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Recap of Jay and Siyoung on 04/14/12 Music and Lyrics

1. Jay & Siyoung first met each other at Seoul's Fashion Week. Jay not knowing who his partner is said: "because there are a lot of actress here, I'm very curious in who 'she' will be". Siyoung is usually able to spot/ find out who her partner is quite easily, but because she didn't figure it out, she became very nervous and anxious. When they finally met each other, Siyoung said she would have never guess that her partner was Jay. She thought it would be Bang Shi Hyuk, who was sitting close to her.

2. Because they need to compose a song for the new girl group, they met up with the girl group's production team first. Up to now, Jay never composed for a girl group before. Even though Lee Siyoung have experience in writing lyrics, a dance track is very different from a ballad. The producer wants the song to have a lot of "hip hop flavour". Jay promised that they'll do well, leading Siyoung to think that the two were on the same side. Then they went to meet the girl group.

3. They tried to find their common interest while having a conversation. Siyoung's hobby is putting together (toy) models while Jay is bowling. Jay asked Siyoung if she drinks on a regular basis, Siyoung said she doesn't drink. Then they finally found their common interest, that is they both enjoy music, so they went to hongdae together. Jay said he goes to hongdae approximately 4 times a week. Everytime Jay mentioned alcohol, Siyoung said they're not completely incompatible, then Jay joked "Were you just being modest before?".

4.They sat down at a bar, and Siyoung asked Jay for his English name and said that she doesn't have one herself. So Jay called Junior over, who just suddenly appears on scene. They brainstormed together and finally decided on Dianne. When talking about their ideal types, Siyoung said she like guys who are fun(?)(*not sure, because 有趣 can be translated to have a lot of meaning; e.g. interesting, amusing & etc.*) Jay said she should like guys who are a bit more cool, because he's cool himself. Because Jay decided to put both their English names in the lyrics, Siyoung said she'll address Jay as "Mr. Cool".

5. For the next few days, they worked on their own and then met up afterwards. Jay heard Siyoung's lyrics and felt that it wasn't good enough and needs a bit more work. Jay prepared two version of the song for Siyoung to listen to. After when Siyoung heard it, she felt it was really hard to fill in the lyrics to Jay's song. Siyoung brought Jay's cd along with her and said her favourite song is "Star". Jay replied: "Ah, you like the only song where I didn't participate in the lyrics of songs." Afterwards they went to exercise together, hoping they'll get closer faster.

6. In the shooting game, whoever loses have to give the other person a piggyback ride. Jay lost so he piggybacked Siyoung, at that time the two were a lot more natural with each other. Siyoung said she never went on the seesaw with her boyfriend before, so they went today.

7. It came to the day where they had to show their final "product". When Jay and Siyoung showed the song to the girl group, they received quite a good response. Afterwards they went to see the producer and both of them were extremely nervous. Siyoung prepared a lot of lyrics, when listening to the song, the producer was expressionless.

8. After listening to the song, the producer felt like it didn't match his requirements. He wanted something different from the musical styles nowadays, a slow hip hop song, but Jay composed something that is commonly heard of. Siyoung's lyrics were too long and wasn't able to capture the main points, basically the lyrics couldn't be used. The producer "threw a wet blanket" over them by saying that the final "product" putted him in a bad mood. Jay fought back for Siyoung and said: "Just look at the context of the lyrics because the lyrics came from the context given."

9. Jay and Siyoung were composing a song for Tiny-G, a soon-to-debut girl group.

All translated from @青都没了只剩春 via weibo
Please credit @unIdentifyy via twitter & @青都没了只剩春 via weibo if redistributing! (:

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