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Micky Yoochun smiled brightly for the first time since his father passed away

Park Yoo Chun drew the first smile -recorded by camera- since his father passed away last week on March 14.

He already resumed the shooting for his drama Rooftop Prince couple days ago and today, March 21, Park Yoo Chun arrived in a restaurant in Jamsil, Seoul , where he filmed a commercial with 2 famous stars Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon.

Previous today, Park Yoo Chun sent a tweet for his younger brother , actor Park Yoo Hwan. He tweeted ‘ To the one I loved the most in the whole world, Yoo Hwan. Let’s live an amazing life. I’m always grateful for you and I love you’ .

It’s so heartfelt, be strong Yoo Chun & Yoo Hwan !

Source : Asiae

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[Fanfic] Buin, Do You?

Sorry for the long hiatus of this fanfic... I'll double up my post for Joongboo fanfic tomorrow. ^^

Hyun Joong did not want to be recognized. Thus he drove all the way to this small town which was two and a half hours away from Seoul. His friend, In Yong had been here before and had told him about the small shop at a corner of the town market. In Yong was his friend whom he called and asked to talk to Hwang Bo while they were filming the Couple Farewell Vacation mission. In Yong was fond of Hwang Bo. He would have come with him if he had asked but Hyun Joong did not want In Yong to close down his business for the day just to go with him. Now, Hyun Joong regretted it not asking In Yong to come with him. The shop owner seemed to pay a lot of attention to him. More that he needed. If In Yong was with him now, he would feel less self conscious of the shop owner. 

The young man came to his shop 15 minutes earlier. He quietly scanned the rings in display glass. The shop owner did offer him help but he silently shook his head and continued to stare at each ring. Sometimes he would point at a ring and ask to see it. After turning it around with a frown, he would put it down and start to scan the display in silent again. After watching the young man for a while, the shop owner recognized him as the idol his granddaughter from Seoul loved to talk about. His granddaughter would visit him sometimes and share stories about schools and idols with him. She told him all about her idol until the shop owner felt like he too had became a fan because he knew all about his granddaughter's idol. She proudly kept her idol photo in her purse to show to him too. The shop owner was positive this young man is Kim Hyun Joong.

After contemplating between the three rings in front of him, he made his final decision. "I want this one," he said. Hyun Joong pointed at the ring that caught his attention under the glass. None of the three were of his liking.

"Aren't you.." The shop owner asked the question at the same time Hyun Joong made his final choice. 

"No, I'm not," Hyun Joong cut the shop owner's sentence midway in firm tone before the shop owner could finish his question. "You don't know me," Hyun Joong added, looking pleadingly at the shop owner. "You don't, right?" he repeated in the tone that matched his expression. He did not want to be recognized. He purposely dressed down in old jeans and tee to blend with the local. He wore his hair down and a bit messy as not to attract too much attention. 

The shop owner nodded his head slowly. He smiled. "No, I don't. I thought you are one of my granddaughter's friends." He opened the display glass and reached to pick the ring Hyun Joong wanted. He handed it to him with a warm smile. "You look very much like him."

Again, Hyun Joong wished In Yong was with him. If he was he could help him out. He did not like lying to elderly. It would make his elderly phobia worst. Hyun Joong returned the kind hearted shop owner's smile and nodded his head slightly. "Yes," he said. "How much is this?" he asked. He suddenly became wary of the cost. It was an impromptu decision to get the ring. He did not even think about the cost. "Do you accept credit card?" he asked again.

The shop owner found the question very funny and laughed out loud. "Young man, I operate this shop in a small quiet town. My clients are old people like me who grow their own food," he told him. He gestured Hyun Joong to try the ring. "Find the ring that fits in your little finger. Then it will also fits on the girl's ring finger." 

"Really?" Hyun Joong asked. 

"Yes. If it does, you and Hwang Buin are fated to be together."

Hyun Joong smiled. He did what the shop owner suggested. It fit well. Then he realised what the shop owner had just said. "I'm not Kim Hyun Joong." His denial was a bit shaky as he felt uncomfortable lying to the nice shop owner. 

