Friday, August 4, 2006

Sad Movie

Looking at the title of the movie...we should already know what the stories about...considering to watch it? Well, even it was sad but it was a good movie anyway... Sometimes we really need to come back to reality...every person might encounter with life altering problem...and it's not that we'll be lucky enough to be success in every efforts we do...This is what 'Sad Movie' all about... 

If in other movies we still have a chance to feel relief at the end of the movie...then this one might shows us that no matter how hard every character try and struggling to overcome the problem, but at the end all the hopes and efforts might vanished just like that...Director Kwon Jong-Gwon (S Diary) essembled a star-studded cast for this ensamble piece that more than lives up to it's melancholic title.

In this film we'll be watching a collection of four stories that all intersect at some point but remain unrelated to each stories...

Started with a stories of Jin-Woo (A Moment To Remember-Jung Woo-Sung)and Su-Jung (Ing...-Im Su-Jung), both seems to be ready to move ahead in their relationship...but for Jin-Woo to give up his dangerous profession as a firefighter keeps derailing the plans for wedding bells between the two.

Su-Jung was living with her sister Su-Eun (A Bittersweet Life-Shin Min-ah. Su-Eun was a cheerful person who being a great moral support for Su-Jung and Jin-Woo. Su-Eun falls in love with a portrait painter stars by Lee Ki-Woo as Sang-Gyu while working as a Raggedy Ann in Theme Park. Falling in love without showing her real face not a big deal for Su-Eun but for her to show her face to Sang-Gyu was something different. Su-Eun not just deaf mute but she also has a scar on the side of her cheek. With the help of her co-workers, Su-Eun managed to overcome her shyness and met with the handsome artist.

Then there's a conflict between a mother and the lonely son. Yu-Jung (Yeom Jung-Ah) is a working mother whose so commited in her job that causes the relationship between mother and son become worse. Things began to changed when Ju-Yung caught in an accident and send to the hospital.Hui-Chan the sons stumble upon his mother diaries and started to learn more about his mother started from before he even birth. Soon, both begins to clear the air, but Ju-Yung discovers that she's suffering from cancer.

Along the way, Hui- Chan crosses paths with Ha-Seok (My Sassy Girl- Cha Tae-Hyun). Ha-Seok was an unemployed shlub but makes extra money as a human punching bag for local boxer. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Suk-Hyun (Son Tae-Yung) is sick of her dead-end job as a cashier and when Ha-Seok's credit card is declined at her place of employment, she realizes she's tired of waiting for her boyfriend to grow up and promptly dumps him. Ha-Seok begs her to give him a three month grace period and heads off seeking steady employment. After a chance encounter with a woman breaking up with her boyfriend, Ha-Seok hatches a scheme to start a "Separation Agency" that will break up relationships when one party is too scared to do it face-to-face. His wild idea quickly turns into a lucrative business, giving Ha-Seok hope that he'll finally win his girlfriend back.

Even if the title give us the clue what it's all about but this movie is consistently funny film and still watching it was enjoyable...Wink

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