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An Account of Jaebum During High School

Below is various account of Jaebum during high school. The 1st until 4th post is a post when the 'Myspace Messages' incident. And the last post is a recent post by his other school mate.


I’m Park Jaebum’s high school mate. Although we weren’t in the same class, he was a friend I cared very much about.

I can’t write very well, so T-T

The Jaebum I knew was more sincere/honest than anyone else and a kid with many dreams.

Usually people who dream of becoming stars show off but Park Jaebum wasn’t any different from any other Korean high school student. He was just good at exercising and dancing, loved music. At first, none of us could imagine that he was a JYP trainee.

And no matter how tired he was or how much he had to train, he still faithfully came to school. He did all his work and as this attitude of learning was really beautiful, he was a kid that the teachers really looked after and cared for.

Although his Korean was awkward and he was far from his parents and lonely in another country, even when he looked tired or upset, he’ll still help us friends and joke around with us as normal. Every time he did that he’ll say he’s okay and give us a friendly punch going ‘what sup yo man’, smiling shyly.

When I first saw him, he was very quiet, and down, and just looked as if life was very tough for him. As time passed, because I became envious of this diligent boy that was working hard towards his dreams, it seemed like I was studying harder thanks to him.

And I was a little chubby, so whenever I saw Jaebum, I would tell him that he has a great body and that I was envious. Then he told me “I’ve been looking at you. You’re tall so first, let’s study then go exercising with me and we can both lose weight together” and praised me by saying “You look much better after losing weight and getting a good body”.

There was a couple who just passed the 1000 day mark of dating and the guy asked Jaebum to sing a song and plan the celebration event. Jaebum made a nice rap and took care of the event.

Of course Jaebum was wrong, but to us, his friends, Jaebum was never the bad kid you guys have made him out to be. Please try to understand that.

I was really upset so I went out drinking with my friends. Although I don’t know when we’ll meet again, Jaebum will always been in our hearts, the guy always running towards his dreams. That is Jaebum.

I really wish that everyone wouldn’t hate him and try to understand that Jaebum was indeed really lonely in another country but he worked hard and did his best to fit in.

Even a guy would be jealous of this cool guy Jaebum.
Jaebum, I wish you would rise from this incident and become an even greater person.

#2 Posted on Hottest fancafe

Hello. I’m Jaebum’s classmate from school.

Firstly, I would like to tell everyone what kind of life Jaebum led.

Jaebum transferred into our school during the third year of high school.

He wasn’t special, looked like any other student and we heard that he came to be a trainee in JYP after receiving a phone call in America. He couldn’t adapt to the Korean way of life then and his Korean wasn’t good.

At first, he was having trouble adapting and liked being by himself.

As time passed, he made friends and played basketball with him and was a friend that loved exercise period the most.

But away from his friends and family, after leaving his friends who danced and played with him to come here, he passed his trainee life in loneliness.

I remember he always had a lot of things to prepare, studied music diligently, was always writing rap lyrics and building his body. When we said “Let’s go eat lunch” during lunch time, he would say he was fine and only ate protein.

Although life was tough for him, he would celebrate our birthdays with us and come together to play basketball with us. This was his high school life. After graduating, going out into society and entering university, I was proud when I finally saw him performing on TV with a group called 2PM. I heard that he worked really hard to get the first album out. Not just Jaebum but the whole JYP family worked hard. Soon, the second album came out and he was really busy. We had a school gathering somewhere during album promotions and ate together. When I saw Jaebum again, he was more cheerful and more confident than before, which was really great. He told us Boom-hyung treated him well, was nice and how he liked him.

So just when I was thinking that he looked like he was doing fine, news surfaced about the criticism he was getting because of the words he typed on his myspace page and in a short moment, everything Jaebum worked hard for collapsed.

I called him, told him not to worry too much, but after 2 days, he announced he was leaving. I was really worried so I called him and he said he was already at the airport and leaving for America. When I asked if he was coming back, he said “How do I come back when the people here hate me so much?”

I was upset that I couldn’t do anything as Jaebum’s friend and had to send him of like that… He left on the 6:30 plane. I hope Jaebum will have a good time with his family in America, and fulfil the dreams that he was intent on fulfilling, even in America.

