Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kim Woo-bin, Lee Hyun-woo to Star in New Film

Popular actors Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo have been cast as the main characters to a new film.

Kim’s agency Sidus HQ said on Monday that fans can look forward to seeing the 24-year-old star in film “Experts” (translated title), set to crank in this March.

Through a press release, Lee’s agency Keyeast too confirmed the 18-year-old rising star’s appearance in the pic.

In the film, to be directed by Kim Hong-sun, both are set to play safe crackers in the story revolving around the top criminal safe crackers in Korea.

Kim started out as a fashion model in 2009 but got his big break in acting last year through smash hit SBS drama “The Inheritors.”

Lee made his debut as a child actor in 2005 but garnered much attention through film “Secretly, Greatly” last year.

Courtesy of Keyeast & Tenasia

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Actor Park Hae-jin Cast in New SBS Drama

Actor Park Hae-jin has been cast in an upcoming SBS drama, his agency said on Tuesday.
WM Entertainment said through a press release that Park has decided to appear in a series named “Doctor Stranger” (translated title) set to premiere in April.
The drama, which will show in the Monday and Tuesday time slot, will revolve around a doctor who has defected from North Korea working at South Korea’s top hospital, and Park will play a genius thoracic surgery doctor named Han Jae-joon who is also working at the hospital after storming out of Harvard.
“I’m honored and excited to get to work with director Jin Hyuk with whom I’ve continued to have a special tie to,” Park was quoted as saying in the statement.
Jin Hyuk, who has produced a number of top dramas including “Princess Prosecutor,” “City Hunter,” and “Master’s Sun,” will helm the upcoming show as well.
Park will start filming the drama after wrapping up his current hit series “Love from Star” starring Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun in late February.
Reporter. Jessica Kim@tenasia
Courtesy of WM Entertainment

Friday, January 17, 2014

Look Alike: So Ji Sub & Yoo Seung Ho

Not really a new one, but sharing won't hurt right...

I guess this is what happened when you miss someone so much.
So lurking and posting this random things might heals me... kekeke~

My Love From Another Star (별에서 온 그대)

Title: 별에서 온 그대 / Byeoleseo On Geudae
Also known as: You Came From the Stars / My Lover From The Stars / You From Another Star / My Love From Another Star
Previously known as: 별에서 온 남자 / Byeolyeseo On Namja (Man From the Stars)
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-18 to 2014-Feb-20
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

Main characters
Jun Ji-hyun - Cheon Song-yi

– A well known hallyu star, not just because of her acting, her look, her talent… but also her brainless statement on sns, which makes her the most lovable and yet hated all the time. She hates her mother, her brother is a mess, and miss her father a lot... Seriously, I love her character… why not? She’s pretty, sweet, naïve, over confident and stupid at the same time… much more human to me. Kekeke~

Kim Soo-hyun - Do Min-joon
- An alien who have everything, he have the look, he is rich, perfect career, a penthouse... but lack of social interact. Well it's not that weird that an alien have everything human want, infact I always believe some man are an alien hahaha.
I just hope the writer won't mess his character.

Park Hae-jin - Lee Hwi-kyung

Yoo In-na - Yoo Se-mi-
Shin Sung-Rok - Lee Jae-Kyung
Kim Chang-Wan - Jang Young-Mok

I’m not going to utter so much about the other character, just enough to know that Yoo Se-mi who supposed to be CSY friend is not really a friend. Lee Hwi kyung who continuously in love with CSY hated DMJ for being a man… Lee Jae kyung  is a psycho who killed anyone that’s on his way, and my fav. character Jang Young Mok the one and only loyal friend DMJ have since 1970’s… later known as DMJ father… hahaha


I'll put up my review later, well maybe some fav. quotes from this drama too.

K-NEWS: My Love From Another Star Has Won it 5th Crown This Week.

Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun’s romantic comedy “My love From Another Star” has won 5th crown on Wednesday and Thursday TV charts.

The show was glued atop the AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea) chart, drawing in an average score of 23.75 percent during the week of January 15 and 16, the chart showed on Wednesday.

Kim Hyun-joong’s “Inspiring Generation,” a follow-up of IU’s “Bel Ami,” made a debut to the second spot of the TV chart with an average mark of 7.75 percent for the same time slot.

Pushed to the third place, MBC’s period-set drama “Miss Korea” grabbed an average 6.95 percent of viewership, a drop of 1.05 percent compared to last week’s score.

Meanwhile, TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistic) survey showed the three programs in the same order yet slightly different figures from Nielsen Korea’s.

While “Love from Star” sat atop the chart again with an average rating of 22.25 percent, “Inspiring Generation” and “Miss Korea” followed next two slots, each with average scores of 7.85 and 7.35, respectively.

