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Joo Ji-hoon closes homepage and fan club

In preparation for his impending army enlistment, actor Joo Ji-hoon has announced that he is shutting down his homepage and refunding members of his official fan club for the remainder of time covered under their club dues.

The Devil and Antique Bakery actor has been living in seclusion at home ever since completing his court-ordered 120 hours of community service in August. This follows the May indictment he faced after being charged for drug use in April. He was given a suspended sentence of six months of jail time pending one year of probation (meaning, if he completes probation successfully, the jail time would be erased). Actress Yoon Seol-hee faced stiffer punishment for smuggling ecstasy and ketamine into the country from Japan, as did model Yeh Hak-young for financing the operations.

According to Joo Ji-hoon’s management, Yeoubeak Entertainment, his homepage will be shut down on December 1. Although he had thought to enlist by the end of the year, he has not yet received his papers so the date isn’t finalized. Apparently there is a waiting list for enlistees, with 1981-ers being processed first as this is their last year to enlist. Joo, born in 1982, technically must enlist by the end of next year, so he may be pushed back and find his enlistment scheduled for January.

Before the scandal broke, Joo was preparing his next acting project, but his future career prospects remain hazy at the moment. Through his homepage, Joo wrote to fans, “With my mistake, I hurt others and left without being able to show a proud and upright image. Rather than showing you my back, I promise that someday I will face you straightforwardly.”

Via My Daily

Credit Source: Dramabeans

What capture me the most is what he wrote on his homepage....

“With my mistake, I hurt others and left without being able to show a proud and upright image. Rather than showing you my back, I promise that someday I will face you straightforwardly.”

I think I'll be waiting for his comeback... well all this time I'm still hoping that someday he'll be back.... just whising him all the best and may he find the light to the right path and comeback to the main road...

Kim Hyun Joong and actress Soo Ae to act in manga-based movie “You are Pet”

I don't think I'm ready to watch another drama act by KHJ. I mean not in the nearest time... wasn't he supposed to get some rest? I know where the hell he's going get all those money if he didn't work... but it seems like he doesn't even have time to close his eyes...

Wasn't it too much for him... working on Dream Team 2 and preparing for Asian tour... and now this? I don't know...

Well I'm not denying that I'll be waiting for this drama too... but knowing that the fact he's working too hard just make me feel a little bit sad... hmmm whatever, just hope this time he didn't look tired or too awkward... seriously I've been thinking it would be great if Hwang Bo is the one who take the other main role huhuhu just imagining... SmileyCentral.com

‘Flower Boy’ Kim Hyun Joong and actress SooAe from movie ‘The Sword With No Name’, will act in romantic comedy ‘You Are Pet’.

‘You Are Pet’ is a story from the 14-series comic in Japan which sold over 6million copies after its publication. It is about raising a boyfriend like a house pet.

It has been made into a 10-episode drama by Japan TBS station in 2003 with average viewership of 15% (equivalent to 30% in Korea), making a big hit at that time. In Japan, Matsumoto Jun aroused attention from the public for his role in this drama.

Kim Hyun Joong’s role is the main character Kang InHo grows up in a female dominant environment, while learning ballet, he knows well what he can do to be able to be loved by females. Even though he is a promising classic ballet dancer getting recognition internationally, he ran away from home to the disappointment of his family.

SooAe’s character is Ji EunEe who is a reporter at a general media firm and takes on a job of a simultaneous translator after work. She had conflicts with her boss and was demoted to take care of monthly female fashion magazine instead. She started her cohabitant life with Kang InHo with ‘Owner and Pet’ relationship.

Production company Ludens said that this movie would likely to premier in April next year.

Riding on ‘Flower boy’ syndrome Kim HyunJoong and ‘pure and innocent beauty’ representative SuAe, they have gathered attention both locally and in Japan to see if they can drive this ‘Pet syndrome’.

Credit source: SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tablo’s Brother criticizes Infinity Challenge in New York

This article, I quote it from allkpop, and I've change none of them all I do is copy & paste...

you'll know what i think about this article at the end of the article... so before that read and try to understand the whole thing...

The cast of Korea's favorite TV show, MBC Infinity Challenge, made a visit to New York City not too long ago. The "challenge" was to spread the love of Korean food to New Yorkers by approaching and engaging pedestrians in a one to one conversation, which was somewhat successful. This special episode in the Big Apple was aired over the weekend - however, not everyone was satisfied.

The brother of Tablo, Dave (Lee Sun Min, 37) left a rather harsh criticism toward the Infinity Challenge crew and Korea as a whole on his CyWorld minihompy on the 21st. The post has now been closed, but its screenshot still remains circulating on the net, receiving an enormous amount of hatred from netizens.