Thank you for the many people how showed love to my friend Jaebum during this period.

Jaebum-ah, cheer up!

#3 2PM’s gallery 

Although it’s amusing that I’m writing a message in such a place when I’m so old I didn’t know any other fancafes besides this one so I’m leaving a message here. I’m Jaebum’s high school friend Seo JaeHyeok (I can’t reveal my school, right?)

Actually, we weren’t really friends. I only ever studied when I was in high school..being prudent. I’m now a university student, and because I’ve been preparing for my examinations, I don’t really use the internet but I’m using it now because of the news Jaebum….just thinking about this whole thing as a classmate in his high school gets me frustrated. I would like to share something I know about Jaebum and hopefully it’ll help everyone look at him differently.

Being prudent/cautious, I haven’t got many friends, and only cared about my studies. But because my friends were really nice in high school, I never felt lonely. Jaebum was really nice to me too. During the English assessment, everyone will pair off with their good friends but when I didn’t have a partner, I’ll was just practicing by myself in the school’s office during English period when Jaebum came and offered to be my partner (Please don’t misunderstand. Jaebum was a diligent student even in school. He wasn’t a student that used his trainee status as an excuse to skip school).

And. When he got his Korean ID card, he was so proud of it. (When I used the term ‘Korean ID card’, I confused many of you… it wasn’t really a Korean ID card, more of a domestic residence card for overseas Koreans..but Jaebum kept calling it his Korean ID card so I wrote it as that.. It wasn’t a Korean ID card…but it really looked like one..) He put his Korean ID card (domestic residence card) in his wallet where it could be most clearly seen.

I don’t have a way with words so I can’t really write the things I want to say about Jaebum down. Such a pity.. Although it’s been a long time since we last contacted each other As a person who knows how much Jaebum had to go through to become a singer, I feel really sad. I wish he’ll come back cheerfully

Thank you for reading this at such a late time.


I’m Jaebum’s classmate during his third year of high school. I’m writing this not to cover up for the words he wrote on an online community nor am I rationalizing his behavior. I would just like to give everyone a little more understanding to Jaebum as a person and cheer Jaebum on.

When Jaebum first transferred to our school, he looked like those characters you’ll see in a manhwa and gave off a cold image with his thick eyebrows, single eyelids, wide eyes and fair skin. Although he was short, his firm body and solid muscles made him the envy of the boys in our class. When we asked why he came to Korea, he said he was a trainee in JYP and dreamt of becoming a singer.

Jaebum wasn’t ashamed of those words, and during lesson time or break time, I often saw him writing rap lyrics, humming songs, practicing raps and beatboxing. He would train too late at night yet come to school on time and he would never reveal how tired he was or what a hard time he was going through. I don’t know whether it was because he couldn’t fit in yet or because he felt like doing it but Jaebum didn’t eat much during lunch period. One day, when everyone was going off to eat during lunch period, Jaebum was doing pushups while listening to music and I noticed a crumpled notebook open in his bag. He wrote Park Jaebum in his broken hangul and in round brackets, wrote Jay Park. I realized then, that he missed America a lot. Yet it is heartwarming when I see him writing his name in Korean and his awkward Korean.

Although the Korean he wrote in his notebook had bad grammar, he wrote quite a lot of rap lyrics. Jaebum was a thorough kid, he never slacked off during training and trained himself well. If he ever made a mistake, he would reproach himself and get all guilt ridden. I cheered him on when he debuted as 2PM’s leader although we were never that close. I have never thought that he wasn’t qualified to be their leader.

Sometimes he would show everyone his B-Boy skills during break time, or he would just burst into rap or beatboxing in school. When I see that I wonder how long he practiced to do all this things so naturally. And the huge blisters on his hands are the scars of the tough training he underwent. Jaebum was especially sensitive to the mistakes that he made so I have an inkling of how he must have felt when this whole thing blew up. To this kid who still doesn’t know Korean culture very well suddenly becoming a hot issue on the internet, where countless of reports and rumours are written about him, showing the bad side of the netizens and how Koreans blow things up, he must have been really guilt ridden about this whole issue, afraid that he will ruin 2PM’s image, afraid that it might leave scars on the 2PM members who were as precious to him as life itself. I can imagine the fear that kept piling up within him the past few days. That’s why he left the 2PM members whom he loved and treasured like life itself.

Jaebum sometimes talked about his younger brother (Jaehan?..I can’t remember his name) but he didn’t go into details so I’m not sure but whenever it was his brother’s birthday, he would write a letter with some scribbling/drawings. Even when he joined university, the place Jaebum would go back to on days like his brother’s birthday wouldn’t be the loving arms of his family but to the practice room or the lonely hostel. Throughout all these, Jaebum never showed how tired or discontent he was so when news of him criticizing Korea came out, I was shocked.

Whenever he wrote his name on books or things he never wrote “Jay” but ‘Park Jaebum’ in his awkward handwriting. When I think of the cheerful Jaebum in high school now, I get really upset and frustrated. I will always support Jaebum. Although I don’t approve of the things Jaebum wrote on the online community, I do believe that Jaebum’s attitude towards Korea has improved. When Jaebum returns, I’ll meet him in the airport smilingly.

Whether you criticize or not it’s up to your own opinion. You might think it’s wrong for me to speak up but everyone, you have hurt his friends too with the words you typed so lightly. I know that you’ve also criticized 2PM’s fans, Wooyoung and his classmates for covering up for his crimes (although I hate to use such a word to describe it). But if your own friend was suffering in this situation would you just stand back? Of course I’m not praising Jaebum for what he did, but as a friend, and as someone who knows that Jaebum isn’t like that, shouldn’t I cheer him on? Do you just keep quiet, not defending a friend when he’s in trouble?

What I’m most afraid of is that Jaebum, who has begun to like Korea, now leaves with an even worse impression of Korea than before. You can say anything you want about what I wrote but I won’t delete this message. I hope Jaebum would cheer up and come back as 2PM’s leader once again showing everyone your cheerful smile.

translated by: sparkskey@omonatheydidnt/livejournal

Latest from Jaebum School mate. This one is much more funnier and I like it. I don't know what school did Jaebum goes to but I can tell he must have attend a school full with love & respect ^.^

Original Text:

저는 재범이랑 같은 고등학교. 그렇습니다. 구정고 나온 처자에요.
연예인에 원래 관심이 없었습니다.(왜 자꾸 이 이야기를 하는지는 끝까지 읽어보시면 알게 될거에요)
재범이 말고 당시에 슈퍼 주니었던 최시원군도 학교에 다니고 있었습니다. 가까이에서 본적도 많지만 싸인은 받을 생각도 안 했습니다. 모델 정의철군도 본적 있었지만 물론 싸인 받을 생각 안 했습니다. 학교 분위기 자체가 연예인이라고 별 다를 것도 없다고 생각하는 분위기가 강했고 저 또한 그랬습니다.
게다가 학교에 연예인 지망생이 몇 있었는데 그분들 이미지가 별로 안 좋아서 연예인 지망생은 음. 관심이 더더더더더욱 없었죠.
안 좋은 말로 표현하자면 그들은 노는 분위기였고 솔직히 말해서 좀 깝친다는 느낌이 있었걸랑요. 히히. 전 조용한 처자였기 땜시롱
쓰기가 금지된 그곳의 연습생이 있다는 말은 많이 들었지만 별로 관심이 없었습니다. 
그러던 어느날 친구랑 매점에 갔는데 어떤 애가 옆에서 
"밀쉙 주세요" 이러는 겁니다. 발음이 본토 발음이라서 저랑 친구랑 놀라서 걔를 쳐다봤어요. 그때는 뭣도 모르고 과하게 발음을 굴리는구나 싶어서ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 걔가 재범이었걸랑요. 제가 고개를 돌리니
재범이가 아주 가까운 곳에 있었습니다. 한 삼십센티미터 떨어진 거리?ㅋㅋ 
재범이 피부 진짜 엄청 깨끗해요. 인증합니다. 코에 피지도 하나도 없을 정도로 깨끗했습니다. 왠만한 여자보다 훨씬 깨끗했습니다. 게다가 밀크 셰이크라뇨. 너무 귀엽지 않나요? ㅜ_ㅜ 
그때부터 저랑 제 친구랑 재범이가 쓰기가 금지된 그곳의 연습생인것도 모르고 지나갈때마다 밀쉙이다 밀쉙이다 이랬거든요ㅋㅋㅋ : - )
연예인에 관심도 없는 제가 재범군을 또렷하게 기억하는 이유는 딱 하나 ㅋㅋ 재범이가 밀쉙이어서ㅋㅋㅋ
그때부터 재범이 지나가면 오 밀쉙이네 이랬는데ㅋㅋㅋ
재범이는 볼 때마다 대개 귀에 이어폰 꼽구 있었어요.
그리고 이어폰 안 꼽구 있음 항상 입으로 손짓으로 열심히 랩 연습하고 있었어요 ㅎㅎㅎ 그당시 저는 재범이를 좀 이상한 애라고 여겼습니다.
그리고 자기 몸집보다 큰 교복 입고 다녔고(마이를 좀 큰 걸 입고 다니더라구요. 보통 맞춰 입는데. 본인은 전혀 신경 안 쓰는듯. 그래서 걍 힙합 좋아하는 애구나 싶었음ㅋㅋ) 머리에 왁스칠같은건 잘 하고 다니지 않았던 것 같아요ㅋㅋ 폭풍 까치머리ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
부시시하게ㅋㅋ 중요한건 다른 연예인 지망생과는 달리 학교를 참 조용히 다녔다는 거에요. 재범이 고등학교 담당 선생님 일화 아시죠? 저도 정말 인증합니다ㅎㅎ 연예인 지망생이면 겉멋이 들법도 한데ㅎㅎ
참 눈에 선해요. 재범이가 손짓하면서 랩 중얼거리며 돌아 댕기던 모습이 ㅜ_ㅜ;; 그땐 솔직히 쟤 좀 웃기는 애다ㅋㅋ 이랬걸랑요. 
마지막으로 ㅋㅋ 재범이 검은 나시 진짜 많이 입고 다녔어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하복이 하늘색인데 맨날 검은 나시 입었던게 기억나네요ㅋㅋㅋ
나중에 동창들한테 재범이 일화 들으면 또 올릴게요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