Source: tenasiae

Thursday, January 16, 2014

K-NEWS: Han Ji-min Grunges Out But Still Adorable in New Movie

Actress Han Ji-min has enjoyed unfailing popularity over the years for her portrayal of angelic characters in movies and TV soaps. The 32-year-old has further endeared herself to the public for her humanitarian and charity work off-screen. 

Her ability to shine in any role is evident once again in her latest incarnation as a soju-drinking indie band singer in the movie "The Plan Man," which is due to be released on Thursday. Despite the character's disheveled look and shock of unkempt hair, Han comes across as being as sweet and lovable as ever. 

However, she said she decided to make the movie to expand her acting horizons in a bid to avoid being typecast.

"I've always played women who were very feminine and innocent, or spirited and cheerful, in TV dramas," she said. "But I'm tired of taking on these kinds of roles now. I think my real fans want to see me try a new challenge and experiment with different roles.

"I wanted to play a woman with a strong personality, so the role of a free-spirited vocalist in a band was very appealing." 

She said the road to stardom had been painful at times as it had taken a while for her to sharpen her acting skills.

"When I started out I was criticized a lot for my acting. It depressed me, because I felt like I was inconveniencing the others on the set. But now I'm much more confident. Once I got past the age of 30 I started worrying less about what others thought of me, because it felt absurd to let such thoughts hold me back," she said. 

"The Plan Man" revolves around a man with an obsessive-compulsive disorder who cannot go through a day without meticulously planning out his entire schedule in advance. A free-spirited indie singer played by Han helps him change his ways and win over the woman he has developed a secret crush on.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

K-NEWS: Kim Hyun Joong Is Rugged With Cut Abs in “Age of Feeling” Stills

Stills were released on January 14 of a shirtless Kim Hyun Joong with steel abs on the set of “Age of Feeling,” just one day before the first broadcast.
In the photos, Kim Hyun Joong shows of his muscular body, a complete change in look from his previous ‘flower prince’ image to a wild, tough appearance, made even more so by the cuts and bruises on him, the actor looking like he just got out of a fight. 
On his body, Kim Hyun Joong said, “At first I tried to get that ‘sculpted’ look, but thinking about it, they didn’t have workout equipment like today or things like protein supplements in the 1930s. So I worked out on a diet of just meat and vegetables, like they might have done back then. So when people are watching, they might think, ‘his body isn’t even that great.’ I’d like it if people kept in mind that I worked out with the era of my character in mind.” 
He continued, “In ‘Age of Feeling,’ rather than a lot of wire action, we do a lot of violent fights where we just go at it. My number of bruises increases with every episode, but I think that will just help with the 1930s feel and the reality of the action scenes.”
The first episode of “Age of Feeling” will air on January 15, at 10pm (KST). Don’t miss it!
Check out the stills below!
Credit Source & jun2yg@soompi

K-NEWS: Lee Jun Ki, Han Ji Min, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kang Ha Neul Considering Upcoming Drama “Angel Eyes”

Will Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min be meeting as first loves?
According to TV insiders, both Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min are among the list of actors being considered for the leading roles of the upcoming SBS drama, “Angel Eyes.”
“Angel Eyes” is about a man and a woman who are each other’s first loves but get separated at childhood due to a painful family situation and meet again 12 years later. Lee Jun Ki is currently known to look over the leading male role of Dong Joo while Han Ji Min is known to be offered the role of Soo Wan.
Nam Ji Hyun is also reported to be considering the younger version of Soo Wan whereas the younger version of Dong Joo was offered to Kang Ha Neul.
“Angel Eyes” will be the drama after “Thrice Married Woman” and is set to air in March. “Boys Over Flowers” writer Yoon Ji Ryun will be working on the script and “Will It Snow On Christmas?” PD Choi Moon Shik will be directing.
Stay tuned for more updates on the final casting for “Angel Eyes.”
Credit Sourse: jnkm@soompi

Can't wait for this... 
Since I'm LJK superfan I believe he'll be great... Han Ji Min hasn't dessapoint me yet and I hope they'll work this out together.
I just wonder how Kang Ha Neul going to potray the younger version of Dong Joo...  

Monday, January 13, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

HAPPY 2014!

Hahaha okay it's not funny. I know...
그것은 오랜만이야.... I wonder how your 2013 goes? is it good? is it lovely? did anyone fall in love and get married?
Well I hope I'm changing my status last year but "TENG!" I'm still single  :(
Well it's not that bad I'm still kicking, loveable and available kekeke~

Eventhough I've been MIA all this while, I'm still doing my old things... you know like all of you, watching, searching, updating(in my brain), falling in love, crushing, hating, tearing, laughing and feel alive with all my fav. Korean things...

So what do 2013 brings me? A LOT!

Wait till I update my shortest review of 2013. You'll gonna nod your head, smile and cry at the same time.

Oh gosh! I thought I'm going to stay loyal with my KIM TAN but I'm falling in love again... this time it's DO MIN JOON. Before I leave here a picture of my new crush :)