The shop owner laughed out loud again. "No, you are not. You are my granddaughter's friend." He pointed at the ring which was still on Hyun Joong's finger. "If you want that ring, I can let you pay in instalment. All of my clients do that."

Hyun Joong quickly shook his head. "No. No need. I will pay," he said. He was both surprised and touched the shop owner trusted a stranger and an outsider like him enough to offer installment. It would be too much to let the kind heart-ed man gave him instalment. He would pay it in cash term. After all, he could not give a gift which he had not paid for.

They were done filming for that night. It was a very long day. It started with an outing at Everland and ended with the blind date. Or the introductory dinner as Hwang Bo called it. The We Got Married crew were busy packing. The Ssangchu couple were busy getting ready to leave too. The place the production house rented for the Ssangchu couple was merely a location for filming. At the end of the day, everyone will leave. Tonight, no matter how late they wrapped up filming, everyone was forced to leave. In a couple of day, they will start filming again. It would be another long day of hard work.

Because of his upcoming debut drama the Ssangchu Couple and the filming crew were forced to work with a very strict schedule, filming one episode after another. Right after the Ant Tour wrapped, they started today's filming and would continue with the next one. Hyun Joong noticed how tired Hwang Bo looked. She seemed barely able to walk out of the house. It was not her alone. In fact, when he looked around him, all the crew seemed to be a bit impatient to go home. He felt sorry and guilty to them. "Buin," Hyun Joong called Hwang Bo, touching her elbow lightly. "I can give you a ride home," he offered.

He called himself lucky because he has a good company managing him. His manager was with him tonight for the filming. He would send him and his two members home. He was well taken care of by the company. Hwang Bo managed herself. She was not signed to any company. Hyun Joong stared at her with deep expression. Someone needed to take care of her. He had decided to ask their manager to let Hwang Bo ride with them.

"It's OK," Hwang Bo said, smiling at him. "I asked my friend to drive my car here in the afternoon. It's in the parking."

He stared blankly into the space. "I'll drive you home," he immediately said. It was neither an offer nor a request. It was a firm statement.

Before Hwang Bo could say anything to protest, he walked towards Kyu Jong. Hwang Bo immediately stopped walking on the spot and watched him. She sighed. Although she never anticipated anything from him, he would do unexpected things to make her heart fluttered. She hated to admit it but that line she did not draw today, must be redraw in a dark, permanent color to make it more visible and hard to erase. "Hyun Joong ah.. Why are you like this?" she muttered softly.

"Kyu Jongie ah, I'm going with Hwang Buin.." Before he could finish his sentence, someone jumped at him from behind, startling him. "What are you doing?" Hyun Joong scolded Hyung Joon. He looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Kyu Jong extended his neck to look behind Hyun Joong. "Hyung, are you going to tell her? Are you?" he asked, tilting his chin towards Hwang Bo's direction.

Hyung Joon wrapped his hands around Hyun Joong's neck "You are?" Hyung Joon got animated in a sudden. "Tell her! Tell her!"

They talked about Hwang Bo the night they folded the paper cranes together for her birthday gift. He subtly told his members his affection for his Hwang Buin. It started as any other chat SS501 would have. It was when Jung Min grumbling, asking him, "What is the meaning of this? Why are we helping you folding the paper cranes?" they started to talk about Hwang Bo. He did not expect them to encourage him but they did. In fact, they especially Young Saeng expressed he was envious of him who could openly have a relationship with Hwang Bo and be accepted by fans. Even if it was only for a show.

"Hyung, you have to tell her. If you aren't, I'll tell her myself," Kyu Jong said. "I'll tell her I like her."

Hyun Joong eyed Kyu Joong. It was a joke but he did not trust him. He had watched him the whole night. He knew Kyu Jong would really tell Hwang Bo he liked him. Whether it was for real or to irritate him, he did not know. But he knew Kyu Jong would do what he said. "Go back," he said, almost shouting it. "I'm sending Hwang Buin home," he added.

Hyung Joon was having a good time laughing when Hyun Joong left them to walk towards Hwang Bo. "Aishee.." he sighed, shaking his head. "Hyung can only lead SS501 well but he can't decide what to do with his life."

He heard what Hyung Joon said but he was too tired to turn around and give him a good whack. Hyun Joong wanted to leave with Hwang Bo before anyone noticed they left together. 

There was somewhere he wanted to go with Hwang Bo before he sent her home but she looked too tired to go anywhere but home. "Buin, do you want to go for late night meal? My friend's chicken shop is still open," he asked her anyway despite telling himself he should not.

Hwang Bo covered her mouth as she yawned. She leaned against the passenger seat and happily let Hyun Joong be her driver for the night. She thought she could nap on the way home but she was too tired even for a nap. But she still could not stop yawning. "Now?" she asked, looking at the time. "It's almost midnight," she said.

"People don't go and eat late night meal when it's not late at night," he told her in scolding tone.

Hwang Bo laughed out loud, clapping her hands at his sudden outburst. "Yes, I understand that now," she said, gritting her teeth and glanced at him sharply. Why did he have to win everything? She gave up and nodded her head. "OK. Let's go. But make sure it's a good meal." She gave him a warning.

"You'll not be disappointed," he promised. "Buin, I don't know if it's true but lately you don't like to spend free time during break with me anymore." Hyun Joong glanced to his side to see Hwang Bo's expression. He saw Hwang Bo pouted and sighed.

Hwang Bo expected the question. Yes, she did accept him when he told her he wanted to date her. She accepted it because he genuinely liked her. After all, he gave her a thousand paper crane to go with the proposal. How could she have said no to that? She genuinely liked him too. Although they never openly date, they have been keeping up with each other and met up secretly at places where they would not be recognised. "Hyun Joong ah, sometimes I feel it's wrong to date like this. Although I like you a lot but I feel guilty. I'm very happy with our relationship now but I can't help feeling worry about the future."

"Why? You don't do anything wrong. Why are you feeling guilty?" Hyun Joong sounded annoyed. He was in fact irritated when Hwang Bo felt insecure about their relationship. Did not he convince her it would work out when he gave her the thousand paper cranes? Did not he told her the thousand reasons why they should date?

"It's not that.."

"Things that happen in the future are in the future. Why are you so afraid of the future? We will handle the future when the future comes. Why can't we enjoy the day as if come?"

Hwang Bo bit her lips. That was one of the most moving things Hyun Joong has ever said to her. The last time he talked to her with that tone of seriousness and confident was when he proposed her to date him. She slowly nodded her head to concur with Hyun Joong.

As soon as the side dish arrived, Hyun Joong turned animated. He exchanged a look with In Yong who served them the dish. Hyun Joong returned In Yong's wink with a grin. 

"In Yong, I feel embarrassed now. If I know you own a chicken shop, I'll not offer to cook for you," Hwang Bo told In Yong after thanking him for the dish.

In Yong smiled shyly. He was obviously very smitten by Hwang Bo's friendliness and beauty. He seemed to have lost his voice when he met her in person for the first time. "You are really pretty," he told her.

"Ya! Go back to the kitchen!" Hyun Joong shouted at In Yong.

Hwang Bo leaned forward against the table and held her stomach while laughing out loud. She hit Hyun Joong hard several times on his arm. "He's been like this all night. He nagged at me and yelled at Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon too. Please forgive him," Hwang Bo said, apologizing on his behalf.

In Yong merely chuckled and went away. Nagging and yelling were the signed of Hyun Joong claiming Hwang Bo as his. He had knew him forever thus In Yong knew Hyun Joong very well to bet on his chicken shop that he was indeed in love with her It was not just plain liking.

Hyun Joong eyed In Yong until he disappeared into the kitchen again. Although things would be tougher in the future, he would keep Hwang Bo away from guys who seemed to be falling on her feet one by one. Even his friends and members were smitten with her. He had to guard her well. He had to make her promise not to fall for other guy too. It would be something mutual for them. "Hwang Buin, this dish will not disappoint you." He handed her a fork as he repeated his promised in the car. He gestured her to take a bit. He anticipated her reaction.

Hwang Bo eyed his suspiciously. "There's nothing wrong with this dish, right?" Why was Hyun Joong getting animated in a sudden? She was still eyeing him when she dipped her fork in the dish. It surprised Hwang Bo when the fork hit something metal. Hwang Bo gasped. Her eyes widened. "This is.."

"Yes. Something you want."

It was a ring. In her side dish. Hwang Bo tilted her head backward. She closed her eyes real tight, fighting the tears from coming down. She took a deep breath and exhale. "Shillang, you make me so happy," she told him in soft voice. She was supposed to let Hyun Joong put the ring on her finger. It would make her side dish ring dream be more real but Hwang Bo was too happy that she scooped the ring out with the fork and hold tight to it. It was a beautiful ring. A plain gold ring with straight edge. One look at it, there was nothing special about the ring except it was her side dish ring from Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong smiled while looking at her moved expression. "It's a couple ring," Hyun Joong told her.

She looked up from the ring to stare at him. She was shocked. "What?" she asked for confirmation.

Hyun Joong nodded his head, saying, "It's a couple ring." He took out another ring from his pocket and showed it to her. It was identical to her ring but was slightly wider. The muscular version of her feminine ring. 

It was exactly like hers. She bit her lower lip, trying to hide her smile and failed. She never thought Hyun Joong would want to wear couple ring. She never thought he would initiate the move too. When Hyun Joong asked her to look inside the ring, Hwang Bo turned the ring around. She stopped turning when she spotted something engraved inside the ring. She really had tears in her eyes when she read his name, Hyun Joong engraved inside the ring. 

"Mine have your name inside it." He showed her the engraved name. 

It said Hye Jung instead of Hwang Bo and that brought tears to her eyes again. She pushed the chair and got up. "Shillang, you really make me cry!" She quickly gave her back to him and run her hands on her eyes to wipe the tears before sitting down again. 

Hyun Joong chuckled as he watched her getting very emotional over the ring. "Try it on and see whether it fits or not," he insisted. He threw his fists on the air and laughed when Hwang Bo easily slide the ring on her ring finger. 

"What is that for?" Hwang Bo asked, flabbergasted by his reaction. She saw him sliding the ring on his finger too. "No.. No.. No.. Don't wear it." Hwang Bo grabbed his hand, trying to hold him from putting the ring on. At the same time, she quickly took off the ring she was wearing. 

"It' a couple ring. It's supposed to be wear together."

"Hyun Joong ah.. If you wear a couple ring, people will notice it."

"Then.. You are not going to wear yours?" He tilted his chin at the ring she was holding, gesturing her to put it back again.

"I will. I'll wear it as a pendant with my necklace." She pleaded with him. "It's too much pressure.."

"On our relationship?" he asked, surprised. He never expected being together with him would be a burden on her. He was very disappointed it was. 

"No. On you. People notice things we wear and do. The couple ring isn't sponsored like the watch or my crane earring. Those two are easy to get away with. If people don't then your members will notice."

"They already knew I like you. They kept asking me to tell you that. Eventually, they will know we are dating." Hyun Joong stubbornly wore his ring on his left hand. Fourth finger. The finger reserved for a wedding ring. He merely looked at Hwang Bo with his usual expressionless look when she gasped. 

She hung her head low. That finger. Of all the ten fingers he has, he had to wear it on that finger. "I understand," she said, clenching her teeth tightly. She was both irritated with his stubbornness and thrilled by his boldness. "But I will still wear mine as a pendant," she told him. When she said it in hesitant and unsure tone, it was more like asking for permission rather than making a statement. Hwang Bo smiled when Hyun Joong nodded his head firmly and said, "Hhhmm. Don't take off your necklace. If you have to, then wear the ring on your finger." He was giving order and giving her no choice but to nod in agreement. Not that she wanted to protest anyway.

All his life, he protest against doing mushy things like couple tee and sweet words but surprisingly, he did all this and more with his Hwang Buin. He did not know what had become of him but he liked this side of him. It seemed to be existed only when he was with Hwang Bo.

- the end -

Writer: COMEL
[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved. 

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Shinhwa Is Ready For A Comeback!

The 1st-generation idol group, Shinhwa is back and ready to take over the increasingly young idol-centric industry. Currently preparing for their 14th anniversary with a 10th album comeback, a teaser concept picture has been released. Decked in matching coats and top hats with a sword, the men of Shinhwagives off a mysterious aura.

Consisting of 6 members; Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Andy, Shinhwa has stayed as a group without any member changes for 14 years! Indeed an impressive feat! After a long 4-year hiatus, fans are anticipating eagerly for the reunion of the 6 legendary members.

Their 10th album consists of 10 tracks, and is slated to be released on 23 March. What do you think of the concept photo? Enjoy two more teaser pictures from their upcoming music video.

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Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won reenact street battle training on ‘The King 2hearts’

Stars of the new MBC drama ‘The King 2hearts’ Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won have successfully filmed a street battle scene.

The street battle scene of the two stars will be aired on the 3rd episode and the scene was filmed very realistically.

The filming took place at the Jeju island, Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, and Jo Jung Suk were joined byJung Man Sik, Choi Kwon, and Known Hyung Sang to film the ‘World Commissioned Officer Competition’ scene. The actors were in full military gear including the MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System), which is used by the military in real life. The production team of ‘The King 2hearts’ produced an exact replica of the real system.

The filming lasted 8 hours to create vivid scenes. Ha Ji Won played the perfect soldier whereas Lee Seung Gi’s character was portrayed as showy, funny, but also serious at times.

The production company Kim Jong Hak Production said in a statement, “The production team is working very hard to make the training scenes as realistic as possible. Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, and the rest of the casts’ excellent acting is raising the production value of the drama that much higher. Please look forward to the vivid and realistic ‘The King 2hearts”.

Source: OSEN via Nate & Soompi

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Micky Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan’s father passed away

Two brothers, Park Yoo Chun and Park Yoo Hwan, lost their father today March 14.

Park Yoo Hwan canceled all his scheduled filming for his drama K-Pop Survival today.

Meanwhile Park Yoo Chun is in his way back from Chile after his JYJ’s Chile Concert. He will arrive in Korea today afternoon at 4 PM after a stop in United States where he probably will learn about the sad news.

We send our sincere and deepest condolences to Park Yoo Chun, Park Yoo Hwan, their mother and family.

Updated :

Park Yoo Chun landed on South Korea later on March 14 with gloomy face and was welcomed by tons of fans and journalist.

He hurried to be on his mother and brother side afterwards. His JYJ’s friend, Junsu and JaeJoong , and other from his agency C-Jes Entertainment accompanied him throughout the night to pay respect.
The funeral is on March 16.

Updated :

Park Yoo Hwan and Park Yoo Chun were solemn as they left for the funeral of their father from St Mary Hospital on March 16, 07.00 am.

Source : Newsen, Newsen

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Lee Seung Gi talks about his kiss scene with Ha Ji Won

Lee Seung Gi‘s kiss scene with ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ co-star Ha Ji Won is causing quite the stir online.

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won shared some behind-the-scenes stories on MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Report‘ that aired March 11th.

In regards to their kiss scene, Seung Gi honestly remarked, “I kissed her on the side of her neck. It was more nerve-wrecking and strange than other kiss scenes I’ve done.”

‘Section TV’ then played the clip of the scene, where Seung Gi places a kiss on Ha Ji Won who is fast asleep. The romantic scene caused even the viewers watching at home to feel nervous.

‘The King 2 Hearts’ tells the story of a Korea under a constitutional monarchy. Lee Seung Gi will be playing the role of a South Korean prince in the drama, while his co-star Ha Ji Won will be playing the role of a North Korean military officer. The series will air once ‘Moon-Sun’ comes to an end.

Source & Image : IlganSports via Nate

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[UPCOMING K-DRAMA] The King 2hearts

Title: 더킹투허츠 / The King 2hearts
Previously known as: 더 킹 (The King) / 킹2hearts (King 2 Hearts)
Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-21 to 2012-May-24
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Official Site

This drama is set in modern day where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn’t care about politics. He falls in love with Kim Hyang Ah (Ha Ji Won), a North Korean special forces agent.