NOTE: The translations are not in order as it is a compilation from numerous articles.

"I did have my worries when I heard that the Infinity Challenge members were coming to New York... and I totally felt like dying from the embarrassment while watching.

The internet is being all crazy now, saying how 'our Korean humor worked in New York too'.

They were ignored like dogs on the streets from the New Yorkers for mumbling gibberish and not even being able to speak a word. They were also treated like retards at a pizza place by being thrown a random slice to eat.

Also, street casting?? Internet radio?? The one who calls himself the "Nation's MC" dances like a grasshopper inside a crappy warehouse with a green screen those 20 year old white boys call a 'studio'. Was it just me or did those dumb-looking white boys make him a complete fool? I wonder what those white boys were thinking (Actually never mind. Even if they said it out loud, the Koreans wouldn't have understood). They perhaps thought, 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE RETARDS DOING??'

I know you guys are being 'real' for entertainment, but keep the low-quality comedy in Korea. Please, ok? You guys make millions per year? Did you really have to go overseas and especially the capital of the world, New York City to be bunch of jackasses? MBC sure knows how to put themselves on the top.

To MBC who produced this piece of crap and those crowd of reporters who publicized this shameful event as if it's something we need to be proud of... Of course, this episode is just perfect for those Koreans who think this low-quality comedy is just so funny.

Since when was it so humiliating to be a part of our Korean race?

Get rid of the 'food' and why not tell those New Yorkers with your gibberish that Dokdo1 is our land? You guys act like you can attack Japan any day when you guys are the ones who copy their shit?"

1Dokdo (Liancourt Rocks) is a group of small islets located in the East Sea, currently in a national dispute regarding its sovereignty between Korea and Japan.

"The students leak the questions online and get high scores on their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to study abroad, but all they do is fool around karaokes and clubs on 32nd Street. They copy the reports from their seniors and get caught by the professors. They can't speak a tiny bit of English, not even a simple phrase. No wonder New Yorkers put down Asians and especially the Koreans.

I wouldn't say anything if they didn't care about English at all. Korea is the number one country in the world who spends the most money on their English education. But all they do is spend a load of money to learn English in the "least developed countries" like the Philippines and even separate from their families for good." .... "

Red = allkpop
Blue = Dave (Tablo brother)
Purple= Me ^^

So now... it's my turn.

What do I think? well I have no choice but to agree with Dave in many ways... I don't know why people take things into chaos about something that is so true. Just because his brother Tablo so he have to make everything nice? I don't think so... the one who became celebrity wasn't him... the one that being chase by reporters and fan wasn't him so why does he have to be so careful about what he think? hmmm well I've been in his shoes too... it's not fun when one of you're family members are celebrity...

He's making a statement which is true enough that it's hard to accept. Seriously, I do think IC are damn funny but it's funny when they do that on Korea... but going outside especially to NY without preparing anything... I mean come on they know well their language barrier... and they should learn more about how NYers people treat asian people ( I don't mean it in a bad way... just be logic... just because some NYers love you doesn't mean the other have the same thought)

So, do you think he need to apology? think again... what he's doing now might be the best things ever done to all Korean out there. Korean really need to try look the way he look and think the way he think.

Hmm... the point is try to open up, accept when it's wrong and try to be linient on something that is so true... this is a basic habit of our... we try to protect our celebrities without knowing that we're ruining them in a good way.

Love doesn't mean we have to protect them, sometimes telling them what is wrong and what is right shows the true love...

And I think it's time for all the Korean celebrities to improves their english... they should be proud with theire language but it would be even great if they can erase the language barrier and let others know that "I'm Korean and I can speak english"...

know what... there is a bunch of comment on YT such as " owh, he speak english...", " wow, I don't know he can speak english that well...", " He's english is poor..." and so on... I don't know how others think but seriuosly when I saw that kind of comment... it make me think and actually I'm thinking with anger... what is this?! do they think Korean that stupid? now let's think again who's going to change that? Dave? I don't know... you tell me...

So, Dave... FIGHTING!! SmileyCentral.com


And here's another article regarding to the issue:


A few hours ago, Tablo's brother Dave (Lee Sun Min, 37)'s created a storm in Korea due to his criticism of the MBC Infinity Challenge members and Korea on his Cyworld, angering readers. After watching this controversy blow up, some of you probably expected an apology. However, Dave instead left a post explaining his anger.

"Was it that fun to read what I wrote about my annoyance to Infinity Challenge: New York episode..? Due to the 16 years of my social life in America, facing prejudice and discrimination, it was very uncomfortable looking at the hosts acting that way on the screen, okay? Not the comments the press makes like 'Korean humor is so funny!' but more like 'What are they?' ... Stuff like that?