(참고로 저는 제 친구가 제 방명록에 야 그 밀쉙이 그 2피엠 재범이래라고 남길 때까지 재범이가 밀쉙인지 몰랐슴돠 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ)
(정말 별거 없는 일화네요ㅋㅋ 저 재범이가 식혜랑 갈아만든 배 말고도 밀크 셰이크 좋아한다고 말하고 싶어서 입이 완전 근질근질했슴돠...즐겁게 보셨기를 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ)
(자주 본건 아니구요 ㅎㅎ 그냥 밀셁이네 하면서 지나가면서 몇 번 봤는데 기억에 좀 남는 장면이 있어서요ㅎㅎ 제가 사실 키 큰 남자 좋아해서 신경도 안 썼던. 정말 제가 등싄입니다. 지금 땅을 치고 후회합니다. 엉엉엉 ㅜ_ㅜ)

마지막으로 밀쉙은 저랑 제 친구 딱 둘밖에 모르는 일화라 제 친구가 이 글 보면 심하게 부끄러울 것 같으니 퍼가는건 자제해 주세요 

제 글이 별거 없지만 재범이 고등학교 생활에 또 다른
인증이었다고 생각하시면 될 것 같네요 : - ) 
재범이 동창생들이 막 랩연습했다고 했는데 정말 그랬어요.
진짜 강조하고 싶은 점은 밀쉙이 아니라ㅋㅋ 남이 보든말든
항상 랩연습하고 노래들었던 재범이 모습입니다.
전 재범이를 잘 모르던 학생이었지만 잘 모르던 학생이 보아도
재범이는 참...노래를 좋아했던 학생으로 기억 될만큼...
꿈에 대해 성실한 아이였다는 거....
이번 재범이 사태에 제가 관심을 가지고 재범이의 팬이 된 이유는
제가 기억하는 재범이가 참...꿈에 대해 성실했던 아이라는 이유에요
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 재범이는 춤추는 것도 좋아하지만 노래에 대한
열정도 많은 아이었는데....가슴이 너무 짠해요 ㅜ_ㅜ

