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[Interview] jay park the all rounder artist?

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Talented artist and cool guy, Jay Park gave us the honor to meet him, answer our questions and leave a message to his French fans.

On a beautiful day in September, my phone rang. On the other line was Jay who made an appointment with me at his company’s studio and after a short taxi ride here I am. There, laying down on a couch a laptop on his knees, Jay greeted me with a bright smile while offering me some pizza. Casual attitude and good mood are the order of the day.

First, can you introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you?

Hello, my name is Jay Park, I’m a singer, rapper and dancer. I also write my own songs. I love Hip Hop and R&B.

Having grown up in the US wasn't it hard to leave everything and start over in Korea?

Indeed it was really hard. I had never lived in Korea and I knew absolutely nothing about Korean culture or even Korean music. I hesitated a long time but my mother finally pushed me and told me it would be good for my future. The first few months were the hardest because I had never really lived away from my family. I missed them a lot especially my friends that I was used to see everyday. In addition, I didn't know anybody in Korea and the failure to master the language didn't help as well.

We know that dance is a very important part of your life, but how did you walk into the Bboy culture?

I had always loved dancing. I grew up watching Michael Jackson and Usher to name a few. I often watch performance videos and dance videos. I got interested in dancing since I was little. In junior high school, some students from my school were Bboying, so I started with them. Therefore I opened to this environment and its culture, and I fell in love without being able to stop.

You said on twitter that you have made plenty of songs, when will the next album be?

I was just in the studio recording my songs. I've also recorded few others about eight months ago. My album will be out around the end of October or early November. [JPN Note: Interview was done in September before Jay postpone the release of his album] 

Can you tell us more about the movie Mr Idol in which we’ll be pleased to see you in? And how was the shooting? Any anecdote?

Mr Idol is my first real film. Although the dance part was easy for me I still had a hard time with the acting part. It was pretty hard because I wasn't at all used to it. I had to try several times to speak in a correct tone and be comfortable. On top of that, having to wait several hours to shoot a scene and then wait again and so on, it’s pretty unsettling but it was nice. Acting is fun and the rest of the cast were really nice to me and helped me a lot. The director was giving me tips as well.

Do you plan to make other movies in the future?

Of course! I’ve received few offers which we are reviewing right now but I’m very interested.
Among Korean artists, is there anyone you are a fan of? Or anyone you are really close to?
I really like Dynamic Duo, Drunken Tiger JK and a lot of others hip hop artists. I also like 2NE1 for their music and also for their stage presence. There is also the group called Secret whom the members and songs are really cute.

I’m closer to people from underground stage, Bboys, rappers (like Dok2) and Boom. Lately, thanks to the show Immortal Song I got closer to G.O from MBLAQ and Kyuhyun from Super Junior.

If you could work with one or more artists of your choice, who will you choose?

I think I would choose Usher. I love his music and he’s a big star. I discovered him when I was in elementary school and ever since then I’m a fan. I once went to his concert and met him backstage after his performance unfortunately he had to leave quickly to go back to work.

We know that one of your dreams is to be known in the US? Do you intend to start as a singer rather than an actor?

I would love to make a movie in Hollywood although currently it seems like a crazy dream. I grew up listening to American music and have been following American artist. I think thanks to the culture I grew up with I could do well in the American entertainment industry. In my opinion, I’ll have more chances to succeed through music rather than acting.

To have such a perfect body, how many hours per day do you work out? You don’t have a little secret exercise to share so I can have the same (body)?

(Laughs). There is no secret. You have to exercise everyday. Don’t train yourself too late at night too because it’s not good for your body. These days with my arm injury, I cannot push too hard on my arm so I run everyday instead.
It’s hard!!!

(Laughs.) Yes it’s hard but you've got to stay motivated. The motivation is the hardest part.

We were able to catch a sight of your tattoos through pictures but exactly how many tattoos do you have? Which one or ones are the most important for you? And why?

I don’t even know. I have so many that I lost count. The most important ones for me, I will say the one on my chest and the ‘Art of Movement’ one. I've to say that Art of Movement is a very important part of me. You know I’m a bboy and it’s my crew. I grew up with them. They are like members of my family. For the one on my chest it represents my real family which of course is also very important for me.

Can you tell us more about your crew Art of Movement and about the relationship that bands you together?

I knew my crew since the beginning of high school. Basically it’s them who brought me into the Bboying world. Thanks to them I stayed motivated just watching their progress and their passion. When I am lucky enough to go on stage to perform I want to share it with my friends. There is Cha Cha, a producer that I work a lot with and Daniel Jerome who is a very talented Hip Hop choreographer and who’s dance often with me. It’s really a very talented crew.

Can you talk about your next projects?  

Ohh, I have a lot of projects. After the release of my album I’ve an audition for a new movie. I should also make an Asia tour. Then I have some surprises but you have to be patient.

In addition to handsome, you are a singer, a rapper, a dancer and an actor. All of that with talent. To reassure us, the normal guys, is there anything you can’t do? Or any imperfection?

I know how to do a lot of things but I don’t think that there is one thing I’m very good at. I don’t know how to cook. I used to be a good basketball player but as it’s been a while since I played I think I’ve lost everything. I’m not very good with video games. And Math too. It’s just not my thing. It doesn’t serve me much but I think it’s a good skill to have.

When will we get a fanmeet in France?

You know I would really love to go France. I’ve never been in Europe. I would like to try the food and discover the culture of different countries. Moreover I know that there is a big fanbase in Europe. So if one day there is an opportunity it’ll be a pleasure.

Lastly, can you say something to French Jwalkerz?

Bonjour, thank you very much for your support although we’ve never seen each other before. I would really love to meet you one day and go on stage for you, see your face sand try to make you happy.
After having a good time, I left Jay to his work. Please note that in spite of his busy schedules he still found the time to meet me, answer my questions and pleased the French fans. A big thanks to him for this.


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