 8% and Jin Young- Hyun Ji with 3.1%. Andy-Solbi came in sixth place with only 0.4% whereas Alex- Shinae got 0.3% support from the vote. 

Credits: Yonhap News & all seoul'd out

* Ok I was shoked with this votes things... what was this supposed to mean? Alex - Shinae 0.3%?!! 
wargh!!! I hate this whatever votes  things... it seems to me like something is not right. What is wrong with all this people? when Alex & Shinae off the screen... they want them to be back... and when they're  on the screen again they provided the ugly comment ever... and now this votes?! 

It was scary every time I saw the results... so now people don't seems to interest on Andy & Solbi too... can't wait for the farewell episodes... I guess I need to prepared a box of tissue for it.

Hwan hee & Hwayobi it seems to me that this couple is for sure will be in the new episodes... 

Lucifer마왕 (Ma-wang)

I don't know why on earth I forgotten to review this drama. Maybe I was influenced by my friend thought and comment and been thinking why? why? why the hell that they say that? for me it was good drama... the story-line are good the script are perfect even the cast are perfect for their role... so I wonder why... in the end I really got it... different people have different point of view and I've forgot I haven't write about it at all.

Some of my friends say... it was a confusing drama... the ending wasn't good and so on. But for me, it was really are good. the story line are perfect, the script are well write, the cast are great even the suspense and mystery behind the case are interesting.

Ok this is the first drama that I watch have less skin ship and less that die hard love story but this is good... I really think it was good since I'm tired of the same melodrama tears and impossible love story... but of coz I still watch them hehehe.

I like it because it shows us how some people keep going back and hunting by their past. How some people seeking for forgiveness and some people taking advantage of other people ability... how they developed trust towards each other, how they expressed their love how they hope things really turn the way they want. Every aspect in this drama really mean something such as 'Karma'... Tarot card, red envelope and a vision are the most important background of the story. This is the story which show us how good men turn out to be a devils and what make them one of them... well maybe we should ask it to ourself have we ever thought that we might be one of the devils... who knows.

I really recommend this drama if you haven't watch it yet... just don't hope too much on happy ending coz the ending wasn't as what you expected it to be... but still it was good.

The Synopsis:

20 episodes (or 16 episodes x 70 min)

KBS title : “The Lucifer”

“Devil” is a story about two men who were predestined to confront each other over a tragic incident that happened when they were young, and a woman who has psychometric powers. Through the bitter fight of its main characters and their desperate attempts to uncover the truth, this drama attempts to find answers to such questions as what is good and what is evil, and how good and bad fortune are formed.

The murder case that begins with an afterimage of one girl is completely ignored and closed quickly because of the girl’s preposterous testimony. Twelve years later, detective Kang Oh-soo (played by Um Tae-woong) receives a taro card meaning “judgment” and a letter. A brutal game begins between the culprit and the victim of the case, which began as a trivial incident 12 years ago but has snowballed into a big tragedy, and a mysterious witness.


Eom Tae-woong : Kang Oh-soo

The second son of a rich lawmaker who owns a deluxe hotel, Oh-soo is a serious crime detective who spares no effort to catch criminals. A troublemaker in his teen years, he shocked his family when he said he wanted to become a detective after graduating from high school. Having an outgoing personality, Oh-soo is ready to help his coworkers anytime. But he tends to offend those he cares about because he is not good at expressing his feelings. However, deep inside he is a caring person, and has his wits and unswerving desire to win.

Sin Min-ah : Seo Hae-in

A psychometric, Hae-in currently works as a librarian. She is talented at drawing and is an outstanding taro card reader, but she only does that as a hobby. Her forgetfulness has almost reached the level of amnesia, but her ability to concentrate is stunning once she engrosses herself in something. Having an unsuspecting personality that is often perceived by others as “weird” because of her poor communication skills, she nonetheless knows how to face hardships head on and turns into a courageous and strong woman when necessary. Her father died three years ago of liver cancer, and currently she lives with her deaf mother, which explains her habit to use the sign language whenever she is angry or lacks words to express her thoughts.

Joo Ji-hoon : Oh Seung-ha

An exemplary lawyer who always smiles, Seung-ha is an “angel” who volunteers to provide his professional services to underprivileged people and at the same time a coldhearted “villain” who reenacts and masterminds murders according to his own verdicts. He never went to high school but instead obtained his high school diploma through qualification exams and passed the bar exam with honors at age 25. His contradicting personality -- warm and gentle looks vs. a cold heart -- is like a sharp piece of glass hidden in a soft blanket.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

WGM Couples horoscopes scores

From the latest episode:

According to the expert each couple is rate regarding their date and time of birth. The rating was given in 100% and to my surprise the most awkward couple are the most suitable one... let see what the expert told us about their characters.

1)  with 92 % scores

Lettuce couples. (Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo)

Now let see what make they score higher.

The man is introverted & has many capabilities but financially, he's not fated to make a lucky killing so he needs to save diligently to have a good financial life.

Meanwhile, the woman is very quick with her thinking and good at managing finance & people around her. this type of horoscope is good for international marriage or there's a high probability of marrying someone who travels overseas often.

The man should always focus his love & attention to his wife so that she's not distracted by other man.

* 1st reason: Hyun Joong is introverted and Hwang Bo is good with people around her.
  2nd reason: Hyun Joong is not good in making money and Hwang Bo good at managing
  3rd reason: Hyun Joong is travelling so often and Hwang Bo is suitable for someone like him.

2) with 90% scores.
Anbi couples. (Andy & Solbi)

They scores says that, the man is assertive & upright & honest to a fault. When he need to be objectives he can be without emotions and he can be quite proud.

Meanwhile, Solbi has some manly qualities, but her tastes run towards aristocratic or princess like things.

The children are plentiful and the children will likely work in the athletics or things that require physical strength.

* I guess Solbi really need someone like Andy hehehe... since Solbi keep making trouble she might need someone who know how to convince her into something... just like the ring incident...

3) with 78% scores. 
Alshin Couples. (Alex & Shinae) 

I wonder why 78% but well who know why...

Alex is very masculine and has strong sense os self sacrifice for others. He may be a bit straight-laced and has a good fortune with women.

meanwhile his beloved Shinae is very feminine and soft. But she get suspicious and jealous easily and she is good at controlling her man.

* No comment for this couple hahaha... I guess it was ok to be jealous right.

4) And finally with 47% scores.

Ant Couples. (Crown J & In Young)

The man is very possessive & has strong sense of honor. He's fortunate with women and naturally really likes women.

The women should not rely too much on the man's financial fortune & hard work.

They aren't problem if the man treats the woman like a daughter.

Once married, the woman will want lot of kids.

* In young look good with kids... 

Taken from: