Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update: Lee Byung Hun writes to his fans

There have been a twisted truths coming up these days, and there may be stories that get made up later on. But I believe the truth will come out even though it may take some time.

There is something more important. What was supposed to be a beautiful memory has now become something not so pleasing. The truth changed and shook my world. Knowing that the person I cared for is putting me into this situation is heartbreaking and the sad reality.

I've always believed that holding silence is the best way to move on from rumors, malicious accusations, and incidents I could never explain. I learned this as an actor. I will always keep this moral because I know the truth in my heart, not in my words.

I'm where I've always been. Thank you.
Credit: Allkpop

* I supposed he must have been trough a tough time now. What ever it is all I can say is... just wait. If we start judging who is right and who is wrong we might end up hurting our own pride and believes. Well actually I'm touch with his letters... especially when he pointed this out...

" what was supposed to be a beautiful memory has become something not so pleasing."

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