Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rain Gets Praised by Fellow Military Trainees

Rain has been in the army for several weeks now and he's already being praised by fellow military trainees through some handwritten letters. Pictures of these personal letters and other pictures of Rain in the military were uploaded on an online community website under the caption, “Even in the military, Rain is recording a movie.”

One of these letters stated that, “In order to get a 3-5 minute phone call, you have to get 15 points in one week. However, Rain was the only person who passed 15 points. He is like a nice neighborhood brother, I feel really comfortable around him.”

Another letter mentioned that they had organized a “Soldier's Superstar K” competition and Rain's team managed to win by one point, under the leadership of the star singer.

Netizens praised him by leaving comments as, “Ah, daebak! How can someone looking like that also be that charismatic in his behavior?” “Even in the army he is a world star” “Please come back soon, I will praise you” and “You are a truly good person.”

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rain’s Military Training Photos Released

On November 17, photos of Rain receiving military commendations were leaked through an online café. Rain seems to have lost some weight in the first photo, but still looks healthy as he flashes a smile at the camera in the second picture.

The caption said Rain received an award for the “respect” category, based on his leadership for younger soldiers and high score at the shooting range. It was previously reported that Rain got 19 out of 20 shots on target for weekend training and all 10 shots on target at night shooting.

Netziens who saw the picture commeted, “Rain’s lost so much weight,” “He still looks great,” and “Even the scar on his nose looks sexy.”

On the same day, Rain’s family visited his boot camp base. He will receive another three-week training program before heading to army’s 5th division to serve as an assistant trainer, where he will train new recruits.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Denizen reveals winter photo shoot of jay park and kwon liseh

To greet winter, the season of long nights and falling leaves, dENiZEN from Levi’s revealed their winter photo album. (omit) Of these photos, the Christmas-themed still cuts of Jay Park and Kwon Liseh catch the eye.

Jay Park and Kwon Liseh have been developing their friendship as denizen models via previous events. They created a cheery and enthusiastic mood in the photoshoot set. (omit)

Reporter Yoon Ji-Hee


jay becomes a one day liquor dealer: " let's see your ID"

Singer Jay Park stepped out to the streets to prevent smoking in teenagers.

On November 10th, Jay Park participated in the street campaign, “2011 Smoking Prevention in Teenagers – I agree to ID Verification!”, sponsored by the Korean Smoking Association. He transformed into a one-day liquor dealer at a convenience store.

On this day, Jay Park raised awareness on verifying IDs to the citizens who visited (omit) this convenience store in order to prevent teenage smoking.

According to an affiliated staff, a large crowd of people gathered, as if to prove the popularity of Jay Park, and they were able to gain a lot of interest of the citizens.

Jay Park commented, “It was worthwhile and fun since there were a lot of citizens who agreed to show me their IDs” and added, “I hope a lot of people around the country will participate in this campaign.”

Jay Park has stepped out in Choongmuro (Note: Korean hollywood) with his recent movie, Mr. Idol. He is getting good response with his new single, “Girlfriend”, which has been ranked highly on many music charts. (omit)

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Reporter Kim Ye-Rang


Friday, November 11, 2011

Rain adjusting well to Army life

Fans wept as he was drafted into the Army last month but Korean pop sensation Rain is apparently adjusting well to military life. Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, will become an assistant instructor next month at the boot camp which he entered in October, the Ministry of National Defense said Wednesday. 

“Assistant instructors are chosen based on outstanding training results and their willingness, and Jung has shown that,” a ministry spokesman told AFP. Rain was recently also named top marksman at the camp. 

The 29-year-old singer has a huge following across Asia. 

Many fans, including hundreds from elsewhere in Asia, burst into tears when he entered the camp to start his 22-month mandatory military service. 

Korea, which has remained technically at war with North Korea since their 1950-53 conflict, requires all eligible men to serve in the military, although candidates can defer their service.


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

jay park does a polite 90-degree bow

A picture of Jay Park during the Beijing concert is becoming a hot issue.

On the 9th, a number of pictures from the "Korea-China Music Festival" that took place in Beijing, China, were uploaded on various online communities. The picture below was posted on Weibo (Chinese version of twitter) by Chinese fans and reached the fans in Korea.

(omit) This picture, where Jay Park is bowing 90 degrees to the crowd, caught the attention of the netizens.

The Chinese fans commented, "He waved to the fans in between moving from hotel and the concert venue. He waved until we could no longer see him" and added, "It was the best performance", complimenting Jay Park's fan service.

The "Korea-China Music Festival" will be aired by KBS1 on the 20th, simultaneously on CCTV in China.

Reporter Lee Kyung-Nam

SOURCE: Nate Entertainment ; TRANSLATOR: Lydia@JAYPARK.NET

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain an Expert in Shooting: A Hidden Sniper?

According to tvReport, Rain has been selected to become the assistant instructor for Division 5 in the Recruit Training Center. 

Due to his excellent shooting skills, he was chosen to become the assistant instructor for his division. 

After beginning his training on October 11 in Division 5, Rain will finish his time at the training center on November 18. After that he will go through executive education from the Second Recruit Training Center, then will officially start his military service on December 9.


On October 11, Rain joined the army as an active-duty soldier and now is being loved for his expertise in shooting.

According to the report submitted on November 6 by the National Assembly Defense Committee, Rain hit the bulls eye 19 out of 20 during daytime training and 10 out of 10 shots during nighttime training on October 26, achieving a hundred percent in shooting.

Before Rain, Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyeong, 29) also achieved the same scores, 19 out of 20 and 10 out of 10, and was called an "Expert Shooter."

In order to pass, a soldier-in-training needs to have an accuracy of 60% or higher. With daytime training, 18 shots out of 20 or higher, and in nighttime training, 9 out of 10 bulls eye hit is considered a perfect score. Along with passing his first time, he is now entitled an "Expert."

Out of 140 soldiers-in-training, 98 passed with 60% or higher accuracy. Among those who passed, Rain was in the Top 3. On November 14, Rain is to finish his training at the Training Center. Even though he is not even out of his training period, he is already wanted by the Air Force and the Marines.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Jay park becomes producer of an idol group jtbc's "made in you"

Park will be presenting an idol group with a world famous producer through the program “Made In You” from jTBC channel and it creates many anticipation.

Park is planning to work together with well known producer Rob Knox, who’s been working with Justin Timberlake, Rhiana, Britney Spears and more. Park has been visiting LA several times to meet with Knox and they will participate in member selection, overall producing and choreography.

The show “Made In You” is providing $1million as the prize, which is the biggest prize so far among the audition programs in nation, and will be focused on creating a brand new idol group that can bring out the Korean wave through out the world. The show is planning to be aired on December and currently taking the applicants on their official website.

Rob Knox is arranged to provide the song for the final competition of the show “Made In You”. The encounter of Park and Knox is bringing the high expectations for the formation of a world-famous idol group.

NewsEn Reporter Lee Minji


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello, Hi, Bye and See You Again ^^

It's been a while right?

I'm pretty busy with things around me lately... 
My brothers is home making me extra occupied.
Travelling around makes me out of reach...

And it won't stop here. 
Guess what?
I'm heading to Korea tomorrow. 
Oh yes, I'm shouting YEEEHAAAA!! LoL
Will be back after a week and I'll try to put up my thoughts on many things after I'm back.

So, wish me luck on my trip there.

Oh! before I forgot,
 this is the list of movies that I'm going to put up my thoughts when I'm back:

Sector 7
Meet The In-Laws
Paradise Kiss
Come Rain Come Shines
Little Girl K aka Killer Girl K