재범이가 비록 한국에서 활동을 안 하지만....그래서
몇몇 분들은 분명 재범이에 대한 마음이 식을수도 있겠지만
진짜 재범이가 자신의 꿈에 열심이었던 아이라는 거 하나는
꼭 기억해주시길 바랍니당 ㅜ_ㅜ 제가 너무 주책인가요?ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
글을 자꾸 수정하게 되서 엄청 길어졌네요 ㅎㅎ 죄송합니다 ㅎㅎ

English Translation:

I went to the same high school as Jaebum.
I never really had interest in celebrities. (If you're wondering why I'm even writing this, you'll know if you read till the end)
It wasn't only Jaebum who attended out school, Choi Siwon of Super Junior also went to our school. I've seen them close up many times but I never bothered to get their signature. I've also seen the model Jung Ee Chul around, but never thought of getting his signature either. Even though our school had a celebrity atmosphere feel to it, I never really thought much about it.

With that being said, at our school there were also a few students who were aspiring actors, but their image wasn't so great so my interest for them became less and less.
When I say that, I meant they just mucked around way too much. Hehe. I'm a quiet type.
I heard there was a trainee too, but I didn't have much interest about that either.

One day, I went to the cafeteria with my friend, and this guy beside me said.
"Could you pass the milkshake". The accent sounded like he was a native from the States, and me and friend were so shocked that we just stared at him. Back then we didn't know anything so we just thought he liked to excessively roll his words hahaha, but it ended up being Jaebum. When I turned back to see him,
He was standing very close to me. Maybe 30cm apart? Haha
Jaebum's skin was really clean. I can confirm it. He doesn't even have any flaws just under his nose. His face was cleaner than a girl's. With that being said, he wanted a milkshake. Isn't that cute? T_T

Back then we didn't even know the guy was the Jaebum trainee, so whenever we saw him we always said "Hey that's milkshake boy, milkshake boy" hahaha : - )
There is only one reason for someone like me who has no interest in celebrities to clearly remember him haha. He was milkshake boy hahaha.

From then on we had always called him the milkshake boy haha.
Whenever I saw him, he'd always have earphones on.
And whenever he didn't have earphones on, he'd always be moving his hands around and practicing his rapping hehehe. From seeing that image of him, I always thought he was a bit weird.

And he always wore a uniform too big for his body (Usually people wear it to fit them, but he never really cared. So I just thought he must like hip hop a lot haha)
He'd also put in a lot of wax in his hair hehe explosive spikes hahah it was really untidy. But the important thing is that he was much quieter than the other aspiring actors in the school.

He was very vivid to the eyes. The image of him rapping away and moving hands around T_T;; to be honest back in those days I thought he was a funny guy.
Lastly, he used to wear a lot of black singlets hahahaahaha. Our summer uniform used to be light blue and I remember being able to see his black singlet underneath hehehe
Later on when I hear more anecdotes about Jaebum from past students I'll write again hehehe

(It was only when my friend left a comment in my guest book saying 'Hey that milkshake boy is 2PM Jaebum' when I found out Jaebum was milkshake boy heh heh heh heh)
(This really is a pointless story haha I wanted to tell everybody that he liked milkshakes so much that I couldn't resist but type this hehehe I hope you had fun reading this hehehe)
(I didn't see him that often hehe It was just from time to time when we pointed out milkshake boy and that scene at the cafeteria was quite memorable heh To be honest I only like tall guys so I paid no attention to him whatsoever. I am heavily regretting that now. T_T)

My post isn't that great but I think it would be good if you thought of it as another confirmation of Jaebum's high school life : - )
The other past students who wrote about him only rapping all the time is really true.
The point I really want to emphasize isn't about the milkshake haha but no matter if people were staring at him or not, he always practiced his rapping and was always listening to music.
Even though I was a student who did not know Jaebum well, I can still remember that Jaebum liked music a lot…
A kid who was sincere about his dreams…..
The reason why I have caught interest in the whole situation and now a fan of Jaebum is that the Jaebum I remember was someone who was very sincere about his dreams.
Jaebum was not only good at dancing but he also had great potential to sing…. It makes me feel bitter T_T

Since Jaebum is not active in Korea anymore… there may be a few people out there who will definitely lose interest in Jaebum but,
I really hope that you will forever remember Jaebum as someone who worked really hard for his dreams T_T
I kept modifying this post and now it's turned into a huge post hehe I'm sorry hehe

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