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This is the latest drama from Takuya Kimura...I've been waiting for this drama since I heard about the news...I got a chance to buy the DVD recently and....It's shows that Takuya is still the best....

Kimura Takuya's roles have had a lot of interesting and cool occupations in the past. He's been an airplane pilot, hockey player, public prosecutor... beautician... etc. Therefore, his role this time as a race car driver isn't too much of a stretch. This drama could probably write itself if it wanted to.

Kimura's (Kenzaki Jiro) character begins this drama as a second driver to a better driver in Europe. He used to be a star driver in Japan. Unfortunately, when he accidentally crashes into his first driver during a practice run, he loses his job and finds himself a washed up racer who is getting a little too old for the sport back in Japan. Because Kimura's characters always love their jobs with a boiling passion, he wants nothing as badly as to race again. He just needs that feeling he gets when he hears the sound of the engine and grips the steering wheel around a sharp turn. Unfortunately, his old racing team now has a better, younger driver and they don't need or want Kimura's character anymore.

He goes back to live at the home of his foster father and sister who raised him. They run a small orphanage-like home for unfortunate children whose parents can't take care of them. Koyuki (Mizukoshi Tomomi) plays a young caregiver who has just been hired there. The kids don't like her because she doesn't seem to understand their feelings and makes misguided attempts to help them. Kimura's character, on the other hand, was an orphan himself and is still very much like a big kid, so he is just what the kids need. Despite the fact that he hates children and just wants to get back into racing instead of helping out at the orphanage, he agrees to drive the orphanage's van and take the kids to school, etc. in exchange for being allowed to live there.

Kimura and Koyuki's characters are obviously set up for a romantic relationship. The two of them will end up together, and Kimura's character will have to go against the odds to become a champion racer again - because Kimura's characters can never give up what they love most.

Like most of Kimura's dramas, this one is pretty entertaining. There has been a surprisingly small amount of racing thus far in the drama, but that may change later on. The child characters are also very important as well, and that probably won't change much. I guess I was expecting a little more racing. Nevertheless, it's an entertaining drama altogether. Kimutaku fans and everyone else should enjoy this one.

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This is not a new movie and I've already watch it many times but couldn't find the way to describe how was the feeling after watching it...but all that I can say in here is that Ing...was all about how strong it goes the ties between mother and daugther relationship. 

Im Soo Jung (Min-ah) has just been transfered from another school is a quite and keeps to herself living with her mother Lee Mi-sook (Mi-sook) who is widowed.

Min-ah is a high school student who has just been transferred from another school. She is quiet and keeps to herself as she has a deformed hand and has spent most of her life in the hospital battling a life-threatening disease. She lives with her mother Mi-sook, who is widowed. Mother and daughter share a close and intimate relationship, and Mi-sook wishes for Min-ah to experience all aspects of life, including first love.

Min-ah befriends Young-jae, the new neighbour downstairs, and starts to experience her first love. However, everything is short-lived as Min-ah finds out that she is dying...

18 vs 29

"The story tell us so much about the different between being an adult and teenage....When we become an adult most of us forgot about how to enjoyed ourself...we even forgot what we love most just to be an adult....It's an inspired drama that show how life keep changing and we never realize it..." 

This drama is based on the internet novel "The 4321 Days We Shared" a heart-wrenching story about coming to terms with reality. The main characters are 29-year-old Yoo Hye-chan (played by Park) and her husband Kang Sang-young (played by Ryo). The story begins with Hye-chan getting into a car accident and mentally reverting to an 18-year-old girl when she suffers from retrograde amnesia. In the story, the character Kang Sang-young, who is the same age with Hye-chan and who married her after 10 years of dating, is a top-rated entertainer in Korea... 

"1829" is based on Ji Su-hyeon's Internet novel "The 4321 Days We Shared." This drama takes the audience back to the 1990s. The main character of the drama, Yoo Hye-chan, 29, reverts mentally to an 18-year-old girl after having a car accident. As she recovers her memory and the relationship with her husband, Kang Sang-yeong, she goes through many hilarious and heart-moving moments.

Hye-chan, who was a beauty queen in high school, marries her former classmate Kang Bong-man. In 2005, she turns 29. But after a fierce fight with her husband, she heads to court to file for divorce, unable to control her rage anymore. On her way to court, her car clashes with a truck, and as a result she develops amnesia. She only remembers herself as a senior high schooler, when she was sassy and outgoing, and popular with her peers. As her memory reverts to her adolescent years, she suddenly becomes crazy about the dance group "Seo Tae Ji and Kids," which was popular with teenagers back in the ¡®90s. While looking strong on the surface, deep inside she is soft-hearted and feeble. She likes Jane Campion's movie "Piano" a lot. Although Kang Bong-man, nicknamed "Ice Prince," is the ideal of every girl in Hye-chan's school, she regards him as shallow. The guy she really likes is her senior, Jeong Shi-woo.

But in reality, Hye-chan's husband is Kang Bong-man, whom she despised so much in high school. He changes his name to Kang Sang-yeong when he becomes an actor. In the latter part of the drama, Hye-chan recovers her memory and pursues her dream of becoming a film director. When Hye-chan loses her memory, Sang-yeong becomes preoccupied with mending their shattered relationship. He collects all the messages they had exchanged in the past to help her remember who he is. The replays of Hye-chan's memories, which are presented in diverse ways, add to the drama's tantalizing plot.


Park Seon-yeong as Yoo Hye-chan

Hye-chan is a 29-year-old housewife. The plagued relationship with her husband, the handsome king, spurs her to file for divorce. But on her way to court, she gets into a car accident, and when she wakes up she thinks she is 18. While physically she looks like a housewife in her late 20s, mentally she reverts to the age of 18. But as time goes by, she recovers her memory step by step.

Ryoo Su-yeong as Kang Sang-yeong/Bong-man

When his wife asks for a divorce out of the blue, he agrees to it because it hurts him a great deal. But finding that his wife has amnesia after the car accident, he makes every effort to help her recover her memory and mend their relationship. He is one of the most sought-after commercial film models and a famous entertainer.

Park Eun-hye as Sin Ji-yeong
A top-rated actress, Ji-yeong falls for Hye-chan¡¯s husband, Kang Sang-yeong, one-sidedly, while Hye-chan acts like an 18-year-old girl as a result of her amnesia.

Lee Jung-mun as Kim Nun
Nun is a high-school student who sincerely loves Hye-chan.

Jo Eun Ji as Yoo Hye-won
Hye-chan's younger sister

Lee Sang Woo as Kang Bong-kyu
Bong-man's younger brother

Jung Da Hye as Lee Eun-ji

Choi Si Won as 18 yr old Bong-man

Park Min Jee as 18 yr old Hye-chan

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