You all saw the pizza guy tossing that slice of pizza like he's feeding a dog, right? I'm sorry for getting pissed about it instead of just laughing it away...

The MCs are the best in Korea. However, they are nothing but a bunch of funny and awkward looking Asians in New York. In America, the Asians get treated even more poorly then the Black, Hispanic, and Latino people. Why did they have to choose the obvious concept of 'English-mute Asians'..

If it was for a good cause of introducing our Korean food, why not take a translator who's good at English to make the conversation more interesting and funny?

I got even more furious at the fact that they were MBC, the fact that they were the Infinity Challenge. "

In contrast to the negative response to the earlier blog post, some netizens are agreeing with Dave regarding this matter. Some have posted, "I share the same thoughts as Dave," "If the trip wasn't just to have fun but to spread the word of Korean food, it should've been more prepared," "It is very disappointing." However, the majority still remain angry at Dave for threatening their national pride, arguing, "Why do we have to speak English fluently when we are Koreans?" "There is nothing to be embarrassed about." "

I have nothing to comment... I've put my opinion loud and clear so now it's your turn... what do you think?

The colors still applied... allkpop, Dave & Me

* I'm not a reporter and I'm not writing a news... what I wrote is what I thought and what I thought is not a news...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo in Sexy Love

This clip... I make it for fun...
so there is no specific feelings in it hehehe
Just enjoy watching their dance LOL

Thursday, November 12, 2009

JYP: "If Jaebum Is Willing To Return, I Will Help..."

Park Jin Young speaks up officially about 2PM's Jaebum for the first time on MBCs's "Golden Fishery".

On the November 11th episode of "Golden Fishery", Park Jin Young said, “If Jaebum comes back, he will return as part of 2PM, of course. It will not be a solo comeback.”

MC Kang Ho Dong then asked, “Did you have to send Jaebum off to America in such a rush?” and Park Jin Young replied, “When Jaebum’s case was exposed, it was put under great criticism. And when he returned to the States, suddenly public opinion was, ‘Was there a mistranslation?’ and that he did not do any wrong. The answer is in-between.”

He continued, “Even though it was not like it was a mistake, it was not like it wasn’t a mistake as well. Someone who is responsible for part of the culture or has nothing to do with our culture should not be receiving the criticisms.”

“Jaebum is not a bad child. Back then, he was going through a tough time and was not motivated at all. He even said to me, "If it is not Park Jin Young’s song, I am confident of success." But I like it that he does not lie. Jaebum has been changing and the Jaebum now is very different from the Jaebum then. The Jaebum back then caused hurt to many Koreans, but the Jaebum now is very embarrassed by what he has done and does not want to burden the group as the leader, so he has decided to leave. If it was me, I would have done the same.”

Kang Ho Dong then asked, “As the company, shouldn’t you stop him?” Park Jin Young said, “He did wrong, and on his own, he thought that he did wrong. If you care about Jaebum... I think that public opinion and fans should leave him be. He will know that everyone cares, but leave him to be for now.”

Finally, he said, “The thing that I can do is be help as a singing and dance teacher to help him keep his standards as a singer up during this resting period. When he is willing to return on to the stage, I will help him willingly. If Jaebum is to return, he will return as 2PM and not solo. Jaebum, the other members and myself, will not want a solo comeback.”

Credits: Osen

Another article (for better understanding of JYP’s words)
Park Jin Young’s words:

“If you all care about Jaebum... fans and public opinion should leave him alone. It will be of help to give Jaebum some time. During this time when Jaebum rests, what I can do is to meet him in Seattle as a singing and dance teacher to make sure that he does not rust as a singer. And I will help him out if he wants to return to perform onstage again.”

“He really loves the other six 2PM members. So if he returns, of course he will return as part of 2PM. To come back solo... Jaebum himself and the 2PM members would not want it.”

And about the Myspace incident which had caused an outrage in the Korean society, “I feel that the criticisms for Jaebum’s case have been exaggerated. There was even a petition for suicide. But to say that he is escaping back to the States is exaggerated mistranslation. I want to say that he left without doing any wrong. If I was him, I would think the same. 'Even though it was not a mistake, I would not be able to continue promotions coolly'."

“For someone who does art, he also plays the role of connecting cultures. It is wrong to criticize other people or culture. It was wrong of Jaebum to use such an expression. Jaebum was not a bad child. He was a very good kid. Only, back then, it was very tough for him. He was very unmotivated back then. He even said, "If it is not Park Jin Young’s song, I have confidence to do well." But Jaebum is not one to lie. And he still does not. And that is the most important thing. Jaebum has been changing and the Jaebum now is not the same as the Jaebum then.”

