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Promise (Chapter 14 & 15)

Chapter 14

Christmas is coming.
The Christmas two years ago is the painful memory for her. HB locked herself at home, obliviously walking around, or unconsciously tidy-up this and that, otherwise, she will feel the enormous pain that take hold of her, that deep pain seems to rip her heart apart, she couldn’t help it but cried her heart out.

Although her wounded heart heals over these years, Christmas for her is no longer a Happy and Merrry Holiday, it always covers with the pale sadness. Don’t want to keep this day in mind, but everyone around her always reminds her. Her friends keep on calling her asking her what her plan for Christmas, wanting to invite her to the Christmas Party.

She refused all of them, she just wanted to spend the day quietly by herself. But this time she received a call from Ryu Shi-won1, said he got a concert on Christmas day in Japan, and asked her if she wants to come.

“Sure.” She replied at once doesn’t even have a second thought.

This is what she wanted, cheering for her Oppa2, in the meantime, spending an undisturbed Christmas in Japan.

On the 23th, while filming Infinity Girls, HB received a call from Yunho.

“Hello, Yunho, How would you remember to give nuna a call?” She said.

“Oh, nuna can you talk right now?” Yunho replied.

“No problem, go ahead.”

“We are staying in Seoul for Christmas this year, planning to have a party, and I want to invite nuna to join us …… Jinnie Hyung will come too.” Yunho said.

“Ar, I’m sorry, nuna got plan already, couldn’t make it to the party, you all have a good time.” HB said.

“Really? ……” , “Then, you could join us afterward, we’re staying all night.” Yunho said.

“Nuna is going to Japan, will spend the Christmas Eve and Christmas day there.” HB said.

“ …… Alas, Oh, Too Bad! ……” Yunho made a big sigh.

“Ha ha, don’t be sad, nuna will treat you to dinner after my trip to Japan.” She smiled and said. He is that disappointed only because she cannot join, he is such a cute young man.

His message came shortly after Yunho’s call,

“How would you spend your Christmas?” HB smiled bitterly, seems like she really cannot get away from this topic.

“Going to Japan for Ryu Shi-won’s concert, how about you?”

“I don’t have time for Christmas, you go alone?” HJ replied.

“Bae Bo-ram comes with me.”

“When are you going?”

“Tomorrow morning’s Flight.”

“Got it, Be Careful.”

“Ok, sure, Rest as much as you can, eat well.”

HB put her phone down, absent-minded. What kind of relationship is this between them? He just forthrightly asking her schedule, and she replies him unreservedly; he didn’t use honorific to her, and she forget to remind him to use them; he naturally telling her to be careful, and she always cares and repeatedly tells him to take enough rest or to eat well. Things started to slowly deviate from what she conceived of.

She thought she already armoured herself enough emotionally, but was defeated completely in front of all the coincidences happened between them, all she could do is to helplessly allowing things develop naturally. Coincidently seeing him walking out and staying by the café near her apartment that night; coincidently receiving his call while having dinner with Hyung Joon; and the coincidence that really can’t be explained is what happened in Macau. His call she received at the moment she`s going to leave, asking her where she is. She’s afraid and hesitates to answer. Then, he told her to look on her left, she could hear a bell 'Ding' in her head, feeling her uncontrollable emotion rushing upward. Slowly turned to the left, really saw him standing twenty meters away. That instant, she felt like all the noise and people around them disappeared, all she could feel is only him and her remained. Next thing she realized, she saw his smile, so bright and satisfied. She could still feel her pounding heart when she thought of that shocking moment.

End Note:

1 Ryu Shi-won – a Korean actor and singer. After one of the dramas he appeared in-"Beautiful Days"- was aired in Japan, he has become very popular there. He's been very active both as an actor and a singer in Japan lately. Ryu Shi-won and Hwangbo are car racer buddies, they knew each other for a long time, Hwangbo treats him like a big brother. But On IG episode 70 (infinity girls where Hwangbo is one of the MC), Hwangbo revealed that she once thought of Ryu Shi-won as a man who she wanted to marry to. She also made him the Valentine’s chocolate on the IG Valentine’s special episode. From that episode, Hwangbo also revealed that she went to Ryu Shi-won’s concert in Japan with Bae Bo-ram during Christmas 2008.

2 Oppa – An elder brother, this is how female in Korean called her elder brother.

Chapter 15

It`s almost 10pm after the IG filming, HB and BBR are discussing who and what to bring to Japan, and to confirm the meeting time in the airport the next morning. BBR is really excited, Shi-won Oppa is her idol, she particularly got approval from her boyfriend for her to spend the Christmas in Japan with Hwangbo.

While HB tidy up getting ready to go home, her phone rang, it`s from Hyung Joon.

“Nuna, are you still in the TV station?” HJB said.

“Yep, what’s the matter?” HB asked.

“Don’t go yet, wait for me.” HJB hanged up before HB could say anything.