Main Cast

Lee Seung Gi as Lee Jae Ha
Ha Ji Won as Kim Hyang Ah
Jo Jung Suk as Eun Si Kyung
Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin
Yoon Je Moon as Kim Bong Goo

Supporting Cast

Lee Sung Min as King Lee Jae Gang
Kwon Hyun Sang as Yeom Dong Ha
Lee Soon Jae as Eun Gyu Tak
Yoon Yeo Jung as Bang Young Sun (King’s mother)
Jung Man Sik as Lee Kang Suk
Choi Kwon as Kwon Young Bae
Lee Yun Kyung as Park Hyun Joo (King Lee Jae Gang’s wife)
Lee Do Kyung as Kim Nam Il
Jun Gook Hwan as Hyun Myung Ho
Yum Dong Hoon as Park Ho Chul

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Kyu
Screenwriter: Hong Jin Ah, Hong Ja Ram


- Actor Lee Byung Hun, Jo In Sung and Lee Je Hoon was offered to cast in this drama, but all of them dropped out of this drama due to their own reason.

- This drama previously known as “The King/King 2hearts”. On 28/Feb/2012, the Production Company announced that the official title to be changed to “더킹투허츠/The King 2hearts”.

- The drama previously set to air on 14/March/2012 but delay to 21/March/2012 due to the 2 additional special episode of previous drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun


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Shin Hwa: ‘We Will Become Longest-Lived Idol Group’

The group Shin Hwa will make a comeback after a four-year break by holding commemorative concert to celebrate their 14th anniversary from March 24 until 25. Shin Hwa said, “We will celebrate upcoming anniversaries even after the 14th anniversary as we will become a longest-lived singing group who is holding activities in the center of the music industry.“

The longest-lived idol group Shin Hwa who had dominates the music industry at the end of the 1990s along with the group H.O.T will make a comeback. They debuted in March, 1998 with their first official album entitled “Resolver,” and they began to take a break after finishing the concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary in March, 2008 as some of the group members had to join the army. And they will make a comeback with their tenth album that will be released this month. At the press conference held at CGV Cheongdam Cine City on March 5, the members all said, “We will have an attitude of rookie singers.” The leader of the group Eric said, “We want to show that something old is not necessarily treated as merely an old and old-fashioned thing. We want to prove that it can also be very stylish. For our fans who grow old with Shin Hwa members, we will show that any master piece cannot be created within a day. When we released our previous albums including special, mini, and seasonal albums, we usually missed the deadline before, but this time we exactly kept the deadline thanks to all group members’ devotion. You can anticipate this new album.”

Shin Hwa’s tenth official album includes 11 songs. All the six group members participated in producing the album as writers, composers, and directors, and popular artists from home and abroad such as Yoon Il Sang, Kim Do Hyun, Jeong Jae Yoon from the group Solid, and Aziatix also participate in producing the album. These days, singing groups usually tend to release single or mini album, but Shin Hwa released their official album. Asked whether they felt any pressure about releasing an official album, Lee Min Woo answered, “We did not even concerned about it. We just planned to release an official album because we basically thought that we have to satisfy our fans who have been waiting our comeback.” The genre of the title song is electronica which Shin Hwa had never tried before. Eric confidently said, “As we had never sung electronica before, we had worried how it would sound like, but both the song and the choreography looked very satisfactory. The new album also contains ballad and dance music that we have shown up to now besides a new trial by singing new genre. You might be able to feel the past, present, and future appearances of Shin Hwa with the new album.” Lee Min Woo added, “We tried to keep our own music style while trying to present varied music. Like a buffet dinner, you might be able to choose different songs from our album and feel different charms and impressions from them.”

 Shin Hwa debuted in 1998 and released many hit songs such as “T.O.P,” “Wild Eyes,” and “Perfect Man.” Any group member has not been changed up to now for the past 14 years, and they are recorded as the longest-lived idol group. What is the secret that they can form and keep the group as they are for such a long time? Kim Dong Wan answered, “Many people asked the same questions, but actually there is no secret. I just think that we have been lucky. Some group disbanded due to trivial arguments among group members and due to members’ individual activities, but we rather had better harmony and teamwork through those processes. We all thought that we could keep this group as we all had responsibilities as a group member. No member regards his individual activities as more important and no member only put more importance on group activities than individual activities. I think that this kind of mindset of the group members might be the secret.”

