Monday, March 8, 2010

Recent Sightings of Jaebum Revealed.

Recently revealed was how Jaebum, who was recently let go of by his former group 2PM, is currently doing.

The hot topic of many online communities, pictures and videos from the “Breakin’ For Haiti – King of the Hill” that was held this past 6th.

In the video, Jaebum wears a purple shirt and black pants and dances as if he has been possessed by a dance god. He revealed such moves such as the ‘Thomas’ and the ‘windmill’, which he performed with ease. He looks as if he has lost a noticeable amount of weight, almost as if he had lost all the weight through all the pain he had to endure. Due to his short haircut though, he gives off a much younger feel.

In addition, Jaebum gave his signature out with a smile and even took pictures with fans who were present at the event, which has caught the attention of many. [omitted details related to what happened in September]

In response to how Jaebum is doing, fans who saw Jaebum said, “It’s nice to see him work so hard even in a situation like this”, “His dance skills are still the same”, “He looks like he lost a lot of weight due to his emotional struggles, but to see that he’s doing okay is a relief”, “Wherever you may be, I just want you to be happy”, leaving a hot response from many.

CREDITS: CHOSUN (SOURCE); tvxqbuzz7921 @ (TRANS)

It's always great to know that he is doing well and working hard after what have happened.

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