This young master! Don’t know what’s up with him, she has to wait for him in her waiting room. HJB arrived shortly; he was puffing after running in.


“Why are you rushing like this?”

“That is …….for this, da da da da.” HJB took out a present that is nicely wrapped in the light blue wrapping paper. He brings it in front of HB and puffed out a few words at the same time.

“This is the Christmas present from Hyun Joong Hyung.” HJB said happily.

HB receives the present from HJB and said, “Thank you.”

“My mission accomplished, our rehearsal is not done yet, I have to go, bye bye.” HJB is running out while talking to her.

But suddenly stops at the door, and turns back, “Oh, almost forgot, Nuna Merry Christmas!” Then HJB’s rushing and puffing out again.

HB undid the wrapping paper, opening the nice case, and it’s a necklace with a distinctive pendant. The unique pendant holds a lot of meanings, it looks familiar, she thought she seen this before. While she’s taking a closer look at the pendant, a message came in.

“Have you received it yet?” It’s him, so fast!

“I got it, it’s very pretty, thank you.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to choose the present; this is the pendant I designed awhile ago.” No wonder why it looks familiar, she saw him wore it before.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s really nice.” She is really touched by his heartfelt intention.
Looks like she has to sincerely think of what she will give him as Christmas present.

The next day, HB and BBR are arrived Japan around noon time, Ryu Shi-won (RSW) arranged his staff to pick them up in the airport and bring them to the hotel. After they settled down and had lunch, they went to look for RSW where he is practicing and arranging in the last rehearsal.

He stopped when he saw them, and smiles while he’s walking towards them.

“Oppa”, HB steps forward to hug RSW.

“Thank you for coming, Hwangbo ar.” RSW hugs her and lightly pats on her back.

“This is Bae Bo-ram, she’s really your die-hard fan.” HB introduces BBR to RSW.

“Welcome,” RSW shakes hand with BBR.

They chat for a short while, RSW continues with his rehearsal. Then, the girls went up to the control room, and watch his rehearsal. They are amazed and admired how detailed and precise he is on each detail, making sure everything is in place, the audio, the lighting, microphones, dancers, the rundown, ……

HB has her respect to her Oppa. Although he has a wealthy and historic family background1, he worked even harder than the others not letting down his family name.

After the rehearsal, everyone including the crews have dinner together. When they came back from the restaurant, fans are already lining up outside the concert hall.

HB and BBR go directly to the VIP section, and RSW is getting ready in the backstage. The concert is a big success, there are about 20,000 fans came and enjoyed the concert. HB and BBR are cheering loudly and sing along from the beginning all the way to the end, their voice became hoarse.

After the concert, they brought the flowers with them and rushed to the backstage. RSW is sitting on the sofa leaning towards the armrest.

“Oppa, Oppa, this is awesome.” HB said eagerly. She gives the flowers to RSW, and still very excited.

“Getting old, I couldn’t straighten up my waist.” RSW stated.

“Are you kidding me? Oppa is always the most attractive Hallyu2 star.” HB said.
RSW laughs and lightly rubs HB’s hair, “Those are such sweet words.”

“I’m telling the truth, did you hear? My voice is getting husky cuz I’m cheering and singing along all the time.” HB said.

Oh? Really? I couldn’t tell, your voice always sounds husky.” RSW replied.

“Oppa……” HB said nagging at RSW.

Everyone starts to laugh. The after-party is right after the concert, HB and BBR are invited as well. Everyone is enjoying themselves in the party, celebrates heartily, drinks a lot and getting high. RSW was told to leave early because of his waist injury, the girls are leaving with him. In RSW’s limousine, BBR is sitting in the passenger seat, because she’s light headed after drinking. HB and RSW are sitting at the back, they are chatting casually. HB looks down at the cell phones, it’s almost mid-night, and she received a lot of Christmas blessings.

“Know how Happiness looks like?” RSW suddenly says.

She puzzled, looks up to RSW, seeing he looks at the window.
Is he talking to her? Or he soliloquizes?

This time HB met RSW in Japan, she found her Oppa is different, he seems to think a lot, seems to have some concerns in mind. Although he still laughs like before, even in the lively partying times, she can feel his forlorn look. In her mind, he is an invincible Oppa, she feels off guarded seeing this side of him.
She wants to console him, but doesn’t know how to start. All she could do is to quietly listen to him,

“Trying my best to look for happiness, in fact, it already came and knocked silently but I kept it away heartlessly.” RSW keeps looking at the window, but his voice sounds disconsolate.

She thoroughly deliberates his words. It is now mid-night, a message received at this moment.

It’s from him, “Merry Christmas”

Her heart pounds deeply.

End Note:

1 RSW’s family - Ryu revealed that he is the 14th-generation descendant of the Joseon Dynasty Prime Minister, Yu Seong-ryong (credit to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

2 Hallyu – The Korean wave or Korea fever refers to the increased popularity of South Korean culture around the world since the 21st century, especially among the Millennial Generation. (credit to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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