Many capable junior singing groups including Big Bang also made a comeback last month, and it was very curious what kind of strategy the Shin Hwa will have to compete with the other idol groups. The members said, “We will just focus on showing what we have as Shin Hwa members. There are many excellent junior idol groups who have better abilities, and we sometimes admire their performance. We also thought about how we have to compete with those excellent groups, but we concluded that we have to show what we have.” Eric continued, “It is important to follow the trend, but more important thing is that we have to keep our own brand that can make people recognize our music after listening, which is our goal.”

Shin Hwa will hold a commemorative concert entitled “The Return” to celebrate their 14th anniversary at Olympic Gymnasium from March 24 until 25. The 20,000 tickets for the concert were all sold out within only 40 minutes after beginning of ticket sales on February 13. Shin Hye Sung said, “When we held the concert to celebrate our 10th anniversary in March, 2008, we had promised to our fans that we will make a comeback after our group members completed military obligation, and now we have come to keep our promise. This concert means something to us.” After finishing their concert in Seoul, Shin Hwa will begin their Asia concert tour in China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. In addition, they will host their own entertainment program with their own name entitled “Shin Hwa Broadcasting” on JTBC. Jeon Jin said, “We have always wanted to host a program that has own name. We might be able to see our different appearances on this program. We filmed the first episode last Saturday and I was deeply touched after watching our members who were doing their best while filming. We will present cheerful and lively appearance on the program only with our individual members’ charms. We will show our everlasting appearances in the future. I personally hope that the junior singing groups will have new hopes after looking at our activities. We will become a group who write a new history.”

source :

* They're BACK! kekeke~ 
good news always makes me happy! (^_____^)

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"Ducking" Lee Seung Gi in "The King 2Hearts"

Lee Seung Gi had his first military experience on upcoming MBC drama "The King 2Hearts." In the show, Lee Seung Gi plays mischievous Prince of South Korea Lee Jae Ha. Although Lee Jae Ha is a member of the royal family, he is serving the military like any other able-bodied Korean adult male citizen.

On Feburary 1, Lee Seung Gi appeared at the filming set fully dressed in military outfit, completely transforming into Prince Lee Jae Ha. He looked proud and brave. However, it only lasted a short while before he entered CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) training room. In the room full of smog, Lee Seung Gi was jumping, ducking, rolling on the ground and coughing in tears. His face was soon covered in mucus and tears.

In the freezing cold weather, the filming lasted more than three hours. All crew members as well as Lee Seung Gi struggled throughout the filming, but Lee Seung Gi was a true trooper. The staff gave complements, "He hasn't even served in the military yet and he did a real good job! It's like he's already been through the CBR training," and "He does anything and everything for the show."

The production company Kim Jong Hak Production's official commented, "Lee Seung Gi is doing everything to portray the sly, snobby, and funny character of Lee Jae Ha. He is also the one who makes everyone laugh on set. All of his efforts will complete Lee Jae Ha's character."

"The King 2Hearts" is written by Hong Jin Ah and directed by producer Lee Jae Gyu from popular MBC drama "Beethoven Virus." It is a romantic comedy about South Korea's prince Lee Jae Ha falling in love with a North Korean Special Forces instructor Kim Hang Ah (played by Ha Ji Won) and how they push away their prejudices and differences for their love. 
Credit Source: Soompi



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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Main Poster for "The King 2hearts" Unleashed

The main poster for “The King 2hearts” which stars Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won was unleashed.

The backdrop of the drama has an interesting concept that South Korea has maintained its constitutional monarchy. The story is about South Korea’s king (Played by Lee Seung Gi) falling in love with a North Korean Special Forces instructor. (Played by Ha Ji Won) The story will show how the two push away their prejudice and differences for their love.

Lee Seung Gi is showing off his uniform look while Ha Ji Won is showing off a more “pure” charm in her pink clothes.

A representative of the production team stated, “Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi had great synergy since day one of filming. The staff members were very satisfied. ‘The King 2hearts’ will be a drama that will surpass the anticipation for it.”