Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jay's 'Hype Nation' casting confirmed... again?

2PM's former member Park Jaebum has confirmed his casting for the movie 'Hype Nation' and will be returning to Korea in June.

On the 14th, an associate of 'Hype Nation' stated that Park Jaebum has recently signed his contract for the movie and is currently preparing for the crank in starting in June. 70% of the movie will be filmed in Korea and it seems as if Jaebum will be returning as an actor.

Park Jaebum has contracted with American movie producer Young Lee and will be making an official comeback to the celebrity world. 'Hype Nation' is set to be an internationally released movie spoken in English and the producer has stated that Jaebum is perfect for the role. Park Jaebum has even participated in the OST, showing off his talents as both an actor and a singer.

'Hype Nation' is the story of Asian b-boys with Park Jaebum as the main role. The female lead is revealed to be a girl group member from Korea. The associate of 'Hype Nation' stated, "The producer, Young Lee, will be returning from America in late April and so everything else will be revealed then."

'Hype Nation' had originally attempted to cast Son Dambi but was canceled midway, causing the movie to switch paths by flipping the female role into a male role.


* A sign of him coming back? I hope this is for real. Hype nation been dragging for so long with mentioning Son Dambi as the cast and now they've to change the leading role from a female to a male... I hope this is a good sign. I would like Jay to be able to come back with pride and successful...

There is no further rejection from both Asia Economic and Asia Today regarding the news so I think this is real... right?

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