Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jaebeom’s Solo Album: ‘Not Enough Supplies For Sales’


Jaebeom’s solo album is in short supply.
Jaebeom’s solo album Count on Me released on 13th shows a record-breaking speed for sales.   According to the Hanteo Information System, it was recorded that 26,983 albums were sold (as of 5 p.m. KST on 15th) within 3 days of the album’s release.
These kind of album sales immediately put Jaebeom in the top 10 chart for annual album sales.  You can confirm the fever in retail shops.  Retailers are competing to secure enough of Jaebeom’s albums.   Due to the difficulty in meeting all demands, the album distributor has begun manufacturing the second additional batch of albums.
A representative of Warner Music Korea said, “The first batch of 20 thousand albums was gone in one day via pre-order sales.  The additional 20 thousand albums are also being sold very rapidly in retail shops.  We had to quickly manufacture 10 thousand more because of additional orders.   As a result, 50 thousand albums have been released on the market within three days.”
The industry has envious yet vigilant views on the appearance of Jaebeom.  They are on the alert for the unprecedented fever especially because the result was achieved without involving Jaebeom in album promotions.  Teams active in the current season seem to pay attention on how long the “Jay Effect” will continue.
It’s not much different for teams planning to release albums soon.  A team with a similar color of music as Jaebeom is even considering postponing the release date to the late summer or fall.  An industry source said, “Not just Jaebeom but the entire K-pop industry is chaotic.  We have decided to reschedule the release of the album for a male solo singer.”
Reporter Kim Seong Han (
* Phew... glad that I made my pre-order earlier hehehe... still waiting :( what took it so long argh!!!

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