“Before he changed, he did caused hurt to the Korean society as a whole. I cannot deny that it was a bad expression made by him. Jaebum knew that it was his mistake and told me he cannot go onstage anymore. So as not to cause burden/harm to the rest of the members, he decided to leave for the States. If I was Jaebum, I’d do the same.”

Credit: Newsen & K Bites
* Hmmm.... no comment but the Tired of Waiting song... I've been repeating the same song ever since it came out... and I can't help but think again... wasn't that Jaebum voice... the way he sing there is no way others can do that... whatever... just keep whising ^^

Rain- "At first I got doubted, Who is he?"

I Approved. A year ago when Rain(27·Jung Ji-Hoon) debuted in Hollywood by playing a supporting role in 'Speed Racer', it looked challengeable.

There were a lot of negative views, "How much would an asian actor especially who was a singer originally succeed in Hollywood?".

In 'Ninja Assassin' coming out on the 26th, the 'Rain' counterattacks to those pessimism. Most of all, one thing is certain that he finished his role with strong sincerity and positive mind in his first Hollywood lead role.

'Ninja Assassin' was directed by the Wachowski brothers('The Matrix') and Joel Silver ('Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon'), and produced by James McTeigue (`V for Vendetta').

Rain played 'Raizo' who got trained in Ninja group to be an assassin since his childhood, but turned back from them because of suffering from his merciless murders. I met him in the morning on the 10th.

- It's your first lead role. Don't you have any pressure because this film is a cruel action?

"If it's not cruel, then it wouldn't be different from other action films. I bet this kind of action film didn't exist after 'Kill Bill' directed by Quentin Tarantino.

To show a totally new character and actions which had never seen before was the Wachowski brothers' ambition. We considered how I could look different from other action stars like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

We tried taking advantage of my tall height(6.1 feet), getting more muscles, using new weapons like a chain or lance.

I became the 'murdering machine', 'Raizo' by practicing not only Taekwondo, but boxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Ushu, yamakasi, trampoline, and so on. I also learned Acrobatic.

Now I know where I should hit to make the opponent not breathe and hurt most. After I saw the complete version of this film, the actions were so cool that I couldn't believe the actor was me." (smile)

- Why Ninja? There are some views that the character is a bit plain.

"The Wachowski brothers told me: 'Let's make a character of which feeling is varying whenever we see him', 'I will focus more on close-ups than on full shots.'

They asked me to keep expressing anger and revolt in any hard action scenes. I also had a specialized coach to teach me a facial acting. I agree on that I didn't show my internal-acting much.

However 'Ninja Assassin' is an entertaining film for enjoying the spectacular action. It could be boring if we only enjoy a dance singer's splendid appearance and dance. It is hard to show both."

In the beginning of the movie, there is a scene which shows that he pushed up with handstand on a panel where nails were stuck crowdedly.

For him, it was an 'Infinite Challenge' for 8 months. "At first I couldn't even make it once. I complained wondering why they asked me to. 4 after a month, 10 after two months, and then I did 20 times after three months.

-Didn't you feel lonely on the set? Did you feel any differences between a lead role and a supporting role?

"Everyone was so nice to me that I couldn't feel it. Because I am young, I didn't feel any pressure when I asked something I didn't know. When I heard a new word that I hadn't known before, I wrote it down in my phone and then later I looked into it with a dictionary.

Because Hollywood system is so systematic, actors and actresses are divided by 10 groups depending on their importance. No.1 is a lead role. I was 10 in 'Speed Racer', but 1 in this film.

I got served a meal earliest. 'Do you want pepper or not in a fish dish?' 'Want a basil(a kind of Herb)?', 'Are you hungry much now?' It is even annoying to ask me those many questions.

When shooting, even when I said 'Ah!', an insurance staff, a massager, a physician approached me immediately. How much would they be sensitive because if a lead role actor gets an injury, that means exceeding the budget."(smile)

- What is a lesson you learned from the two Hollywood experience?

"Global stage is like a rough wave. If we stay conveniently or do what we want to do, then we float away soon. In Hollywood, we wouldn't succeed unless we kill any others.

Rain of Korea, or Rain of Asia don't work here. Someone in the medium has to work to connect Rain and Hollywood. Who would refuse the Wachowski brothers of 'The Matrix', the famous producer Joel Silver?

First I'm satisfied that 'Rain' will be known as 'Ninja Assassin' in the global market. A box office success is next. I'm still young. Being young is my weapon"(smile)

credit to:

http://news.naver.com/ (article)
Brief translation y rain bird.

* Seriously can't wait for the movie... after reading so many articles of him being so workaholic and leaving his youth and achieve so many things... I really want to be part of all the people who approved and says you've work hard...